Senator Mitch McConnell: A Feeble-Minded Hack

Mitch McConnel idiot

Mitch McConnel idiot

By Mr. Curmudgeon

The Peter Principle, which states that people in authority rise to the level of their incompetence, has no better poster child than GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Just as it appears the Tea Party has President Obama’s back to the wall on the debt limit issue, the owl-faced McConnell offers the president the deal of the century: the ability to raise the debt limit without congressional authority and to cut big government the instant hell freezes over. To say McConnell is an idiot is a disservice to the feeble minded.

It’s worth remembering that McConnell’s handpicked establishment hack, who ran in Kentucky’s GOP Senate primary in 2010, lost badly to the Tea Party-supported Rand Paul. Something tells me the victorious Paul should start a short list of handpicked Tea Party replacements for this particular feeble-minded GOP leader. In fact, it’s a little difficult to consider a man a “leader” when he wants to hand his legislative authority to the executive branch. A man that anxious to avoid doing his Constitutional duty should have it taken away – by the Tea Party and not Obama.

The cancer eating away the Republican Party has a name: Mitch McConnell. It’s time sleepy Republican voters woke up and threw out this particular bum.


  1. The Tea party is the a threat to America. They should be voted out where ever they are. I fo agree Sen.McConnell is feeble minded, but tea party members are more so. You would destroy the country just to pay -back the Democrats.

    You are detested by many in the USA.. I am sure you are happy about the downgrade and whipping out the saving of American from the great sell-off just so you can berate Democrats. You are all idiots

    I will work and many others to see that all of you are ousted from office.

    • Gung ho looney lefties to the rescue in America? Here is a tip, Mark. We are tired of paying anything to the Democrats. We are tired of Union dues being utilized by Democrats. We don't want payback, we want a reckoning. That reckoning is coming and we will be there to set our houses in order to defend the future of your children and grandchildren from the dystopian ravings of your brainwashed mobs and punishing progressive hacks in DC.

      Thank you for your interest, move along lemming. Ooo look, there's a cliff.

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