Washington’s Ghost Is Accepting Applications


Washington’s Ghost Is Accepting Applications
© 2011 by Anthony James

Many of my recent articles have revolved around the themes of Sarah Palin’s unique qualifications, and the fact that the RINO Right, the Liberal Left, and the Lamestream Misleadia were about to launch an all-out assault on The Tea Party. This article is just as timely, but should be seen more as a “call to arms.”

In another earlier piece I wrote called “The Price Of Freedom” are these words: “Where, before, the battle was waged on the frozen hills and fields of Lexington and Concord, and across the swamps and marshes of the Potomac and beyond, with shots fired from pistol, musket and cannon, this new battle will be fought on the battlefield of ideas, in the hearts and minds of men, and all the most devastating shots will be fired from the barrel of a pen.”

As though to support this notion, the Washington Post (hardly a conservative mouthpiece) took a poll last night; “Will Obama be re-elected in 2012?” With way over 6,000 votes in, the last time I checked the vote was ~ 27%  YES  and  72%  NO!

In further support of this notion (whether he knows it or not) Scott Conroy writes in the current ‘RealClearPolitics:’

“Geddes, who was a field staffer for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s 2008 campaign in Iowa before going on to work for former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s now defunct campaign this year, echoed other Iowa political observers in assessing the Palin volunteers’ dedication and quiet competence.

“They are very organized, and the team they have in place is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in this state before — and I’m totally impressed by the way they’ve gone about it,” she said. “It’s going to be a major upset if she gets in because I think these people are very underestimated.”

( end of ‘RCP’ Scott Conroy quote )

There is a new call to arms ringing out across the land, and it finds its voice in the Tea Parties coalescing in virtually every state of the union. While the Media and the status quo proponents in the Republican and Democrat parties would love to convince us that The Tea Party has seen its heyday, and is as we speak laying down their metaphorical arms and melding anonymously back into “polite society,” nothing could be further from the truth. Then again, this moribund and truly passé Dem/Rep/Media triumvirate have never had much use for the truth.

This ragtag bunch of Tea Party Americans, numbering in the tens-of-millions across this great land as of this writing, would all be wearing tri-cornered hats and making and stockpiling their own wads and musketballs were this the year 1775. Despite that it’s 2011, they’re all still “Minutemen” in every sense of the term, and their dedication to the dire need for wresting this country from the debauched and illicit grasp of a disconnected authoritarian monarch and his cabal of elitist thugs and rumpswabs is no less fervent or determined than it was 236 years ago. They are also patriots, through and through, to a man (and woman).

Not many gave that first Founding group of revolutionaries much of a chance of success either, none of which made much difference to that outcome. Because the final similarity between then and now is also the most signal, and of the greatest possible moment: Those original Founding patriots, and the ones who amass this very day in committed concentrations in virtually every State in the Union, both shared by and large a firm belief in the Providence of Almighty God, Whose certain blessing and smiling favor they felt as surely as they do the righteousness of their cause, which they also rightly believe to be His Own.

The numbers of nay-sayers and cynics who will scoff at such a notion are dwarfed by the number to whom such eternal Truth is sacrosanct. Our own Founders relied most heavily upon the absolute Truth of this notion, and it is this unshaken and unshakeable belief in what is Good and True and Right which will win the day for this modern-day movement, just as it took and held the day those long centuries past.

What was good then remains good now. What was evil then is still evil today. It is knowing and acting upon that all-important difference between the two which marks indelibly the inevitable nature of that which is to come.

Many over the centuries have romanticized that vibrant epoch of struggle and conquest, those most heady times in which the fates and fortunes of men and nations were forged by the steely will and steelier faith of the historical few to whom it was given to rise up and write with their own hands their names into the lasting history of one of Earth’s greatest and most epic struggles for freedom and prosperity. Many have wished that they could have but stood among men and women of such timeless greatness… to have had the chance to perhaps be counted among that august number.

Well, that chance is upon us again. A chance to transcend our mere mortality to blazing immortality with nothing more required other than the willingness to share in the belief of the rightness of our cause, and of the need to draw this line in these sands of time, and to make a stand here and now in order that we may pass along to the generations to come something better than that which we now hold. To be a team of modern-day midwives attending the rebirth of The American Dream.

We must be ready at a moment’s notice to start going door to door in our neighborhoods, to speak openly and unafraid to our friends, family, coworkers and associates. When Sarah Palin announces her candidacy for president, she will need an army of dedicated volunteers to collect names for getting on the ballots in all of the different states. Her and our cause will benefit greatly from those among us who go out and buy copies of the new movie “The Undefeated,” and host parties showing this film as an educational tool for the uninitiated, that they may become conversant with the many reasons why it is essential that Sarah Palin wins the White House, and that Tea Party patriot majorities take over the Senate in 2012.

Even after the coming ballot box upsets, we all will need to remain motivated and mobilized in letting our congress people know exactly what it is that we expect of them, what initiatives we want them to bring to the floor, and how we want them to vote on those issues most important to securing for this nation and its generations to come our sovereign and free republic into perpetuity.

This is our chance to go down in history as the next Greatest Generation, and to write into the history books the next epic saga of the struggle against tyranny. It is our chance to take the decaying and immoral morass we have been handed by decades of liberal progressive theology, and turning it back into something worth passing on to the generations of Americans to come. It is our chance at immortality.

When we stand before the Father of all creation and are asked what it was that we did with the blessings with which we were bestowed, we will have an opportunity to hear him say, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” There can be no higher goal of accomplishment to which we might aspire. There can be no greater gift of love that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren. And there can be no greater cause to which we might dedicate ourselves in this, America’s desperate moment of most pressing need.

Those who promised to “fundamentally transform” America in the last presidential election came so close to fulfilling their promise in the most utterly despicable manner possible that we should all fall on our knees and thank God that we were awakened in time to hold back that vile tide. This socialist disease that eats away at our republic from within must be torn out by the roots in its entirety and completely destroyed. It will take nothing less than a tide of our own; a tide of new age Minutemen ready and willing to beat back the barbarians within our gates.

Such a transcendent movement requires an equally transcendent leader, someone utterly different from and even opposed to the usual cogs in the Beltway machine. Sarah Palin is that someone, capable of laying out what it is that needs to be done, and then bringing together the disparate factions required to see it accomplished. She is the only potential candidate for 2012 who has a record of doing exactly that. God willing, she and we will make a team such as has never been seen by any living generation.

May our hearts stay true and our hands be steady as we write our own names into the record of the greatest nation in the history of all mankind. And may God continue to bless these United States of America. Amen.


  1. Sticking her neck out confronting Obama, 2 books,
    24,000 emails, and an independently made movie,
    all show that Sarah Palin is a hard working, capable, incorruptible, servant of the people.

    Palin has the truth on her side. The more that comes to light, the better for her.
    This is exactly the opposite for most of her opponents and especially Obama.

    Sarah gets the biggest crowds, and the most comments on news sites –
    Because she quit fighting? No.
    Because she is defeated? No.
    Because she is irrelevant? No.

    Because she motivates patriots and scares the cr*p out of socialists? Yep. That’s the one.