Occupy Wall Street Protestors Interrupt Michele Bachmann Speech

OWS protest Michele Bachmann

OWS protest Michele Bachmann

Source: The Blaze.com

by Billy Hallowell

An awkward situation unfolded this afternoon when Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was speaking aboard the USS Yorktown in Virginia. While delivering a foreign policy address, her speech was co-opted by Occupy Wall Street protestors.

About 10 minutes into her talk, Bachmann left the stage under police escorts after between 20 and 30 protestors stood up and bean chanting in an effort to derail her speech. In typical Zuccotti-Park style, they used their “human megaphone” methodology, where one person shouts and everyone else changes what he or she is saying. Reading from a script, they chanted:

“This will only take a minute… You capitalize on dividing Americans / claiming people that disagree with you / are unpatriotic socialists / and you promote discrimination.”

Here’s some footage of the incident:


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