Compromising with Failure


By Mr. Curmudgeon

Following President Obama’s lead, the media is dismayed by what appears to be the death of bipartisanship.

“The loudest voices reaching lawmakers are the most partisan, a dynamic that many say accounts for the rise of the Tea Party, whose adamant opposition to tax hikes is cited as the main stumbling block to political compromise in Washington,” reports the New York Times.

J. Walker Smith, a market analyst, told the Times, “In decades past … consumers were forced to make trade-offs, buying goods that were not tailored specifically to their needs. Today, people can buy all sorts of products – from Converse sneakers to Dell computers – designed exactly as they want them. If Americans don’t want to compromise in buying sneakers … why would they make trade-offs in politics?”

Smith gets near but falls short of the truth. Tea Party America is saying, “The status quo – from unsustainable entitlement spending to Federal Reserve actions – is damaged goods. We in the Tea Party can’t compromise with a broken Progressive system that engineered the worse economic collapse since the Great Depression and then kicked us in the teeth with a totalitarian, government-run health care monstrosity. Compromise is unacceptable because it is nothing short of suicide.”

Times columnist Thomas Friedman gives his explanation for bipartisanship’s demise, saying the “globalization/I.T. revolution is also ‘super-empowering’ individuals, enabling them to challenge hierarchies and traditional authority figures — from business to science to government. It is also enabling the creation of powerful minorities and making governing harder and minority rule easier than ever. See dictionary for: ‘Tea Party.’”

The Tea Party may be a minority within the GOP House majority, but it’s views get traction because past GOP compromisers helped Progressives explode the size of government and its debt, which led to the nation’s first credit downgrade.

It’s difficult to continue with a failed system built on “compromise” when the compromisers are all so utterly discredited.


  1. I keep hearing what a terrible thing it is to live up the Social Security and Medicare promise the government made, because we can't afford it. What a crock! Everyone quickly jumped on the Obamacare monstrosity which is totally unaffordable!
    If we stopped wasting money on the following examples, we would have the money and more:
    – starting wars all over the world
    – eliminate hundreds of useless government bureaus
    – eliminate the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
    – eliminate the Department of Education
    – eliminate hundreds of useless government commissions
    – eliminate most of the House of Representatives (make it 2 per state)
    – eliminate to many, many, many, more to list here.
    Why is it that no one ever speaks about reducing and eliminating useless expenses, just like We the People must do to survive?

    Let’s start with Congress!