“But Who Shall Guard The Guards…?”


“Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes…”
(But who shall guard the guards…?)

© 2011 by Anthony James, All Rights Reserved

We are just five days away from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America,” proclaimed soon-to-be president Barack Hussein Obama to the borderline hysterically swooning clot of starry eyed, thought devoid lemmings.

In the relative and unprecedented vacuum of any actual background information on the man who would be King, it wasn’t easy for the attendant mass of humanity to know for certain what he meant with this utterance. Given the way the left leaning media and the Beltway Democrats had spent the last seven years pummeling Pres. George W. Bush for everything from leaves falling off of trees in autumn to that little light flashing on their dashboards, reminding them it’s time for an oil change, it was an easy enough assumption to make to believe that Obama merely meant that his administration would differ greatly from the one it replaced.

Had the general public known at the moment that Barry gave this speech that he was actually making known his intention to destroy America’s economic structure, start a class war between the inner city and hard-working, well-to-do Americans, and shred our Constitution line by line destroying our Free-Market Republic and replacing it with a Big Brother/Big Government Gulag, the strong chance exists that he would not have won the election less than a week later.

Hindsight being 20-20, three years into this disaster’s first term it is much easier to recognize the dire implications of exactly what he meant. Since before the turn of the 20th century, our constitutional Republic has been threatened by a socialist push from within; an emerging “ruling class” of progressive neo-communists chipping away at our God-given liberties and founding-documents-established form of limited government. While the more obvious among them occur most frequently in the Democrat Party and the more subversive of them hide behind the alleged conservatism of the GOP, the only real difference is whether their game plan calls for boiling the frog openly and quickly or slowly and more sub rosa.

None of which justifies the rampant, in your face criminality of the Obama administration and his Eric-Holder-led Department of Justice as laid bare by recent revelations regarding operations “Gunrunner” and “Fast and Furious.” Last night, CBS News went public with documentation explaining that operation “Gunrunner” and “Fast and Furious” were schemes concocted to gin up anti-firearms sentiment throughout the country, in order to pave the way for removing from the American people their existing right to own and bear arms.

It will still be some time before most of the facts surrounding this diabolical treason are made public, if indeed they ever are. The hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars spent in the furtherance of this despicable treachery most certainly can and will buy many silenced voices, as well as plenty of stooges willing to fall on their own swords in order to deflect as much of the stench of this as possible away from Obama, Holder, Clinton, et al.

None of which changes the fact that we have the most openly criminal and obviously anti-American traitor for president in the history of this great nation. Our laws demand that the executive uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies. It is unlikely mere coincidence that the chief law enforcement official in the United States also happens to be Hussein’s head ‘hood homie, Holder.

Even as I sit and write this scathingly truthful account of the horrific damage being done our sovereign republic by those elected and appointed to protect and defend her, minions of this deceitfully revisionist cabal are scurrying from one network news microphone to the next insisting that, “Our capitalist system obviously doesn’t work. Just look at the mess we’re in…” They forget to mention how Barry and the Democrats have orchestrated every jot and tittle of this downtrend, from the collapse of the Housing Bubble to the trillions wasted since he usurped our Oval Office.

The fact of the matter is that America’s constitutionally limited form of government combined with our free-market capitalist system created the same middle-class that Obama has set out to destroy with his socialist policies. This same recipe for success has resulted in what the world knows as “The American Dream.” It created a nation strong and wealthy enough to save the entire world from global tyranny twice in the last century alone. The combined wealth, innovation and generosity of the American people have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild impoverished nations, send food and medicine to the sick and dying around the globe, and contributed more to the commonweal of mankind in the last two centuries than have all of the countries in the world combined since the beginning of time before us. When Hussein says that, “Americans are proud of America, just like Greeks are proud of Greece,” (implying that the notion of American Exceptionalism is either just a universal nationalistic penchant, or a mythical misnomer…) he neglects to mention these facts which prove our Manifest Destiny, our God-given uniqueness as the greatest nation in all of history.

Yet President Hussein and his acolytes would have us believe that this is a somehow fatally flawed system that not only simply does not work… but we are also asked to accept on its face that this empty suited. narcissistic popinjay has a much better plan that we should just trust him to substitute because he says so.

Such hubris alone deserves impeachment even if the bum were not the most treasonous criminal in this nations history.

Whether this nation rises up in justifiable outrage and forcibly removes him from our White House in handcuffs, or whether we keep our cool and just vote his butt back out onto the street next November doesn’t really make much difference. Either way, he’s got to go. He deserves to be charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for treason against America during wartime.

Looking at the bright side, we have Hussein Obama and his brazen socialist divisiveness to thank for the rise of The Tea Party, the Republican led House of Representatives, and the fact that for the first time in nearly half a century, more people polled across America self identify as conservatives than as liberals.

Thank you, Hussein. You can go now… but don’t leave the country. We might need you to answer some questions here soon.

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