What Do You Know About the Declaration?


The Blaze revealed today that only 1 in 4 Americans know from what country the Colonists seceded. I was thinking about this subject as I wrote my article “Happy Birthday, America!” as well as listening to some of the conservative radio shows. I find it interesting that most of the radio shows do not talk specifically and indepth about the Declaration. Instead, most of the radio personalities either skipped over the subject completely or in the most part. Even when the Declaration was mentioned the radio host moved on almost immediately to modern-day heroes and the Constitution. They might mention one or so of the founding fathers but they would almost never go into detail.

I find this interesting because in the scheme of things knowing the date and country from which we seceded, while important, pales in comparison to understanding the history, philosophy, language and intent of the Declaration. How many know:

The history surrounding the Declaration both prior and after?
Who wrote the Declaration?
How often the Declaration was rewritten and time frame between the first and last copies?
The history and meaning of the term “self-evident?”
The history of the phrase “laws of nature and nature’s God?”
What the “pursuit of happiness” actually means?
What the Declaration actually says about tyrants?
Whether the document’s language is secular (Enlightenment) or Biblical?

If there is any real crime being committed it is that Americans of many ages are completely ignorant of the most important information about the Declaration of Independence! Can anyone today say that they have heard a public reading of the document so far this weekend?  Have you heard or listened to a discussion about the meaning of the document’s text? Have you heard an expose of the committee who put together such a magnificent document? Or do you know or have heard of any home studies concerning the issues surrounding the Declaration and is opened to the public?

Yes, the public school system is failing our people and nation miserably.  But seriously, could Patriots also be failing the people and nation? We do need to be focused on the issues and fight legislation which is unconstitutional on the Federal and State levels. Nevertheless, we will not win this battle until we start to teach the populace the truth about our national history and especially about the Declaration. I believe that we are losing our freedoms not because the Constitution is being violated and it is but because we have forgotten the basis of our freedoms as declared in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration is our expression of freedom not the Constitution. It was free people who chained the government protecting those freedoms. If we are to remain free and restore our Republic, we must learn and teach the importance of this document to ourselves, children and society!

Just some rambling thoughts!