The upcoming GOP state chairmanship elections Jan 22nd: Thomas Morrissey


As the Arizona State GOP chairmanship election approaches on Saturday, Jan. 22nd, I took the time to evaluate the resumes’ and personal essays written by all the candidates vying for the state chair position. These resume’s and personal essays include all the information we need to make an informed decision, yet the rumors and fact less innuendo’s, and political rhetoric began to spread rapidly regarding practically all the candidate’s.

Why some people see the necessity or even get some kind of political ‘high’ from gossiping or rumor-mongering, when all the facts are given to us by the candidate’s themselves which enable us to make our own assessments of these candidate’s, I cannot understand nor relate to anyone who would involve themselves in this type of ‘political, National Enquire-rish’ type of blogging, commentary nor arguing. The candidate’s have given us the facts. If a candidate has been dishonest in disclosing facts, show us the solid evidence, else the source of the accuser will show lack of credibility moreso than the candidate being falsely accused.

I’ll admit my historic lack of political savvy and knowledge until I attended my very first Tea Party rally on April 15, 2010. The very first President I ever voted for was Ronald Reagan. I was so excited to turn 18 years old in October and be able to cast my first political vote the following month, in November. I didn’t vote for him because he was a Republican. I simply liked his philosophy and vision. He was the standard-bearer for me, and I blindly assumed every Republican leader was like him, and had his same values, so I voted for Republicans for decades and have been sadly disappointed in every Republican president, as well as other Republican leaders, since Reagan fulfilled his final term in office. By his example, I trusted (with naïveté) that leaders were basically honest, but none of them could be “Jesus”, so my expectations of them have never been that high! I wasn’t involved in the GOP when only the ‘establishment’ existed.  I am ‘post-establishment, non-liberal, non-progressive’ and AM ‘pro-Constitutionally conservative’.  To myself and my fellow Patriots who are actively seeking to infiltrate the GOP to redeem this political party back into the good graces of U.S. citizen’s who have all but abandoned both the Republican and Democratic parties, due to the policy failure of both of these parties and the leaders who have represented them for many years, we (members of, and identifiers of the Tea Party movement), find ourselves desperately having to continually overcome roadblocks placed in front of us by ‘the establishment’ which you’d logically think would be embracing us for helping the GOP take back the U.S. House of Representatives. Instead, we still find ourselves struggling to have a voice and be accepted by ‘the establishment’ in our own state.

The upcoming GOP state chairmanship elections is yet another example of ‘we’ versus ‘them’. “We” (Constitutional conservatives) are viewed rightly so, as ‘infiltrators’.  It’s no secret what our goals are, but our goals have been misinterpreted and maligned by those who believe us to be more of a ‘threat’ to the ‘old ways’ rather than a necessary ideological change to save the party, thus, we rightly have labeled these people who view us like this, as ‘them’.  This divisiveness was not our goal or intention, but it has become a result of our own self-less goals of stopping progressivism and the threats of socialism. We refer to ourselves as ‘Patriots’ because like the revolutionaries who fought valiantly against British tyranny and suppression, and founded our country upon inherent beliefs of God-given inalienable rights and freedoms: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, modern-day Patriots found their/our freedoms being encroached upon and usurped by political leaders in both established political parties and, in our own governments.

My initial commentary was going to simply be a fact-based, evaluation written about the GOP candidate that I’ve decided to support in the Arizona state chairmanship elections and why I am supporting this individual. As I began to write my op-ed, it became quite clear that no one would value my opinions or personal statements without some basic knowledge about me.  Another dilemma in which I continually face and try to find some balance, is in the fact that I am a Tea Party leader and due to my leadership status, I’ve been urged to remain neutral in my own opinions and beliefs to be able to expand the membership within the Tea Party movement, without ostracizing conservatives from other political parties or ideologies. But remaining ‘neutral’ and ‘silent’ are the very philosophies which have silenced my voice and political opinions and resulted in the ‘silent majority’ which I identify with, from being heard for decades.

While all the candidates vying for the Arizona state chairmanship may be capable of ‘fundraising’ or ‘uniting the GOP to prepare for the 2012 Presidential race’, I don’t place these qualities and goals as my immediate priority. We have many political crises to resolve between now and 2012 in our own state.

After personally evaluating each candidate, I re-read each of their political essays, not looking for promises, because we know all too well how political promises are easily broken. I was looking for key words: ‘Arizona GOP and Tea Party unity’. What a formidable presence and strength we will have if we can achieve this one goal!

I found these key words in a statement made by one candidate in which I believe, even without personally knowing this candidate, to be sincere, honest, and truly showed he understood the importance and sheer necessity in embracing ‘us’ (Constitutional conservatives, and members, identifiers with the Tea Party movement).

Arizona GOP State Chairman candidate, Thomas Morrissey stated: “First and foremost, I believe that we will only be successful when we blend the political savvy and institutional memory of our dedicated, long-standing conservative Precinct committeemen with the passion and vigor demonstrated by our newly elected members from the Tea Party movement.”

Mr. Morrissey ‘gets it,’!! He recognizes and understands the insurmountable odds we’ve had to overcome, and supports our continued efforts, while at the same time shows respect for the ‘establishment’, and many establishment conservatives who’ve been ‘Tea Partiers’ long before ‘we’ came along. Credit and recognition to these establishment conservatives is long overdue, and Mr. Morrissey recognized this in his statement above.

GOP kumba-ya and utopia will never be achieved, nor do I hope it ever will. If it does, it will mean individual political ideologies and opinions have stopped being valued, and we must all participate in a ‘group think’ mentality. Civil discourse and continual dialogue, not arguing and steadfast, unbending, closed minded opinions, should be the goal of the GOP, but then again, I’m an optimist.

I individually, personally, and wholeheartedly support the candidacy of Thomas Morrissey as Arizona Republican State Chairman.

Annette McHugh

Founder and elected Chairman, Tea Party Patriots of Glendale, AZ


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