Arctic Storm Sarah Cranks Up To Typhoon Strength


Arctic Storm Sarah Cranks Up To Typhoon Strength
© 2001 by Anthony James

With sustained winds approaching “blow-Obama-off-the-electoral-map” velocity, Typhoon Sarah heads for the lower 48 in an historic move south and east, toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Just announced is an earlier-than-expected Pay-per-View release of the film “The Undefeated,” a no-holds-barred documentary which lays bare the factual saga of this woman’s remarkable record leading up to and including her three years as Governor of Alaska. The vast majority of the American public still has no idea about the truth of this dynamo as a direct result of a concerted three-year campaign to assassinate her character by the political punditry and elected officials on the left and right, and the obedience-trained misleadia presstitutes who have had Obama’s back since they sold this pathetically empty suit, this socialist Quisling thug to an unsuspecting public.

“The Undefeated” will now be available on America’s major cable and satellite companies including DISH Network,  Comcast, COX, DIRECTV, Time Warner Cable and Charter. This early release coincides perfectly with the coming Tea Party rallies in Iowa and then New Hampshire over Labor Day weekend.

CEO of ARC Entertainment, Trevor Drinkwater, is quoted: “Since the film opened in select markets across the country on July 15th we have been inundated with requests from people wanting the film to be made available in their market. After methodically analyzing the most effective ways to bring this galvanizing film to the widest audience as soon as possible we have determined that Video-on-Demand, Pay-Per-View and DVD sales will be the best modalities by which to deliver this film as widely and as quickly as possible. We have created partnerships with national cable, satellite, and mass retailers to achieve our distribution goals.”

The epic begins with a vignette of talking heads, from the Beltway to Tinseltown, all towing the party line about what a spine warping, mouth breathing numbskull/monster Palin is. This, of course, is the heart of the ludicrously fabricated screed with which the terrified powers that be have attacked her since she arrived on the scene, giving that riveting acceptance speech at the RNC convention exactly 3 years ago in which she commited what to the Left was a Mortal Sin: repeatedly slapping then-candidate Obama for his inane self-congratulatory proclamations, as he teetered dangerously on the edge of a full-blown “Messiah” complex. Palin’s pallette of cheerily humorous charm and easy common-sense, when held up next to Obama’s overscripted sizzle, made the media-concocted wunderkind look downright phony. It still does.

The level of vitriol and palpable atmosphere of pure loathing you will witness as the movie starts is commensurate with just how deeply and thoroughly our entrenched political elite fear this woman. The rest of the movie explains exactly why.

The more shrewd among us have probably noted over time that there was an inexplicable disconnect between the chanted refrains of, “she just can’t win” and “her political star has crashed,” and the nagging quandary that, were this true, why does this woman live rent free in their tiny little heads, commanding headlines every time she sends a “Tweet?” Rather than leave such cumbersome deduction up to the mass of still-misinformed voters, “The Undefeated” creates a fact-based counterpoint to the lies and distortions spewn so pandemically.

I have to believe that there remain, among the tens of millions of American voters who still know only the lapdog media’s lies and the terrified politicos’whistling past their graveyards, a significant percentage who actually do not like being lied to, taken for granted, and played for imbeciles. When they see this film and realize that they have been used like a disposable tool, there exists the chance that a tidal wave of justifiable anger will swell in a backlash which will overflow the banks of what have previously been the historically known voter pools.

When “The Undefeated” was first released, there was a predictable rash of critics who decried the film’s legitimacy, based upon the fact that the film didn’t repeat any of the specious misinformation thrown about for the last three years. The clear implication being that the movie was some slobbering partisan love-fest which tries to mask the Governor’s shortcomings. Obviously, the entire purpose of this film is to set the record straight regarding the truth about this woman and her improbably laudable accomplishments. It is this truth which fills in, and make sense out of, the aforementioned yawning chasm which exists between the fevered claims of her unimportant status and the thus hard to understand rapacious fixation her detractors have with her.

As you watch this film, and given the leviathan curiosity factor which follows this woman everywhere she goes, regardless of whether you are a supporter, A Palin Derangement Syndrome afflict, or just someone not particularly interested in politics, keep in mind as the film lays out in fascinating detail her list of accomplishments as Governor of Alaska that she fulfilled all these campaign promises and more during a bit over half a term as governor during which she also ran for vice president and had a baby.

Perhaps you’ll begin to get a sense of why our terror-stricken status quo squids squirt clouds of ink at the mere mention of her name. Factor in that she alone, once elected to office, hunted down, prosecuted, and jailed those of her predecessors who had run afoul of the law, and as Paul Harvey would say; “Now you know the rest of the story”

You will finally know the truth.

If this titan does not become the first woman President of the United States, at least it will not be as a result of the most vicious campaign of lies, distortions, and prurient character assassination ever concocted and then jammed down the throats of of the American electorate. The likelihood that she will not receive the Republican nomination just dropped by about 90%, as there is no way America can watch this film and not understand implicitly that Sarah Heath Palin was born for this moment in time just as surely as I am sitting here typing this for you.

Enjoy. Learn. And let’s get moving taking our country back. See you in the trenches!


  1. This morning FOX started reporting that a "recent poll" showed that "66%" of all "Tea PArty Voters" don't want Sarah to run for President. Ahem.__Perhaps FOX would prefer that we listen to the (self-described) "66%" of "TEA Party Voters" who allegedly do not want Sarah in this race. I suggest we might give an ear to the "34%" who think it's a great idea that she jump in.__Back in 1774 & 1775, nearly 90% of all Colonists did not want war with England.__We are quite lucky that the smaller group held firm and did what needed doing.__Anyone can answer the pollster, "Yes, I am a TEA Party Voter." We know what compulsive liars the Left are. Many of them lie on mere principal, just because deceit is what they habitually practice.__I don't believe for a minute there exists any "66%" of TEA Partiers who don't want Sarah to run, but even if there were, it doesn't change the FACT that she is the best qualified and best-prepared to deal with the situation we are in.__As Sarah would say, "BUCK UP, OR STAY IN THE TRUCK!"

  2. That 66% of the Tea party pollters are NOT REAL FACTS. Why? My families, friends and I were in the mall at the time FOX news conducted a survey about Sarah and we are about 15 in a group eating ice cream. The fact that we are all for Sarah Palin for 2012 POTUS, we prank the surveys conducted by FOX and we just simply answered the survey that we are against Palin to run for president, but in fact, we really want her to run for POTUS and we really believe that she is the real deal against Obama and not Perry nor Mitten nor bachmann. Just imagine, we are 15 in group, how many that were surveyed who told lies??? LOL!!!!!

  3. Polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers.
    Sarah gets the biggest crowds, and the most comments on news sites –

    Because she quit fighting? No.
    Because she is irrelevant? No.
    Because she is defeated? No.

    Because she motivates patriots and scares the cr*p out of socialists? Yep. That’s the one.

  4. The film was excellent in showing how she has got to this place in time, and all her hard work, determination, and love for Alaska and country. She is a true champion…a true winner!

  5. National Review Online took a poll last night, "Who do you prefer for the GOP's standard bearer in 2012, Rick Perry or Sarah Palin?" A remarkable 36,000-plus replied within hours:

    22% Rick Perry
    78% Sarah Palin

    Not quite what is being "reported" on FOX, CNN, etc. This woman re-defines "political powerhouse." Sarah Palin is coming, and she's bringing The TEA Party with her.

  6. I'm for her, but she better quit waving her hat and throw it in the ring soon or it will be too late.