The Tea Party-Israel Alliance

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Image credits: The West Islam and Sharia










From the onset of Obama’s Presidency, Israel became publicly condemned by its most valuable ally for the first time in history. At the same time, the American people rose up against the liberal policies of the Obama administration not out of partisan vitriol, but as a matter of common sense, reasoning, and an understanding of peaceful public dissent. It was in this truly American revolution that the intellectual Tea Party movement was born, aware not only of this administration’s attack on the founding principles, safety, and prosperity of America, but also its attack on the one ally that exemplifies our country of liberty—the Western-style democracy of Israel.

Nevertheless, the Left continues to propagandize Tea Partiers as antisemitic. As a recent example, consider the “Right-Wing Radicalism” Conference that was held at Brandeis University in Spring 2010, whose advertisements featured swastikas within a “no-smoking” symbol (the swastika stirred controversy and was shortly removed, but the conference still proceeded). As I sat in the audience, the Conference outright accused white conservatives of being specifically antisemitic due to the Nazis’ focus on the perfection of race. Rather than mention real and violent antisemitic groups such as the Black Panthers, the various speakers individually painted white Tea Partiers, and American conservatives in general, as modern Nazis and gun-toting militias, using little but the assumption of collective white racism as a tentative connection to the leftist Nazi ideology. The final speaker, Chip Berlet, passed out a chart titled, “Right-Wing Populism in the United States”, a design that he allegedly produced from attending Tea Party rallies, showing what he considered evidence of objective reporting. The chart outright claimed that the majority of Tea Partiers believed Jews to fall under the category of “Elite parasites” and that Tea Partiers, termed collectively as “Dissident Right Populism”, were themselves “White Nationalists and Xenophobes”, “Antisemitic conspiracy theorists”, and proponents of “Christian Nationalism and Dominionism” among many other biased and obviously slanted terms.

Despite such unreasonable and logically unsound accusations to the contrary, the Tea Party has frequently indicated that it runs counter to principles, not individuals. The vast majority of Tea Party signs and protests are focused on specific issues of debt, healthcare, accountability, economics, national security, and other legitimate public concerns. This is in sharp contrast to the baseless and personal attacks on former President George W. Bush, who was frequently called a Nazi by Democrats like Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN), reporters such as CNN’s Susan Roegen, who found signs of Bush as Hitler amusing, and thousands of overt leftist anti-Bush protestors. Although the vast majority of leftists resorted to personal attacks and distortion rather than civil reasoning, they were not accused of any wrongdoing. When the vast majority of right-wingers hold to civil reasoning, however, all of a sudden the overall image of the Movement is defined by the few individuals who resort to the same slandering as anti-Bush liberals.

Contrary to Berlet’s charges of “antisemitism”, the Tea Party ideologically defends the Jewish State of Israel under the same parameters of reasoning and common sense that resulted in the inception of its Movement.

A 2011 Rasmussen poll indicates that 61% of Republicans support continued aid to Israel, despite the statements of libertarian Ron Paul (R-TX), “Godfather of the Tea Party”, who has been especially vocal on cutting Israel’s foreign aid. When it’s considered that, according to a spring 2010 Gallup poll, 62% of Tea Party supporters/Tea Partiers are conservative Republicans, the connection between liberty-loving conservatives and pro-Israel supporters is fairly clear. Despite the views and statements of the alleged representatives of the Tea Party Movement, the majority of Tea Partiers have individual reasons based on conservative values of morality, religious belief, and liberty, to support Israel.

The 2011 AIPAC/Tea Party event featuring Tea Party representative Dick Armey (R-TX) was especially informative on the Tea Party-Israel relationship. Among Armey’s points, he stated that (1) Tea Partiers tend to support Israel because of the liberty and justice common to the Western-style democracy of Israel and the constitutional republic of America, (2) both America and Israel are fighting against the common threat of radical Islamic law and terrorism, and (3) Christians, who compose many of the social conservatives in the Tea Party movement, feel a religious obligation to defend Israel and its people.

Tea Party representatives like Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Dan Webster (R-FL) have stated that a Christian defense of Israel is mandated by God, and at a 2011 AIPAC/Tea Party conference, Dick Armey had similar sentiments about Israel and the religious duty of Christians. Specifically, Armey stated, “God gave this land [of Israel] to Abraham and the Jews”, implying that opposing the right of Israel to its God-given land is immoral, and that because of God’s mandate it is both a religious and moral prerogative for Christians to defend the State of Israel. Indeed, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), an organization that has grown to be the largest pro-Israel body in the country, was founded in February 2006 to unite churches across the country in a common defense of Israel.

Of course, support for Israel primarily comes from an underlying respect for Western-style governance and liberty, and the common sense to stand up for this virtue in the face of anti-Israel media—a task that has been voraciouly executed by the man involved with the origin and development of the “Tea Party” Movement: Glenn Beck. Indeed, Beck was not only one of the first media pundits to very openly support and explain the Tea Party Movement, but also an active reporter on the history and conflict in Israel and the Middle East. In addition to the time he invested in explaining the subject on his former FOX show, Glenn continues to inform the West with his website, “The Blaze”, which highlights the happenings in Israel, threats to its security, and vital information that is not accessible from the mainstream media. Glenn recently spoke at Israel’s Knesset on July 10th, where he was called “a friend of the State of Israel” and “instrumental in supporting Israel” by Danny Danon of the Likud Party. With Glenn’s publicity and high popularity amongst Tea Partiers, it’s safe to say that his frequent reporting on Israel has played a significant role in the development of a pro-Israel Tea Party Movement.

Even without influence from Tea Party leaders like Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachmann, Tea Partiers, who deeply understand the value of American liberty, are predisposed to support Israel. It is no exaggeration that Israel is the one country in the Middle East where laws are not oppressive to women or religious minorities, homosexuals are free, the freedom of the press and speech is not undermined, and there are no gruesome public punishments like stoning and hanging. Any person who knows of the atrocities in the Middle East and the incredible freedom of Israel cannot ignore Israel’s importance, especially when it is surrounded and constantly threatened by dictators.

Despite propaganda accusing the Tea Party as antisemitic, there is an undeniable alliance between Tea Party conservatives and the State of Israel. As a matter of morality, common sense, and a love for the spirit of freedom, Tea Partiers have a natural place in the defense of Israel, just as they philosophically understand the spirit of America.


  1. Why is it when "white conservatives" want everyone to be equal in the eyes of the world, no one wants "white conservatives" to have the same rights? I have seen a bumper sticker that stated "Brown Pride", but have yet to see one that says "White Pride". As for the Tea Party being anything but a lot of people who are thinking the same way, from all party lines, I don't believe anything more needs to be said. The buck stops here! No more pulling the wool over our eyes! We the people should have put in writing that of all things, English is the official language in the United States of America. Why has that not been done? Little things that make a big impact. Shame on us…….

    • Thanks for commenting!
      It is pretty infuriating that history has been rewired to essentially bully and indoctrinate Americans with "multiculturalism". Rather than extending upon what the Civil Rights Movement was really about–an equality granting everyone to take pride in their identity–it has instead been hijacked by historians as an excuse for affirmative action. Nowadays even the most mainstream history textbooks carry a twisted narrative bent on condemning an entire political ideology as inherently racist, and frowning upon any attempt at a national identity–as if it's some oppressive force bashing the rights of individuals, which is not the case in America of all places (keep in mind that America was the first country in the world to form an Anti-Slavery Society in 1775, at a time when slavery was a matter of property rights everywhere else in the world. Human trafficking is still commonplace throughout the Muslim world, and Britain didn't abandon slavery until half a century or so after America did. It's astounding that we're accused of racism, when there are countries in this world so much older that still practice it!)

      M-A : )

  2. Nice article.

    I will add that a study by Emily Ekins found that empirically, very few Tea Party rally signs had anything racist to say:

    I will also say, however, that as a religious Jew and a resident of Israel (I am formerly from Silver Spring MD, but have lived in Israel for the past five years), I am clearly on Ron Paul's side here.

    The fact is that American aid does little but to make Israel's government more loyal to American demands than to the wishes of its (Israel's) own citizenry. Money talks, and as long as Israel receives American money – invariably with strings attached – Israel has no choice but to kowtow to American demands. Time and again, Israel has compromised its own security in order to satisfy those strings attached to its money. This must stop. Israel must be loyal to its own citizens and their needs, and not to anyone or anything else.

    In fact, Golda Meir blamed American aid for Israel's loss in the Yom Kippur War: President Nixon forbade her to preemptive attack Egyptian missile batteries, telling her that America would help Israel. Because of American aid, Israel's hands were tied behind its back:,7340,L-3966655

    Israeli libertarian political candidate Moshe Feiglin has repeatedly said that for the sake of its own security – not to mention dignity – Israel must cease accepting American aid. Ron Paul concurs: in an interview with Mike Church, Ron Paul tells how America gives more aid to Israel's enemies than to Israel, and so a universal cut on *all* foreign aid would disproportionately benefit Israel. Furthermore, he says, Israel needs to avoid being dependent on American aid, and instead, Israel needs, for its own security, to be able to make its own decisions independently, without fearing the repercussions from America: at 4:54

    As a pro-Israel, Orthodox Jew, living in Israel, I am clearly and unequivocally with Ron Paul on this. American aid to Israel must stop. Israel expelled the British from Israel, and we shall expel American imperialism as well.

    • Dear Michael,

      I find myself in disagreement with your comment on several accounts.

      1) Israel has had an arrangement with America to transfer monies back and forth and in lieu of other arrangements; such as charging the U.S. for docking ships, the invaluable Russian MIG fighter Israel gave America, & other bargains America receives by way of the arrangement as it has been. When I say that the arrangement is back & forth I mean, true, America gives Israel some money, but Israel turns around & spends almost all of the military aid in America. But, they also improve American weapons, so the U.S. gains a lot from the transfer. There was once an American politician, I forget who it was, who told an Israeli P.M. that if it wasn't in America's interest to hand out money to Israel that they wouldn't. The billion or 2 Israel gets from the American taxpayer that isn't spent in America can be looked at in comparison to what the American taxpayer spends on NATO and which of the two returns more for the money. The difference makes the sun's brightness like a shadow in comparison. NATO gets hundreds of billions & America gets nothing, certainly since the Soviet Union's dissolution. Ultimately I agree that Israel should end this arrangement & start charging for the services it renders the U.S. instead. They will be far better off. And yes, they won't necessarily have to feel like they have to listen to the U.S. when it isn't in their best interest. But that should never have been an excuse for Israeli leaders to do what they've done, murder & cause the loss of limbs, properties, & businesses of tens of thousands of Israelis & visitors to Israel because they've refused for 44 years to exercise their international legal right to repatriate the hostile populations left on Israel's side of the borders with Jordan & Egypt. They've gone so far as to create a terrorist state in Gaza, brutally forcing out 8,500 innocent people from their Gaza neighborhoods & offered almost the entire Jordanian named "West Bank," or more appropriately, Judea & Samaria, Yehuda & Shomron, to a population that has been brainwashed for generations into accepting Islam's mandate to destroy Israel & the entire world & create dar al Islam from dar al harb. Their leader recently named a square, a street, & a camp after mass-murdering terrorists. Anyone wishing to know what the true, unedited-by-the-lamestream-media beliefs & actions of the so-called "Palestinian" Arab Muslims is should peruse & A just released poll by Arab Muslim friendly Israelis & Americans showed a majority of 63% or so support destroying Israel. Other polls have showed higher figures. Yet Israel's democratically elected dictators, their cabinets formed from a majority of the kenesset, Israel's legislature, continue to whet their appetite by attempting to give them a 2nd Palestinian state, the first being Jordan, 85% "Palestinian" Arabs, amputated illegally by Britain from 80% of the Jewish National Home in 1922, originally referred to as Arab Palestine. American money has not been the reason Israel has had leaders who refuse to do what every other nation in less dire circumstances has done, repatriate their enemies. It's the fact that Israel has the worst political system in the Western world, worse than Italy's. For details, "Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall," by Prof. Paul Eidelberg. Suffice to say, Israel's people have never been truly represented by the circulating & recirculating lists of leaders. There is no constitution, no separation nor balance of powers, no regional constituency elections, a high court that elects its own members, a low threshold to get a seat in the Kenesset which fosters incoherent foreign policy because complete opposites politically serve together in coalitions, etc.

      2) Golda Meir allowed Egypt to attack Israel, period. I consider her a mass murderer. She knew they were about to attack & did nothing, period. Stop this Israeli nonsense about it being Nixon's fault. When she knew what she knew when she knew it she had an obligation to tell Nixon that she would not permit the slaughtering of thousands of Israelis because of him, period.

      3) As an observant, proud American Jew, I reject your comparing England, that illegally permitted hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslims into the Jewish settled areas west of the Jordan River from 1922-1948, to the U.S. having a financial agreement. Israel has allowed America to serve as a moderator between them & the Arab Muslims. Israel has always had the right to do what it has to do after the attacks by the surrounding countries & the Arab Muslims within their borders. There is NO American imperialism in Israel. That was an inaccurate, unfair charge or a bad comparison.

    • Thank you for your comments, Michael!
      And I agree with you, on Ron Paul's positions. I understand well that his reasoning for cutting aid to Israel and everyone else is not one born out of anti-Israel sentiment (I meant to convey that in labelling the Tea Party as antisemitic, pinning Paul's legitimate concerns over international welfare as one born out a lack of any support for Israel fuels the “right wing nazi” propaganda of the left). You are absolutely right that America does in fact give more in aid to the Middle East than it does to Israel, and it probably would be beneficial for Israel if we cut our ties to the people that want them destroyed. I apologize for making it appear like I was invalidating Paul's reasoning—I was not. Since the topic of my paper was on discrediting the nazi propaganda against Tea Partiers, I chose not to fully elaborate on Paul's complex position, only to say that it probably adds fuel to the fire of leftist propaganda by making the Tea Party's position on Israel vague (or, in Paul's case, complex). Although.. there is something to be said about fully removing financial aid from an ally that is constantly attacked by a mutual threat…doing so would be the duty of any nation, seeking its own preservation and that of the national interest. It certainly isn't imperialistic to act upon the sovereign duty to assist an ally in wartime, although the detail of method and extent can be argued endlessly.

      Once again, thank you for your thoughtful comments!

      M-A : )

    • You are a member of the Israeli Tea Party right? I'm actually quite jealous of them. The American Tea Party is being FLOODED with neocons; it looks like you guys, on the other hand, are actually keeping it real. The corporations are using their favorite advocates to attempt a hostile takeover, and it's pure evil. I wish that I was in Israel. And I'm a Ron Paul supporter too!

  3. " It is no exaggeration that Israel is the one country in the Middle East where women are allowed to drive,"

    Women are allowed to drive in all Middle East countries except for Saudi Arabia.

    • Thank you for commenting!
      And you're right on that point, so I apologize for my broad wording–I meant to convey the larger issue of women's rights. Although the right for a woman to drive is officially banned in Saudi Arabia, the reality is that the lack of a ban elsewhere in the Middle East does not dismiss the backdoor methods by which they are oppressed. It's a fact of life that sharia places women under the strict eye of her male family members, and it logically follows that regardless of whether or not she is officially "banned" from driving, they play an integral role in inhibiting where she travels and what she does. The key word is that women are "allowed" to drive, although that's a far cry from whether they ever even make it out the door. Unfortunately, the simple fact that there isn't an official law to counter (that is not entrenched in the sharia that no one will fight against) makes it that much easier for women to be restricted without stirring up the so-called "international community". Rather than comment on the matter of driving, I should've instead said that Israel is the one country where women aren't subject to clitorectomies, forced marriages, acid attacks, and strict policing by their male family members, but it's a long and gruesome list so I tried to be a little discrete.

      But really, I didn't realize I had been so broad in my wording and I'm glad you pointed it out! : )
      I look forward to any future comments you may have!


    • Thanks, Jerry! Your piece was fantastic, and I was a bit smug to read through it and say "yep, yep" aloud. There was so much information that I haven't found in such detail anywhere else–I'm definitely going to buy your book, and I'd be honored to collaborate with you in the future (as a matter of fact, I'm working on a piece on radical Islam and the stances of Republican presidential candidates on the matter)

      It's unbelievable really–the 80% of the Mandate that was offered to the Arabs, didn't Israel bend over backwards to give them almost all of what they wanted and also left themselves with a large chunk of the arid Negev desert? Since the generous offer was rejected, clearly land was not the issue. And people act like Israel hasn't given enough. It just drives me crazy. And then there's the naivety of those who can't believe that Islam is focused on destroying Israel– I recall Bill Clinton attempting to reach out to Yasser Arafat (the 2000 Camp David Summit) with “peace talks” and shortly afterwards you got the Second Intifada. Not to mention the Yom Kippur war. Makes me want to bang my head against a wall: so what, some people think that attacking Israel on an extremely important Jewish holiday was just a funny coincidence? Oh man.

      Best regards,
      M-A : )

  4. The Tea Party should promote American interests only and not the interests of a foreign nation. I defy anyone to show exactly how Israel is an ally of the United States?

    The Pro-Israel lobby controls both parties and proof-positive is whenever a candidate runs for US president the first group the appear before seeking it's blessing is AIPAC.

    The provides greater deference and more generous aid terms to Israel than key allies like Britain. Britain and France the us made repay all the loans given them in World War One and Two.

    How do the Pro-Israel partisans confront those that oppose US aid to Israel. Not with facts but they smear you with labels: anti-Semite, Nazi, pro-terrorist.

    Israel is an ally of the USA as a tick is the ally of the dog!

  5. English Translation : ( Translation Source: )

    August 6, 2011: Italy razed by the ECB | Choirs in storm
    The Tea Party ideologically Defends the Israeli State of 'Israel, with the examination parameters of logic and common sense That Were the basis for the spread of ITS Motion. "

    Original Comment in Italian
    6 Agosto 2011: l’Italia rasa al suolo dalla BCE | Cori in tempesta
    […] “…il Tea Party difende ideologicamente lo Stato Ebraico d’Israele, con gli stessi parametri di logica e buonsenso che sono stati la base per la diffusione del suo Movimento.”

  6. Most anti Semitic comment are made out of ignorance and sheer prejudice but I would ask those Christians who like to pass hateful comments about Jews a couple of questions.
    1. What was the religion practised by the Rabbi Jesus Christ?
    2. What was the religion of his mother?
    3. Do you think that Jesus Christ would approve of you spitting on the religion of his mother and himself?
    Now say that you hate all Jews and you are a Christian.

  7. The Paleocons, Third Position nationalists, and even some Libertarians; are so stupid they blame "Zionism" and "the Israel Lobby" for the corrupt Israeli government and essentially take a pro-Arab position; including propaganda about Palestinians allegedly being brutalized by Israel (what garbage). They fail to realize that the Israeli Tea Party is actually not flooded with neocons, unlike ours. And you're damn right the Israeli Tea Party is Zionist. The idiots need to stop seeing in Black and White, and they must realize the preferential ideology on Israel for Paleocons/Libertarians/Nationalists is neither neozionism, anti-zionism/pro-Arab position, or neutrality- it is Paleozionism (Zionism w/o foreign aid to Israel or corporatism).