Donald Rumsfeld Endorses Rick Newton





Rick Newton announced today the support of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. “Mr. Rumsfeld, a resident of El Prado, NM, is one of our country’s more consequential leaders in modern U.S. history, I am proud to have his support.”


Newton continued, “Secretary Rumsfeld has enjoyed an impressive career as documented in his bestselling memoir, Known and Unknown. Elected to the U.S. Congress for four terms, he later served in the cabinets of three presidents, as White House chief of staff, and as the U.S. secretary of defense twice.  He also served as U.S. ambassador to NATO, special envoy to the Middle East and has over 20 years of experience in business as the chief executive officer of two Fortune 500 companies and as chairman of the board of directors of a third.  Mr. Rumsfeld and his wife, Joyce, also chair a foundation that supports microfinance development projects, fellowships for graduate students interested in public service, exchange programs for young leaders from nations in Central Asia and the Caucasus, and that funds charitable causes that benefit the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.”


Rick Newton sought the former Secretary’s counsel on issues important to the residents of New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District including job creation, which tops the list, and federal over-regulation which is on the minds of many who work in oil and gas, mining, ranching and farming, and education.


“Our discussions covered a variety of topics, from national security to jobs in New Mexico.” Newton said. “We also discussed our concerns about the current reduction in force at the Los Alamos National Lab and the Obama administration’s likely delay in replacing the Chemistry Metallurgy Research Replacement facility.”