Political thugs crawl out of the woodwork to attack conservatives like Tom Morrissey


Conservatives were recently left without a candidate for this vital post, when Bruce Ash stepped down. State Committeemen were left with a choice of two McCain/Kyl candidates representing the liberal camp of the party, whose policies have increasingly been a source of deep concern for a rapidly growing segment of the GOP. The Tea Party movement across the nation, and here in Arizona, is a manifestation of that concern. American Post-Gazette makes no apology for its pro-conservatism stance. In support of the Constitution and all those who work to set this nation back on a course toward common sense, we enthusiastically endorse Thomas Morrissey.

Just as surely as night follows day

Political thugs crawl out of the woodwork to attack conservatives

It never seems to fail, does it? A good, solid conservative declares his candidacy for an office, no matter which office, and the smears begin. It has happened again. Tom Morrissey threw his hat in the ring to lead the Republican Party here in Arizona just yesterday. Today, the false accusations were posted on Sonoran Alliance, and we can only believe there is more to come.

We all know what we want to achieve at the ballot box – a return to sanity – and that includes our borders, which the opposition prefers to remain porous for their own nefarious reasons. You know who they are, don’t you!

Our choice to be Chairman of the AZ GOP is Tom Morrissey. We can join his defense, but he is more than capable to do that for himself. In his own words, we give you Tom Morrissey:

From the desk of Tom Morrissey

My twenty years of honorable service as a United States Marshal, culminating as the Chief Deputy Marshal for Arizona, taught me that false charges must be answered decisively.  Therefore, I will “cut to the chase.” With the exception of the fact that I have had unsuccessful marriages, including one where I had to place a restraining order, all other charges, innuendos and accusations recently placed by person or persons unknown in the Sonoran Alliance under the name of the above ex-wife who lives more than three thousand miles away, are totally and unequivocally false.

Just as Russell Pearce was attacked in 2006, Randy Pullen was the victim of a false attack just before the 2004 State Convention and JD Hayworth was pilloried in the last Primary election cycle, this is another attack by the establishment machine not only to discredit a conservative competitor, but more distressing it is designed to discourage anyone from even thinking about going up against them.

The commenter who posted the false allegations seems to have very intimate knowledge of people who were not even politically active on the local political scene when my former wife last resided here nearly five years ago.  How very ironic that this scurrilous attack occurred only hours after I announced as a candidate for Arizona Republican Chairman.  Just the fact that these personal attacks have occurred against multiple other grass roots candidates over the last few years gives one adequate reason to suspect what is going on behind the scenes.

I have fought against some of the most hardened criminals in America during my years as a marshal and will not be intimated by these personal attacks.  This is truly despicable behavior and makes me even more determined to stand up for all ordinary and conservative folks who want to save their country.

Thank you

Tom Morrissey

Below content is from the  Sonoran Alliance:

The unexpected departure of Bruce Ash due to serious medical challenges leaves us with a void. Few Constitutional Conservatives (CC) can work fulltime for the AZ GOP for free.

  • Tom does NOT have any ties/obligations to any politician or legislative body either in Arizona or Washington DC.
  • As State Chair, he will be able to make decisions based on the Republican PC’s and the Grassroots’ desire for honest and limited government.
  • It is particularly important to keep the AZGOP Treasury independent of the elected state and federal officials.
  • Being retired, Tom can devote his full time to advancing the Constitutional Conservative cause.

Tom is a conservative’s conservative and not an “establishment” guy

Scott Bundgaard informed me late last night that after being asked to get into the race for the Chairmanship, he declined because “with Tom Morrissey entering the race this afternoon, it appears as if conservatives will have a candidate.” I agree with Sen. Bundgaard’s assessment of Tom Morrissey — he is the conservatives’ candidate. (see today’s Sonoran Alliance posting)

I support Tom because he is a true “Party Platform” conservative Republican and I also know that Sheriff Joe Arpaio supports Tom’s positions. I am also informed that the following endorse Tom’s candidacy:

  • Senator Russell Pearce
  • Thayer Verschoor, Executive Director, Pachyderm Coalition
  • Don Goldwater, Chairman, Pachyderm Coalition
  • Diane Douglas, Secretary, Pachyderm Coalition, Peoria School Board
  • Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Councilman
  • Rob & Marne Haney

Please see Tom’s Vision Statement and Biography, which I also have set forth below.

I hope you will join me in voting for Tom Morrissey! And please feel free to forward this.

Thank you.

For Liberty,


Daniel J. Schultz

Vision Statement – Tom Morrissey

As the conservative candidate for Arizona State Republican Chairman, I am firmly convinced that an abrupt change in course is required to take on the Democrat challenge in 2012. Therefore, I have stepped forward for the office of Chairman, bringing considerable skills, decades of contacts, and unbounded passion to this position. With my leadership, we will expand our 2010 legislative victories and assist conservative candidates for county, municipal and school board positions across our great state.

City elections are just a few months away, and we have already lost precious time in this effort. In 2010, the wind was at our backs and the Democrats did not see us coming. We can’t count on the general political atmosphere to be so favorable two years from now. We need a statewide effort to consolidate our gains and achieve even greater successes.

First and foremost, we will succeed only by blending the political savvy and institutional memory of our dedicated long-standing conservative Precinct Committeemen with the passion and vigor demonstrated by our newly elected members from the Tea Party movement. Secondly, we must raise the necessary financial resources to get our principled, positive message to the average voter being bombarded by our opponents in the main stream media. Your input of time and treasure are critical as we build on the successes of 2010 and create historic victories across our state in 2011 and 2012.

To that end, we must put in place a new and much more sophisticated communications strategy if we are to succeed in the next election. The old way of doing business — selling half-truths, calling in favors, and pulling out the same old last-minute tactics in a community that hardly knows us – will not cut it with today’s skeptical voters. We must rely on the advances of technology, heavier community involvement, social networking and the whole spectrum of fundraising methods to win this battle.

We are in the fight of our lives to protect our Constitution, our individual freedoms and restore a bright future for our children and grandchildren. We must win national, state and local leadership positions, or be doomed to the socialist state we see coming. Our very survival as the light on the hill is at stake and it is critical that we surprise the opposition with a much better process than we have utilized in the past. Good is no longer good enough. Best is what we must achieve.

Based on my experience, knowledge and vision, I am the right choice at the right time for the job. I will hit the ground running with a plan and the energy to carry it to a fruitful conclusion. We all want our country back and we want our liberty back. I promise to serve you, the backbone of this great Party, with the full measure of my time and energy, and I respectfully ask for your vote.

Freedom is one of the deepest and noblest aspirations of the human spirit. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. – Ronald Reagan


  • Bachelor of Arts Law Enforcement Administration (magna cum laude) Ottawa University
  • Graduate Studies Master in Public Administration (Certified Public Manager) Arizona State University
  • 1975 – 1995 United States Marshals Service, Retired as Chief Deputy US Marshal District of Arizona
  • 1996- 2008 Chief of the Office of Special Investigations Arizona Department of Economic Security


  • Precinct Committeeman Various Districts 1995 – present
  • First Vice Chair LD 6 1999 – 2001
  • District Chairman LD 20 2001- 2006
  • I have supported and provided fundraising events for several elected officials’ campaigns – most recently for J.D. Hayworth, David Schweikert and Bill Montgomery.
  • I currently serve as the Chairman of the Maricopa County Merit Commission


  • Instructor and practitioner of Chinese internal martial arts for 30 years.
  • Professional musician, songwriter, author and film producer.
  • Resident of Arizona since 1986, married to Kristine Morrissey. We have 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild.