FRANK LUNTZ: A Less Than Frank Dunce

Dependable Pollster to Partisan Poppinjay

FRANK LUNTZ: A Less-Than-Frank Dunce
© 2011 By Anthony James

The list of political types who have formed a virtual conga line around Washington DC chanting in near unison their various reasons why Sarah Palin is just not their cup of “TEA,” shall we say, has given birth to some of the strangest bedfellows this town has seen since GOP Sen. “Benedict Arlen” Spector cited Scottish Law when joining with the Democrats in trying to block the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Nonetheless, that list grew recently as Frank Luntz, formerly considered to be an objective pollster whose reports could be counted upon for their evenhanded dissemination of scientifically generated data, has just come out of the closet as America’s newest Sarah Palin basher. According to the newly self redefined Luntz, “…there is no room for Sarah Palin…” to join the presidential race since she and Michelle Bachmann are basically the same candidate.

How very astute of Frank to make careful note of the fact [sic] that Michelle Bachmann has served as the chief executive of a state, with command control of its air National Guard.

I’m sure it’s comforting to those parties who might have been considering paying Mr. Luntz for his valuable opinions to see that he’s taken into account that Michelle Bachmann has decades dealing closely with Big Oil, and is thus fluently conversant with the minutia of energy issues and how they might affect our economy not to mention our National Security.

Equally reassuring, no doubt, is how Rep. Bachmann has also negotiated massive international construction projects involving multiple countries and several of the world’s largest corporations.

We can be equally sure Mr. Luntz threw into the equation whereby he arrived at his considered opinion the numerous times Michelle Bachmann prosecuted and sent to jail those among her predecessors who ran afoul of the law.

No… wait a minute… I’m sorry. Michelle Bachmann has done none of those things, although if she had, they most certainly would have contributed greatly to her gravitas as a potential presidential figure. While there is an extremely charismatic female political figure who has done all those things, it isn’t Michelle Bachmann. And in fact, the one person who has done all of those things is also known for drawing massive crowds to her speaking engagements and political rallies. Crowds so huge that they are as large as or larger than the 2008 Obama crowds

Michelle Bachmann doesn’t do that either. It leads one to wonder, what was Frank thinking? How both Michelle and Sarah have long brown hair? Perhaps that they both wear skirts at times?

Yes they’re both Christian, but so is 80% or more of the American public.

Suffice to say, there was a time up until quite recently when Frank Luntz could be counted upon for fair and objective analysis of hard data based on factual proof. We now have from the horse’s mouth a surprisingly loud announcement that that has changed.

As we approach the coming 2012 election cycle getting into high gear, there will be many groups and individuals who will want to be able to count on the money that they spend buying them something besides more ill based partisan rhetoric, which they can get for free from Chris Matthews, or any number of microphone-wearing dunces on MSNBC. It’ll be a roll of the dice what they’ll get now from Mr. Luntz, now that he has exposed his new fascination with agenda driven punditry offered up in place of reliable political analysis.

Should Sarah Palin decide to enter the 2012 presidential race, not only will there be room for her, but the amount of room she will require to hold both the ocean of enthusiasm waiting to crest across America like a tidal wave, in addition to the room needed for the improbably massive throngs of fervent Sarah supporters giving vent to this jubilant celebration will arguably be larger than all the space needed by all the other also-rans combined.

I say it without hesitation that Mr. Luntz could not have been more completely wrong had he chosen to vent his partisan agenda on any other topic. That he could be so utterly incorrect about something so easily apparent to any who approach the topic with their eyes open is doubtless less than reassuring to those considering paying him for his opinion.

Governor Palin’s path to the helm of America’s political ship of state is littered with the metaphorical carcasses of those who badly misjudged or underestimated her. That Frank Luntz has decided to prostrate himself amongst those fallen is truly unfortunate. In one ill-conceived screed, he has gone from “Frank Luntz” to “less-than-frank dunce.”

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  1. "Frank Luntz, formerly considered to be an objective pollster whose reports could be counted upon for their evenhanded dissemination of scientifically generated data…"

    good one!

  2. Frank Duntz is nothing to me. I’ll never buy a book from him. I’ll change the channel if he’s on. Goodbye, RINOBOY!

  3. Now I won't trust his focus group anymore. I will suspect him of salting the audience and loading the questions.

  4. I once remember seeing this guy in the documentary, "Pollywood" where he sat in front of many of Hollywood's activist types and offer to explain to them how to converse and counter conservative arguments. I remember saying to myself, "Ah, another jackass in elephant skin." Guess I wasn't far off. I believe this guy is a Karl Rove enforcer type.