O’Malley lies for Obama: Obama expects you to Vote for Him and his Comrades!

Jen O'malley lies for Obama
Jen O'malley lies for Obama
Jennifer O'Malley Dillion


O’Malley Dillon sent out this email that I read on St. Patty’s day. The luck of the Irish was surely not on her side. The only thing Obama has left to lie about is Obamacare. So it is important that we stay focused. Obama makes it sound like we were all imbeciles and we didn’t have any healthcare. Then Reid, Pelosi and Obama came along with their shamrocks and gave us Obamacare. This week the CBO said this gift will cost us about $2 trillion dollars in 10 years. That averages out to $200 billion dollars a year.  If the government admits to it, it is going to cost a hell of a lot more. Case in point, The Pill is not preventative medicine and now they want to slide that under the Obamacare umbrella. Whoops, there goes another couple of Billion dollars a year. And you and your employer are stuck paying these absorbitant healthcare premiums!

So it is very easy for liberals like O’bama and O’Malley to help you spend your hard earned money.  But they seemed to forget that the majority of Americans did not want the liberals to pass Obamacare. O’Malley wants the folks to send her success stories. I think you should send her the canceled checks. Send her the cancel checks that prove under Obamacare we all have paid more for healthcare. And you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And just like FDR, you have to be pretty stupid to pass laws like this when the Democrats have plunged our great country into a recession, as they say the worse recession since the Great Depression. And Obama has not brought us luck but he has given us a $16 trillion dollar deficit! Remember FDR’s liberal policies did not get us out of the recession. The Americans, mainly upper class and the ability of Americans to fix the economy is what matters.

No matter how screwed up the government’s laws are made to help the wrong people, it is the number of jobs that makes the difference.

So O’Malley wants proof. When you read her letter, it sounds like Obamacare was this magic wand that was passed over Obama’s Camelot and everyone ended up with Free Healthcare just like the folks on Medicaid. Do the liberals in Washington know that for all these stupid privileges we have to pay a great deal of money! There is no pot of gold at the end of their rainbow!

First off, if you keep your children on your healthcare policy until they are 26 it raises your premium. O’Malley makes it sound like you are getting a gift, something for nothing. It ends up if you put the child on a separate policy, in most cases the net premium goes down. This also helps your child to obtain coverage under the pre-existing clause. If he discovers a pre-existing condition while he is on his parent’s policy, he will pay more for insurance after his 26th birthday.

It is prudent and cheaper to put the youngster on his own policy as soon as possible. If he discovers a condition that would be considered pre-existing while on his own policy, the premiums won’t go up because of it.

So that brings us to pre-existing conditions. People seem to forget that we always had pre-existing conditions covered. Some where along the way, when the Democrats were doing the jig, the insurance companies were allowed to remove the pre-existing condition policy in order to lower the cost of healthcare.  It was like they were doing us a favor.

In the old days if you did not allow your policy to lapse, it did not matter if you had a pre-existing condition, it did not affect your policy. We also had lifetime benefits. This was eliminated in order to lower the premiums. Now under Obamacare this has all changed.

Guess who is going to pay for that hope and change policy?

The insurance companies are not allowed to offer non-lifetime benefits and non-pre-existing conditioned policies. It is not like Obama is cutting a check to make up the difference, you have to pay to make up the difference.

The main reason for Obamacare was to insure the 8 million folks who couldn’t afford healthcare or were too cheap to pay for it. Under Obamacare you will be forced to buy healthcare and you will pay a great deal more for all the luxuries that Obama wants you to pay for. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cut through all the BS, and just buy an inexpensive policy to cover catastrophic illnesses. Under Obamacare you have to pay top dollar for it all, and most of it you will never use! I can promise you that no male will every buy the Pill for contraception. For that matter, most women will not buy the Pill, not even Rosie O’Donnell!

This doesn’t make a great deal of sense, especially if the elected officials don’t start paying into their benefits like you do, but either way, it does not help the economy. And the economy is the worse economy since FDR. FDR was another idiot who thought he could spend his way out of a recession. And back then the Federal government was a small part (2%) of the entire economy.

So write your letters to “The Obama for America” folks. Send them your canceled checks. Show them how much more we are paying for healthcare thanks to Obama and his liberal comrades. Tell them you are confused. If you and your employers are paying trillions of dollars in health care premiums then why will Obamacare cost another $2 trillion dollars for 10 years? And we can only assume it will cost another $2 trillion in the following 5 years after the first 10 years. I thought Obamacare was going to be FREE. I thought the rich were going to pay for my healthcare. Obama and O’Malley lied to us.

Send the liberals and Obama a message, the most important thing to all Americans is jobs. Even for people who don’t want to work, it is comforting to know that there is a job out there if they choose to work.  We can always find people who want to work, we can’t find jobs if Obama keeps sending them to China with our Oil and Gasoline!



  1. absorbitant? Interesting new word, but what does it mean? Additionally, the helath care law has not cost you a dime. It has not made your insurance or your taxes any higher than they were and according to the CBO you appear to attribute, the health care law will be revenue nuetral. I know this goes against your story line but please stick to reality. For someone with a law degree, your refusal to see both sides of an issue is rather disturbing. You talk of ending the (bi?) polarization of America but instead you employ vitrolic personal attack on a good person who truly is all about helping America. I happen to know her and she has no agenda other than serving her country just as you do. You certainly do not have to agree with her but to callher a liar is ugly when no lie has been told.