Teacher Mocks Lone Student for Standing and Reciting Pledge of Allegiance


Source: TPT Submission

By: Darla Dawald National Director – Patriot Action Network

Posted:  March 30th,2012 –  Updated at 12:35 PM AZ

I am literally fed up with this assault and total disregard for the Pledge of Allegiance. America, what is wrong with you? Have you forgotten our heritage? Have you forgotten our Founding Fathers? Human sacrifice and patriotism has no meaning for you? Are you content with returning to the ways of the nationalist England and other countries from whence you came?

I am proud to pledge allegiance to my flag! I am proud to be an American (although it’s waning as of late). Where are all the parents and their outrage and disdain for the Department of Education’s total lack and disregard of the Pledge in the classroom? No wonder a Councilwomen has stated she doesn’t have to pledge to a flag. No wonder the few squeaky wheels get the grease; the atheists and rebellious. America, where are you?

America, will you stand up? Will you come to her aid? Will you go to those Board of Education and school meetings and state your case? Will you contact the schools principals in your area and make sure they know that you, the taxpayer, will not stand idly by as they show complete disrespect for our nation and our flag? Will you remind them that we are One Nation Under God?

Here is a prime example from the state of Arizona, I received this in an email today:

Special Patriotism Action Alert

My Cousins Daughter gets mocked by the teacher and the students for standing during the Pledge of Allegiance at Maricopa High School .

My cousin posted the following on facebook tonight so I offered to help him.

Post 1

So if your kids go to school at Maricopa High do they stand for the Pledge? I think you might be surprised. My daughter is the only one in her class to stand and the teacher joined in with the class to mock her about it. I am so angry right now!!!!

Post 2

I am so upset about it. The teacher then asked her to stay after class to talk about it and it embarrassed her even more. She wrote her feelings, her precious heart could not say what she felt, and she hated the feeling of the class and now he wants to try to take her to the counselor to ‘talk’ about it.

Post 3

I am very proud of my daughters. They have had many experiences to be one of the few or the only one to stand in many situations for honorable values and standards.

Please join me in calling Maricopa High School at
(520)568-5100 to let them know what you think. Remember to be courteous and polite but firm. The Teachers name is Mr. Allman.

Thank you, Greg.

This is exactly of what I speak… Not only was this child the only one to stand and take part in the pledge, the teacher joined the other students in mocking and bullying her. ONE student stood, ONE! This is a travesty patriots. WE do not live in a third world country. Although, immigrants from a third world country whom have obtained their US citizenship have more respect and regard for the American Flag and Pledge of Allegiance than our own, bred and born here.

There is no time like today to start standing and promoting American exceptional-ism. If we don’t, we may never have the chance. You can start by contacting the school above and let them know (in a firm but courteous manner) that this teacher’s behavior was reprehensible. Let them know that the educators need to be teaching and respecting the pledge and leading by example and not mob rule.

This is not the only incident of this kind of thing happening. There are numerous. There are entire schools that won’t allow the pledge. Conduct a Google search on the Pledge of Allegiance, you may be surprised.

America, we must stand, fight, and lead, if we don’t we will lose our great nation to the socialist.

If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

God Bless America Again,

Darla Dawald, National Director

P.S. God Bless the one girl that stood and stated the Pledge. It’s good to know that one will stand in the face of adversity… that is what made America great, the few that stood to make America a better place for all future generations.


Since I posted this a member Dr. Eowyn posted the story and has since received this reply that I will share with all of you. Of course it is slanted in their favor!!

Less than an hour after I posted this, Fellowship of the Minds received an e-mail from a public relations firm on behalf of Maricopa High School, containing a statement from the school’s principal:


(Maricopa, Ariz.) – Following is statement from June Celaya, principal of Maricopa High School, regarding a student who recently observed the pledge of allegiance.

“On Wednesday, March 28, 2012, a student stood to take part in observing the pledge of allegiance, while others in the classroom chose to remain seated – a right, and a choice, given to every student per our MUSD School Board Policy regarding ceremonies and observances. Those who choose not to participate are expected to observe the courtesy of not disturbing others.

Unfortunately the student who stood to observe this patriotic right, returned to her seat prior to finishing the pledge and indicated that she felt mocked and embarrassed by other students in the room via written communication to the teacher, Mr. Charles Allman. Mr. Allman then asked to speak to the student privately to clarify her concerns. Upon determining her feelings, Mr. Allman
followed protocol and reported the incident to the counselor, with whom the student was given the option to speak. It was Mr. Allman’s first priority to ensure the student felt safe in her learning environment, which is truly a second home for all students.

Maricopa High School, and the entire District, cultivate a supportive learning environment and a community in which our students, staff and parents feel safe. It was Mr. Allman’s first and only concern to ensure the student in question did not feel embarrassed or hurt in any way, by practicing in this patriotic observance, which is a point of pride for our great nation and those who serve the country to sustain our freedom.”

– June Celaya, Principal of Maricopa High School
For more information on the Maricopa Unified School District visit www.maricopausd.org or call (520) 568-5100.

CELL: 480.220.6051

Fight America, FIGHT!!!

Arizona is 3 hours behind the east coast!

Incidentally, this is from their school website:

“Teachable moments” often arise unannounced and unnoticed. Teachers and parents hardly ever know what will be remembered and what will be forgotten. But if we want to have an occasional lasting impact we have to have faith that at least some of the things we say will really matter. And since we can’t always know what those things are, we have to presume that everything we say will matter.

Website: http://www.mhs-b.groupfusion.net/


  1. Given the content shouldn't the title read, "Darla Dawald, National Director, Patriot Action Network Wrongly Accuses Teacher of Mocking Student for Standing and Reciting Pledge of Allegiance"

    Subtitle: "Girl chickens out of the Pledge and then complains to her father, who gets it wrong and goes outside a perfectly functioning system with unfair allegations against the teacher and school."

  2. I know the principal very well. If there was any kind of wrongdoing or infrigement of student rights, the teacher would have been reprimanded. I believe in the purpose of the Tea Party; please don't start using Facebook entries that aren't even grammatically correct as fact!