The Liberal Exploitation of the LGBTQ Community


Contemporary culture is directly related to the attitudes and actions of the younger generation. Everyday, through television, social media, and the radio, they are pounded with messages targeted specifically to their daily and social lives. Unfortunately, these are not merely harmless subliminal messages about what life is lacking because they are intertwined with politics and ideology—and more specifically, the agenda of the Left, which dominates Hollywood. The liberal exploitation of the LGBTQ community is a case in point.

The word “homosexual” is generally associated with having sex, and you can thank the liberal media for that. Granted, the hypersexualization of culture is somewhat important for exposing people “in the closet” and giving homosexuals an opportunity to increase their chances of finding a suitable partner when their numbers are, let’s face it, significantly smaller than the larger heterosexual population. Unfortunately, the Left has taken this well-intentioned campaign to a destructive level—degenerating any relationship to sexual relations, encouraging promiscuity and a lack of morality, and fear-mongering young people into thinking there is a stigma in homosexual relationships beyond a sexually-attractive age.

For evidence of all these points, look no further than the popular gay-themed television series, Queer as Folk (USA). The storyline centers on a group of gay friends who have sexual adventures at the gay nightclub, “Babylon”. The main character, Brian, is the all-around playboy who has sex with as many men as possible, before feeling that he is undesirable and incapable of finding a romantic partner beyond the age of 30. While QAF attempts to show that Brian’s concerns are fruitless, and he should enjoy life regardless of his doubts, the series nevertheless stresses that homosexual relationships are centered around sexual attractiveness. Another Gay Movie 1 and 2, which features young and handsome gay men attempting to lose their virginity, also went to great lengths emphasizing that sex is integral to any homosexual relationship, rather than values. Even with genuine romance, all relationships were sex-related to some degree.

How is the liberal media “equalizing” homosexuals by portraying them as sexual deviants, rather than individuals with the same values as any heterosexual? In QAF, sexual promiscuity was encouraged even when Brian fell prey to STDs and testicular cancer, since the condemnation ultimately fell not on his actions but his excesses. Way to encourage destructive behavior and pin it up as a “lifestyle”, because that’s not going to ruin anyone’s life or anything, right? Of course not, don’t be ridiculous.

But wait, that’s not all! There is more to gay-themed movies and television programs than the overemphasis on having sex and embracing the Left’s destructive vision of “sexual freedom”: even more strongly is the underhanded attacks on social conservatives, painting them and their values as immoral, stupid, and evil. Consider the movie “Latter Days”, where a young Mormon missionary falls in love with a flamboyantly gay and promiscuous Californian. In an attempt to “convert” the Mormon missionary, the playboy Christian (aptly named as a hit below the belt) ends up exposing Aaron as a homosexual, which then leads to violent and cold scenes where Aaron ‘s family turns on him, hits him, deserts him, and finally sends him to a reeducation facility. Once Aaron escapes from the detention center, the movie ends with him embracing his new “family”: a handful of friends and Christian, all of whom work at a restaurant. The backlash to the moral value of the nuclear family is pretty obvious, even after the film shows Aaron’s mother finding some resolve to support her son’s sexuality. Overall, the religion itself is demeaned, and all of its values are either deconstructed, attached to any worldview other than its originating religion, or dismissed on the grounds of injustice.

Other gay-themed films have been even more obvious in their bias against Christianity. In Another Gay Sequel, Perez Hilton turns to a visibly angry, scowling priest on an airplane, gesturing to his flamboyantly homosexual friends, and says, with mock innocence, “Forgive us, Father, we are gay.”

Simply by virtue of being Christian, social conservatives are portrayed as militantly opposed to individuals, rather than principles. The Left conveniently fails to address the fact that homosexuality is discouraged in the Bible not as a personal condemnation but as a literal condemnation of the immorality in the impediment of creating life. Life itself is valued at every level, whether it’s in the act of creating it (sex), when it has already been created (suicide/murder), or when it is developing (abortion). Just as homosexuals are said to be condemned to hell in the Bible, so are those who commit suicide, because in destroying their own life, they essentially commit a crime as immoral as taking another person’s life. There is rarely any discussion about these philosophical and moral ideas on the sacredness of life, because the Left has taken pains to instead villify the religious roots of its political opposition.

In fact, the Left has gone so far to castigate and demean the powerhouse of the Right’s political stronghold that it has complained about using the word “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, claimed that Christmas displays are “offensive”, and has done everything in its power to malign the Catholic leadership as closet pedophiles. So let’s not pretend that there is no unwarranted smear campaign against social conservatives by the Leftist media.

While the culture nurtured by the Left encourages immoral and irresponsible “sexual liberation”, it simultaneously charges that they have the moral high ground by demanding “equality” in marriage. The contradiction between these two statements implies that their demagoguery has little to do with morality or equal rights, but rather with maligning Christianity, and specifically social conservatives. As a matter of freedom, homosexual “marriage” should be addressed and given a shot at the state level, rightfully, but arguments against gutting that religious institution should not be dismissed as illegitimate. The Left has done its best to paint any reasonable arguments against homosexual marriage as a personal attack on individuals, when it is actually about religious institutions and law.

Who is the real public enemy No.1 of the LGBTQ community? The Christians who hold themselves to values of morality that, for the most part, stay out of other people’s lives, or the Leftist media that exploits the emotions of a minority to wage a vitriolic culture war against social conservatives? Religious freedom is being attacked and the LGBTQ community is being manipulated into enabling it. Ultimately, this community is the only force that can look to the concerns of its members and liberate them from the destructiveness of liberalism. It’s their freedom at stake, and hopefully they will know when to fight for its preservation.

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Ms. Mary-Alice Perdichizzi is the former national administrator of Tea Party Students and the co-founder/former President of the Brandeis Tea Party Chapter, the first student Tea Party organization in Massachusetts, and an ongoing contributing author to the Tea Party Tribune. She works actively with Young America's Foundation and local, state, and national Tea Party/conservative networks to advance conservatism. She was also the former national spokesman for Youth for Israel, a title that she voluntarily accepted as her Tea Party group is pro-Israel, combating radical Islam and its attack on both America and Israel through educational films, speakers, and discussions.


  1. I didn't get into the legal argument against homosexual marriage, which is based upon reasoning for legislating morality and what that means for stable homes. That is the legal aspect of the debate that the Left has also infiltrated to not only manipulate the original wording of the Constitution, but also to grant special rights as "equal" rights. I figured I would instead focus on the Left's specific use of media to malign any and all arguments against homosexual conduct. Although, Justice Antonin Scalia brings up a point that certainly connects the Left's war against the Constitution with its usage of the media: "This Court has no business imposing upon all Americans the resolution favored by the elite class from which the Members of this institution are selected, pronouncing that "animosity" towards homosexuality…is evil." There is certainly more than one agenda behind the Left's attacks on social conservatives, the Constitution, and its replacement of God for some abstract moral high-ground–but I'll look into that for another article!

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    M-A : )

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