Tea Party Movement Brings in 15,000 Protesters to Madison With 24 Hour Notice

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Source: ArizonaTeaParty

Posted by Jim Hoft

THOUSANDS of Tea Party Patriots turned out today in Madison, Wisconsin, in support of Republican Governor Scott Walker and his plans to correct the state’s financial future. It was an amazing turnout considering the Saturday rally was only announced on Friday morning.

The Tea Party Patriots filled the state capital grounds from the steps to the street over 100 yards back. There were so many Walker supporters there that you couldn’t here the speakers from the stage in the back of the crowd.

The AP today estimated that 70,000 protesters turned out in Madison today. If that number is accurate then at least 15,000 were Walker supporters.

Here’s a shot from behind the stage looking out at the massive crowd today.

More… Here’s a photo that shows about half of the tea party crowd today on the left side of the stage, via Instapundit.

Just before their rally began at midday, senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald reassured the pro-bill crowd that Republicans have enough votes to pass the measure.

He said: ‘The bill is not negotiable. The bill will pass as is.’

But he cannot act until the 14 Senate Democrats who left the state on Thursday return to vote. They remain holed up in a hotel just over the border in Illinois, where they fled to delay action on the bill.

The 14 have threatened to remain in hiding for weeks if Mr Walker does not agree to negotiate.

State senator Mark Miller said yesterday: ‘We left the state so we were out of the reach of the Wisconsin state patrol, which has the authority to round us up and bring us back to the legislature.’

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The Rally was a Huge Success!