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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion!” On July 15th 2011, Secretary Clinton was in Turkey meeting with the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Among the subjects discussed, both sides talked about a resolution to prohibit “defamation of religions.”

The OIC is an organization that is just as large as the United Nations and has memberships of fifty seven states that is spread over four continents. This organization claims to be the voice for the Muslim world, by ensuring the safety and to protect the Muslim world. During that very same meeting, Secretary Clinton agreed to a religious tolerance agreement, an agreement that respects free expression of religious beliefs to resolve other debates about religions between the Islamic world and the west.

Secretary Clinton plans on helping OIC implement resolution No. 16/18. No. 16/18 is a resolution fighting against defamation of all religions or so it claims, and preventing stereotyping religions as well as their followers. This resolution calls on all states to protect freedom of religion of offensive expression through public debate, along with education and prohibit hate crimes, discrimination and profiling. All countries will hold themselves accountable to join and do report to the U.N.’s Human Rights Council.

Just after President Obama was elected as the United States President, the OIC congratulated him and told him that the Muslim world celebrated his win. Today in 2011, President Obama appointed Azizah al-Hibri to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Azizah al-Hibri is a Muslim professor. She claims that Sharia Law is just as superior to our American Law.

What is going to happen to Christians around the world if 16/18 becomes a reality? Our administration is backing up the OIC. Sharia Law is starting to become much bigger in this country. President Obama praised the Arabic Spring and is not threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood. Our President praises Muslims and their way of life! Would our President allow Sharia Law into our country? All we can do is pray!


  1. Where are your sources? I couldn't find a single thing on Azizah Y. al-Hibri that indicated she would view or state that Sharia law is, as you say, "just as superior" to American Law. If you understood what Sharia law was, the two would be incomparable. This woman that you assume is going to wreck havoc on America's religious freedoms is a law professor. She teaches corporate law. She also has traveled around the world giving lectures on Muslim woman's rights. I got my information from her public biography on http://law.richmond.edu/people/faculty/aalhibri/ her university's website.
    Despite what you'd like, Christianity is not the only religion in the world. Being intolerant of other religions may seem benign when you're writing articles, but that seed of intolerance turns into hate for a lot of people. If God is love, and Christians are to reflect God, then why do Christians hate everyone that don't believe or think what they do?

    • Confused,
      You are named correctly,
      Your are correct in that Christianity is not the only religion, there are many religions, but
      all except Christianity is the work of the Devil. Christianity alone presents everything that
      God wants us to know and no more than He wants us to know. and it alone has the
      way of salvation. Christians that understand God's will and are obedient to that will
      DO NOT hate people that believe in a different religion, but we do hate that religion, and
      we pray that the followers of said religion have the veil removed from their eyes and
      come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Now you no doubt will say that Christians
      are divisive, and you are correct. Jesus did not come to bring peace but to bring division.
      That is, He came to divide falsehood from error, and He expects us to expose the error
      to the light of truth. Falsehood is darkness and darkness cannot stand when subjected to
      the light, or truth.
      I want you to know that I admire you for evidently being truthful and saying what you believe
      in. But I pray for you that your confusion give way to understanding God's truth. God's Word
      is truth and it is what can and will set you free, if you accept it. Can you, will you say, "God,
      I want to know the truth"? You must truly mean it, you can not be thinking, "I don't believe it,
      I'm going to prove that isn't true, because I know it won't happen". God knows if you are
      sincere or not, and if you are, He will give you the truth. I don't know how He will go about
      that with you or when, but it will happen.

  2. There is nothing wrong with praying about the issue, but praying IS NOT all we can do.
    We can and must demand that 0 buma be indicted for treason against America and
    the Constitution. And we can't make agreements with liars who subscribe to the Koran.
    They will agree to things that they know they will not honor when it is to their advantage
    to break their promise.
    Sharia Law IS NOT superior to or even equal to our Constitution which was based on
    Divine principles. Sharia law does not grant freedoms to the citizens. It is the result of
    honoring a false prophet and worshiping a false idol (the occult moon god from Mecca).