Obama and Facebook: The Social-ist Network!


Source: Youtube

Watch hard working, tax paying Americans protest President Obama during his recent campaign jaunt to Facebook in Palo Alto, CA.

Facebook has demonstrated its intention and ability to direct the course of politics throughout the world, using freedom and democracy as bait. It should be no surprise that Facebook would team up with Obama, then order his opponents off its property while controlling the conversation with the President inside the building as it was being broadcast throughout the Facebook world.

This strategic relationship between big government and big business is designed to disseminate the socialist message of radical, societal change and wealth redistribution to the millions of friends on Facebook and to continue to affect politics both at home and abroad. Facebook might be The Social Network but with Obama taking on a lead role next to Zuckerberg, its new billing is more like The Socialist Network.



Top Youtube comment:

This might be a footnote for this outstanding video. You can see how Obama is using our funding for his salary and trips in “selected venues” where he can get money, estimated to be another $300 million over the $700million that he received over John McCain’s $48 million. Yes that is $1billion.