Tea Party vs Rest of Country: Social Norm, Symptom of Bigger Problems


As many times as the Tea Party has been called racist, violent and dangerous from the vocal left, it’s been proven that they are, indeed, not. Even so called “Tea Party Watch” sites clearly lack substance when it comes to pinning down actual evidence of racism or violence. That hasn’t stopped the left from waging their make-believe political war against the right … and the right hasn’t been exactly innocent either, at least when it comes to the pundits.

However, the fact of the matter is it’s not just the pundits. This sentiment of who is to blame for the destruction of the country has been on the ground for some time … maybe just not so evident in real life face-to-face interactions. There’s no love lost on the internet though.

Consider this seemingly unrelated news story. College Student Files Suit for $1.8M saying Las Vegas Hooker Didn’t Spend Enough Time with Him – Although it’s abundantly clear that this young man was stupid about these circumstances, he also doesn’t understand what the legal system is there for. He just wants another slice of the pie because his lawyer put that pie in the sky for him to dream about. But that’s not why I’m mentioning it here. I went to go comment that ignorance of the law is no excuse in response to his not knowing prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and some of the other comments caught my eye. The Tea Party was named. So I went back to read all the comments to see why. Here are the related comments in chronological order:

Palin Owns the … ~ 9:13 AM Jan 21, 2011 ~ Anyone who pays for sex is an idiot to begin with, this guy takes idiot a step further. Probably a liberal.

kevin1 ~ 9:24AM Jan 21, 2011 ~ Palin Owns the …. Your wrong this Hubert Blackman is a bonafide reThugliCan’t GOBPer Purtid Tea Scum. Please don’t lump your kind in with us liberal, remember you boy Larry Craig, Mark (Page Boys) Foley, RNC Chair M. Steel and his California Sex Club. Don’t look now, but it seems that Conservative = Freaks.

Magginkat ~ 9:38AM Jan 21, 2011 ~ Hey Palin Owns the Liberals….Everytime a conservative, hate mongering republican, “racist piece of trash” tries to describe a Liberal/Democrat, (s)he always….ALWAYS describes himself/herself.

nanchung ~ 10:26AM Jan 21, 2011 ~ Kevin1…and how do you know he is a Tea Party member? Sounds like a typical lib to me. Remember JFK, Ted Kennedy, Billy Boy, Edwards, Barney Franks?

TooBad4u ~ Kevin1 – he can’t be a tea party member, he is a college student from NY. He is definitely a democrat 🙂 cheers

I want to take it apart and do a quick psychological analysis for you. Palin Owns the … has clearly made this distinction in their mind … liberal = idiot. He sets off the rest and I will note here it was, indeed, an apparent conservative who sparked the “fight” and gave political credence to an apolitical story. kevin1 is by far the worst, bringing in a mixture of bonafide slurs, misnomers, inner city slang, technobonics, “product of our current education system” spelling and just plain rudeness. They’ve clearly made the opposite distinction in their mind … conservative = freak. Magginkat goes on to assert that any conservative that describes liberals and/or democrats is a hate mongering, racist piece of trash. Further TooBad4u asserts the “fact” that since Blackman is a college student from New York, he must be a Democrat and couldn’t be a Tea Party member. Finally, the closest to the voice of reason is nanchung who at least says Blackman SOUNDS like a typical liberal.

Now, without getting too much into just how asinine all that is, I want to point out a couple things.

1. There is no evidence anywhere, in any circumstances, that the very stereotypical, nearly racist charges that liberal = idiot and conservative = freak. These opinions couldn’t even be based on the sometimes slanderous word war between the pundits. These opinions take that pundit talk and take it to the extreme of a child who exaggerates every action in plea for more attention. We are free on the internet, with the anonymity that comes with it, and, therefore, there are no apparent consequences to spouting that kind of unfounded nonsense. We’ve been doing this with the internet for years though. It’s not that far of a stretch to start doing it in real life interactions.

2. The very fact that kevin1 can equate a fellow American with scum simply because they have a different opinion on how government should operate is an amplification of the fact that there is very little respect for others in our society. Instead of open debate and justification, there is disrespectful dismissal of anything that doesn’t agree with our “knowledge”.

3. The naming of various peoples in those comments is put forth in a manner that you should already know what they did wrong. There’s no mention of why Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Michael Steele, JFK, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards or Barney Franks are examples of what not to do. They’re just put out there as if everybody knows what their very existence means to the destruction of the country. This exemplifies the very divisions that have come to plague America … Democrat vs Republican, liberal vs conservative, me vs all those idiots. Thank you modern politics for taking us from being Americans to being a divided angry people who are constantly at war with each other … and all in the name of control, power and wealth.

So what we see here is the pundits, the politicians, the parties and the special interest groups have divided us and kept us divided for generations … beating it into us that you need to choose a side. While quite a few Americans on both sides are sick of partisan politics in Washington, we still practice it at home. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Republicans and conservatives lately. They think they’re right. Before them, it was the Democrats and liberals. They think they’re right. When we come right down to it, somebody has to be wrong, but it won’t be either side because they’re both right. This is the existential manufacturing of war and there are two constants … the person(s) pulling the strings and the people who are having their strings pulled. How long will you continue to have your strings pulled before you step outside of the equation and look at things from a truly objective standpoint?