Aug 26, 2016
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What Really Makes Sarah Special

What Really Makes Sarah Special
© by Anthony James

Much has been said and much has been written about the remarkable and at times seemingly inhuman levels of accomplishment achieved by Sarah Palin in her brief tenure as governor of Alaska. How she succeeded in so many different endeavors where her predecessors had failed. How she not only did what needed doing, but also went after the criminally complicit scoundrels in her state and fitted them all for jumpsuits. How she did all of that in a little over two years during which she also ran for vice president and had a baby.

Love her or loathe her, there is no arguing how uniquely remarkable is that story alone. As improbable and worth telling as is all of that, that is just not what makes her most special.

To get to the heart of what really makes this amazing woman a “one-of-a-kind,” “after-her-they-broke-the-mold” standout, you have to really understand why she got involved in things political to begin with. Raised with a strong sense of duty, an enviable sense of right and wrong, and a moral compass that always points true North, Sarah saw that there were things that badly needed doing which nobody else was bothering or daring to attempt.

Completely unlike any of the lifelong “suck at the public trough” fixtures who roam the halls of our political institutions with a horribly misplaced sense of entitlement, Palin understands intrinsically that our Founding Fathers never intended that We The People should end up as servants, or worse still, ATM machines, for an elected class of our “betters…,” for a cynically conceited and concentrated cabal of “rulers.”

Sarah knows without being told that this constitutional Republic, the elegant genius of which has resulted in our blazing like a beacon of freedom, prosperity, and hope to the entire world for centuries, simply cannot survive an entrenched elitist elected class of permanent professionally self-prepetuating politisaurs.

While even these truths about Sarah Palin mark her as distinct and different from the vast majority of our Beltway denizens, we are still only discussing facets of what she knows, bits of her personal knowledge which she undoubtedly possesses, but which are not what make her so uniquely, so wonderfully different. What sets Sarah Palin so far apart from the herd of pols is also what set George Washington apart. It’s what set Moses apart.

None of these people wanted to lead. It was not a driving ambition or lifelong goal of any of these historically special individuals to eventually take up the reins that they did. They did it because they knew that if they didn’t, what was needed either would not get done, or would probably get done wrong. Not only is this truth about all three of these historically remarkable individuals a precept they have in common, it is quite likely also what set apart and made so amazingly special what it was that they eventually accomplished.

Sarah Palin does not want to spend her professional career in a suit, surrounded by handlers, set upon by a sea of microphones every time she steps outside her door. She would be extremely happy to spend the rest of her life raising her children, loving her grandchildren, hunting caribou and fishing for salmon in the great wild North. Most assuredly, her consuming goal is not to subject her family to the scrutiny, abuse, and degenerate vileness that we all know will ensue should she announced her candidacy for president. She simply knows in her heart that there is a job that very badly needs doing, which America can no longer survive seeing done so very badly.

She knows that hers is a skill set, and a base of experience which makes her uniquely qualified to seize the reins of this nation at precisely this point in time; as the stakes are just this high, as the consequences are quite this dire, and as the specific needs expressed by the very problems that we face seem so perfectly tailored to exactly her strengths and work-habits.

What really makes Sarah Palin so very special is that she really doesn’t want to go to Washington DC for the next four years to set about the Herculean feat of undoing the savage damage which the current administration will leave in its rancid wake. It’s just that she, like so many of us, understands that either she will do it or the very great chance exists that it will not get done. At the very least, it will not be done as well or as quickly as she would do it, and time is very much of the essence here..

While it is not likely, I sincerely hope that Sarah Palin reads this. Even though I do not know her personally, I’m sure I know her a lot better than I have any right to. Like the rest of America, I have watched for three years as she and her lovely God-fearing family have been dragged through a crucible which would have reduced to ashes any other group of people I have known in my life. Yet there they stand, smiling, loving each other, and loving America with all of their hearts.

If you’re reading this Sarah, please run. You’ll be so busy that four years will fly by in the blink of an eye. Your family will be the richer and the stronger for the experience, as will your country; a country which turns to you in this, its hour of greatest need. And while those four or eight years will indeed fly by, it is all of time, and the indelible history of the greatest nation on Earth which will forever embrace what it is that you will have done, who you are as a person, and what it really is that makes you so very special.


Anthony James

Staunch Constitutional conservative, Baptist, warrior for the rollback of decades of unconstitutional usurpations by the White House, both houses of Congress, and the U. S. Supreme Court. Will do everything in my power to see Sarah Heath Palin elected President in 2012, as I believe that is the last, best chance for America's resuscitation as a truly great, sovereign and free nation. I believe that the world, absent America as a beacon of liberty and justice, will descend into Apocalyptic darkness. If that is to happen on my watch, it will not be without my doing everything humanly possible to avert it within all lawful constraints.
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  1. Steven Snell

    Aug 10, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Now this is journalism! Objective, unbiased reportage at its finest.

  2. fff

    Aug 10, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    She is a very successful quitter, That's for sure. Like when she quit the only government position she ever held before finishing her term.

  3. Bill589

    Aug 11, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Obama wishes Sarah Palin quit.
    Since she was forced to side step the attacks and reload,
    Among other things, she:
    Jump-started the weakening of Obamacare. (Death Panels)
    Gets Obama wee-wee’d up.
    Rallied and strengthened the TPMovement.
    Gave us quick and correct decisions on issues.
    Gave us TPM-Republicans in the House and Senate.
    Saved the GOP from nominating someone for 2012 who couldn’t even beat McCain last time.
    And most important in my and some other cases anyway – she helped us have hope.

    2012 can’t come soon enough. Game on.

  4. Bill589

    Aug 11, 2011 at 12:12 am

    My own belief is that when she stood in Wisconsin,
    on the front line of a major national battle, defying a snowstorm,
    defying the hateful, loud, rent-a-mob that surrounded her,
    defying the GOP elite, the Dem elite, and their media –
    she boldly proclaimed her commonsense conservative truths,
    often with a smile – sure of ultimate victory of the cause. . . .

    Anyway, she yelled something like, ‘Mr. President – Game On!’

    To me, that was her battle cry. That was when she declared war, and started working her plan. I think she is working her plan to this day, and I even think things are going quite well.

    Who would have thought that, especially in New Hampshire, a Sarah clambake would beat out the “frontrunner’s” presidential announcement?

  5. GHJJ

    Aug 11, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    Sarah Palin and Ron Paul supporters are unique sets in the Tea Party movement. They hold strong opinions and dote on their choice of leaders. I see nothing wrong with this. It is equivalent to an Ayn Rand phenomenon…like a duckling hatching, their eyes were opened by the power of the messaging and they for the first time felt within a sense of comfort and a respite from the homelessness that our secular society promotes. However, we must recognize that this impulse of the duckling to follow as their guide the first thing they see upon hatching is equally strong on the left for the youth who scramble after Obama, but for a completely different reason. The reason the left follows Obama is because they too awoke to the homelessness of a market and environment which does not reward merit and sought to lash out and punish their offenders. They couldn't identify one until the demagogue led them to the blue waters of "punish the wealthy" class warfare. They had a target for their unnameable animosity, and they pulled the lever for the D on Nov. 2, 2008.

    The powerful response of an awakening is a human phenomenon. Palin and Paul fans would do well to learn this and expand their knowledge base as the message of Palin and Paul compels.

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