California: Slaves to Allah Schooled to Manipulate Government and Media


mpacSource: Logan’s Warning

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) which just recently held a conference on Capitol Hill to speak out against anti-Sharia legislation, has teamed up with the Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. They have put forth a combined effort to train Muslims to manipulate our government and media.

Last week, MPAC Senior Adviser Dr. Maher Hathout and Director of Policy & Programming Edina Lekovic conducted a powerful workshop called “Truth Over Fear: Countering Islamophobia” for more than 75 members of the Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley in Southern California.

“Truth Over Fear” is a workshop and training session developed by MPAC to empower local communities with crucial tools to counter Islamophobia in a proactive and constructive manner. These hands-on training sessions are composed of two primary components: education and hands-on empowerment.

Participants learn how media propaganda produced by a cottage industry of self-proclaimed terrorism experts fuels Islamophobia and dehumanization, and they gain practical tools for addressing the irrational fear of Islam and Muslims that nearly half of Americans admit to having.

They also learned how to effectively engage their elected officials and government representatives, as well as with local and national media outlets.

Through this national campaign, MPAC seeks to inform our country on the dangers that Islamophobia presents to all Americans. The training sessions are meant to raise a proactive voice to counter hate and bigotry, which if left unchecked, can erode the very foundations of our democratic institutions.

Actually, not speaking out against Islam is a danger to non-Muslim Americans. The training sessions were meant to teach Muslims how to get Islam accepted into America. If the hate and bigotry that stems from Islam is left unchecked, it will erode the very foundations of our democratic institutions. That’s the truth! As I have been saying, we are in the middle of a massive information war. PLEASE do your part!

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