Dick Lobo heads worst organization in the Federal Government



Richard M. "Dick" Lobo

Denying Free Speech Globally

I recently wrote a column about Caren Lobo, wife of Richard M. “Dick” Lobo, and her attempt to stifle free speech in Sarasota, Florida. Well her husband Dick is doing the same globally and runs “the worst organization in the Federal Government,” according to BBG Watch.

BBG Watch reports, “The Broadcasting Board of Governors – International Broadcasting Bureau (BBG/IBB), known to be the worst organization in the Federal Government, added to its reputation on Monday, February 13, 2012 when it announced substantial cuts to its broadcast operations, as part of the [Obama] administration’s FY2013 budget request to the Congress.”
Dick Lobo is Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB). He was appointed by President Obama in September 2010. Lobo, as IBB Director, operates as an extension of the Broadcasting Board of Governors in its oversight of U.S. international broadcasting. Since that time his bureau has dismantled the international free speech arms of our government, such as Voice of America (VOA), leaving a free speech void filled by those who would do us harm and propagandize their populations against you, me and our allies. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated, “We are losing the information war.”
According to BBG Watch, “A total of 14 out of 43 language operations – around 33% of the Voice of America (VOA) – will be adversely affected.  Some of the services will shut down completely, some will be reduced.  Our focus is on VOA; however, the other entities controlled by the BBG/IBB (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia and Radio and TV Marti among them) also face cuts.”
This is a clear and unmistakable statement that US international influence is in decline.  The size and scope of the proposed cuts demonstrates that the BBG/IBB intends actions that will accelerate that decline,” states BBG Watch.
Lobo is directly contributing to our losing the information war. It appears the destruction of freedom of speech runs in the Lobo family.
“The BBG/IBB is taking the United States out of the business of direct international broadcasting.  Its primary target is radio, the medium which still commands the largest share of the agency’s audiences – contrary to claims by the agency that people are turning away from radio.  That is pure nonsense.  It remains the primary medium through which people get useful news and information.  It is affordable.  It is accessible,” warns BBG Watch.
BBG Watch concludes:
If you are among the billions of people around the world who rely upon radio broadcasts and are without access to the Internet (the BBG/IBB medium of choice), you should feel betrayed.
If you are an American taxpayer, you get the trifecta: your tax dollars go to support a failed agency, with a failed strategy and a bunch of bonus-managers who line their pockets while doing their “corporate” thing and pile-driving the agency and its employee’s right into the ground.
Even if the proposed cuts are reversed by the Congress, the damage to the agency’s image and credibility is permanent.  This kind of intentional breach with the agency’s employees, the agency’s mission and global publics is beyond repair.
As Secretary of State Clinton rightly observed, “We are losing the information war.”  The BBG/IBB is responsible for losing this war and they are not going to acquire a sudden change in fortune with these reductions or with its sham of a “strategic plan.”
This is nothing less than an intentional act of self-destruction. [My emphasis]
Freedom fighters around the world look to the United States as the beacon of liberty and justice. To silence our message gives succor to those in the Middle East, Russia, Cuba and other totalitarian states. The oppressed are being denied our message because of people like Dick and Caren Lobo. Silence is their mantra; giving aide and comfort to the enemies of liberty is the result.