Why Islam is NOT Protected Under the US Constitution!



Contrary to conventional stupidity, Islam is NOT protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Is there anyone left in the three branches of government today that can interpret our most sacred document (the Declaration of Independence not withstanding) correctly?

Like in Christendom, where the exegesis and hermeneutics of certain passages of scripture are often skewed to conform to a particular ideology, agenda, or belief system, so too has the clear and concise language of the Constitution and the 27 Amendments progressively undergone exegetical attacks over the decades—depending on which party is in power—to conform to a particular political ideology.

But this is one hermeneutical battle America can ill afford to lose. Our founding principles, i.e. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness hang in the balance. In short—our country’s very survival depends on it.

America faces a grave threat from Islam. Muslims are infiltrating our country in droves and they’re doing it under the guise of “Constitutional Protection.” And like England, if we don’t stand our ground now, it will be too late. Muslims are cunning, crafty and clever. They’re using our ignorance of the understanding of our own Constitution against us, and they are clandestinely and methodically spreading their freedom-snatching tentacles in a quiet and unassuming manner.

Federal, state, and local governments on the other hand won’t acknowledge the imminent threat. They incorrectly claim that Muslims have “Constitutional Rights” to come here, proselytize people, build mosques, and implement Shariah Law in their communities and in the public square. They’re dead wrong! And by and large, Islam is getting away with it just like they have in Europe. Only unlike in Europe and Great Britain in particular, where many local non-Muslim citizens now live in perpetual fear and oppression, it’s not too late to stem the tide, but we have to act now. Time is not on our side. In fact, this may come as a shock, but there are more mosques being built on American soil than Christian churches. We are already well under way to being Islamized.

To understand Islam is to understand Sharia. The religion of Islam is nothing short of a totalitarian political, economic, military, social and legal system that’s camouflaged in religious garb. Their mandate (not objective) is to incorporate our country into a global Islamic caliphate.

Sadly, they are making serious inroads towards their tyrannical mandate because America is asleep at the wheel. We are all that stands between freedom and a worldwide Islamic caliphate. The United States of America is the world’s last bastion of hope.

Yet, the dreadful message we get from ignorant and incompetent lawmakers is that our Constitution renders us powerless to do anything about it. On the contrary, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence—properly interpreted—actually give our federal, state and local governments justification and authority to stop Islam dead in its tracks!

Here’s How . . .

Islam is NOT a religion. Islam—which stands for “submission” or “surrender”—is a totalitarian form of government that seeks COMPLETE DOMINANCE. It is hellbent on controlling every aspect of the lives of its adherents—a primitive life at that. It masquerades as a monotheistic religion rooted in Old Testament principles, but more appropriately follows the murderous thuggery of it’s founder, Muhammad, a descendent of Ishmael, born 600 years after Christ. Only their modern day tactics now include recruiting mentally ill teenagers and naive and gullible idiots who falsely believe they will be rewarded with 75 virgins if they become suicide bombers. And Western countries indoctrinated with the lies of multiculturalism and political correctness—to their demise—have reluctantly turned a blind eye. But like Communism, Marxism and Socialism, the Constitution of the United States of America empowers us to defeat it.

As lawyer, philosopher and Constitutional constructionist, Publius Huldah, succinctly points out in her paper, “God’s Gift of Unalienable Rights & Article VI of the Constitution: The Sword & Shield to Stop the Islamization of America, “We must understand Our Founding Principles – these are our Sword & Shield – that (1) Rights come from God alone, (2) Muslims do not have the right to divest us of our Rights, and (3) the purpose of civil government is to secure the Rights God gave us.”

What are our Rights, and where do they come from? The Constitution? The Bill of Rights? No! The Declaration of Independence says:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. —that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men . . .”

So, where do our Rights come from? God. And what are those Rights? Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Inscribed on the Liberty Bell is Leviticus 25:10 – “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

Do Muslims respect the Rights God gave us? Of course not! Sharia stands in stark contrast to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Here’s why . . .

1.  Life: Islam is a culture of oppression and death, e.g., primitive and oppressive regulations for women, murder and honor killings. The Koran instructs its adherents under no uncertain terms to torture and kill non-believers as set out in Sura 4:56, 4:89, and 9:5 for example.

2.  Liberty: Islam is a culture of slavery and submission. Women are forced to cover their faces and frequently raped with no recourse. Children are often molested, and defection and conversion to another belief system often ends in brutal death.

3. Pursuit of Happiness: Does living in fear for a lot of Muslim women sound like the pursuit of happiness? Or being told when to pray, how to pray, and how many times to pray per day? For many Muslims, Islam is a culture of torture and sadism. How many times have we already heard of young Muslim girls in America who, after dating non-Muslim boys, were shot to death or run over by their father for allegedly bringing shame to their family? Public wife beating is commonplace. Women who don’t cover their hair are beaten on the spot. They’re often gang raped (needing multiple witnesses to testify against their male aggressors), mutilated, and left with maimed faces.

4.  Freedom of Speech: Try criticizing Islam in Saudi Arabia—one of our Arab allies. See how swiftly justice is met with your head as the ornament of of an Opec member’s Mercedes.

For every Right God gave us—not the Constitution or its Amendments—the Muslims seek to eradicate.

Lawmakers tell us Muslims have a First Amendment “Right” to build mosques, proselytize, and implement Sharia here. But that’s not what the First Amendment says.

It says . . .

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Now consider the verbiage very carefully. A lot of lawmakers and most Americans make the exegetical error that the First Amendment grants us rights. The First Amendment doesn’t grant any rights to anybody. All it does is prohibit Congress from making laws about religion, speech, the press, or assembly.

Therefore, Muslims do not have a First Amendment “Right” to build mosques, proselytize, and implement Sharia in our country.

As Publius Huldah correctly points out, “Not only do Muslims claim the “right” to impose Shariah in the Muslim communities springing up throughout our Country, they also claim the “right” to impose Sharia law in the public square: They demand Sharia compliant financial institutions, foot baths in public places, that wine, sausages, and the like be banned from their presence, that they be allowed to shut down public streets for “prayers”, etc.”

So it begs the question: Do Americans have any Constitutional protection against the invasion of a foreign law being foisted upon us? Absolutely!

Article VI, Clause 2 of our Constitution states . . .

“This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the Supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.”

Did you get that? Our Constitution and Laws are authorized by the Supreme Law of this Land.

The practice of Sharia in the United States, at any level directly violates our Constitution. Muslims who therefore seek to overthrow our Constitution or otherwise usurp or circumvent it with Sharia law are guilty of Criminal Sedition. The federal government has the duty to prosecute them for sedition, or otherwise repatriate or deport them.

However, as evidenced in a ruling by a New Jersey judge last year  which was later overturned by the New Jersey Appellate Court, and more recently a Tampa judge thanks to the growing influence of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations)—a pro-Sharia lobbyist—the very opposite is happening.

In November, 2010, an overwhelming majority of Oklahomans voted to amend their State Constitution to ban Sharia law and international law from the state’s courtrooms. But a federal judge overturned the will of the people within weeks, claiming that such an exclusion of Sharia law interfered with the religious liberties of Muslims. Now, legislators in Wyoming, Missouri, Alabama, Florida and Texas are considering adopting a similar Constitutional Amendment to that of Oklahoma’s.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act! for America, an advocacy group established “to promote America’s national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam,” emphasizes that voters must establish that the U.S. Constitution is the controlling law of the land. “We are trying to warn Americans to look at what’s happening in Europe. If Europe is any preview, we need to make sure we put up the barriers right now,” she stresses.

The Declaration of Independence says the purpose of civil government is to secure the Rights God gave us. Islam seeks to take away our God-given Rights. Civil government is supposed to protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic, who seek to divest us of our Rights. Therefore it’s incumbent on every American citizen to insist that our federal, state, and local governments immediately STOP the Islamization of OUR COUNTRY—starting with an immediate cease and desist on the construction of all mosques! The purpose of our civil government is to protect our GOD-given Rights, not circumvent them in favor of an Islamic caliphate.

Contrary to revisionist historians and secular progressive’s claims, the United States of America was founded on Christian principles. Jesus Christ is recognized not only as the Supreme Being of The Declaration of Independence, but also as the God of Article VII of our Constitution. . .

“Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven . . . “

In Summary:

1. Our Rights come from God. They predate and preexist the Constitution. Our Constitution doesn’t give “Rights” to anybody. So Muslims don’t have “Constitutional Rights” to come to our Christian established country and build mosques, proselytize, and impose Shariah.

2.  Islam and Sharia seeks to take away from people the rights God gave them. Since our Declaration of Independence acknowledges that the purpose of civil governments is to secure our God-given Rights, it is the duty and responsibility of civil governments at all levels to protect us from Islamization.

3.  Article VI, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution—the “Supremacy Clause”—is the silver bullet that makes it unconstitutional for Muslims to practice Sharia Law anywhere in our Country.

To speak against First Amendment protection of an Islamic theocracy that is antithetical to the underlying principles of the US Constitution—Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—does not make one a prejudiced bigot or racist. Most Muslims, like Christians, are moderate law abiding citizens. However, the percentage who follow the literal commands of the Koran (the militant and radical muslims) and because of the 2 to 1 worldwide population growth of Muslims, the jihadist terrorists are multiplying at an alarming rate.

Let me be perfectly clear. Traditional Islam is not a friend of America. It is our enemy. The very notion of “Chrislam”—a syncretistic fusion of Christianity and Islam—being promoted by such notable Christian celebrities as Rick Warren, author of the best selling book, The Purpose Driven Life, is an abomination. It’s anti-American, and antithetical to the Christian principles upon which our great nation was founded. It is imperative that you understand the inherent danger of multiculturalism, and the amalgamation of polarizing religions. It eventually leads to civil unrest and anarchy.

Most, but not all of our State Senators and Congressmen are completely oblivious to the imminent threat that Islam and Sharia pose to the sovereignty of our nation. It’s imperative that they get informed very quickly and embrace the fight to stop the spread of mosques and Sharia at the local level. The Center for Security Policy issued a report last year entitled: “Shariah: The Threat to America”. Demand that your local and state reps read it and take immediate action to defend your community from Islamization. A few proactive notables who do recognize it are representatives Rex Duncan, Don Wells, and Larry Metz of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Florida, respectively.

If you’re wondering what life will be like when your community is saturated with Sharia Muslims, listen to my radio show of March 21st with Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL (English Defence League) in England. Since that time, he was nearly murdered and has multiple death threats against him, his wife and children for having the guts to exercise his God-given unalienable Rights.

Europe, in the interest of multiculturalism and political correctness, made a grave error. And now they are hopeless to reverse it, especially in England, without a civil and very bloody religious war. An entire country, even with it’s parliamentary government in tact, is now at the mercy of Muhammad and his warriors of death or submission.

Recently exonerated Dutch Member of Parliament, Geert Wilders, listed ten steps Western countries must take to stop the Islamization of their countries.

Perhaps this short video clip of Florida Congressman Allen West sums up Islam and Sharia Law best.

In closing, we are at war with a very evil and cunning enemy. An enemy that seeks to destroy everything that is good about the United States of America; Everything we value; Everything we cherish, Everything our forefathers and successive generations fought and died for so that we could receive the torch of freedom and pass it on to our children and grandchildren. This is our moment. It is our time to boldly stand up for our God, our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our beloved Freedom! Let us exercise our God-given unalienable Rights and say “Yes to Freedom!” and “No to Oppression!” We owe it to our children, our grandchildren, and our grandparents.

Until next time . . . Wake Up America!

Kevin A. Lehmann

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  1. My recent series of blog posts on the subject of the "right to the peaceful practice of Islam" has been compiled into a document on Infidelsunited.com. Unfortunately, Islam is commonly assumed to be a religion. Any legislative attempt to curb it will be rejected on first amendment grounds. Our task: educate the electorate and convince them that Islam is a war cult; a continuing criminal enterprise, not a legitimate religion. That won't be easy.

    • Glad I've found this site I've been arguing with friends that Islam does not deserve 1st amendment protection all religions must assimilate to our constitutional laws …accepting them above Sharia law … But if you say you are Muslim you cannot because you would be infidel and rejected by Islam ( catch 22) sorry your not exempt just as Satanists , Druids , NAMBLA, ( I know it's a stretch but it helps prove my point ) religious practices that defy our constatitution with impunity must be rejected..!!… What amazes me is that so many liberal women and homosexuals embrace Muslims and think we that don't are racist… Can't get it through their delusional heads that they would be treated like second class citizens with no independence or possibly murdered (respectively) yet they watch President Obama get absolutely giddy praising Islam and sternly lecturing us as to what Islam is and Islam isn't …my progressive friends think it's cute…what's scary is Obama knows exactly what they is and isn't as he does his little part to bring America to her knees

      • The funny thing is homosexuals and liberals support Muslims and the Muslims do NOT support their views in fact they will kill them over those views like in Flordia.

  2. Islamic Supremacy is problematic. I appreciate the author's take on Islam and his concern over the growing Islamization of America; however, the logic of his argument is flawed at best. The rule of thumb for writing articles is this: the moment a reader reads the second or third word he is unfamiliar with, he will stop reading. Exegesis (unpacking the written word) and Hermeneutics (interpreting the scope of the meaning) are foreign concepts to most readers, so the average reader will not make it past the first few paragraphs without shaking their head and saying well, gotta roll. For those of us who are familiar with the terms, and those who make it to the comments, I'd like to say simply, this line of reasoning is completely anti-American.

    Many in the anti-jihad community have wondered why, after five years I have walked away from the front lines of the battle and shifted my focus to domestic affairs – this line of reasoning is the why. I understand it; I sympathize with it. But I do not agree with it.

    The problem is this – those of us who are fighting to stop Islamic Supremacy are working to push forward a message and to counter a propaganda and a multiculturalism that far outweighs our capacity to compete in the war of perception.

  3. To continue that stream of thought…

    The authors of the book Shariah: The Threat to America were right in many ways; however, the average man or woman on the street will not be swayed to think critically or to invest their time in defeating the enemy, but may become alarmed to the threat and begin their studies. If the reader of the book is in a position of power they may be tempted to form a coalition of like minded concerned legislators, but other than that, the result will likely be strained Liberty.

    That being said, let us start with a simple phase from above – "Muslims are cunning, crafty and clever." This phrase is bigoted. Muslims are people. It is in my opinion, as an American, wrongheaded and aimed to raise alarm – what is true is the fact that "Certain Muslim Leaders and Elite Islamists who hold to Shariah as a political and economic weapon of conquest are leading their congregations to embrace a purist interpretation of Shariah and the Koran which ensures a skewed discussion on whether or not the supremacist faith is a cult or a religion." But to say that all Muslims are conniving is bigoted, can't be proven, and is inflammatory. But to be fair, the author did offer a qualifier for the phrase, saying "They’re using our ignorance of the understanding of our own Constitution against us, and they are clandestinely and methodically spreading their tentacles in a quiet and unassuming manner." This argument of "the other" the growing monster of the "They" is, when referring to Muslims, designed to color the debate with shame and to create a sense of moral outrage in the witness. But that would of course be my exegetical and hermeneutical take.

  4. The recognition of the mandate is an important step in the evolution of the piece, and I applaud the author's realization that world domination is enjoined upon Muslims by their sacred texts and the Ulema's rigid interpretations of the Shariah; however, the notion that Muslims who practice any form of Shariah are guilty of Sedition is just flat over the top. Sure the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Sure, there should be no such thing as parallel courts and our courts should not utilize Shariah customs in the levying of their verdicts, but to say that the practice of Shariah is a deportation worthy offense is an opinion that is clanging around in the Pamela Gellar fringe of the echo chamber in the anti-jihad community. To pray towards Mecca is not sedition.

    The Gellar crowd is the reason, in my opinion, we are losing this war…and while the threat of Islamization is problematic, the concern over demographic advances and multiculturalism is misplaced.

    Islam has been advancing and thriving for 1400 years, defeating it will require more than stopping the construction of Mosques. Would you rather Muslims meet in shadowy halls of their homes in secret, cloistered away like the Christians of old Rome in the catacombs? Why not then let us feed them to the lions for sport rather than deport? Let us take to the circus of the coliseum for our remedy.

    To defeat Islam we must compete with the elite propagandists and theorists of Islam in the war of ideas. The problem is and this is a deadly serious problem — those who are fighting the battle are doing so without any pay for their efforts. No foundation, no groups are actually paying for solid script or solid research on the topic. On the other side of the equation, lobby money, drug money, criminal syndicate money, sovereign wealth fund money, dawa funds and zakat funds are all advancing the ideology of this enemy in an ever expanding panoply on the internet in modes and methods that the pro-America, pro-Liberty crowd cannot yet see or even begin to fight at this stage of their evolution. With every advance they crumble their own arguments. Just as this paper presents brilliant moments of insight, so too it knocks asunder its own foundation with its failures of ethical hermeneutics and exegesis in terms of the institution of the Hisba.

  5. And in closing…

    My opinions on this matter have been derived from years on the front line, asking for support, applying for jobs, looking for funding…and what I am certain of at this point is – the money has flown on the side of Liberty because the echo chamber is clanging the alarm bells for free and those with the readies to back a movement are waiting for a leader who can speak clearly to the threat and are constantly finding disappointment and shrill reasons to hold back their support.

    When the anti-jihad and anti-Sharia organizations from ACT! to CSP realize that they can win by incentivizing the market place of ideas and actually paying for solid research, the tide will turn in our favor… As things stand, the islamist financiers are joining with the Soros-styled left wing journolists who are being paid to undercut their efforts from within our borders. We have 10% unemployment in our country – the American people, if they earned money for their efforts at combating the threat might be able to purchase books, run books, buy gasoline, purchase ad space in magazines, organize and rent out ampitheatre townhalls, design and build a counterinfluence movement… You want to beat Islam – try capitalism on for size and incentivize the market place of ideas.

  6. The author of this post obviously knows nothing about Islam. Islam means submission. That's a Christian principle. Submission to God. Submission to one's husband. Submission to one another. Submission is a beautiful word that has been twisted in modern english to mean something it does not. It is a voluntary, loving submission.

    According to your reading of the constitution, Jews should not be aloud in America because their Law calls for the killing of adulterers, fornicators, those disobedient to their parents, and those who bear false witness. So where is the outcry against Jews? it's because not all Jews think that way anymore. Many Muslims do not believe in killing people.

    And, by the way, Saudia Arabia's laws are not Muslim laws. They are laws that Saudia Arabia has built for punishment based on the Qur'an. Just because a government does it, it does not mean an entire religion believes it.

    Why don't we focus on extremism and anti-constitutionalism instead of stereotyping an entire religion (which makes up a generous portion of this earth's population).

  7. Isn't the Old Testament the most violent book in history? If Islam is violent, Christianity is certainly violent as well you hypocrite. Look at the Crusades!

    • The Crusades fought against the Muslims, if the Crusades hadn’t fought and won, you’d be Muslim.
      Read up on the Crusades!

  8. Mr. Kevin, you are lost. May God guide you onto the straight path. Islam is a peaceful and beautiful religion. I recommend you spend at least one month sincerely trying to understand this beautiful way of life. This pure religion that is from our creator. Read how it treats orphans and the poor. More than 65 percent of Americans who accept Islam are females. Why? Because it elevates women.

    Islam does not have honor killing. Middle eastern cultures do. May God have mercy on you. May God guide you to a path that is straight. Amen.

  9. The cult of islam fails several tests answering the question,
    "What is a religion?"
    1.Belief in supernatural beings (especially gods).

    The supernatural beings of islam are called jinn. They are not the muslim god and are not prayed to. Islam
fails this test.

    2.Sacred vs. Profane objects, places, times.

    Koran is regarded as sacred as are idols in the Sufi sect, offshoot of islam. (So much for monotheism). Kaaba is sacred, but is in the same
place and has same name as the pagan shrine dedicated to polytheistic gods. Islam “sort of” meets this test.

    3.Ritual acts focused on Sacred Objects, Places, Times.

    Call to prayer, visiting Mecca, etc. are ritual acts. Islam meets this test.

    4.Moral code with supernatural origins.

    Moral code based on mohammed, not the islamic god. Islam fails this test.

    5.Characteristically religious feelings.
 Agree that muslims will possess and/or exibit “characteristically religious
feelings.” Sort of like the awe
felt when visiting Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, in Tennessee. (This probably is not a test of religion
and should not be on the list.)

    6.Prayer and other forms of communication.

    Agree that muslims pray. Other
forms of communication are definitely legalistic (i.e. – Sharia law) and
social. Islam fails this test on purely secular grounds.

    7.A world view and organization of ones life based
on the world view.

    A muslim’s “world view” is supposedly based
on the koran. Islam claims that the koran is the “unalterable” word of god. If that were so, then islam might be considered a
religion. But it is mohammed’s
word, not that of his allah, and it has been altered. In particular, the koranic claim to creation specifically
states that the sun revolves around the earth. If an all-knowing deity had dictated the contents of the
koran to mohammed, this error would not have occurred. The fact that it is there shows that
the koran is just another book of fairy tales. And as to alteration, that occurred in the 8th or
9th century long after mohammed’s lifetime. Refer to Atlantic
Monthly, January 1999 for more information. Islam fails this test miserably.

    8.A social group bound together by the above.

    Oh, boy! Islam sure meets THIS test! But a social club still is not a religion.

  10. Well I see we have quite a following of anti-American hating Muslims commenting here.Islam is a form of Government!,not a peace loving religion,go back to where you came from because we will hunt you down and chop off your heads!how's that for peace loving.You are here using Islam as a guise for religion,now you have been exposed so take your radical views back to your sandbox where they belongWAKE UP AMERICA AND TO ARMS AGAINST ISLAM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!These people are our enemy so lets treat them that way,any American converting to Islam is a traitor and should be violently thrown out of the U.S.thank you Kevin for showing me the way,have you ever shown this to any politicians that might listen?

    • The irony and ignorance of your comments made me actually laugh out loud. It’s hard to believe but there really are people as dumb as you, it’s honestly amazing… Your grammar and punctuation made it even funnier. Do you even speak English or are you just learning the language? Anyways, off to bed. I hope you’re sterile because the world could use a lot less American ISIS like yourself. Ciao (that means “goodbye” in a language called Italian)

  11. So grateful that this is a country of Laws. Written ones, with legislative review and approval. Not the best system, but the best system so far. Sharia Law? I have no actual detailed idea what this is, and could not care less. If someone wants that, they can feel free to seek it out, somewhere where it exists. Bye, now. Let's not screw things up here, chasing boogeymen. Better we debate what we can do to improve our actual and authenic legal system. Not perfect, but subject to approval, with out interference by religion. Any religion.

    • I'm glad it's a country of laws too. Land of the FREE, home of the Brave.

      I'll die fighting for your right to your Freedom of Speech. Even if it means that you're advocating for something inherently Anti-American and Communist, such as you just have.

  12. As an American Muslim who values the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights as much as I value the Quran, I have to say, this is the most filthy, Anti-American, Communist, freedom-hating piece of trash article I think I've read all week.
    Perhaps you meant to post over at Stormfront or one of the many Neo-Nazi websites available to you.

    As an American, I would fight for your right to spew this venomous stupidity, because I have Conservative values. But I would also be the first one to laugh in your face for making such stupid remarks about something you clearly know little to nothing about.

    I used to HATE America. I hated the West. I hated everything about the USA. It wasn't until I converted to Islam about 6 years ago that I began to learn how beautiful this nation is. I learned to love and respect, very highly, the values of The Constitution. I learned how important our Bill of Rights was, and I went from being a de facto Communist with terrorist-like ideals that did NOT come from Islam, but from my fellow Americans who gave their blind allegiance to the Left.

    You should know that Shariah is NOT an obligation upon you. It never will be either unless you become a Muslim.

    While there are Muslims who believe in conquest and expanding Muslim rule, that is not in accordance with the Quran and it's not what most of us believe. In fact, it stands in contrast with Islamic values:

    In a tell-tale episode, when Alaud-din Khilji, a fourteenth-century Muslim ruler in India, wanted to overtax his wealthy Hindu subjects, he was dissuaded by his top scholar because doing so would violate the property rights recognized by Islam. “Whenever I want to consolidate my rule,” Khilji complained, “someone tells me that this is against the Sharia.”

    To further consolidate the protection of private property, medieval Islamic scholars developed a version of the legal doctrine of trusts. This allowed the transmission of wealth across generations through the creation of the charitable foundation, the waqf, which was legally immune from governmental interference. The result was a vigorous civil society, including charities, hospitals, and schools, all supported by the private foundations that were under the Sharia’s protection.

    The medieval Muslim state, in other words, was a state limited by law. Thanks to the sanctity and independence of the Sharia, a form of checks and balances was established that allowed nonstate institutions to flourish. If there was a big secret to Islam’s much-praised golden age, it was this notion of a limited state.
    (SOURCE:) http://www.learnliberty.org/blog/islam-and-classi


    “Let there be no compulsion in religion” (Qur'an 2:258)

  13. Anybody who thinks the US Constitution doesn't protect Muslims, either doesn't understand the Constitution, or doesn't appreciate it.

  14. Mass killings under. Political regime being permitted under the guise of religion is threatening the.Constitution, the American people ,Christianity, and are looking to put Christians,man,woman,and child into forced slavery,rape, and every of degradation possible.wake the politicians up and let them know they will be th first to come under Islamic law as infedels!!!!!!!