Attorneys General Join Forces to Call Into Account Illegal Obama Administration Violations



MEMO:          A Report on Obama Administration Violations of Law
FROM:           Attorneys General Tom Horne, Arizona; Pam Bondi, Florida; Sam Olens, Georgia; Bill Schuette, Michigan; Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma; Marty Jackley, South Dakota; Alan Wilson, South Carolina; Greg Abbott, Texas; Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia
DATE:            March 5, 2012



As chief legal officers of the states and commonwealths, attorneys general are the last line of defense against an increasingly overreaching federal government.  Attorneys general have a duty to uphold the laws of their respective states and uphold the U.S. and state constitutions.

One of the ways in which attorneys general protect the integrity of state laws and constitutions is by carefully reviewing the actions of the federal government and responding when they break the law or overstep the bounds of the Constitution.

Federalism is the division of authority between the federal and state governments that the Founding Fathers created to provide a check on federal power so that the federal government would not become destructive of the very liberty it was instituted to protect.

While some naïvely argue that the Constitution should “evolve” due to the fact that our Founders could not have foreseen the issues faced by our country today, they forget that the Founders faced tyranny firsthand and understood it well.  This led to the creation of a Constitution that relies on limited government, precisely to protect our citizens from today’s unprecedented overstepping of the “division of authority.”

The Landscape

While each Attorney General has policy disagreements with the Obama Administration, those disagreements are not what serve as the basis for this effort.  For example, this Administration makes many decisions and takes numerous actions that Republican attorneys general find politically ignorant or flawed from a policy standpoint.  However, that does not make those decisions or actions illegal.  The purpose of this report is to outline actions taken by this Administration that are violations of law.

The obvious example is a federal health care overhaul, passed against the will of the majority of Americans and more importantly in violation of the Constitution, which is now being challenged by more than half of the states.

While the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has received the most attention, it serves as a representation of a much larger picture that demonstrates the continued disdain for the Constitution and laws shown by the Obama Administration.

Through the collective review by a committee of Attorneys General from nine of the 50 states, the group identified more than 21 illegal actions from this Administration and is highlighting the effects of the federal overreach on our citizens and states.

The Impact

Whether it is through the EPA, NLRB, Office of Surface Mining, FCC or other entities, the Obama Administration has aggressively used administrative agencies to implement policy objectives that cannot gain congressional approval and are outside of the law.

In Florida, a state with one of the most aggressive and innovative water quality protection programs in the country, the EPA chose to impose its own costly, unprecedented and unscientific numeric nutrient criteria.  The estimated impact the EPA’s rules would impose was dramatic, including billions of dollars in compliance costs, significant spikes in utility bills and the loss of thousands of jobs.  The Florida Attorney General’s Office sued the EPA and two weeks ago prevailed when a federal judge in Tallahassee threw out the costliest of the EPA’s rules, the one governing Florida’s streams and rivers.  In doing so, the judge found the EPA’s rules were not based on sound science and that the agency had failed to prove that its rule would prevent any harm to the environment – in other words, the EPA was found to have violated the law.

In South Carolina, the NLRB’s recess-appointed, unconfirmed general counsel threatened to sue the state for guaranteeing a secret ballot in union elections, despite 83 percent of South Carolinians voting for an amendment for such action.  When South Carolina was joined by three other states in mounting a vigorous defense, the NLRB backed down but turned their attention to Boeing, a private company and corporate citizen of South Carolina, telling the employer where they could or could not locate facilities.  Again – after a high-profile fight – the NLRB backed down in their complaint against Boeing, but only after the company and the union worked through an agreement.

In Arizona, voters passed a referendum requiring that individuals registering to vote show evidence that they are citizens.  Over 90 percent of the population can satisfy this simply by writing down a driver’s license number or naturalization number.  The less than 10 percent of those who do not have these numbers are able to register by mailing a copy of a birth certificate, passport, Indian registration number or similar documentation.  The Obama Administration argued against Arizona in the Ninth Circuit and a decision is yet to be made.

In Oklahoma, the EPA illegally usurped Oklahoma’s authority in the Clean Air Act to determine the state’s own plan for addressing sources of emissions by imposing a federal implementation plan.  The federal plan goes beyond the authority granted to the EPA in the Clean Air Act and will result in a $2 billion cost to install technology needed to complete the EPA plan and a permanent increase of 15-20 percent in the cost of electricity.  The Obama Administration is fighting Oklahoma’s appeal, which was filed in  the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The ongoing fight over the individual mandate and these four state examples serve as only a representation of the more than 21 Obama Administration violations that attorneys general are fighting against.

Taking Action

What these nine Attorneys General have collectively confirmed is that this Administration repeatedly shows disdain for states, federal laws it finds inconvenient, the Constitution and the courts.

With the release of this report, and its extensive list of transgressions, two principles are abundantly clear:

  • This group of nine Attorneys General will grow and continue to serve as a de facto “task force,” assisting when possible to defend state laws and identifying “best practices” and legal arguments to fight back against the Obama Administration’s illegalities in a more cohesive and effective manner;
  • The next election is critically important and as the states’ chief legal officers, the attorneys general will make a concerted effort to educate their states’ voters on the impacts that the Obama Administration’s legal violations have on their every day lives.

Regardless of party, when Washington politicians fail to adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law, state attorneys general become the last line of defense against an overreaching federal government.

List of Violations

  • FCC: Regulation of the Internet in the face of a court order from Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington D.C. stating that the FCC does not have the power to regulate the Internet
  • PPACA: Individual Mandate; To be heard by Supreme Court of the United States in March
  • EPA 1: GHG lawsuit; EPA’s own Inspector General reported last September that EPA failed to comply with its own data standards; Heard in Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington D.C. in February
  • OSM: Attempting to impose regulatory requirements on the 19 states with authority for exclusive regulation of their coalmines for the first time in more than 30 years
  • NLRB: Boeing; Engaged in unprecedented behavior as described by former Chairmen under both Presidents Bush (43) and Clinton; behavior is best exemplified in South Carolina where the Board tried to muzzle over 80 percent of state voters who supported a secret ballot amendment to the South Carolina Constitution and attempted unsuccessfully to tell an employer in the state where they can and cannot base manufacturing facilities
  • EPA: Florida Water; EPA’s numeric nutrient criteria pre-empted Florida standards; U.S. District Judge upheld the state’s site-specific alternative criteria for streams and rivers
  • EPA: Texas Air; TX filed lawsuit challenging Cross-State Air Pollution Rules; application rule to TX was particularly dubious because state was included in the regulation at the last minute and without an opportunity to respond to the proposed regulation; regulation was based on a dubious claim that air pollution from TX affected a single air-quality monitor in Granite City, Illinois more than 500 miles and three states away from Texas
  • EPA: Oklahoma Air; EPA illegally usurped Oklahoma’s authority in the Clean Air Act to determine the state’s own plan for addressing sources of emissions that affect visibility, by imposing a federal implementation plan; Federal plan goes beyond the authority granted to the EPA in the Clean Air Act and will result in $2 billion in cost to install technology needed to complete the EPA plan, and a permanent increase of 15-20 percent in the cost of electricity; Obama Administration is fighting Oklahoma’s appeal, which was filed in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • HHS: Religious Liberty; HHS mandated religious entities such as Catholic, Baptist and Jewish schools and churches be required to provided medical services they find unconscionable to their employees; President attempted to compromise with an “accommodation” in name only that required insurance companies to provide the services for free to the religious organization employees; Accommodation made matters worse as many religious-base hospitals and schools are self-insurers; Seven Attorneys General filed suit to protect religious liberty and oppose the HHS mandate
  • DOJ: South Carolina & Voting Rights Act: Rejecting voter ID statutes that are similar to those already approved by the Supreme Court of the United States; DOJ ignored section 8 of the Voting Rights Act which calls for protections against voter fraud, and used section 5 to administratively block measures to protect the integrity of elections passed by state legislatures in preclearance states including South Carolina; South Carolina voter ID law merely requires a voter to show photo identification in order to vote or to complete an affidavit at the pain of perjury if the voter does not have a photo ID
  • DOJ: Arizona & Voting Rights Act: Rejecting voter ID statutes that are similar to those already approved by the Supreme Court of the United States
  • DOJ: Arizona Immigration; In violation of 10th Amendment, federal government to sue to prevent AZ from using reasonable measures to discourage illegal immigration within Arizona’s borders; Affects Arizona because state has a large percentage, compared to other states, of illegal immigrants and need to be able to act to reduce the number
  • DOJ: Alabama Immigration; The DOJ challenged Alabama’s immigration reform laws after parts were “green lighted” by a federal judge; DOJ appealed the ruling; parts of the AL case have been struck down in various federal courts; specific provisions of the law include collection of the immigration status of public school students, businesses must use E-Verify, prohibition of illegal immigrants receiving public benefits; the provision requiring immigrants to always carry alien registration cards; allowance of lawsuits by state citizens who do not believe public officials are enforcing the law
  • DOJ: South Carolina Immigration; DOJ challenged South Carolina’s immigration reform laws that are very similar to the AZ which is scheduled to appear before the United States Supreme Court; SC case will be heard by the 4th Circuit soon there after as the 4th Circuit granted SC motion to extend the filing time until after the US Supreme Court issues an Opinion in AZ
  • Congressional: “Recess” appointments to NLRB (three) and CFPB (one)
  • EEOC: Hosanna Tabor (MI); Sought to reinstate a minister who was discharged for her disagreement with the religious doctrine of the church
  • DOE: Yucca Mountain; In 2009, Administration arbitrarily broke federal law and derailed the most studied energy project in American history when DOE announced intent to withdraw 8,000 page Yucca Mountain licensing application with prejudice; SC and Washington State filed suit, as a result, contesting the unconstitutional action; American people have paid more than $31 billion (including interest) through percentages of electric rate fees towards the project and taxpayers have footed an addition $200 million in legal feeds and over $2 billion in judgments against the DOE for breaking contracts associated with Yucca Mountain
    1. DOI: Glendale Casino (AZ); Glendale is a violation because the Federal Government is forcing a family-oriented town, Glendale, to become another Las Vegas against its will.  Essentially, the Federal Government has granted ‘reservation status’ to a 54-acre plot in the same town, where the Tohono O’odham Nation plans to build a resort and casino.

We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term. 3,126 Letters and Emails Sent So Far



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  1. Talk is cheap. When I see those attorney generals challenging Obama's actions in court, I will believe it.

    • When Christian men and women join forces together to stand for the freedom and liberties of those they govern, it is not cheap talk. It is a big step that they dared to take to stand for those they represent. In light of all the violations Obama has done against the American people, including taking away our Constitutional rights, that all those who oppose Him will be killed, these brave, intelligent American men are setting their lives on the line and those of their families. Seeing is not believing. Praying and believing that their actions will bring Obama into justice, and protection to these men and women and to all Americans, should be our concern. This is what shows our heart and brings us all together to fight for the legacy our forefathers left us to protect our liberty. Obama is heading in huge strides toward a Totalitarian system if we let him. Bravo to these 9 Attorney Generals who have dared to challenge and bring to justice that criminal!!!

  2. Outstanding article and very well done. Thank you for a very informative and enlightening piece. You guys are my hero's. Keep up the great work, working on the front lines for freedom.

  3. If Medicare and Social Security are not unconstitutional, then why is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unconstitutional? Are you sure this is not just one more example of the obstructionist politics that are destroying this country? Obama won the election fair and square, and yes, elections do make a difference. Instead of trying to always fight and destroy our president, it would be nice to see republicans try to find some common ground and try to solve the very real problems the country faces. I worry the republican party will soon become irrelevant because of its winner take all tactics and its refusal to accept that Obama won the election. If republicans don't like his policies, there is a solution–put up a better candidate who can beat him. That's the way a successful democracy works, not by filing lawsuits against the candidate who won.

    • Unfortunately Todd, we are not a Democracy. Do you know the difference?
      Didn't think so.
      And no need to worry about the Republican party becoming irrelevant. The young people do have to grow up and then we will have more supporters.

      • Many of them have already seen the Light, they have formed a group called Resistance 44, which is recruiting people on the Internet to use the Alternative News Media, Twitter, Facebook and other sites to inform their fellows that what they are being spoon fed by Main Stream Media is nothing short of Lies, distortion and halftruths. Today their membership has surpassed 2.5 million citizens in the age group 18-40 years old. Way to go kids.

    • Although it has already been stated, I will say so again. The United States of America is not a democracy. We are a Republic.

    • Todd, You obviuosly suffer from a severe case of Liberalism.. If you can overcome this affliction, You will be able to open your senses and look around at the continuing damage Obama is doing to our Country. He grows Government to overtake private enterprise. He spends our tax dollars with no accountability. He money launders, He attacks Christianity, His personal associations are confimed terrorists, He show allegiance to our enemies, He has sent millions of our tax dollars to Hesballah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. (All sworn enemies of the US) This alone, Is Treasonous according to our Constitution. He attacks our Constitution. This list can go on. He is committed to the destruction of our Country. Wake Up Todd, and help save your Country!!!

    • Todd,
      I completely agree with you on Social Security and Medicare, but not in the same way you look at it. I feel they should be removed because it is unconstitutional. Social Security is the biggest ponzi scheme in the world and it has been used by politicians to gain votes. When the Republicans disagree it's called be obstructionist. I would say The Senate has demonstrated obstructionist politics, they can't develop a budget and any budget brought to them from the House isn't even considered because they don't like it. Don't get me wrong, both these parties suck and are failures, I just find it amazing there are still people out there that haven't awakened to this fact yet. We aren't a Democracy either. Stop watching Oprah.

    • "For those who understand, no explanation is needed.
      For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible."

      Be proud! It's people with YOUR mentality that gives birth to these words of wit!

    • You just don't get the big picture, do you…this isn't about republicans and democrats. It's about a president tearing apart this country and it's constitution. His objective is to destroy this country

    • Todd, there are many things that have come out of U.S. government that are unConstitutional, in that it over reaches it’s powers beyond those delegated to it by the Constitution.

      Article 10, Bill of Rights: “Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      The US Government DOES NOT have the powers to “provide” for the general welfare of the people. Those powers were left to the “States respectively, or to the people.” Problem is that the people and the states have been surrendering said powers to the US Government for too long. And by surrendering those powers, we’ve also been surrendering our liberties.

      Government can not fix what ailes this country, only the people can do that. It starts with the people fixing themselves by readopting self-reliance, self-determination, personal responsibility, and self-motivation.

      Are we ready to take back OUR POWEARS?

    • WHAT part of the world do YOU LIVE IN? REPUBLICANS "Winner take all"? The GOP was NOT allowed in the ROOM when Ovomit care was FORCED on Americans–2/3 of which HATE the Law (You probably don't because you probably think everyone else should work to pay YOUR way) EACH and EVERY thing listed IS AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION. As for Ovomit winning "Fair and square" I guess you forgot all the cartoon characters, mental patients and deceased people that voted for him huh? NOT to mention the INTIMIDATION by the black panthers.
      By the way—WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY! WE ARE A REPUBLIC! EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE DIFFERENCE and MAYBE you will SEE that the vocal FEW have NO RIGHT to force their views on the REST of Americans. IF you don't LIKE our Constitution, I suggest YOU move to Russia or China and see how you like the way THEY live, because that is EXACTLY what Ovomit and his CROOKED admin are trying to do to the USA.

      • What are you raving about, the repul were asked time and again to partiapate, and only would go on about the crap, educate your self.

    • I think the lawsuits are being filed because unlike Britain you have a constitution which means the president and government cannot make laws and rules outside their powers and legal boundaries. That is something impossible in my country and as a result are way further away from democracy but Obama is taking you down the same road. Thank goodness there is a means to attempt to deal with it officially there and if he is as wonderful as you believe then he'll have nothing to worry about will he?

    • With all the reports of voter fraud and illegal actions at the polling places, I am not sure Obama won the election “fair and square”. And I am not sure the Medicare and Social Security are constitutional. Please keep in mind the great progressive FDR threatened the Supreme Court when they told him many of his actions were unconstitutional. To their dishonor they backed down. As for what Obama wants, he wants a socialist economy which only works with 1 of 3 types of government. Which would you chose, the Fascist government under Mussolini, the Marxist government under Stalin or the National Socialist government of Hitler? And which do you think Obama wants?

    • Fair and square? Wow, have you ever swallowed the koolaide. Obama STOLE the 2008 elections with voter faud, inimidation, threats and even murder. Don’t believe it? Google “Dial O for Murder,” and watch for yourself. Hilary actually should have been the Democratic candidate, although I didn’t want her either, but a little threats and coersion in the right places always helps.

    • Todd…Don't concern yourself . Yes, Obama actually did win the election. Enough people voted him into office. However, just because someone is elected does not mean they are above the law. But lets look at this in another perspective. Say you live in Podunk, USA and the population is composed of 51 percent of murderers. Does that mean that if this 51 percent elects a murderer as the Mayor of Podunk that murder will now be legal in Podunk? I think that even if the new Mayor decrees that murder is now legal in Podunk; That would be an illegal decree. Get the picture?
      I am just a little bit sick and tired of the good ole Democratic Party knowing how to run my life better than me. As for the "common ground" phrase you offered. You are either pregnant or you or not. You are either Free … or not. There is NO Compromise between Freedom and Marxism. And…btw….we live in a REPUBLIC. Not a "democracy".

  4. Todd,
    Unlike Medicare and Social Security which is a tax, the individual mandate forces the individual to purchase an insurance product. By government or otherwise, that is unconstitutional. Because in that mandate includes a blanket coverage of morally objectionable policies, such as contraception. It also leaves the door open to other mandated coverage’s such as gender reassignment, forced abortions and sterilizations. And who knows, government assisted suicide! All of which violates the establishment clause in the First Amendment.

    But like Medicare and Social Security, once the state takes over one-sixth of the economy with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and its eventual ballooning into a spiraling money pit of entitlements, we can expect to be just like Greece in the very near future. Keep in mind that Medicare and Social Security already consumes two-thirds of the economy in entitlements.

  5. Kini and all concerned: I am smiling now. I cannot believe my buddy Todd from the Left Coast actually had the courage to come into this boiling Tea Pot. Just so you all know, Todd is actually an Attorney from the left side of America and that is in more ways than one. Welcome Todd, and you had better pull up your suspenders if you plan on coming into the group and spewing Pelosi. These guys and gals are tough as nails and they will give it back to you in spades. Good luck my friend when you debate this crowd. Be nice to Todd though, he is a nice guy, just a bit left of center and his opinions are usually well thought out and well stated. Should be fun reading all this.

    • If Todd is an attorney, he's a lousy one. Only a lousy attorney, such as oblahblah or your friend here, think we are a Democracy. They're the same kinds of people that think that if the SCOTUS overturns the individual mandate, that would be a *first*. sigh…………………

      • According to Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution we are a Constitutional Republic. It states quite clearly: The United States shall gurantee to every state in this union a Republican form of government. Try reading the Constitution Todd, which a real lawyer should do before relying on the Liberal Law Professors to tell them what it means. And yes I do have a Degree it is Criminal Justice, and I am the only enlisted man in the history of the United States Army to teach Constitutional Law for Police to both the US Army Military Police Commissioned Officer Basic Course and Advanced Course when the school was still at Fort McCellan AL.

          • If you think that then I would suggest you read James Madison's Federalist Paper Number 10, and Jefferson statement that "A Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people can tell the other 49% what rights they have." In a Constitutional Republic the Rights of all are protected by the Majority. Where as in a Democracy you only have the rights that the mob (majority) say you have.

          • Well you know what, chum? I suggest that YOU read Federalist #10 because you're making up that quote. Madison did not write that. Why do righties always imagine they can just make stuff up as they go along?

            Hint: Madison was writing about PURE democracy in Fed 10. A pure democracy is one in which everyone is part of every decision. A constitutional republic such as the US is another form of democracy, in which we elect representatives to make our decisions. It's called representative democracy. I suggest you head back to civics class.

          • I just finished a Course in American Government here in Colorado in College, and I got a 4.0 grade from a very Liberal Professor. If you had read what I wrote you would have seen that I said JEFFERSON'S STATEMENT THAT: "A DEMOCRACY IS NOTHING MORE THAN MOB RULE, WHERE 51% OF THE PEOPLE CAN TELL THE OTHER 49% WHAT RIGHTS THEY HAVE." I did not attribute that to Madison, but to Thomas Jefferson. When a 51% approval vote can change a state law to favor anyone group then that is a tyranny of the majority, which is exactly what Jefferson was referring to in his statement. As Jefferson said we are a Republic with a democratic twist, and when Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government the convention had created he stated "A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT." The concept that the US was a Democracy comes from two sources, the first being a two volume book written by a Frenchman Alexis de Tourquville, titled "Democracy in America," written in 1824 and even he in later life admitted that he had never read the Constitution of the United States, the Second came from Franklin D Roosevelt, this was in an attempt to equate the Democratic Party to the concept of Democracy to fool the many immigrants from Europe who were at that time allowed to vote as new citizens. Which is indecently how Roosevelt got elected to four terms in the White House and is also the reason we now have term limits on the office of the President, via the 22nd Amendment.

          • You need a refund on your tuition then. There is no evidence that Jefferson ever said this either. From the website of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation:

            "Earliest known appearance in print: 2004[1][2]

            Other attributions: None known.

            Status: We currently have no evidence to confirm that Thomas Jefferson ever said or wrote, "Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%" or any of its listed variations. We do not know the source of this statement's attribution to Thomas Jefferson."

            The first time your alleged Jefferson quote was ever seen in print was EIGHT YEARS AGO. You are peddling utter nonsense. It is an indisputable FACT that a constitutional republic is a form of democracy. By very definition it is. You look very foolish denying it.

          • Actually the first time I saw it was in 1968 when I was stationed in Washington DC while in the Army, it was in a frame behind the desk of the late Senator Mendel L Rivers (D) SC Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee just prior to my appearance before said committee to testify on Housing for Enlisted Personnel.

          • So you're now claiming that this phony quotation was fabricated long before 2004?

            There is no evidence Jefferson ever said such a thing. Nor would it contradict the fact that a constitutional republic is one of the several forms of democracy. This is undeniably true.

          • Only if you believe the neo-socialist garbage distributed by the Liberal Left. which I do not accept. So do me a favor keep you ignorant neo-socialist ideology anc comments to your self you are living proof that regardless of the amount of money your parents spent on trying to get you a good and decent education they failed.

          • I don't care if you don't accept that which if prima facie true. I wouldn't expect truth to penetrate into someone who believes against all evidence that Jefferson said any such thing, when there is no support for it at all.

            You're a conservative and therefore you are used to believing things that are not true, However, in the real world it is undeniable that a constitutional republic is one of the several forms of a democratic style of government. Denying this just makes you look foolish. Your pathetic attempts at insults just show what a loser you really are. Look, if you can't come up with any evidence for your ludicrous claim that Jefferson said this, just man up and admit it instead of flailing around throwing juvenile insults.

          • Search Brainee Quotes, all nine pages of quotes by Thomas Jefferson. Just because for some reason it cannot be found on the website does not mean that it was not said. There are many comments made by people at the spure of the moment that are never recorded even in this day and age of the computer. So just becaues one site does not have something does not mean that another does not. Just because they cannot find it at Monticello likewise does not mean that it does not exist, having myself visited Monticello in 1966 and heard one of the Archivests clearly state that trying to find a catalog every peice of paper written by Jefferson was a near impossible task, and even just getting those held at Monticello would take well into 50 to 60 years. In short even in 1966 when I came home from Nam, and had the chance to visit Jeffersons Home, they admitted that they faced a very long and daunting task. So young man just be patient maybe by the time your my age, they might have every comment, statement, and off the cuff remark Jefferson ever made anywhere in the original 13 states. Remember people find things every day tucked away by some distant relative that others never knew existed. So just because they have not or cannot find said Quote at Monticello does not mean it was never made or said by Thomas Jefferson. And quite frankly your beating a dead horse. You see I know what I saw in the office of the Late Senator Mendel L. Rivers, you were not there and he more than likely died before you were a gleam in your daddy's eye, and that is not an insult just a statement of fact.

          • Haw haw haw!! So you can't find it either!! What a classic dodge. Hint: Monticello Foundation is the keeper of the legacy of Jefferson. You see it there? You "think" because someone MADE IT UP two centuries after Jefferson and embroidered it on a Tea Party pillow, it's gotta be true? How gullible can you get. Another hint: All of Jefferson's known writings HAVE been catalogued and extracted because they've HAD more than "50 to 60 years" to do it. And what's with the "young man?" I'm older than you most likely, and a tad bit smarter. I don't let myself fall for the America-hating rhetoric you've bought into. I don't care where you "saw: it, it's false and Jefferson never said it.

            Oh, and a constitutional republic is a democracy. By definition.

          • Ok I will concede that the Quote is not from Jefferson, but only because the site where I found in 10 years ago no longer has it posted, however; here is one from John Adams, Democracy will soon degenerate into anarchy; such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man's life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and everyone of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all powers of wealth, beauty, wit and science to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable [abominable] cruelty of one or a very few. This is just the opinion of the Second President of the United States. Try that one on for size it should show you what the founders thought of democracy.

          • l, chum, now that I've shown that you are in fact educable, let's move on to your next lesson. These quotes are all related to what is known as pure democracy, which is one of the several forms of democracy along with a constitutional republic, which is a representative democracy where we elect people to act on behalf of certain sets of constituents. This is still a form of democracy. Are you so blind that you haven't seen presidents and leaders down through the centuries talking about the US as a democracy, and making the world safe for democracy, and spreading democracy and democratic forms of government? You're being blindly obtuse. The UK is a democracy, so is most of Europe. None of them is a pure democracy. Maybe Vermont town halls come the closest to being pure democracy. You just don't like the word because it sounds too much like "Democrat" and you're trying to de-legitimize Democrats. Won't work. Go back to school and study some civics.

            Now, what I find supremely amusing about your silly claims is that you believe that our constitutional republic form of democracy has prevented the US from "degenerat(ing) into anarchy; such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man's life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and everyone of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all powers of wealth, beauty, wit and science to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable [abominable] cruelty of one or a very few."

            The fact is, with few representatives in Congress, it has become easier for the enemies of self-government — through their money and influence — to do just that. We've decimated the middle class with Republican economic policies that have sucked the vast wealth of the middle class, built up since WWII, into the hands of the few who rule you with impunity. You think a constitutional republic has prevented the scourges of pure democracy? It is to laugh.

          • I am retired and earn in retirement $72,948.00 per year. That makes me Middle Class, I find your comments to be typical neo-socialistic and your efforts to belittle and malighn others show that you suffer from a maladjusted libedo. Now then do have a nice day trying to feel supperior to everyone around you. I smply conceded that the website where I had found the Jefferson Comment a second time no longer carried it. I can go back to Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and All of the founders who served as President not one of them ever referred to the United States as a Democracy. The reference that the US was a democracy began with Woodrow Wilson in his second term in the White House and then only once, it was FDR who began to use the term in reference to this nation at every opportunity, and it became generally accepted by the liberals within the democratic party to do so, and eventually filtered down to the educational system in this nation. When I was in Middle School in the 1950's and High School in the 1960's I never heard one single teacher use the term when referring to the United States. Since you are more than likely quite a bit younger than I am, then you grew up with this idiocy but do not expect me nor many in my age group to accept it. Please continue your rants with someone who gives a crap about what you say, since I will not longer accept any further comments from someone so ate up with their one feelings of self importance. That you have to try and belittle those who disagree with you in order to make yourself feel like a big man just shows how much of a little person you really are.

          • Democracy was realized to be a self-destructive form of government, by nature, as far back as the ancient Roman/Greek philosophers. History shows this to be true. Most of the founders were well read in the ancient philosophies and history. They were also quite knowledgeable of human nature, which is the stumbling block of democracies.

            You might also want to check out Article VI, paragraph 2, of the US Constitution. It’s the supremecy clause, that declares the Constitution to be the supreme Law of the Land. All laws made by Congress “shall be in Pursuance thereof; (the Constitution)”.

    • Ken and Todd, I can tell you are very intelligent and well informed persons, who know exactly what is going on and express it so well. I am so glad to see intelligent conversations and feedback from you guys. This is the way it should be. You guys make me proud!

  6. Kini, I don't think you understand what the Establishment Clause is…In Lemon v. Kurtzman, 403 U.S. 602 (1970), the Court provided a three-part test for Establishment Clause analysis. Although for some time it was questionable whether the Lemon Test would continue to be applied in such cases (see e.g. Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village v. Grumet, 512 U.S. 687 (1994)) the Court, in 2000, stated that “we assess [Establishment Clause cases] by reference to the three factors first articulated in Lemon v. Kurtzman…which guides the general nature of our inquiry in this area.” Santa Fe Independent School District v. Jane Doe, 530 U.S. 290, 314.

    The three-part Lemon Test asks:

    (1) Does the law have a secular purpose? If not, it violates the Establishment Clause.

    (2) Is the primary effect either to advance religion or to inhibit religion? If so, it violates the Establishment Clause.

    (3) Does the law foster an excessive governmental entanglement with religion? If so, it violates the Establishment Clause.

    Note here that these are not factors which are employed in some balancing test, but rather, these are all requirements which must be met for a law to pass review. There must be a secular purpose, the primary effect must not be the aid or inhibition of religion, and there must be no excessive entanglement. If any of these three requirements are not met, the law violates the Establishment Clause. See e.g. Windmar v. Vincent, 454 U.S. 263, 272 (1981).See e.g. Windmar v. Vincent, 454 U.S. 263, 272 (1981).

  7. Thank-you attorney generals. Our CONSTITUTION makes the USA special. Please keep the pressure on to make sure it is adhered to.

    • Obama needs to be impeached for taking an oath under perjury! Every one of the 587 laws he has passed to give himself more power, need to be canceled. Obama needs to be impeached before he declares Martial Law and takes every American prisoner to the FEMA concentration camps, and expropriates our properties, and declares himself dictator of the United States of America. Yes, He promised change, and the change he is making is to promote himself to more power to destroy our Nation.

      • You can not impeach an imposter, he has to be arrested, only a valid sitting President can be impeached. He has already done everything you stated he would do except for putting us in Fema camps, and from what I have heard there are already people in there, no one knows why. Actually none of Obamas laws are legal, they are all null and void since he is not a natural born citizen, all of his laws can easily be overturned but we will never undo some of the damages he has done and all the money he has stolen from this country can not be replaced. I want him out so we can get rid of those theiving beggars the UN. they have to go. they are robbing us blind, they were over paid 180million dollars and now refuse to return it, we dont' need that. we never needed globalization either, everyone else did, it has done nothing but hurt us and other countries as well. Hopefully Ron Paul will get into office and all of this will be behind us, anyone but Obama.

  8. Goofballs. this has no real effect on anything other then someones pride or accommodation to themselves. Glendale complaining on a tribe getting the ok to build aresort on land that was taken from them in the first place.

    The EPA wanting States to clean up their acts to preserve the quality of air we breath ? Health care for millions that can not afford it now, but will have coverage that is cheaper, more protections to be able to choose who, when, and what. No more Preexisting conditions to deny health care for people who really need it. Big HMO corporations are going to loose what ?

    Making coal mines safer for the workers ?

    The Oklahoma 10th circuit court of appeals, enough said here, you loose. GOP Greed and the protection of it is what this comes down to. People have seen the writing on the wall for years, it's time to grow up and except responsibility for the last 12 years of GOP failures and corruption. Vote Obama 2012 and restore America.

    • typical lib…..I suppose YOU forgot that from 2006 until 2010 those that "acted irresponsibly" was the DEMOCRATS that CONTROLLED CONGRESS.

      As for your AGENDA 21 rants…When YOU no longer have ANY rights, and the U. N. Tells everyone what they can and can not do, NO one wants to hear YOU open your mouth. Funny that LIBERALS are the LEAST liberal people there are! DO you not realize that ALL of the OVER REACHES are being done to COMPLY with Agenda 21?? DO you believe in PRIVATE PROPERTY? Because if you feel YOU should own a house or a car…or a dog….YOU will be in VIOLATION of the direction Ovomit is taking us. Agenda 21 allows NO private property, They want ALL dams blown and 90% of America turned into WILDERNESS —of which YOU will not be allowed to step foot on. YOU will be moved to a multi-family housing project NOT TOO FAR from where YOU will be told what kind of "Work" you will do (for the good of everyone)

      Don't believe me? LOOK IT UP—Obama is moving FORWARD on it this year.

    • The EPA made CO2 a pollutant. That means it does not belong in the atmosphere and needs to be removed. There are no actual margins where this kicks in, pollutant is an absolute word, like pregnancy. Once you start contempt for the rules and the people you lose their support, assuming they actually understand what has been done, which you clearly do not. These details aren't on the news, you really need to do your own research before accepting these actions on face value, as we all do.

  9. Since the internet people can learn what their rulers are doing and maybe it will signify the end of these attempts to remove democracy from the face of the earth. The UN, not the US, is running the country, Obama is just doing what they tell him although they hold no legal authority and are totally unelected. Did any of you vote for your UN representatives? Most voters haven't a clue what the agendas are and simply go with their peer groups and personal prejudices, and wouldn't even realise most of the new legislation made after the event. Until that can change you'll get more of the same but it is now clearly being fought against.

  10. None of this would be an issue if they would repeal the 17th Amendment. States have no representation in Congress since the 17th amendment was passed.

  11. Its going to desperate extremes now and most people are clueless. I dont undertsand how the control of the media can be so complete. Even talk radio is being intimidated because they refuse to report on eligibility and many other Obama issues. There has to be a trail connecting these events with those who are actually pulling the strings. How come the Breitbart investigation has been suddenly shut down; where are the autopsy results; where are the video tapes? This has become very sinister. People have been fooled by Obamas Mr Rogers fascade. He is anything but; he is a monster, they will find out too late.

    • eveln; you an sara have the same problem, you don't read (maybe you can't) Obama won in 2008, even fox says so.

      • Youre another Obama usefull idiot …I pity you, you will be spouting the communist line until they haul you off to one of their special internment centers

    • There are 13 secret societies. These are families that have served the god of this world for many generations, and their ultimate goal is to destroy 90% of humanity. These families are the wealthiest in the world and control the Media, the Music Industry, Politics, Religion, the Banking Industry, and the Food supply. Since they own the media, they communicate the lies they want for people to believe to advance their NWO agenda. The UN is founded in the Luceferian Trust. "Luci's Trust for short. Their job is to exterminate people, not to promote peace as they claim to be. Just learn about the atrocities they have committed in the name of Peace. They give standing ovations to terrorists. They consider terrorists those who stand for our Constitution, the Veterans, the Christians, etc. They think we are terrorists because we stand for the truth; and the devil is the father of lies. We terrorize him when we speak the truth. The NWO people "groomed" Obama to bring about this change which they are planning to bring about this year 2012, because they believe in Numerology, and this year means the entrance to a new era, to a new calendar, and the Illuminati wants this to be the year to impose the NWO to America. They kill everyone who gets in the way. They are behind the falling of the World Trade Center towers, because they represented our economy. and the prosperity of a sovereign government. Hilmar Von Campe expressed it well in his book "Defeating the Totalitarian Life" in pp3. " "The separation of two institutions, the church and the state, was promoted by the Nazis and conningly driven by a lie. What they really pursued was the separation of God and His Commandments from the German people. The Nazis knew that a commitment to God and His absolute moral standards before government would be a great obstacle to exercising their power based on immorality and contempt for life and other people's rights." …. " In the case of the ACLU, their target is the American people, and like the Nazis they lie about their reasons. They speak of defending the civil rights of Americans, but that is not true. Just as the Nazis did, they strive to cut the connection of the American people to God, Christian morality, history and traditions. By doing so, they are cleverly preparing the moral ground in America to cultivate and harvest the Socialist/Atheist seed." Did you all know that Obama did not honor the Lord Jesus on Christmas, but placed his picture instead to be rendered honor to? He also declared himself to be God. He has misquoted the Bible, accusing the Lord to be a terrorist because of the Sermon on the mount. Obama is an cunning artist at misrepresenting and misquoting not only the Lord, but all those who represent a threat to him, and oppose his agenda. Yes, He uses his "charisma" to attract people and confuse them with his double talk and cross them. He is truly a monster that needs to be pulled down from office before it is too late, just as you said.

  12. this article was great. I take offense to the very last item listed against the Federal Gov't as it is an untrue statement and do not know where this came from. I would have signed this petition had it not been for the very last item listing Glendale, the TO Nation Casino. The land in question was legally purchased. It is / and was unincorporated land and NOT in the city of Glendale. City of Glendale, Peoria and one other small city border this 134 acre parcel of land which the Tohono O'odham Nation purchased and has won all its lawsuits so far against the city of Glendale including now owning all of the 134 acres of land. Glendale lost and has admitted all the land is the property of the TO Nation. The Federal Government awarded all of it to be Reservation in order to build a proposed Casino, Resort, retail shopping, restaurants, and atrium, not a Las Vegas style casino. TO Nation revised the Reservation request to 54 acres due to a fight from City of Glendale in which the City lost its fight. The, hopefully, last fight which TO will / should win this one as well and be allowed to finally build this Resort/Casino which will house its own Police, Fire, and Medical facility, plus provide for approx 6000 construction jobs to be had by City of Glendale people; also have approx 3000 permanent jobs which will include city of Glendale residents and one last major items, the majority of Glendale are in favor of this Resort/Casino and the huge positive economic impact it will have on the surrounding cities, retail shopping including the failed Westgate Center which went into bankruptcy. The only ones that were totally challenging and against the Casino portion of this building project is the Mayor of Glendale, and 3 of the 5 Council Members, NOT the majority of the City residents. Polls show about 70-80% in favor of the Casino. Wanted to make this perfectly clear that this particular item should to have been listed at all. It probably is because the State of Arizona enlisted AG Tom Horne to go after TO Nation, even though the State of Arizona assisted the Navajo Nation in their Casino project up in Flagstaff on almost 400 acres that were given / granted permission by the Federal Gov't to be turned into Reservation land in order to build a Casino. TO Nation per Prop 202 and under Arizona Gaming Laws, is still allotted 4 Casinos of which they have 3, one of which is extremely small, so they are entitled to a 4th Casino. The other entity against the TO Nation Casino is the Gila River Indian Nation who is planning a Multimillion dollar expansion of one of their existing Casinos about 1/2 hr-45 min drive away from the proposed TO Nation Resort/Casino, which is heavily advertised on electronic billboards over at the Westgate Center and they don't want the competion which GRIC has admitted this is a major contention with them, what they claim to be a major loss of revenue. Just wanted to clarify this particular issue.

  13. Yes this need to be checked also hope they don’t change our founding fathers constution which is our countrys stands for and my father faught for.and I don’t think a things should be add either to keep our country free.I do pray to god he not elected another four year my opion.but do hope that it stay the same as are founding fathers had it that is for sure.

  14. Medicare and Social Security, once the state takes over one-sixth of the economy with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and its eventual ballooning into a spiraling money pit of entitlements, we can expect to be just like Greece in the very near future. Keep in mind that Medicare and Social Security already consumes two-thirds of the economy in entitlements.