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Sour Grapes Karl Just Can’t Help Himself.

As former president Ronald Reagan would say, “There you go again, Karl.”

On Wednesday evening on Greta Van Susteren’s top-rated FOX TV news and talk show, “On The Record,” former Bush political adviser and the man euphemistically referred to as “The Architect” for his alleged contributions to George W. Bush’s winning campaign strategies in 2000 and 2004, Karl Rove just inexplicably and repeatedly soiled himself in front of the American public again and again.

Greta had asked him why he felt it was that the slightest mention of Gov. Sarah Palin set the parallel worlds of political punditry and media mouthpieces into an instant tailspin. In typical non-responsive politico-speak, Rove completely avoided the question and instead dove into a gratuitous and revealing set of disingenuous canards with the obvious goal of again besmirching the good name of Gov. Sarah Palin.

First, Rove repeatedly referred to the SarahPAC response to media speculation (including my own) that Sarah would use the upcoming September 3rd Tea Party gathering in Iowa as the launchpad for officially announcing her presidential intentions in 2012, directly implying that the response came from Gov. Palin herself, and not from the political action committee which frequently speaks in justifiable defense of her without her explicit awareness, knowledge or approval.

Having erected this disingenuous strawman at which to throw his inane barbs and arrows, Rove went on to state, “If she doesn’t want people speculating about whether or not she’s running, there’s a very simple remedy. She can just come right out and say “I’m not running.”’ Here, again, Rove’s Freudian slip is exposed as he jumped in one sentence from misrepresenting what it was that SarahPAC actually objected to, to laying bare his most fervent personal wish. What SarahPAC had objected to was not the media speculating about whether Sarah would run, but that she intended to announce that decision in Iowa two Saturdays from now. Karl’s deceit here was subtle enough to go unnoticed by the casual observer, which I am sure was his despicably calculated intention, but it was all-important nonetheless. His most fervent wish is quite obviously that Sarah would not run for president in 2012.

Having already committed what would have been several cardinal sins for any nationally televised political pundit, which is of course blatantly and openly lying in an attempt to deceive the viewing public, Rove then threw caution to the wind and went nuclear with this patently absurd diatribe: “If Palin’s gonna be this thin skinned about something so simple as the media speculating on her candidacy, how can she possibly hope to withstand the pressure of the office of president?” I’m paraphrasing here, but that is distinctly the gist of his most absurd outburst to date.

Thin-skinned? Sarah Palin thin-skinned? Never in the centuries long history of American political discourse has any one political figure been subjected to such vulgar, untruthful, vituperous excoriation as has Sarah Palin on a nonstop weekly basis for the last three years running. She has taken every disgustingly vitriolic and unfair assault upon her person, her family, and even her baby born with Down’s Syndrome, and yet there she stands; strong, smiling, as bright and shining as a new penny. Indefatigable and ineluctable. Look it up.

For this “yesterday’s-news” political hack to call Sarah Palin “thin-skinned” accomplishes only one purpose, notwithstanding its accomplishment has been long overdue. His entire screed, manufactured out of whole cloth in non-response to a question that was about something completely different, was undeniably way out of line, off base, and patently deceitful. But this last uncalled for jab at Sarah Palin establishes only one thing very clearly:

Karl Rove cannot be trusted. He is a deceitful dinosaur who has long outlived his usefulness to the political process, and who has now proven unequivocally that his agenda, however vile, will always trump the far more pressing need for the truth.

The advent of The Tea Party and their improbable and historic victory last November in sweeping over 70 Republicans into what were previously Democrat-held seats in the House of Representatives proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the old-school, old guard, old-fashioned political “ experts”like Karl Rove are as tone deaf about, and useless to, the current political process as would be a “Town Crier.” That this would engender in Rove a deep and bitter resentment is perhaps expected, but that it would cause him to so blatantly mislead the American viewing public on a top-rated national news and talk show is a sure sign that his time, and his usefulness, have come and gone.

The American public is completely disgusted with the political process, the Beltway denizens who take them for granted and call them “terrorists” for merely disagreeing, and for trying to lay at the doorstep of the nation’s voters the horrific financial plight that we are in in a despicable attempt to pretend that this blood is on our hands and not theirs, all are emphatic reasons why we need more honesty and candid political discourse, and much less of the vile, deceitful projectile excreta we heard from Karl Rove this evening.

It is precisely this reason, among many others, why Sarah Palin is such a sought after and cherished breath of fresh air in an atmosphere made cloyingly nauseating by the stench of the liars and prostitutes in D.C. who feign a far nobler ambition in the name of American politics.

Even as the sun sets on Karl Rove and his ilk, it rises on Gov. Palin and the promise of the new day that she ushers in with her to an American public absolutely starved for it.

As former President Ronald Reagan also used to say, ”It’s morning in America.”


  1. Back during WWII, "Tokyo Rose" was a Japanese DJ who aired radio broadcasts to American GI's in the Pacific Theatre with propaganda-laden comments, lies and distorted reports on the progress of the battle, to discourage our forces and, if possible, to convince them that their cause was lost, and the fight could not be won.

    This is precisely the same thing that Karl Rove is doing when he suggests that Palin cannot win, or, that if she were to win, she couldn't handle the pressure of the job of President because she's so "thin skinned," it is a deliberate manipulation of the facts in evidence sewn only to dispirit and discourage those who support this fine American lady.

    There is no "thicker skinned" modern-day political figure than Sarah Palin. And as regards old Karl, there is no supposed political "expert" more deserving of the monniker "Tokyo Rove." In fact, it fits him just like a rubber glove.

    • Anthony: I have been lurking for awhile on Tea Party Tribune and I must say I have been extremely impressed with your site. Your artilcle is right on the money. I have foolishly given the Republican party credit for honesty and integrity which I see now was terribly wrong. Since Sarah Palin has emerged on the scene, I now see just how dishonest the establishment is, and that's a shame. This lady has done nothing but try her utmost to energize and educate the American electorate. At the same time she has tried to help honest conservatives get elected to office.and, what is her reward for this monumental effort? Ridicule, smears,and ourtight slander of her and her family. Well, I now know who to trust and who not to trust. By their actions against Sarah they have exposed themselves for the charlatans that they are.

      _Go Sarah/2012 & Beyond

      • Hi Pappy ~ I have many friends in Texas, all of whom have been laughing at me for years for living in Massachusetts. I very much appreciate your kind words and thoughful candor. There are many in America who deride and despise that which we hold dear, who consider as being "passé" concepts like honor, moral certitude integrity, and honesty. We are lucky, or more correctly, blessed that The TEA Party rose up while there were still more among our number than theirs. This is a last ditch, speak-now-or-forever-hold-our-piece moment for our soveriegn Republic. I'm fiercely proud to be on the same team with all of you here.

      • I have to admit, the name wrote itself… it's a no-brainer. Like when Alren Specter was backstabbing the GOP a few years back, citing "Scittish Law" as an excuse not to vote for Impeaching Clinton?

        "Benedict Arlen." See, it's easy! LOL!!!

  2. Anthony, you are 100% correct. This was intentional on Rove's part to promote the meme that she is thinned skin [shouted it 3 times]. He makes it a point to tactically harm any Tea Party Republican as well.____Greta had asked him why he felt it was that the slightest mention of Gov. Sarah Palin set the parallel worlds of political punditry and media mouthpieces into an instant tailspin.__For me, Gov. Sarah Palin has become a litmus test. I have found, since Nov. 2008 that those who understand and support her are true common sense Constitutional Reagan/Tea Party conservatives. Those who don’t are something else. Communism is trying to overtake this country and the Palin-types are trying to defeat it. This naturally raises passions on both sides.__

  3. Karl Rove and Dick Morris are double teaming to see that Sarah Palin does not run. They know she is a threat so cap her the knees early and try to keep her out. It aint gonna work. Karl Rove is a little toad, and Morris is a out and out scumbag.

    • What Karl adn Dick fail to realize is that the tactics they are using against Sarah, tactics that have always worked before when the electorate was snoozing and numb, are ineffective in this TEA Party world of the New Political Reality. There had been a paradigm shift which marks Rove and Morris and all who cling to their rapidly decaying status quo as being no longer relevant to the discussion. The Sleeping Giant has awakened, and boy is he PO'd. Time for a changing of the guard. Game on.

  4. The Tea Party represents Citizen Government, committed to protecting our liberties and the Constitution upon which we were founded. The establishment Republican like Rove and others are resisting it. If you want want your country back, you must take your party back first! American patriots have learned that in order to take their nation back peacefully, they will need to seize control of the GOP, the same way the socialist/ leftists seized control of the DNC.

    The Tea Party activists are championing the original agenda of the Republican Party: free minds, free markets, free expression and unlimited opportunity. Instead of trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement the Republican establishment should recognize that it is in the best tradition of our Grand Old Party. We must remove the smiling tyrant that resides in the White-House in 2012. Power to the Tea Party!

    Power to the Mighty Tea Party. Defeat Obama in 2012