Is Barack Obama guilty of TREASON?

Maybe Barack needs a job change?

I will begin by saying:”I am not an attorney”! With that said, this will be written in “cowboy”. This means that any Tom, Dick or Harry and throw in a Joe Six Pack can and will understand this opinion piece. Keep in mind, this IS AN OPINION PIECE and NOT an actual constitutionally or legal binding argument.

About a year and a half ago, I wrote an article and for all intents and purposes asked the same question. Is Barack Obama guilty of treason? At that time, a good friend of mine had sent me a report from a company that supplies intelligence to the CIA. The report listed that a couple of days after the president had entered the Oval Office, he had been given reports on the activities of Hezbollah. It seems that the CIA now had accumulated irrefutable proof that this well-known terrorist organization was in fact operating on the Arizona and New Mexico borders with Mexico. The president was informed that this organization had infiltrated the Mexican Drug Cartels and were running drugs into America, selling them and sending the cash back to Lebanon to fund their terrorist activities.

Let’s be honest here. I remember hearing on the various news channels a couple of years ago about small dusty Mexican towns on the border having ” human heads” stuck on poles in the middle of the town square. I am sure if you rifle through your memory banks, you will remember these strange stories as well. Those stories prompted me to think “I don’t ever remember Mexicans beheading people”. Now that little tidbit makes sense. It was Hezbollah doing the head lopping! This is how these people send messages. “If you do not behave, we saw your head off”. The bottom line to all this “The President of the United States knew all of this gruesome information”!

When Governor Jan Brewer went to the White House and begged for relief on the Mexican border, the President shunned her. When her administration sought new laws to embolden the various law enforcement agencies in her state to protect those borders, she was attacked by Eric Holder and the Obama Administration. She was attacked to the point of Federal law suits and injunctions. Why? Why, would this president attack one of his governors over terrorist walking across the border into the United States? Does this make any sense to any of you? Hezbollah is one of the arms that funds and supports Al-Qaeda ( and we all know what those guys are capable of), and supplies them with money, arms and warm bodies to blow themselves up with.

Now we are finding out that Eric Holder and the Justice Department were running guns into Mexico? It seems to this old cowboy that somewhere in that “Oath of Office” the President promises to protect America and her Constitution. I could be wrong, but I vaguely remember some parts of that oath.

Enough of Mexico, now let’s trek to Russia. Did I actually hear correctly? Did I actually hear Obama say on a “hot” microphone, to the President of Russia, “Don’t worry about it, wait till I’m re-elected”? We all now know he is referring to missile shields that protect our European friends and protect American interest, not to mention America herself. Can anyone say United States Congress and the United States Senate here?

Then we get to the Supreme Court of the United States. This president actually goes on the record in front of dozens of cameras and scolds the Supreme Court? It would be bad enough that he did it, but it got worse when he said what he said and he was wrong not once but 159 times wrong! Isn’t this supposed to be the guy that was a Constitutional Law Professor? Not just an attorney from Harvard, but a flipping Professor!

In conclusion to all the above is this: We have a President of the United States of America who is fully aware of our sworn enemy operating on our border. He not only knows this, but he is arming them with weapons from America to assist them in killing American Officers. We have a President who is cutting deals with foreign leaders behind the scenes, and subverting the Congress and Senate. This entire time, he is putting our allies, friends and America herself in danger if another country decides to go rogue and attack us. We have a President of the United States who (according to legal experts) actually comes out and threatens the Supreme Court and discounts their legal authority to rule the way they interpret the Constitution. This, in and of itself, is actually illegal, according to the legal experts I have seen talking on television news programs.

Again: I am not an attorney, nor am I a legal expert. I am nothing more than a very passionate patriot that is very concerned for my nation. We have a rogue president running amok, giving billions of your tax payer dollars to his partners that bundle his campaign funds (whom happen to own green energy companies). We have a president that is pandering to countries that do not like us and gives our hard-earned money to them. We have a president that is purposely bankrupting coal companies with no way to replace the energy, and drive our electric rates to “necessarily skyrocket”. We have a president that is allowing the most dangerous terrorist on the planet to walk across our borders with our own weapons to kill us with. We have a president that is shipping billions upon billions of American dollars to Saudi Arabia for oil that we could be pumping here in our own backyard. We have a president that is receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from unions, after having paid them billions in stimulus money.

As I said, I am not an attorney, but I honestly believe I could take this guy to court and get him convicted of treason. I think Elmer Fudd could get him convicted. I think it is time that somebody bring this very obvious, horrible president up on charges. Do you honestly think or believe that Ronald Reagan could have gotten away with all of this for so long? Let’s be real here; they went after a fellow for less than honorable stuff with a lady in a blue dress, then lied about it. This guy is destroying our nation and compromising our very lives, not to mention driving us so far into a hole, that a mole could not find his way out. Something has to be done and done fast America!



  1. Right on. Nor does it take an attorney to see the relationship of Obama's reassurances to the Brady's "we're working on gun control, but UNDER THE RADAR" to everything else that is occurring. Seems pretty clear that Republicans are not going to fight for the country…. so it will be left to grassroots people. So here's a good idea… take away the 2nd amendment or "re-interpret" to appy only to organized militia and not individuals…. Presto…America's future is determined.

  2. I have been asking my local tea party friends just HOW do we get these people, who were elected and took an oath to protect and defend this country, arrested and thrown in jail for what they've done to us. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take sitting elected officials to court and the only way the president can be tried for treason is for the charges to be brought by the senate. We all know Harry Reid won't be doing that any time soon as long as the dems have control over the senate. Even if they didn't, our so-called republicans, or RINOs, wouldn't do it either. THere has to be a way we can have them all brought to justice without vigilante-ism!!

    • Jennifer: Keep the faith. I will only say this. Their are some very patriotic folks in very powerful positions around the nation that are working on this. All of the Congress and the Senate knows what this man is now. They do! They have the very same fears that we do. Keep praying, justice is coming. The rightious will prevail, I promise. Barack Obama will not be allowed to destroy this country any further and it is going to turn around.

  3. Obama deploying troops to aid Al Qaida in taking over Libya was clearly treason. So is Obama giving billions to the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. Aiding the enemies of the United States is treason according to the US Constitution. When Obama supports the Black Panthers and Occupy, he is guilty of treason. It's time for him and his buddies to face the electric chair! Waterboard Eric Holder!

  4. No more compromise. None. Jail Obama and the rest of his thugs. I do not care how many illegal aliens voted for Obama. I will just say that I am going to stand my ground. Whatever it takes. There are some things that gnaw on a man worse than dying. I have had many relatives die for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I'm not going to spit on their graves by rolling over and giving in.

  5. So , Ken , you're sure you could bring the president up on charges of treason? Well , you need facts and actual documentation that proves these charges. Not "personal opinion" , false accusations and outright lies. You tea loving conservatives are so quick to accuse the president of everything under the sun , ( he's a Muslim , giving financial aid to terrorists , whatever your small , narrow minds can dream up ) and fail miserably every time to produce any facts , or evidence. I wonder why that is. Could it be , there IS NO EVIDENCE?? Perhaps , if you and Elmer put your heads together , you might find that evidence.
    The presidents second term is almost up , you better hurry … Jade Helm 15 is coming!