Pusillanimous Iconoclasts


Pusillanimous Iconoclasts
© 2011 by Anthony James

The term refers to a group of ignoble and even cowardly individuals whose goal it is to attack or tear down something held in reverence by the general public. It could be a hallowed American institution like our process of electing our leaders. Or, it could be a leader who is cherished by a large swath of the electorate— like Sarah Palin. Still another possibility is that it refers to both, which, in this case, it does.

There is little more strictly and thoroughly American than a good political brouhaha, with fairly evenly matched opponents facing off against each other in the public arena and doing ideological battle with only their wits, personal convictions, moral certitude and strategies for dealing with the responsibilities of office as their weapons.

There is little more patently un-American, at least in its purest interpretation, than the vile act of literally or figuratively hamstringing or knee-capping an opponent in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in the contest. Sad to say, this latter has become a bit of a cynical and gravely disappointing cottage industry in the modern-day reality of the American electoral process, and our country is so much the worse for it. As Bob Weir wrote in the Grateful Dead’s sociopolitical rocker “Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down;” “Commissars and pinstriped bosses roll the dice. Whichever way they fall, guess who gets to pay the price?” It is America who pays, and we pay with our very soul as a Nation.

While we have all witnessed over the past three years the seemingly hapless attempts by our entrenched political elite and their obedience trained media lap dogs to dismantle brick by brick the rising political institution known as Governor Sarah Palin, who, despite their very worst efforts continues to guide and at times monopolize the political discourse across America, perhaps the worst victim of this failed policy of personal assassination is the American public, who seem to have become so inured and desensitized to this vile practice that it is now just accepted as de rigueur. It is, in fact, a festering boil, a disease virulent enough to badly cripple if not even kill The American Dream.

Witness if you will the recent spate of hate filled canards spewing forth from the Congressional Black Caucus, whose recent most odious mouthpiece, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has had the inestimable poor taste to publicly claim, “The TEA Party can all go to hell! In fact I’m gonna help ‘em!” What exactly she means by stating that she intends to ‘help The TEA Party go straight to hell’ is unclear, and assuredly no less vile for its lack of defined interpretation. What is clear is that the Democrat side of the aisle has now decided to set upon a course of nuclear, mutually-assured destruction. If they can’t have their socialist Progressive way without discussion, debate or even advice from the Right, they would sooner throw America into an all-out Race War than allow for the chance of losing the current political battle.

The first shot of this conflict was fired back when Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO.) falsely claimed that he was spit upon and called the “N” word when walking up the steps of the Capitol building during the Obamacare debate. Despite that the entire episode was filmed and recorded from several immediate vantage points with absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back up these specious allegations, the bulk of the obedience-trained Media reported the incident as though it were gospel.

When Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart questioned the good Democrat’s version of events because the entire episode had been filmed and recorded from several angles, none of which confirmed the inflammatory allegations of Mr. Cleaver, there was shock and outrage proclaimed by yet another chorus of well-rehearsed voices that anyone would question a sitting member of Congress! How could anyone even suggest that one of these selfless political saints might tell a fib to distract attention from the matter at hand, or to further their grasp on political power, or both?

I mean, so what if one of their senior members admittedly allowed his gay “life partner” to run an illegal homosexual “Call-boy” brothel out of his apartment? So what if there’s a list of current and former Congressman whose sexploits include salacious e-mails, sending disgusting photographs of their “equipment” to virtually anonymous young women, or who can’t keep their hands to themselves so drunk are they with the power of their office?

Just look at Charlie Rangle, then Democrat Chair of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee—he owned, maintained and rented out a luxury Caribbean Villa for years and simply refused to report or pay taxes upon any of that income. So what if tax evasion is a felony? Do you really think that one of these people would lie? Even Timothy Geithner, current United States Secretary of the Treasury for the Obama Administration, was forced to “admit mistakes” whereby he was forced to pay tens-of-thousands of dollars in fraudulently unpaid taxes. Being one of the leading economists in the world doesn’t mean you can always understand… or at least comply with… the Tax Code!

But to assume one of these great Americans would actually tell a lie? Please. Get real.

There is currently a video on YouTube titled, “President Obama Tells Seven Lies In Under Two Minutes.” It’s a real eye-opener, especially if there are any left in America who don’t by now realize that our political figures gain office by lying to us, hold onto their office by lying to us, and spend their years in office lying to us. Yet there are still those among our political elite who simply can’t believe it when we call them liars.

I think it’s high time they got used to it, and started preparing themselves for the rapidly approaching consequences of all this deceit.

That the Congressional Black Caucus is now doing a tour of the US trying to gin up racial hatred between black constituents and their white neighbors is as disgusting, as despicable, and as vomit inducing a ploy as has been undertaken since the great Housing Debacle was rammed down our throats by the same cabal of elected thuggery. See my articles entitled “Where, Oh Deceiver, Is Thy Sting? The Tea Party & Racism” and “The Party Is Over: Democrat, That Is…” for a full and detailed discussion of these inextricably interwoven topics.

I could feign my own version of shock and outrage that these soon-to-be unemployed kabuki performers are upset that they’re about to be shown the door, but I’m truly not shocked in the least. For almost as long as I have followed politics as an adult I have watched the progressive decay as our elected officials slid further and further down that slippery slope away from our Constitution and the Republic it once held together. That this disgusting charade by the Congressional Black Caucus should occur at the same point in time as the American electorate wakes up and bands together as The TEA Party to take our country back only makes perfect sense.

So here’s the plan: back during the 60s the question was posed, “What would happen if they gave a war, and nobody came?” I propose that we find out. Let the various moribund factions sizzle and spew and whine all they want; we just ignore them. When Maxine Waters or Rev. Al Sharpton tells us it’s time to pick up the pitchforks and go poke somebody who doesn’t look like us, we should smile, yawn, and get back to whatever it was we were doing. Black or white, let’s just agree that this country is worth more to us than is letting these professional public-tit leeches order us around as if we worked for them. Let’s show our would-be Masters that we aren’t the idiots they obviously take us for.

A little over a year from now we’re going to have another election. In due course we can all make our way to our vehicles, drive over to the polling stations, and pull a lever that will flush this filth down the toilet and out of office once and for all. The new crop that we send to DC should be informed that among the legislation we need them to pass quickly will be a retroactive rescinding of lifetime benefits to anyone who once used their elected position to tear this country apart for their own personal gain or satisfaction. We’ll leave it to the new kids to work out the details, even as we watch them to make sure they stay on-course.

After all, what’s the point in owning a government if you just can’t trust them?

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