The Tea Party and Egypt


The Tea Party and Egypt

If you are independent as I am and you have likened yourself to the precepts of the Tea Party what is your thinking of Egypt?  What should the Tea Party offer as a resolve for the circumstance?

Would you be of the mind that as a country we are in peril for the dissention in that part of the world?  Would you think that that inspiration of the Tea Party even needs to address the circumstance?

Would the Tea Party realize a substantial cost to Americans for the cost of a Suez Canal shutdown?  Would you even think that Islamic Brotherhood is a viable body of governance?

Apparently our government and media do think they are.

Tea Party leaders … what should we think?!

Should we realize that the state media of this government wants us to focus on the Middle East while our government continues on issues that corrupt our origination?  Should we allow folks to be stupefied that Obama and company are actually guilty parties of the Soros NWO plan bent on bringing American Sovereignty to the 3rd world nations it claims to be helping?  Are we to believe that our dedication to allow worship to anyone who chooses to worship be hijacked for the purposes of a wanton theocracy?

The American Tea Party really needs to  not look beyond the 10 points of its motivation and here is why.  The Tea Party demands its authority is based upon Constitutional measure.   Wile we claim authority we should abide what the constitution says about enemies.  Let’s forget Obama being the President.  Obviously we are all new to the responsibility and nobody wants to hold the Kenyan accountable.  So as a legislative body, how does the Tea Party consider Egypt in the business of National Defense?

Here is my advice…

Americans are being systematically led to the crisis by editorial design.  I have called this the folly of Hypocronance.  So while we all think that our end is at hand, remember, we have been a nation under God.  And in that responsibility we must fortify ourselves in truth before we minister to others.  Ask yourself if we are wise as a nation and then consider the practicality of being an advising Nation as a leader.

We are spent on 10 years of war in the same area with no victory in sight.  The promises of Obama suggested we’d be out of the Middle East at least a year ago…

Yet here we are.

While all focus on Egypt; know that Soros had it planned and Obama was in on it.

In all things between America and Israel Obama has turned his back on our allies.

Obama isn’t smart enough to contrive such dealings so it must be Soros.  After all Soros has seen to many government collapses.  So what must the Tea Party do?  Isn’t the answer simple?  Sure we can wait on the Oath Keepers to storm the White house to arrest Obama.  Or we can use the same documents the ten points of the Tea Party demands in its authority to give Obama his measure.  Articles of Impeachment are not beyond the House.  And before we deploy troops to a more of a loss scenario, shouldn’t we at least understand the nature of the problem.

It is sold as National Security Issue for oil supply.  All while we capped the largest disaster man has ever known in our own waters.  Yep you can thank greed for that one.  Why should we produce our own oil when we can get it for blood split that finances the MIC of America?

Maybe the Tea Party isn’t up to the challenge they were determined to take on?  But if we can’t answer the question of how we respond to invented foreign policy, then maybe the Tea Party should sit this problem out.

Democracy in the Middle East hasn’t worked anywhere except Israel.  Why would anyone think that a people who exist under a theocracy of Islam would welcome a democracy?

It is time to step up Tea Party… unless we perceive Islam to be our problem, why are we dedicating so much resource to it?  In our 10 points it wasn’t addressed.  Where do we go from here?  Do we listen to those who exploited cheaper resources for a promise of nothing we couldn’t deliver and become a police force for the world?  I sure hope not unless those wanting protection are paying the tabs for our guys and girls in the duty of freedom.


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