We will Fluke No More

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

A caller to my Friday radio show (a woman and libertarian) asked if Sandra Fluke was training for the law or work in a bordello.  What’s the difference?  Without taxpayer funded contraception, Sandra Fluke no more.  I’m told President Obama had no trouble tracking down her telephone number.  It’s on every men’s room wall in Washington.  When news of the call broke, Obama himself received a telephone call.  Bill Clinton wanted Sandra’s number.

Rarely have I ever had a first hour of talk radio quite like today’s experience.  Every incoming line was flashing.  I host a testosterone driven program but the number of calls from women of all ages caught me by surprise.  Some of these women were first time callers.  On most controversies I get calls from angry liberals and I found none today defending Miss Fluke.  Have mainstream media and elected liberal politicians overplayed their hands?  Shoot, until the waning weeks of the 2010 campaigns they refused to believe the rest of the country wasn’t comprised of hemp clothing wearing, Volvo driving, cabernet sipping fellow travelers.  If you people think we were pushed over the edge two years ago you aint seen nothin’ yet!

Most Americans have a live and let live philosophy.  It doesn’t mean they want to pay for someone else’s rubbers, hold hands with homosexuals or praise the Mad Hatter-in-Chief for apologizing to the enemy.

My, Lord!  Brave young Americans are dying on battlefields and the mainstream media insists a young woman who can’t keep her pants on is the true hero.  What in blazes is wrong with this picture?  You listen to the liberal echo chamber at places like MSDNC and wonder what universe much less what country mainstream media resides.  Eugene “Marvin the Martian” Robinson, Chris “Martin Prince” Matthews and the ruggedly handsome Jonathan Capehart insist the country has grown much more liberal.  At the same time polls show more and more Americans opposed to infanticide.  Clearly, these media heavyweights don’t get out much.  Matthews claims to be a dedicated Catholic.  I seriously hope so because as I hear it, his family may be in need of prison ministry.

Speaking of Catholicism, a commentary this week at Real Catholic TV suggests Mitt Romney benefited in Michigan from early voting by mail, however.  On Primary Day, Rick Santorum was the big winner of the votes cast.  Have you heard the same from mainstream media?  Why not, is there a specific agenda at work?  Santorum also scores very well among Evangelical Protestants.  Very, very well and while church attendance isn’t what it once was a people too lazy to worship won’t show up on Election Day.

I recently read the Charles Murray book, Coming Apart, and while I don’t think Santorum’s politics match Murray’s libertarianism it’s clear Santorum is the only Presidential candidate willing to explain immorality and cultural rot are costing taxpayers the future.  How long can you care for tens of millions of unwed moms and their kids?  I guess it’s why the other side promotes baby killing and the pill, which are also a windfall for the pharmaceutical giants and potentially big pharma lubes the Democrat National Committee.

The voting public understands this, which is why mainstream media and its master in the White House are willing to silence dissent.  The politically correct speech police know what’s at stake.  This country remains the United States and filled with self-reliant people who don’t need big government instructing them in living or it becomes Argentina, writ large.  Filled with a compliant and cowed people fearing any outburst will result in the taking of their rice bowls.  My experience with liberals is they are mainly cowards.  They threaten with institutions and when they can exclusively make the rules.  Individually they’re still the brown nose kid getting kicked into the playground mud.  When they threaten us we need respond.  When they threaten Limbaugh with boycotts we respond in kind.  We demand advertisers abandon them.  We tell them we won’t cooperate and we close ranks and charge.

Anyone with me?


  1. Bill, oh poor Bill, you are about to find out how out of date, out of touch, and out of class you are. At the time of this writing, seven (7) advertisers had left the Rush Limbaugh show, Rush had retracted his words, apologized–as weak as the apology was–and millions of people are listening to the news, broadcasts and blogosphere of outrage that Rush unwittingly started. By backing him, you will also experience the outrage.
    Count among those full of testosterone–yes I am a male–that are outraged at the words of ignorance of radio show hosts.