Sarah Palin’s “Earthquake”
© 2011 by Anthony James

A little less than three years ago American conservatives received a devastating gut blow when Barack Obama was elected president. Although the mainstream media had not done any of their usual in-depth vetting of this largely unknown candidate, there were nonetheless millions of Americans who had availed themselves of the information digging properties on the Internet, who knew very well who this man was, who his radical past associations were, and who knew without being told what he meant when he said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

A few scant weeks earlier that same core group of American conservatives had been given reason for joyous exultation and celebration. Taking the stage at the RNC convention was an amazing conservative superstar unlike anything seen before or since. When Sarah Palin, Republican Governor of Alaska and John McCain’s selection for vice president in 2008 strode to the microphone and delivered that amazing acceptance speech, I felt like a grade school child watching fireworks on the Fourth of July. I was out of my mind with joy.

In the nearly three years since Obama’s victory, American conservatives have remained sane largely by keeping our focus on that bit of light at the end of the tunnel. That bit of light is also the most brightly shining superstar in all of American politics. We were able to bide our time and suffer the horrific indignities of the Obama administration by clinging to the hope, the desperate belief, that come 2012 we would have a chance to watch Governor Sarah Palin do for America what she had done for Alaska as president of a Nation once again allowed the opportunity to draw itself up to its full height.

On the evening of Wednesday, October 5, 2011 tens of millions of conservatives across America once again had the wind kicked out of them as Sarah Palin on the Mark Levin radio show announced that she would not be running for president in 2012. The sense of abject hopelessness and despair was palpable and numbing. Year after year of sincere prayer, desperate wishes, and hopeful optimism as expressed by tens of millions of Americans throughout the heartland, all were snuffed in that instant.

Those among the deeply invested who wanted so badly for Sarah to run were not mindless followers or deluded Kool-Aid drinkers. They were people like yours truly who were thoroughly conversant with the amazing record of successes Sarah had amassed as Mayor of Wasilla and then as Governor. We could recite by heart her specific and unique qualifications that marked her as the perfect person for the job, and fully waist, head and shoulders above anyone else in the field.

We also knew that of all the candidates who might win in 2012 for the Republican ticket, only Sarah had a well known history of hunting down those of her predecessors who had run afoul of the law and having them fitted for state-issued jumpsuits. Nothing less would have been appropriate in Alaska under Governor Palin, and nothing less will be remotely acceptable now for America. is America’s leading site for conservative activism on the World Wide Web, and has been for well over a decade. Despite not really having the heart to engage in any political discussions given the recent paralysis which has consumed me since last Thursday, I logged onto FreeRepublic today and was given my life back. A FReeper (as the inhabitants of FreeRepublic are often referred to) known as “upsdriver” had received permission from the site’s owner and founder, Jim Robinson, to start a thread called “Sarah Palin’s Earthquake.”

Apparently Sarah had been asked in one of the recent interviews what it would take to get her to change her mind. I’m assuming here that she replied that, “…it would take an earthquake.” This is how the idea was born that those who, like me, have spent the last few days stumbling around in the blind funk might find a way to channel and even make extremely productive use of this terrible sense of loss and emptiness by doing something positive to change it. When you really look at it, isn’t this what America has always been all about? Taking having been dealt a lousy hand, and with effort and innovation, turning it into something worth leaving to your children?

If you are among the millions who who know that there is nobody who will come close to generating the enthusiasm, filling the stadiums, or bringing out the voters in 2012 like Sarah Palin will, this movement is for you. If you are among the millions who know that there is no other candidate with a proven track record and decades of experience doing exactly those things that most need to be done to save this nation as it trembles on the brink of Third World mediocrity, it’s time for you to act.

We will be Sarah Palin’s “Earthquake.” There is even a Facebook group started called Sarah Palin’s Earthquake. If you’re on Facebook go and sign up. Either way, get a postcard… or better still, get 50 postcards. Fill them out with this phrase:


Mail them to:
The Office of Sarah Palin
P.O. Box 871235
Wasilla, AK 99687

Let’s make absolutely certain that, at the end of the day, if Sarah doesn’t end up running for president in 2012, at the very least it will not be because she did not know how many of us would dearly love to see her and her amazing American family in our White House.

It remains impossible for me to reconcile how someone could be so sincere in their frequent praise of our troops and their willingness to leave even their lives on the battlefield in answer to the call of their country, and then for that same person to turn her back and walk away as her country cries out in its most desperate hour of life and death need. Quite frankly, that’s not the Sarah Palin I know and love.

Let’s make sure she knows it, too.

“Buck up or stay in the truck!”

“If you can’t ride two horses at once you probably shouldn’t join the circus.”

“Don’t retreat… RELOAD!!!”

~ Sarah Palin ~ 2011


  1. It may not work… in fact, it probably won't. But right now it's the only chance we have of getting her into the ring. Also, she promised a VERY unconventional campaign. While more remotely a liklihood still, this could be her way of staying out of the limelight for another month befor "giving in" to all the pressure to run. I mean, seriously: we have a Liberal posing as a Republican (Wrongney), a guy who wants Mexicans to have more rights than Americans (Perry), and a clueless guy who's proving to be more gaffe-tastic than Joe Biden (Cain). It couldn't look any more bleak…

  2. It remains impossible for me to reconcile how someone could be so sincere in their frequent praise of our troops and their willingness to leave even their lives on the battlefield in answer to the call of their country, and then for that same person to turn her back and walk away as her country cries out in its most desperate hour of life and death need.

  3. James, You’re delusional; she has explained in some detail the reasons for her decision, and your attempt to create a controversy about that is misguided and stupid. Mostly, the rest of us understand and respect her decision. Get over it and quit harrassing us with your painful, childish, disappointment whining! SHEEESH

    • This is not "my" movement. It is an effort conceived of by others, supported by tens of thousands of prayerful Christian patriots upon which I am reporting. I most assuredly do so as an advocate, as I believe in the cause. I am also a Christian who has stuggled mightily with following God's leading, and I know from vast personal experience that I sometimes make the "less difficult" decision at first, only to later realize that I wasn't following Him at all. If you don't want to be a part of this effort, then "Well done!," and God bless you. There's room in this world for all of us.

      • She promised us nothing. She spoke with this same God you claim to.
        They decided she leads in a different way for now.

  4. Are you out of your mind. Did you really just say "turn her back and walk away"? Are you a closet liberal? Spinning shit?

    Whatever, let the woman be.

    • You know, Vin, I feel your pain. No, I am not a Liberal. No, I am not "spinning sh't" either. This article is reporting on a movement and a cause in which I deeply and sincerely beileve. The article asks those of a like mind to join in. If you don't want to, or think the cause is errant, that is your right. Just as it is mine to do exactly what I'm doing. And, if the effort is part of God's will, it will succeed. If it is not, it won't. I can live with that. And, "Yes." I did indeed say, "turn her back and walk away." Which of us is stating the facts, and which of us is "spinning," Vin? Pretty sure "SarahPAC" wasn't intended to mean "Sarah~Potato, Armchair/Couch."

  5. No "Blog Pimping" ! If you have something to say, post it. Don't use my article to drum up "hits" for your personal blog. That is the height of uncool. Want to be cool? Send me some money! LOL

  6. I appreciate your thoughts, Anthony, and I have signed up on the Facebook page. You do need to make a correction to your post, however — Sarah made her announcement on Wednesday, October 5th.

    • I appreciate your kind words. The article does cite Wednesday, October 5 as the date she was on the Mark Levin show. Perhaps your computer screen isn't connected right or something. LOL, just having a bit of fun, please understand… I'm a kidder. 8^) _

  7. I listened to the whole deal Wednesday — twice. (Once on AM, once on XM). Sarah was at her very most eloquent. She was very clear that her priorities are God, family, country — "IN THAT ORDER." Sarah prays to the same God I do — and I trust that she heard Him right. If you have a bone to pick, it's not with Sarah, it's with God. GOD knows that looking for an earthly "savior" such as Sarah is a cop-out. He is letting America be tested, and WE MUST ALL STEP UP TO THE PLATE. There must be an ARMY of Sarahs. Do the American people have the will to SAVE THEMSELVES? If they don't, neither Sarah nor anybody else can do it for them.

    I also noted how Sarah kept using the first-person plural and the passive voice — rather than "I decided" or "I considered," it was always "WE decided" or "it was considered." This tells me that it was a group, FAMILY decision. It may very well be that Sarah was willing but her family was not. Sarah told Mark Levin very firmly and specifically, "FAMILY COMES FIRST."

    Although I cried and cried as I listened (and in the days afterward), I know deep down that she made the right decision. I firmly believe that SARAH PALIN is the reason we have a Republican majority in the House right now. Her endorsements and fund-raising feats are what put enough Tea Party conservatives over the top in their primaries and in the general election to create the biggest Republican landslide in many decades. She also gets credit for the record Republican sweep of governorships and state legislatures, and the narrowing of the Rep-Dem gap in the Senate. Sarah is THE conservative kingmaker. I believe she WILL affect next year's elections tremendously. I have already sent another donation to SarahPAC, because I am so very confident in her good judgment and political skills.

    I'm also encouraged by her comments toward the end, that she trusts that the right nominee will be elevated, that it will be someone who loves America and has "a servant's heart" — that most crucial element, which Sarah herself so clearly has.

    I stand very confidently behind everything I've written above. Now I will venture something a little shakier, that is strictly my personal, very subjective opinion. The minute Sarah said "servant's heart," the first person that came to my mind (after Sarah herself, of course) was ALLEN WEST.

    We shall see what happens. I totally expect the sh*t to hit the fan in the coming months — economic collapse, street riots, who-knows-what from the Middle East. In that unprecedented climate, anything could happen. I have long had this unsettling feeling that none of those people currently on the GOP debate stage is actually going to be the nominee — and that's precisely because everything is getting ready to be turned upside down. We'll be blessed to even HAVE elections next year at the rate things are going. You can be sure that Obama will do everything he can to prevent them from taking place. In that situation, a take-no-bullcrap retired Army colonel who is also a humble servant of the Lord, may be just the right person at the right time.

    But again: Even the most capable and inspiring leader can do nothing without WE THE PEOPLE. Are we ready?

  8. You know, I half way understand people who say "she's made up her mind and leave her alone!" But. the other half says that she's the one who ignited this fire. She would not have contemplated it for THREE YEARS if she hadn't thought it was feasible.

    That being said, of course we have to respect her choice. But there's far too much at stake to not even ask her one last time to reconsider.

    Even if she ran and lost the primary, she's set herself up for a future win as Reagan did in 1976 and 1980. More than anything, we need her voice there to hold the other candidates accountable.

  9. I remember when I got involved in politics in 2009, there was a common saying among all conservatives, “We must never again let the media pick our candidate.”

    Yet since then, conservatives have let the media pick which one should not be our candidate.
    Coincidentally, the same one that repeatedly stood up to the them, and won.

  10. A most interesting article from Free Republic poster 'Gargantua' (that IS your moniker on Free Republic isn't it Mr. James? The same 'Gargantua' who boasted of eluding law enforcement in this little gem?

    To: XXXinXX
    This case, and far too many others like it, are why I never even consider stopping for the cops. If I see the lights go on, I just nail the gas and take a circuitous route home. I've never been caught, and the felons with badges are just plain damn lucky they've never caught me.
    8 posted on Friday, July 08, 2011 7:55:25 PM by Gargantua ("Palin 2012 ~ Going Oval")

    You are a lawless and dangerous oaf and a hazard to society in general. Your fixation on Sarah Palin borders on, hell – make it CROSSES THE LINE into a psychiatric disorder. The lady decided not to run for President. You couldn't accept it. What you need is professional help. While you're pondering this (and madly trying to quickly delete this), here's another 'blast from the semi-past' that you posted in your alias over on Free Republic as 'Gargantua':

    "I am a founding member of the Tea Party in my area of New England, and I can tell you that our entire group is just waiting, patiently, for Sarah to decide when the time is right. We are generally intelligent and informed, and we know the myriad excellent reasons why Sarah is putting off announcing for as long as possible. Thus, we are not concerned, rather we applaud her exceptional campaign so far, and are happy to wait and watch as she continues to control the entire 2012 cycle with her elegant pinkie finger."

    You said you were "happy to wait and watch" but you are unable to accept her decision. Your insane rantings both here (defacing the Tea Party Tribune) and on Free Republic where you excel only in obnoxious and offensive behavior only prove beyond doubt that you are a complete social misfit, and if Sarah Palin had wanted to find a reason NOT to run, all she had to do was say "I'm not about to run for President with nutcases like Anthony James aka 'Gargantua' (yes, Sarah knows too, I sent her the memo) giving me 'support', those people need to get a life!"

    Fortunately Sarah Palin wisely sought God's counsel in prayer, and she isn't likely to take YOUR foolish advice which if she were to follow, would mean she was ignoring and disobeying the very God >YOU< claim to be devoutly dedicated to. But no matter.

    Mr Anthony 'Gargantua' James? You have been outed. Not that you ever had the wherewithal to really put your puffed up ego under wraps to avoid detection, you are the antithesis of all things conservative. You have no manners, you are rude and crude, you accuse those who disagree with you of being all kinds of human scum, up to and including pedophiles, you are a stain on all things conservative and it's time somebody stripped the bark off of you, you pathetic little bastard.

    Enjoy the upcoming week.

  11. I am a member of the Tea Party, A Born again Christian and Baptist by denomination. I hope that Sarah does decide to run in that we need a new breed of politician! We need someone that is a Christian and a believer in the Constitution which was orchestrated through Godly Men who gave their lives and/or fortunes to establish our Country! Turning our country is going to be a masterful task to say the least! Obama is a malignant disease that is contagious and it is going to take someone who is close to our God to turn this country around! I am afraid that many of us will have to give it all to turn around all that has happened! And that is certain as I write this! Why our Generals have not formed a coup to give us a breather is beyond my understanding! I am one that will say personally that of the men in the polls I would not trust one of them! Not one! And we are going to need someone that can stay the course, bring all of the true Americans to become a cohesive unit and keep the Constitution as it is! Obama has laid a groundwork to overthrow our government and bring UN troops into America! And to let his stay in office is a terrible error of judgement! Someone has to speak out before Obama stops the swearing in of the new Congress! This is close to being like the Nazi's took over Germany!