No Sir, I Will Not Surrender My Weapon





DID I READ THAT RIGHT? Our troops, our Marines, are told to disarm, leave their weapons outside of a meeting, on a US base, by our own military, OUT OF RESPECT FOR AFGHANISTAN TROOPS that are not allowed to take their guns into meetings.


Sounds more like our Marines are being set up for another Fort Hood like massacre!

IMO, in a war zone, ordering your troops to disarm, FOR ANY REASON, is to surrender to the enemy!

That is one order that I would NEVER obey, no doubts about it. I think every Marine there should have unanimously shouted out ‘NO SIR, I WILL NOT SURRENDER MY WEAPON’!

Read more: fox news.

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I posted The Blood Price of Afghanistan, a few days before Panetta went to Aghanistan, but this hits the nail on the head.  It is from canadafreepress:

The alleged attack on Afghans by an American soldier in Kandahar, where 91 soldiers have been murdered last year alone, is already receiving the full outrage treatment. Any outrage over the deaths of those 91 soldiers in the province will be completely absent.

There will be no mention of how many of them died because the Obama Administration decided that the lives of Afghan civilians counted for more than the lives of soldiers. No talk of what it is like to walk past houses with gunmen dressed in civilian clothing inside and if you are fired at from those houses, your orders are to retreat.

Air strikes are for days gone by. The American soldier in the ISAF is expected to patrol and retreat, to smile and reach out to Afghans while they shoot him in the back. After risking his life to hold back the Taliban, he is expected to take it calmly when his government announces that it is trying to cut a deal with the Taliban.

As he waits out the final months until withdrawal, seeing his friends lose their limbs and their lives, knowing that the enemy has won, that he has been betrayed and is being kept senselessly on the front line for no objective except the diplomatic position of a government that hates him, that is taking away his health care, his equipment and his job; how does he feel?

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  1. They fight for Banksters and for Empire, not my freedoms. The Patriot act, NDAA, MIAC report 2009, PNAC, Agenda 21, Rex 84, State memorandum 200, First Global Revolution by Club of Rome etc. should be more than enough evidence that anti-semitic Zionists are simply using US Soldiers as pawns for their New World Order agenda. Please if you haven't done so already, educate yourself by watching the "Obama Deception" if nothing else…

  2. Considering where they are, to hell with disarming. Respect for the Afgans, BS. I'm tired of our troops being used by a bunch of jackass politicians who are worried about their own image. Karzaid is an ass. His government is as crooked as Obama's. We need to get the troops out of harms way as soon as possible!

  3. To STUPID in a WAR, need all the weapons you can cary_LIKE TELLING A POLITITION IN THERE "POPULARITY" CAMPAINS, OR ON THE SENATE FLOOR "DO NOT SAY A WORD" Sit down and look at eachother !!!!!!!!!_BULL SHIT !!!!!!!!

  4. This adiministration is getting crazier by the hour, instead of by the day.
    Why in the HELL would I give up my weapon in a war Zone???? You order them over there and now you aren't going to let them protect themselves. This is what you get when you have politicians that never served a day in the military…….GO TO HELL and I will keep my weapons!!!!! EVERY MAIRINE, ARMY, NAVY AND AIR FORCE PERSON SHOULD TELL THAT TO EVERY STUPID POLITICIAN……..

  5. Dear Tea Party Tribune, Now I can understand how you might think that ordering troops to disarm in a meeting might be a bad thing. However, it is clear that you have no knowledge about history at all, it is common practice when meeting with an enemy to disarm to promote peaceful resolution.