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I spend a good deal of time on the FreeRepublic website, America’s premier gathering place for conservative activists. A healthy cross-section of America’s modern day “Minutemen” bivouac here regularly to share and discuss the daily news items which most greatly affect our constitutional Republic.

We were just discussing Sarah Palin’s newest Facebook message regarding Jimmy Hoffa’s disgusting profanity yesterday where he addressed union members with this distinctly un-American reference to The TEA Party: “Let’s take these sons of bitches out!”

It wasn’t that long ago that Democrats including president Obama were calling for a more civil form of discourse throughout our land. What a difference a few weeks makes. If we weren’t already aware that Liberalism is a mental infirmity, it might cause you to wonder just how many of our “very concerned and compassionate” liberal friends will come out against Mr. Hoffa’s clear call to violence. Well, we know he likely will not be reprimanded by Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D – CA), who recently said, “The TEA Party can go straight to hell! In fact, I’m gonna help ‘em!” How very tolerant and thoughtful… then again, what else should one expect of our brightest and most elite academic cognoscenti, eh?

A couple months ago in my article “Forewarned is Forearmed” I predicted that the all-out assault on The TEA Party was coming, and that the churlish ugliness was going to be apoplectic, historic and unprecedented. Liberal progressives are so predictable, it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

One of the Freepers with whom I was discussing Sarah’s current Facebook message made the comment that, once again, Gov. Palin was the first to respond to the ugliness, in this case, from Mr. Hoffa. Here is his comment, and my reply.

FREEPER: “Governor Palin beats the entire d__n GOP to the punch…again.”

A.J.: You’re right… and you’re not. Five will get you ten that most if not all of her “running mates” for the GOP nod won’t touch this with a ten-foot-pole.

Palin alone is the first-responder, the special-ops, human tactical weapon who sprints toward the greatest threat to engage and destroy it, instead of away from the fight… to cower in safety.

She would be the first, except that there won’t be a second. As usual, she stands alone, in the breach, defending all that is good, and worth cherishing, from all that is vile, corrupt and anathema to every single American ideal.

Allow me to qualify that: She stands alone among those who would seek the highest office in the land, but she also stands at the head of the greatest army ever assembled in the history of mankind. The TEA Party represents Sarah Palin’s fighting force, and we outnumber virtually every standing army on earth combined.

Those who would stand against us should proceed advisedly and with justifiable caution. It is our very way of life, and the secure futures of our children for which we gather on this battlefield of ideas. This battle, waged in the hearts and minds of men and women across this great land, will prove that the more the truth of this struggle and its implications are made known to the masses, the larger our numbers will swell.

( End of discussion )

It deserves to be said, and simply cannot be overstated—Sarah Palin and her supporters are among the most viciously assailed individuals in the pantheon of American political discourse. As Andrew Breitbart states so eloquently in the movie “The Undefeated”:

“ All one has to do to gain immediate acceptance in Washington DC or New York is to disparage Sarah Palin.”  Your credentials as a card-carrying member in good standing of the progressive intelligentsia are immediately established merely by attacking this fine, patriotic, God-fearing woman.

By the same token, all one need do is to express their support for Sarah Palin and they are immediately branded a lunatic; a Kool-Aid drinker; a slobbering partisan, when the fact is that Sarah Palin actually is the single and sole guard at the gate, and the only one most deserving of our lauditory approbado. There is no one else from among those who seek the GOP nomination willing to jump into this fray. If they honestly believe that staying out of this fight is somehow going to make them look or seem more presidential, they are sadly mistaken. What America needs right now are more people who not only want to be president, but who actually have the guts (actually spelled with a capital “N”) to face down this despicable, amoral thugocracy.

Luckily what America needs right now America has right now. And we find it in only one place, and in only one person. That she inspires those who still cherish what is right and what is good in this fallen world is not a fault, and it’s nothing to be derided or ridiculed. Within the last century these were still precepts which most Americans held dear. That we, in this devolved and putrefacted day and age still have someone like her to seize the helm and steer this ship of state back onto a course with a heading of individual responsibility, prosperity, and liberty is quite remarkable.

Even this, however, pales in comparison to Palin herself. Then again, so do they all.

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  1. “The only solution is sudden and relentless reform.” – Sarah Palin

    I believe that for 8 years, starting suddenly in January 2013, and relentlessly to 2021, President Sarah Palin will be leading us in reforming our constitutional republic to again be free, strong, and prosperous.