Romneycare Debate Victory

Romneycare debate

Romneycare debate

By Mr. Curmudgeon

The mainstream media breathed a collective sigh of relief. As the Washington Post’s Dan Blaz said, “Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty ducked an opportunity to challenge Romney for enacting a health care plan in Massachusetts that resembled the law Obama signed last year.”

The New York Times also weighed in, “The spotlight was trained squarely on Mitt Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, who has come under withering attack for the health care plan he signed into law that resembles the plan Mr. Obama pushed through Congress. But his rivals treaded lightly, and he relentlessly turned the conversation back to Mr. Obama, emerging unscathed from his return to the debate stage four years after losing his first bid for the party’s nomination.”

The Times added that Pawlenty “sought to introduce himself as a leading alternative to Mr. Romney. He had coined a new word a day before the debate — “Obamneycare” — a term aimed at criticizing both Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama in a single breath, but when the debate got under way, he chose not to press the attack, apparently to avoid coming off as too negative.”

Meanwhile, on the Left Coast, the Los Angeles Times noted, “Mitt Romney led six of his Republican rivals in attacks on President Obama in a highly diffuse debate Monday night that did nothing to upend the former Massachusetts governor’s front-runner status.”

Contrary to the mainstream media’s analysis, it was the establishment GOP and not Romney who came out the winner in last night’s CNN-sponsored debate. And they couldn’t be happier. Republican unity at any price, even at the expense of principle, assures that whether the presidential winner is Obama or Romney, the Progressive ideology that has held sway over the country for over one hundred years will continue unbroken.

This emboldened Romney to attack Obamacare while promoting Romneycare, “I can’t wait to debate him [Obama] and say, ‘Mr. President, if in fact you did look at what we did in Massachusetts, why didn’t you give me a call and ask what worked and what didn’t?’’” Romney said to the president, his GOP rivals and the nation. “’And I would have told you, Mr. President, that what you’re doing will not work.’”

At a time when the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is poised to declare Obamacare unconstitutional, with the U.S. Supreme Court likely to follow suit, Romney took time to assure the establishment hierarchies of our failed two-party system that he will continue the Progressive march of America toward the abyss. And GOP “unity” continues to be Progressivism’s  greatest enabler.