Pen Johannson, Who Are You?



by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 24, 2012) — Several readers have brought to the attention of The Post & Email a blog entry dated March 23, 2012 by “The Daily Pen” which claims to have “found buried in the online reference section of a Boston Public Library archive” a “single certificate of statutory citizenship” issued between July 1, 1961 and December 31, 1961, which could purportedly belong to Barack Hussein Obama II, who has long been stated or rumored to have been born in Kenya and not Hawaii.

The writer describes his “discovery” as “disturbing given the rare nature of the issuance of certificates of citizenship for children who acquire their citizenship by birth to incoming U.S. citizens in this particular region of Africa.”

If people are seeking the truth about Obama’s origins, why is the finding “disturbing?”

The images in the blog post do not appear to have originated with paper documents.

“The Daily Pen” does not contain links or references to back up its claims and does not reproduce its alleged earlier request to the “Office Of Medical Services at the Kenyan Ministry of Health in Nairobi asking about their policy for transferring records and vital statistics, internationally.”

Johannson’s posts are sometimes published in the format of a news bulletin with the presumed city and state followed by a dash preceding the text of the article but also contain subheadings such as “Constitutionally Disqualified by Misallocation of Birthplace.”  In one post, Johannson mentions “the relationship” between former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano “that might otherwise indicate a cooperative element among the characters needed for conspiracy.”

On April 3, 2011, “Dr. Conspiracy” contradicted Johannson’s conclusions expressed in an article entitled, “FINAL REPORT: Obama’s Birth Announcements Fail To Indicate “Natural Born” Status” published the day before.  Dr. Conspiracy also claims that Adam Cox, the man arrested and convicted of making a death threat against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, whose Cold Case Posse recently found probable cause to believe that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are forgeries, spoke with him about the incident.  Along with The Post & Email, Conspiracy classifies “The Daily Pen” as one of “The Ugly.”  Warning:  Conspiracy allows discussion of speculative violence and profanity on his website, which is not allowed in this publication or its comments.

Johannson does not claim to have paper documentation of the “online archive” image.  All “documentation” presented by Barack Hussein Obama to date has been online images.  Some commenters appeared to doubt his story.

A search of reveals that the book advertised in the right sidebar of “The Daily Pen” entitled The Opacity of Otherness is not sold there.  None of the titles of books appearing in the search contains the key search words.

Is The Opacity of Otherness related to The Audacity of Hope?

“Pen Johannson” has registered several blogs with Blogger:  The Mombosan Son, Barrackolypse Now! and The Daily Pen.  He claims to be a “constitutional defense lawyer” located in Mombasa, Kenya.  Which constitution does he defend?  He also refers to himself as “Penbrook One.”

The “online book” entitled The Mombosan Son advertised by an image on The Daily Pen does not link to the website where it is available.  The online book is simply a reprint of the work posted at “The Daily Pen,” which concludes with “Now, Obama has made you look like a fool.”

Under the subheading “Man in the Mirror,” Johannson, in The Mombosan Son, states:

Not surprisingly, Barack Obama and I share biographical similarities. We were fostered in paradise, along with a younger sibling, by our white grandparents whose origins once resided in Midwest America before moving west with hope of a better life for our family. Our American grandfathers served the United States as members of the military and we both had a close relationship with a maternal grandmother who passed away in 2008. We both claim a Christian faith, and we are both educated in professional fields attending college where we had occasion to write for the college newspaper.

We were both abandoned by our biological fathers who, at the time of our birth, both resided for some time in Hawaii. Then we were both paternally adopted. We were both born to educated, though wayward mothers during their less than discretionary teen years of the 1960’s. Both of our mothers moved to the Pacific Northwest soon after our birth and, later, became ill with incurable sickness as we entered into the endeavors of our professional lives. I, too, was issued a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth after applying for the document based on Hawaiian law 338-17 which allowed me to gain natural-born American natal status despite my birth in Brisbane, Australia. I am natural-born citizen of the United States because the laws of the state of Hawaii says I am, despite the fact that my natal origins are nowhere near American soil. I could actually run for President, despite being born abroad, under the same circumstances Barack Obama was.

How likely are Johannson’s claims?  Both Barrackolypse Now! and The Mombosan Son contain many paragraphs of rambling text seemingly joining unrelated thoughts, speculation, and even similarities between Obama and himself.  “Penbrook One” began blogging in January 2009, the same month in which Barack Obama took office in the White House.

The Mombosan Son also refers to Bill Ayers in Chapter 1.

Another entry in the book refers to “the failures of Bush.” Despite a long, unsourced soliloquy regarding his alleged doubts about Obama’s eligibility, he then states:

We should not be too harsh on Obama’s rookie status, however, his lack of executive experience on the international stages prevents him from understanding that defending our nation against hate and bloodlust costs large sums of beloved and well-spent treasure.

Is the writer “straddling both sides of the fence?”

Prior to the 2008 presidential election, an actress named Scarlett Johannson had supported Obama, even stating that she was “engaged” to him. Johannson is again supporting Obama but has stated that “2012 will not be easy.”

SaipanAnnie, who posted comments in response to someone she called “Bari” on Mario Apuzzo’s blog last week, appears to address the writer as “Bari.” Today she addresses “Bari” thusly:

More fake ON LINE so called documents this time set in Boston, Bari? Where your old-time pal Deval Patrick sits in the governor chair. Never ever any thing in paper any one can see or touch. INS my foot as they say, who is the boss at INS if it is not YOU? Bari who do you think you fool this time? May be only your sad sack self.

Bari, is there no one who can tell you a thing? Months back many times I told you at Mr. Apuzzo’s blog that you much need a rest but you did not listen. Now your tired crazy mind shows in how dumb you act these days.

Also do you not care that you add to your crimes by putting out more and more lies thinking to cover up your biggest lie that you are a man born of Barack Obama from Kenya? People say you are smart I thought so too back before but now you do not act smart at all. Time for you to wave as they say a white flag before the feds come take you away in great shame.

Barack Obama and Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts are “friends,” and Patrick is co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign.  Why was the image on Johannson’s blog found in an archive belonging to the Boston Public Library?

Commenter “Unknown” has posted at The Daily Pen today in addition to Apuzzo’s blog.

Unknown’s comment on Johansson’s blog today is:

The information in this report comes from statistical analysis. The author is not saying they found Barack Obama’s CoC. Birthers are considered crazy because they read and understand information. Sheepers follow like sheep and want to be spoon fed.

How is “statistical analysis” helpful or even relevant in Johannson’s post?

Blogger Martha Trowbridge has said that Barack Hussein Obama II’s real identity is “Bari M. Shabazz” and that he was born in New York City to Malcolm X and Jo Ann Newman.

An internet search of “Dan Crosby” does not yield a writer.

The Post & Email will advise if it receives a response from Mr. Johannson, but we believe we already know the answer.

Update, March 24, 2012, 8:22 p.m. EDT:  “Unknown” seems to have changed personalities and is now ridiculing “berfers,” implying that the image presented in the post is a fake, to which Saipan Annie responded, “BARI it is not polite to talk to America like this did your mother Jo Ann not teach you good manners.”  Is “Unknown” admitting that he, Pen Johannson and Dan Crosby are one and the same?