TEA Party vs Flea Party



© 2011 by Anthony James

If ever there was a “case in point” example of the unspeakably fraudulent media bias in favor of everything and anything liberal, this is it. Especially when viewed through the lens of fairness and objectivity, which for centuries had been a hallmark of honest and honorable reportage, the current fawning and drooling over the miscreants befouling our city streets by the Lamestream Misledia is the most concrete proof possible that our once vaunted Fourth Estate is totally bankrupt. Morally and ethically bankrupt.

Hundreds of thousands of TEA Partiers on a number of occasions have marched on DC and congregated on the Mall with no arrests, no damage to personal property, and a national monument absolutely pristine left in their responsible and undeniably classy wake. The media’s response to this unlikely gathering of so massive a congregation leaving not even a single gum wrapper on the lawn?

As though they were singing in a Mitch Miller rehearsed chorus line, we were regaled with media accusations of being, “Racists!” and “Ignorant rednecks!” We want Old people, women and children to “die in the streets.” And, of course, my personal favorites, we caused the “Housing Bubble” and the “Standard and Poors credit downgrade.” Whenever a liberal is embarrassed by the disasterous outcome of their own actions, they just blame it on the conservatives.

Yes, this and much worse have been the Misledia’s mantras for reporting on the single-largest and most powerful grassroots movement in the United States of America since the American Revolution. The TEA Party is all of this and more.

Now hold that picture of The TEA Party up next to the one of the drugged out hippie with his pants around his knees in the middle of the street, crapping on a police car. Or the two wasteoids lying on the sidewalk wrapped in a sleeping bag amidst piles of rubbish, refuse, and human waste as they languish in public postcoital bliss. And how does the media report on this misfit collection of human filth?

Why, they’re the best thing to come along since Mother Theresa. Hollywood’s illuminati are in awe. Even president Obama acknowledges and empathizes with their message… whatever the hell that is.

Try to imagine John Boehner walking through this crowd carrying a large gavel, arm in arm with a gathering of Jewish bankers and Newport millionaires. Do you think we would have to make up a concocted story about “someone in the crowd” screaming “Kike!” and spitting on one of the bankers? No, probably not.

This assemblage of human garbage is interchangeably apoplectic, anti-semitic, anti-American, and not infrequently extremely violent with their spittle flecked shrieking. But the point of this article is not to state yet again that this entire (bowel) movement is little more than a waste of perfectly good oxygen. The point of this article is to join the Lamestream Misledia in comparing The TEA Party and what I like to refer to as “The Flea Party.” Those who as a result of their despicably twisted agenda would deign to pretend that there is any actual resemblance between the two are merely foisting upon the public more of their vile dishonesty; the same disingenuousness employed when feigning that there is anything unseemly about The TEA Party, or anything remotely honorable about the “Fleabaggers.”

One of the favorite canards of the endangered Left is that there is no absolute right or wrong anymore, there’s just your opinion versus my opinion. No black and white, just varying shades of gray. Of course, it is only through such blatant obfuscation of the facts that the endangered Left gets away with most of their shenanigans. The truth of the matter is that in fairly short order, we will be able to tell which, if either, of these movements has any real power or ability to achieve what might be their goals.

Notwithstanding that the elections in November of 2010 already made it abundantly clear that The TEA party is eminently capable of affecting positively its desired outcomes. We are in a little over a year coming up on yet another quite signal election. If the media’s newest most favoritest best buddies, The Flea Party, have any real “juice,” it should be apparent when they either make a serious dent in, or completely overthrow the recently acquired Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

Similarly, if these screeching colostomy bags have any serious “vig,” president Obama will definitely win a second term with no problem. The Misledia is telling us that this pack of snot-nosed handout seekers is the equivalent of The TEA Party. I happen to think that the Misledia is merely living up to the name I gave them; they are yet again trying to mislead the public with their blatantly liberal garbage.

This entire Occupy Wall Street movement is nothing but a carefully orchestrated ploy to deflect attention away from president Obama’s miserable performance in handling our current budget crisis as the 2012 general election looms larger and larger in the windshield of that Canadian-built bus he’s traveling around the country in, illegally campaigning on the taxpayers dime. But that’s okay.

Neither he nor his rump swabs in the media are fooling anybody but themselves. One year from this coming November will bring a resounding repudiation of everything this disastrously empty suit of a president, his complicitly corrupt cabal of Misledia toe suckers, and this ridiculous crop of homeless street-dwellers-in-training currently decorating the gutters of our cities as befits their slovenly ilk have to offer in the way of “ideas.”

While the media struggles to find common ground between us and The Flea Party, it is actually the finest pinnacle of sweet irony that The TEA Party leaves our gathering sites cleaner than we find them, while these imbeciles are spending their wasted days and pointless nights sautéing in their own rancid waste and refuse. Quite frankly, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.


  1. I know, why don't I say what I really mean, right? This is nothing less than the TEA Party fighting for all that is America at her finest, and the Fleabaggers doing everything they can to destroy her. This is a war for the nation we love. It is some considerable comfort that the forces aligned against us are such inarguable losers. I was actually concerned until I saw some of the interviews with these drooling inbreds. If push comes to shove, just remember… we're sober, we're smart, and most of all, we're the side that believes in owning guns. 'Nuff said.