THE PARTY IS OVER: Democrat, That Is…

Te Party is Over Picture from Freakingnews,com
Te Party is Over Picture from Freakingnews,com

THE PARTY IS OVER: Democrat, That Is
© 2011 by Anthony James

The fur is really flying now. President Obama and his Democrat handlers, enablers and rumpswabs are scurrying about like ants on crystal meth, plopping themselves in front of every news microphone and TV camera they can find to continue to perpetuate the mindless “Tea Party downgrade” meme some Progressive propaganda genius came up with over the weekend.

It has become clear that, despite the outrageously preposterous implication that The Tea Party had anything at all to do with the Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the United States’ credit status, this is the mantra that the complicit weasels have settled upon, at least for now. Call it the “mantra du jour.” Whenever a cabal of morally bankrupt compulsive liars decides on quite so improbable a set of talking points to which to hitch their shooting star, it is only a matter of time before what is left of their rapidly dwindling mass is consumed, simply burned up in the atmosphere through which they plummet toward their inevitable doom.

A shrewd long-distance runner knows that it is best to pace oneself, trading a somewhat more deliberate gait for the confident assurance of greater longevity, and ultimately, the chance of a victory in the end. The propagandists in this charade, however, are in a fulltilt sprint. They are gasping for air as their sides heave with the exertion of the uphill path they have chosen, a path whereby they are attempting to convince us that we are somehow at fault here, not them. Wow.

Even as these ill advised mouthpieces spin their fantastic webs, the more sane among us reflect, albeit briefly, with a modicum of sobriety upon what it is they lay before us. The old saw goes that, if you repeat a lie enough times, it will become the truth. This ploy can work, and in fact it has many times throughout the history of disingenuous political discourse. It is especially effective when the lie is couched in, and inextricably interwoven with, easily recognizable bits of truth. The major hurdle for this current pack of dissemblers lies not in the keen discernment of their listening audience, but rather in the remarkable technology of the day.

It is true that the contributing factors in our current financial crisis began their long journey of destructive financial practices many years ago, during which time they have been prodded along by players from both sides of the aisle. In the world of Democrat and Republican Beltway denizens there are truly very few clean hands to be found. None of which, however, can or will explain away what I am about to show you.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” Never did those words ring truer than they are about to.

Those within the Democrat party whose most sincere wish would involve laying at the doorstep of George W. Bush, and more recently, The Tea Party, the responsibility for our impending financial implosion as well as the Credit Rating Downgrade really do not want you to see proof of the fact that the housing crisis which began all this financial turmoil was actually created, coddled, nurtured, and eventually jammed down the throats of the Republicans and the American public by the Democrats, and more specifically by Barack Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus. It perhaps has not eluded your detection that throughout this political/financial tête-à-tête there have been frequent references to The Tea Party’s alleged “racist” proclivities. This most vile strawman is not arrived upon by any mere coincidence.

While I did do a thorough job of dismantling and destroying once and for all that entire line of spurious racial ejecta in my recent article entitled “Where, Oh Deceiver, Is Thy Sting?: The Tea Party And Racism,” the necessity for this particular theme of disingenuous innuendo was never made clear. It actually found its roots in the launching of The Housing Crisis which was the birthplace of the financial ills which now plague the entire planet. Indeed, the “true birthplace” of, at long last, the Standard & Poors credit downgrade.

If it please the court, I offer the following as, “Exhibit A:”

Did you happen to pick up on any recognizable themes, anything we’ve been discussing here that rang a bell? When the Republicans said that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needed increased scrutiny and more strict regulation, the response from the Democrats was, “That’s racist!” When the GOP committee members wanted to investigate Franklin Raines and his complicity in the entire housing charade, the chant from the Left was, “That’s racist!!” And now, after all these years, with the chickens hatched so long ago now coming home to roost as our current budget meltdown, what is it that we are being asked to believe about The Tea Party?

Why, that we’re all racist, of course. But we’re also so much more. We’re hostage takers. We’re terrorists. I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow and find the headlines informing a stunned world that The Tea Party are cannibals. While we’re just kidding around, just for giggles, take a look at this. Call it “Exhibit B:”

Remarkable, isn’t it? The technology, I mean. That all of these people all those years ago got together and shared these great ideas for a future in which they would “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” and here we are in August of 2011 watching them in all their resplendent glory. They must be so proud. I know I am.

As you view either one of these YouTube videos, which I cached just in case they mysteriously disappeared, you’ll note that there are dozens of other videos cached by viewers just as impressed as I was when I first saw them. The truth of this Democrat-engineered disaster is laid out in Technicolor. So when you hear John Kerry or David Axelrod or any of the other lying progressive Obama mouthpieces trying to lay at the doorstep of either President Bush or The Tea Party the balme for our current miasma, just remember upon whose doorstep the responsibility for this carefully crafted deception lies. Did you notice that John Kerry was among those with their hands out to Fanny and Freddy? The same John Kerry who now insists that the media “have a responsibility” to “ignore” the liars in The Tea Party. The same Johnny “Ketchup Boy” Kerry who swears that it is The Tea Party (and not the Democrat Party…!) who brought about the international shame of America’s slumping credit.

In November of 2012 we will have another opportunity to continue putting aright this manufactured financial meltdown. Another opportunity to hand to these richly deserving co-conspirators their soon-to-be-unemployed due. Most important is that between now and then we are neither discouraged nor dissuaded nor dis-informed about who it is that we cannot trust.

The Democrats have had their day in the sun, and my how they did make hay while the sun shone, despicable and shameful though it was. And now, at long last, for the Democrats… the party is over.