Our Moment: No Compromise. No Surrender. Total Victory.


By James H. Fitzgerald

Earlier this week, we witnessed an increase in our debt ceiling.  After weeks of shameful political theater, our Ruling Elite came to an agreement.

In their wisdom and deep concern for the nation’s financial future, they decided to raise our debt ceiling $2.4T in exchange for $2T in cuts over 10 years.  This increase in the borrowing limit ensures the issue does not arise again for another two years, post election.  The bill represents yearly cuts of $200B in exchange for $1.2T in additional, yearly borrowing for the next two years.  What a bargain.

The American people have reacted negatively to both the circus-like debate and its disappointing result.

The stock market dived 500 points Thursday.  The Dow opened on Monday at 12,144.  It closed today at 11,383.  This is nearly a 1k point drop in four days.  The talking heads are saying a “technical correction” has occurred across the global markets.  The Washington Post is blaming fears of an imminent, full-blown recession as a cause for the market dive.

As I write this, Fox News is telling me employment and economic growth numbers look dismal.  Today we also witnessed a milestone in the history of our debt.  It is nearly 100% of our GDP.  Maybe default would have been a better option.

Polls are showing some negative responses in the political sensibilities of our fellow citizens as well.  Rasmussen reports only 14 percent of Americans feel we are on the right track.  80 percent say we are heading in the wrong direction. CNN is reporting in another poll, Congress has an 84 percent disapproval rating and the President has a 52 percent disapproval rating.

Gird your loins, friends.  Our moment has finally come.

When I was a college student attending political science and international relations classes, I was taught about the inverted J-Curve of Revolution.  Essentially, it is a simple graph showing two 45-degree lines running parallel until the lower line drops abruptly forming what looks like an upside down J.

The top line, which maintains a straight course, represents the expectations of the citizens of a given country over a period of time.  The bottom line represents actual conditions.  The point at which the reality line dips and the expectation line continues to rise is the point at which massive political change occurs.

It is not an exact science, but it is a model that can be generally applied to all of the major revolutions, violent or otherwise.  People do not enact radical change in their political realities when they are completely beaten down.  The same is true for happy, prosperous people.  People who change the world around them are disappointed people who want something better and are prepared to take it.  I believe we have arrived at the J-curve point in America.

America was knocked for a loop in 2008.  Then the Anointed One arrived and promised us Hope, Change and a Fundamental Transformation of America.  His oily charm, expert huckstering, and army of zealous followers overwhelmed the senses of a terrified nation.

Having been lulled into false nirvana by years of economic prosperity and morally weakened by a pop culture defined by extreme self loathing, nihilism and base vulgarity, the American people were in a perfect position to be manipulated in time of crisis by the worst type of charlatans.

Three years of insane spending and Marxist rhetoric later, the American People have been souring on the Chosen One.  It is difficult to maintain a facade of awesomeness when everything you touch falls apart.  It was almost pitiable to see the President begging his once-powerful army of Obamabots to harass Members of Congress during the debt ceiling debate. Almost. Mostly it was quite satisfying.

The American people are almost fully awake.  The awakening process started in 2009 with those first fledgling Tea Party groups.  Frustrated, hard working Americans who love their country and freedom and wanted to do something proactive to save both did something about it.  They stopped complaining and acted.

This movement has exploded across the nation.  People who never participated in protests or demonstrations are now hosting meetings in their homes.  Private, individualists types who never talked politics publicly are blogging to millions of their fellow citizens.

We stand on the edge of a Conservative Renewal in the United States.  To borrow form the Bible, the American people have weighed our ruling class and found them wanting.

Our goal in 2012 should not be limited to the removal of B. Hussein Obama.  It should not be limited to putting Republicans into the majority in both Houses.  We should seek nothing but complete, total and crushing victory over Authoritarianism in this country.

The first step in this process is to bring the Republican Party to heel.  If the Republicans were worth a damn, we would not have added another $1.5T to the deficit for 2010, nor would we have raised the debt ceiling $2.4T in exchange for token cuts.  The lessons of history continue to be lost on these clods.  When they tow the Conservative line, they win elections.  When they pander to leftists, they lose.  Imagine what horrors would have been inflicted upon us, if we did not have a Tea Party Caucus in Congress.

We need to withhold all money from the RNC until they straighten up.  I agree with my friend Kevin Jackson who recently called for Boehner’s removal.  I think it would be a nice start.  Taking it further, Mitt Romney should be removed from the primary process.

He implemented socialized medicine in Massachussetts.  How can we seriously be considering him as an option?

Whoever was responsible for John McCain and his campaign should also be removed, so they can go work for the Democratic Party where they belong.  John McCain himself should be barred from running for re-election.  Really, we need to purge the old-style, go along to get along RINO’s from the Republican Party before it can do anything useful.

If Conservatives are resolute, work together and leverage their influence, this can be a reality in 2012.

Once we have purged the Republican Party and put forth a slate of good candidates, we need to take control of the debate.  Since the Reagan, Carter race of 1980, there has not been a better time for talking points for Conservatives.  Every prediction of failure we have made over the past few years has come true.

The Left has made error after error resulting in tangible, easily tracked negative results.

Complaints of Kool-Aid drinkers aside, the American people, at their core, are not fooled for long.

The thinkers and writers of Conservative America have done an exemplary job shining a light in the darkness, but more is necessary.  We need more — better television, radio and billboard ads.  We need more citizen journalists who will ask candidates the tough questions and call them out in public.

Spending time and resources promoting Constitutionalism and free market philosophies will be more beneficial than dumping millions of dollars into, say, Republican primaries. A Conservative-run Republican Party with millions of aggressive grass-roots activists would have nearly limitless government reducing power.

In the America I envision in 2012, I see a Congress and a President working together to eliminate entitlements, remove entire departments of the Federal Government, enact a Balanced Budget Amendment, secure our borders and restore our reputation in the world.

I see state governments capping property taxes, eliminating public service unions and transforming themselves into “right to work” economic powerhouses.

The American People are ready to learn how to be free again.  We need to lead the way and bulldoze through any opposition.  I welcome the slurs of the left.  Let them call us “muggers” or “terrorists”.  Remember, they always cave to aggressors.

No compromise.  No surrender.  Total victory.


  1. Superb. The overarching plan, perfectly elucidated. Now to find the WILL….. I know mine's around here somewhere.. 🙂

  2. Politics has long been ruled by just a few elites, and they are about to get a rude awakening. I can't want to see them all fall like dominoes! Great job, Fitz!

  3. Even the "Tea Party" caved in to politicat pressures and let the ship of state go below the bow. Why is it that there are no politicians capable of doing the right thing? Hey, what about getting rid of numerous departments of the good old government…ie; Department of Education, Department of Energy, Drug Enforcement Administration, EPA,and many,many, many more?

    There are committies, bureaus, agencies, spending huge amounts for what? Our representatives retire and go to work in these places and soak the taxpayer for more money. Is the "Tea Party" going to do something about them? I think not!

    Only "WE THE PEOPLE" can get the job done, but we arfe to divided.