Vacating Freedom


By Mr. Curmudgeon

What does an organization funded by leftist billionaire George Soros do on the one-year anniversary of the US Supreme Court ruling declaring the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law an attack on First Amendment free speech and, therefore, unconstitutional? Ask the Justice Department to harass two of the high court’s conservative associate justices for speaking at corporate retreats held by Koch Industries, owned by David and Charles Koch, the billionaire financial supporters of such organizations as the Tea Party.

According to, “Common Cause wants the justice department to investigate the connections between the justices [Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas] and the Koch organizations to determine if conflicts – or the appearance of them – exist. If the department were to make such a finding, it could then ask the Supreme Court to vacate the ruling.”

Like the old saying goes, “A man is distinguished by his enemies.” And the Koch brothers seem to have all the right enemies: The whale-huggers at Greenpeace described Koch Industries, as the “kingpin of climate science denial”; New York Times columnist Frank Rich says the Koch brothers fan “the recession-battered electorate’s unchecked anger”; fellow Times scribbler Paul Krugman says what “the brothers have bought with their huge political outlays is, above all, freedom to pollute”;  and National Public Radio says the pair, horror of horrors, is “trying to steer the country in a more libertarian direction.”

But the most damning evidence against the Koch brothers was unearthed by the leftist organization Think Progress. According to the group, Charles Koch told a meeting of conservative activists last September, “It is up to us to combat what is now the greatest assault on American freedom and prosperity in our lifetimes,” referring to Obama’s radical transformation of America. Koch also said, “Our group heard plans to activate citizens against the threat of government over-spending and to change the balance of power in Congress this November.”

The result, of course, was last November’s shellacking. And that, more than anything else, explains the lunatic left’s animus towards the Koch siblings.

Many of today’s corporations are run by bloodless boards of directors and CEOs who have no real financial stake in the success of these enterprises. If the companies they lead go under, their contractual “golden parachute” separation packages are so generous they could fund a small nation. These are the firms the Federal Reserve bailed-out with massive infusions of cash through the purchase of their corporate bonds.

Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs, which the Securities and Exchange Commission alleges knowingly sold toxic investments tied to subprime mortgage-backed securities, and was the largest donor to President Obama’s 2008 run for the White House, borrowed the staggering sum of $5.8 billion from the Federal Reserve at a sweetheart interest rate of 0.0078%. Crony capitalists, therefore, are the Progressive state’s biggest boosters and the left’s most useful idiots.

Koch Industries, on the other hand, is privately held, making David and Charles Koch 100-proof capitalists. That independence makes their efforts to fund groups who are fighting to reverse the dangerous direction Obama is taking the nation that much more heroic.

Rick Hasen, an election law expert at the University of California, Irvine, told POLITICO, “I am a big critic of the Citizens United case. I would love to see it reversed. But this approach seems both unlikely to yield the desired result of seeing the case overturned and appears to be an unwarranted attack on the ethics of the Justices.”

The move by Common Cause signals the coming Progressive battle to target those who oppose Obama’s efforts to change America into something it was never meant to be, and squelch First Amendment free speech in the process, even that of US Supreme Court justices.

In other words, Progressives will not tolerate a Constitution that views billionaires, Supreme Court justices and Tea Party working stiffs as equals “endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.”