Scott Walker wins the First Battle Against the Unions of Wisconsin

Scott Walker Wins against the Unions in Wisconsin

Scott Walker Wins against the Unions in Wisconsin

Source: Washington Examiner

By:David Freddoso

Wisconsin’s Senate has been paralyzed on dealing with its budget because it requires a 20-vote quorum to address budget issues. And tied into the governor’s budget bill was the provision that caused all of the Democrats in the Senate to flee the state — a provision limiting collective bargaining rights for state workers to wages only, leaving benefits and work rules for most state employees to be determined by the legislative process instead.

But Wisconsin’s Senate does not require 20 members to be present to pass non-budget legislation, and some people have asked why the Republicans haven’t simply passed the union provision separately. Well, tonight, they did just that.
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Source: The Atlantic Wire

By Erik Hayden

“The legislative standoff in Wisconsin appears to have reached a conclusion: Gov. Scott Walker made it clear that the essential part of his “budget repair” bill would be stripping public unions of collective bargaining power. Using a procedural maneuver to strip the anti-union legislation of its fiscal measures, Republican state senators were able to sidestep the absent Democratic lawmakers holding out for a compromise and pass the bill on Wednesday night.

Mark Miller, the Senate’s Democratic leader, told the Associated Press there was nothing more his party could do to stop the bill: “It’s a done deal.”

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