Wisconsin Recall Elections, Victory For America


The Democrats failed to take control of the Wisconsin State Senate in the recall elections.  Out of the 6 Republicans that were up for recall, the Democrats only beat 2.  They needed to win at least 3 to have majority control.


This came as a shock to many on the left.  One of the big stories prior to the elections was about the record-breaking amounts of money being spent on campaigning for the Democrats.  TV advertisements, bumper stickers, billboards, and even t-shirts set out to demonize the Republican senators and Gov. Scott Walker.


One thing that this shows, is that the outrage that was being projected was not how the majority felt.  The left was so sure that they would take control of the Senate.  The problem is, you can make it look like the majority of the people opposed the Republicans, but you can’t play that media hype inside the voting booth.  Wisconsin residents came out on August 9th and showed that they won’t be fooled by smear campaigns and lies.  This will be a huge problem for Democrats in 2012.


The recall of Scott Walker seems less likely now that the Republicans maintain control of the state.  The budget cuts put in place will remain, and much to the dismay of Democrats, their benefits will begin to show.  This is going to show that the strategy of making significant budget cuts is more effective than a tax hike, or simply raising the debt ceiling.


This will show that the stance Tea Party members of Congress took during the debt debate was the right way to go.  The Wisconsin victory in the recall elections was a victory for America.  It will allow Scott Walker’s budget to show that a runaway debt can be handled, and that the Democrats way of spending to get out of debt simply will not work.


  1. This was not demonstrative of how the majority of Wisconsinites felt. It was demonstrative of how the majority of four long-held Republican districts felt. After just eight months of Walker rule two long-held Republican districts saw enough of these policies to replace the Republican incumbents with Democrats. Not really a victory for America.