Obama Lawyer Admits Forgery but disregards “image” as Indication of Obama’s Ineligibility Damage Control


A recent ballot challenge hearing in New Jersey exposes a desperate strategy by Obama to distance himself from his forged certificate and induce the contrived value of his transient political popularity as the only “legitimate qualification” needed to hold the office of the presidency.

By Dan Crosby of THE DAILY PEN
Editor: Penbrook Johannson

Thursday, April 12, 2012

NEW YORK, NY – After a Maricopa County law enforcement agency conducted a six-month forensic examination which determined that the image of Obama’s alleged 1961 Certificate of Live Birth posted to a government website in April, 2011 is a digital fabrication and that it did not originate from a genuine paper document, arguments from an Obama eligibility lawyer during a recent New Jersey ballot challenge hearing reveals the image was not only a fabrication, but that it was likely part of a contrived plot by counterfeiters to endow Obama with mere political support while simultaneously making the image intentionally appear absurd and, therefore, invalid as evidence toward proving Obama’s ineligibility in a court of law.

Taking an audacious and shocking angle against the constitutional eligibility mandate, Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted that the image of Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and made the absurd claim that, therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status. Therefore, she argued, it is “irrelevant to his placement on the ballot”.

Hill went on to contort reasoning by implying that Obama needs only invoke his political popularity, not legal qualifications, in order to be a candidate.

At the hearing, attorney for the plaintiffs, Mario Apuzzo, correctly argued that Obama, under the Constitution, has to be a “natural born Citizen” and that he has not met his burden of showing that he is eligible to be on the New Jersey primary ballot by showing that he is indeed a “natural born Citizen.” He argued that Obama has shown no authenticate evidence to the New Jersey Secretary of State demonstrating who he is and that he was born in the United States. Apuzzo also argued that as a matter of law, Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” because he was born to a father who was not a U.S. citizen.

As Obama’s legal argument becomes more contorted, he is being forced to avoid an ever shrinking legal space, and an increasing weight, of his failure to meet constitutional eligibility requirements. 

Hill, of Genova, Burn & Giantomasi Attorneys in Newark, made a desperate motion to dismiss the ballot objection arguing that Obama’s lack of natural-born citizenship status was not relevant to being placed on the New Jersey presidential ballot because no law exists in New Jersey which says that a candidate’s appearance on the ballot must be supported by evidence of natural born citizenship status. Only the U.S. constitution restricts eligibility to hold the office of president to natural born citizens.

Judge Masin denied the motion to dismiss and the case proceeded to trial.

“Sadly, regardless of her moral deficiency, Hill is legally justified,” says TDP Editor, Penbrook Johannson, “Obama’s eligibility is a separate matter than the charges of forgery and fraud. Of course, we have evidence that he is not eligible. But, evidence of forgery by as yet unidentified counterfeiters working on behalf of Obama is not what legally excludes Obama from appearing on a ballot, by itself, until some authority is willing to consider this as evidence of forgery on its merit as an indication of actual ineligibility in a court of legal authority. Until some court of competent jurisdiction is willing to hear evidence of forgery and fraud, you can’t legally punish a political candidate for that crime which has not been proven that they committed. However, since Obama is not eligible because of a lack of authenticated evidence to the contrary, he could be held off the ballot for that reason.”

According to Johannson, there is an overwhelming level of moral certainty that Obama is a usurper, but until a court with jurisdiction considers this case, Obama’s status as a legitimate president is in limbo.

“He does not exist as a president except in the imagination of those who blindly support him. Whereas he is politically desired by a transient consensus, his legality is unresolved until a responsible court makes a determination. This is the essence of our crisis. Our nation exists in a state of non-authorized identity. Obama is just some guy calling himself a president and living in the White House without the confirmative authority to do so.”

Obama’s document forgery and fraudulent presidency have now forced him to flee to a “strange twilight zone” between political popularity and legal legitimacy where poorly counterfeited records are apparently allowed to be published by Obama using government media resources for political purposes, yet those same records are held by the courts as irrelevant for determining Obama’s legal eligibility status because they are, according to judges, “so poorly forged” they are obviously meant to be satirical and not to be taken seriously as evidence.

Shockingly, parting from widespread public ignorance, Hill actually acknowledged two of the three necessary components of determining natural born citizenship as being place of birth and citizenship status of both parents. However, she argued that, “No law in New Jersey obligated him (Obama) to produce any such evidence in order to get on the primary ballot.”

The third component of natural born eligibility is maintenance of natural born citizenship status from birth to election without interruption, involuntarily or voluntarily, due to expatriation, extradition, renouncement or foreign adoption.

“Obama is mocking our constitution,” says Johannson, “His position is that he never claimed the image was an indication of his natural born status, just that it was information about his birth. Whether it is forged or authentic is irrelevant to Obama because plausible deniability affords him the security in knowing that no legal authority is willing to hang him with it.”

Of course, Johannson adds that it makes Obama look like a willing accomplice and a liar, but, he says, “…show me a politician who cares about being seen as a liar by the public. If people who support him want to vote for a person like that, it reveals more about the reprobate character of Obama supporters than competency of any legal determination about his lack of constitutional eligibility. Degenerates will vote for a degenerate while patriots will exhaust all civil means to remove him…until those civil means are exhausted. Then things get ugly for government.”

“However, Hill is also essentially admitting that Obama is not a legitimate president and that Obama believes that his illegitimacy does not matter to his legal ability to hold the office. Obama holds to a political tenet, not a legal one with respect to his views on his eligibility. That’s what corrupt, criminal politicians do. When the law convicts them, they run to public favorability for shelter with the hope that their supporters will apply pressure to disregard law in their case.”

Obama is now arguing that because he is politically popular, as he points to as being indicated by his so-called ‘election’, despite accusations of eligibility fraud and election fraud, the constitutional eligibility mandate is not relevant, in his view. Until a courageous authority is willing to disagree and hold Obama to an equally weighted legal standard, civil remedies for the Obama problem are limited.

Johannson adds that Obama is making the same argument on behalf of Obamacare.

“If he had the gall to actually tell the Supreme Court that they have no authority to determine the unconstitutionality of his illegitimate policies, what makes anyone think he believes they have the authority to disqualify him due to his lack of constitutional eligibility? Obama believes he holds preeminent power over all branches of government because of his delusions of political grandeur.”

He correctly points to a lifetime pattern of behavior and testimony by Obama which indicates a complete lack of regard for the U.S. Constitution when it restricts Obama’s political agenda and lust for power.

“This is a guy who illegally defaced public property when he scribed his aspirations to be ‘king’ in a concrete sidewalk at the age of ten, for God’s sake. Now, his ‘majesty’ wants to put his illegal ‘graffiti’ into American law books. However, his problem is that he has to face the fact that he is an abject failure in his capacity to meet any standard required by the 250-year-old U.S. Constitution, in everything he tries to do. The Constitution owns him and he can’t stand it. He hates it. Therefore, instead of admitting his lack of constitutionality, he simply breaks the rules and proceeds to illegally scribe his fake authority on everything until someone is willing to physically stop him. Obama is not just an illegitimate politician, he is a rogue outlaw without regard for the divine providence of American law.”

Apuzzo submitted that New Jersey law requires Obama to show evidence that he is qualified for the office he wishes to occupy and that includes showing that he is a “natural born Citizen,” which includes presenting evidence of who he is, where he was born, and that he was born to two U.S. citizen parents. Apuzzo added that the Secretary of State has a constitutional obligation not to place any ineligible candidates on the election ballot.

The account of the trial can be read at:


UPDATE: April 18th, 2012
Source: CDR Kerchner (Ret)’s Blog

Obama Lawyers Want the Video of the NJ Obama Ballot Access Challenge Public Hearing Pulled and Suppressed

I heard this morning that the Obama lawyers are trying to suppress the videos of the NJ Obama Ballot Access Challenge public hearing.  So I called and spoke with Attorney Mario Apuzzo and he confirmed that Obama’s lawyers have called him and told him they are planning to take legal action to get the videos of the NJ Ballot Access Challenge Public Hearing pulled and suppressed. What is the Obama side ashamed of and doesn’t want the world to see.  Could it be that their Obama “emperor has no clothing on”, i.e., has no known conclusively proven true legal identity clothing/papers to show the world which Attorney Mario Apuzzo forced them to admit to and stipulate to in the NJ public hearing?  Obama’s side obviously does not want people to see this video. Watch it yourself at the below links and learn why.

In these videos, the Obama side even wants to allow Mickey Mouse to run for President. To Obama and his lawyers the U.S. Constitution and presidential eligibility clause in Article II is a joke.  You can see that in Part II at about 40 minutes into that segment.  It was interesting that Obama’s lawyer chose and mentioned Mickey Mouse running for President and making a mockery of the election process in her statements in the hearing in NJ since according to the 2008 records Mickey Mouse was a contributor to Obama’s campaign in 2008 as part of the untraceable debit and credit card contributions that Obama accepted online, using any name typed in real or not since the card name verification was turned off by Obama’s campaign, presumably to avoid campaign limits per person as one reason for their doing so.  Also it is reported that  a good chunk of the ultimate source of the online donations were alleged to have been illegally provided to Obama operatives from foreign sources who then made the donations online using fictitious names.

Full Video of the NJ Obama Ballot Access Challenge Public Hearing. Obama’s attorney did not wish the proceedings video taped.  It has been learned from sources who recorded these videos with the court’s permission under NJ law that Obama’s lawyer did not want the hearing video taped and she tried before the start of the public hearing to get the cameras removed. However under NJ state law, video taping of public hearings is permitted.  Now the Obama legal team wants to suppress these videos.  Everyone should download a copy of these videos onto their own personal computer such that the Obama side cannot make these videos disappear from the eyes and ears of the American electorate who can now see the shameful games the Obama lawyers play in court to avoid revealing Obama’s lack of any conclusive proof as to his true legal identity.  See this channel link for the videos of this public hearing and/or via the other embedded links below:  http://www.youtube.com/haggz51

Video of NJ Hearing Part 1:

Video of NJ Hearing Part 2:

Video of NJ Hearing Part 3:

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA




UPADATE: 4-18-2012

Obama Attorney Alexandra Hill argues even Mickey Mouse could be on New Jersey Presidential ballot!


Obama lawyer Angelo Genova tries to suppress and intimidate NJ conservative press and citizen journalists — Original Obama attorney Alexandra Hill, the Mickey Mouse attributer, removed from Obama NJ eligibility case. Head of Obama’s NJ law firm Angelo Genova now taking over the case



The Tea Party Tribune was welcomed to record this “Historic Press Release” video of the Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Investigation, for the Cold Case Posse and other investigative entities. There will be another press release from the Cold Case Posse coming in the near future.

Obama eligibility – Pressure on conservative media – The Obama eligibility case in NJ. See this news story by Conservative News and Views in NJ: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/04/18/firstamendment/obama-eligibility-media-pressure/

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  1. Basically speaking, Obama is a Bastard that hold the highest office in the land, so regardless that "Constitutionally speaking" he never had legal grounds to be in office, its all a Moot point…as he arrogantly disregards the rest of the Constitution, he can just yell Neener neener come get me you real American weiners!

    • Obama in 2012!!!!!!
      America's best president EVER!!!!!
      This is the same shit that the republicans pulled on John Kerry and his Viet Nam history.
      Karl Rove is the SOB behind this dirty deed supported by all the other racists.
      It is obvious, if true, that our Constitution needs to be updated….it is out of date….better presidential candidates come from far away and money can't buy this job anymore like it did with Busheeeeee.

      • American by birth an American by my family long lived history in this great nation. Though this nation struggles with choices made by individuals , gay Agenda, Abortions, Obama, . We as a nation will suffer from the mistakes of fools . To say foreign people would be better in this nation as a president . I say there are leaders here that have not stepped up to do there part.

        • oh you're adorable <3 gay agenda? Please, enlighten me on what that is 🙂 I am honestly interested in what you mean by that, because it sounds like the silliest thing ever!

      • Klaus Dieter Von Schmuck has obviously drunk the Kool-aid, and is drunk with it. Obama is verifiable proof that the presidency can be bought, thanks to George Soros and his ilk.

        • “[T]he presidency can be bought, thanks to George Soros and his ilk.” — Pecos

          Really. So, the 2010 Citizen’s United rings no bells for you? You remember that one; the insane ruling by the Roberts Court that removed the caps on donations from corporations and real people to Political Action Committees (PACs) and their cousins the Super PACs.

          I have listened to the arguments in front of the Court for this case, and nowhere did I hear from, or mention of, George Soros.

          I submit that it is YOU that have drunk the Kool-Aid. The Birther-Tenther Kool-Aid. Just like the rest of the whack-jobs that believe WND “reporting”.

      • You’re an idiot. The Constitution was written the way it is for a reason. Fuck you and all others that want to change OUR ways.
        “The beauty of the second admendment is it will not be needed till they try to take it way”~~Thomas Jefferson

        • Birthers violate the US Constitution. They unconstitutionally reject Hawaii's proof that Obama is in fact a natural born citizen. Birthers are traitors.

          • What proof has Hawaii offered????

            They refuse to let anyone examine the microfiche. Why??

            Hawaii refuses any examination of the original record. Why??

            Hawaii has proven nothing.

            Claims not attested to under oath are not proof of anything.

            And obots claiming otherwise, is only proof of their idiocy and communistic agenda.

          • … and even if Hawaii allowed examination, no sane Tea Partier would believe it to prove anything. We just KNOW that Obama is a fake, just as we know hat CHRIST is the only real standard to live by. Let me be clear, I mean only the correct Christians have a say, not all the other untrue wrong Christians. It's just a clear case of being born with the truth built in, as we are.

      • dieter, your shprocket ist broke!!!!
        ve don’t vant to touch your munkey!!!!
        Your view of this situation clearly demonstrates that you need saving from yourself. your disregard for the constitution and American tradition squarely puts you in the minority. You will lose.

      • Anybody But Obama in 2012!!!!!!!
        America’s WORST resident EVER!!!!!!

        This is indeed the same shit that Demoncrap John FRAUD Kerry, his surrogates and the lamestream-media pulled on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth…demonize and riducule them. There is, however, one very big and important difference — Kerry & Associates et al (Plaintiffs) eventually sued the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth et al (Defendants) for libel and slander. What happened? The Judge dismissed the case during the pre-trial evidenciary hearing because John FRAUD Kerry refused to allow Plaintiffs’ attorneys access to his complete military records. Sound familar?

    • It is irrelevant whether or not Odumbass was born within the borders of the U.S.!!!!!!!
      To be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN both parents have to be citizens! Barack Hussein Obama, sr. was NEVER a citizen of the U.S. He was a citizen of the U.K. at the time I do believe. He was from the Colony of Kenya (wasn't a country in '61) which was a British protectorate back then. That might also place junior in the category of a holding dual citizenship, which also disqualifies him.

      In any case, the validity of the long form birth certificate has no bearing on his status. If Barack Hussein Obama, sr. is his father, he has absolutely no claim to NATURAL BORN status whatsoever! THE.END.

      • you are a perfect example of laziness; not wanting to educate yourself… here ra-tard The 14th Amendment defines citizenship this way: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." But even this does not get specific enough. As usual, the Constitution provides the framework for the law, but it is the law that fills in the gaps. The Constitution authorizes the Congress to do create clarifying legislation in Section 5 of the 14th Amendment; the Constitution, in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4, also allows the Congress to create law regarding naturalization, which includes citizenship.

        Currently, Title 8 of the U.S. Code fills in the gaps left by the Constitution. Section 1401 defines the following as people who are "citizens of the United States at birth:"

        Anyone born inside the United States *
        Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person's status as a citizen of the tribe
        Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.
        Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national
        Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year
        Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age 21
        Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)
        A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.

        • Citizen and natural born citizen, are two distinct classes of citizenship.

          Any citizen by statute, is not a natural born citizen.

          Do try to keep up.

          • Wrong, The Supreme Court declared ONLY TWO classes of citizenship in Minor v Happersett: natural born and naturalized. Both classes are citizens, and only those two types. This is settled and not in dispute. You have nothing to offer us but lies. The nice thing is you are such a transparent liar that it takes no effort at all to prove you wrong, as I just did.

          • MombasaMoonbeam: "Any citizen by statute, is not a natural born citizen." This is incorrect. I am not voting for Mr. Obama. I cannot reconcile my beliefs with his policies. But this statement is incorrect. Let's get him at the ballot box; but let's not trample on legal precedent, the Constitution or decades of jurisprudence in our attempt to vote this man out of office. Let's do it the right way: Vote!

          • thank you.

            no one seems to be distinguishing the two.

            and it is the law.

            he’s making a mockery of everything we stand for.

            the constution did obviously leave room for ammendments but it is not to be simply disregarded as he has consistently done.

            to ignore that would be our downfall, not a sign of growth or. changing times.

            the whole idea behind the constitution is a power check for the govt.

            I remember that from fifth grade.

      • A natural born citizen does not have to have two citizen parents. This is, simply, a completely fabricated lie on the part of people suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome. Obama is a natural born US citizen and in fact is the first and only US presidential candidate in history to release his birth certificate, which proves it. His father's lack of US citizenship is completely irrelevant. This is not in dispute, as the US Supreme Court has ruled on this issue more than a century ago.

        • And which precedent might you be referencing counselor??

          Please, enlighten us all with your vast legal knowledge.

          • Try just a bit of research and you will find you are mistaken and when obama is arrested for TREASON, you will know for sure/

          • What an ironic statement, since I have thoroughly researched this issue for years. Actually, I know substantially more about it than you do. Obama has proven his natural born citizenship and the birther claims are treason since they violate the Constitution. If you actually think Obama will be arrested for treason, you must be smoking some medical marijuana.

          • You do not even have the mental capacity to distinguish between citizen and natural born citizen. Wong Kim Ark is about establishing citizenship, not natural born citizen status. You should spend a few more years in your 'research', until you can get it right.

            Your claims are moronic, at best. And the fact you have resorted to insults about drug use to try and make your case, is proof positive you are incapable of substantiating your idiotic claims, which have no basis in reality.

            Were you born stupid, or did you have to work at it??

          • You apparently need to have your mother read Wong to you, chum. Case is closed. Wong was declared to be a natural born citizen.

          • Wong was not declared to be a natural born citizen, Philip.

            You are just an obot liar repeating the old lies.

          • Ok So tell me what policies of GW "destroyed" the economy. Tax Cuts? no Business incentives? no. Its easy to be a democrat when all you have to do is say a DNC hatchet slogan with no facts. In point of fact, it was Bill Clinton who signed the legislation which allowed the mortgage mess to take place as far as bundling mortgages. Also, for 71/2 years the economy was pretty good. But in 2006 the dems took over Congress. GW and the senator from AZ went to Pelosi and said we have a mortgage mess brewing and she DID NOTHING!

            TRUTH TIME: Houses went up triple until the crash…so er…why did the economy crash? ENVIRONMENTALISTS DID NOT PERSUE OIL AND GAS HERE AND SO THE PORICE OF GAS WENT UP TO 450 A GALLON

            Obama has stood in the way of major energy deals. Why? Because he is chained to whacky environmentalists. He has no plan and no budget,,,even his own party in the Senate will not pass his bills…. what say you?

          • Sorry, Josh, but I have all the facts. Bush blew the Clinton surplus on tax cuts and wars on credit cards and unfunded Medicare mandates. The financial collapse occurred on his watch, and due to GOP deregulation of banking. Conservative "economics" have killed the US middle class, which made this nation great.

            The bill that Clinton signed was a REPUBLICAN BILL and implemented REPUBLICAN DESTRUCTIVE POLICIES of deregulation, removing the protections from the aftermath of the First Great Republican Depression. Will you never learn?

        • idiot.

          Here is proof that the president of the US released a forgery and committed fraud and you are preaching politics! Does the phrase "the cover up is worse than the crime" mean anything to you?

          He is destroying our country with rabid environmental laws and debt, but people like you just dont care.

          • What planet are you living on? The birth certificate has been proven genuine through the public affirmation of the issuing state of Hawaii. It is therefore a complete legal impossibility for it to be a forgery. You birthers make no sense.

            Obama saved the nation from the very brink of a Second Great Republican Depression. Your side's policies destroyed the economy. Never again.

    • Any state who attempts to hide behind its flawed laws that don't vet Presidential candidates – are acting illegally as federal law trumps state law. Federal law follows the Constitution which requires that all candidates be "natural born citizens." It is presumptive that proving eligibility falls to the candidate on the ballot – whether they placed themselves there…or are placed by a thousand fans.

      • No state has ever vetted a single presidential candidate in our entire history, sport. None has ever submitted any birth certificate or any other personal documents.

        ONLY OBAMA alone in all of presidential electoral history has ever publicly released an official state certified and proven correct birth certificate, Case is closed.

        • Ummm – check your facts there slick…
          McCain was vetted – he was born in Panama, on US Base by 2 US Citizens and was challenged and he provided his proof and was certified!!! So you are WRONG!!!!

          • Ummm, my facts are correct and you are full of it, sport.

            McCain provided nothing at all and he was not certified. Panama is a FOREIGN COUNTRY in case you never took a geography class. He was born in the city of Colon. He refused to release his birth certificate, showing it only to a select few while his Senate cohorts were patting him on the back with a favorable resolution. And finally, the Canal Zone Citizenship Act did not pass until McCain was nearly two years old — already born — and retroactively made him a citizen at birth. Many of your birthloon brethren would hold that this disqualifies him as a natural born citizen at birth.

            In any case, I for one would support McCain's claim as a natural born citizen regardless, assuming he can prove both his parents were citizens. A foreign birth certificate cannot document that.

            So what I said was true… ONLY OBAMA alone in all of presidential electoral history has ever publicly released an official state certified and proven correct birth certificate. McCain didn't release his. Case is closed.

      • You have no factual evidence. Obama has been proven to be a natural born citizen. No other president before him ever proved it. This cannot be disputed. Try it. You will lose.

  2. As if that justifies him being added to any State ballot for a second 4 year term? No!

    Discovery of the fraud eliminates Barry Obama; it places him in the position of TREASON, as it does those who
    vetted him, and directly supported him. To include the Lawyer arguing on his behalf.

    No biggie… neener neener neener… We are arming up.

    A Revolution is on the table.

    • Careful with the use of the word "Treason" in this context. You weaken your arguments when you use it inappropriately. Discovery of the fraud with his eligibility renders his Presidency VOID as he would have otherwise not been allowed to run if people paid attention to things like they were supposed to. Treason has an explicit definition within this country, per law, as spelled out by Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution:

      "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

      The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted."

      18 USC 2381 re-states the above first part and then defines the penalty for the act in question. It's one of the few laws at the federal level that explicitly calls out for the death penalty- and I think the only one that calls for it first, with the minimums being given for the cases of "extenuating circumstances".

      If the act does not match that definition, it's NOT Treason. It can be sedition, as defined in 18 USC 2385. It can be an act of Fraud upon the nation as defined in several places in the US Code. But it isn't what you're calling it out to be. Now…has Obama committed an act of Treason…possibly. Several times, even, with the latest being that hot-microphone "oops".

      • If then the definition of Treason consists only in the levying of War against them, what does the call to arms I've read on this page become? We change our country by electing officials.. I believe this story has been debunked many times..and the world knows Romney was the child of immigrants..Present an intelligent legal individual who has a plan to turn this country around and the Tea Party has done exactly what it set out to do.. Threaten war, violence and revolution, and the Tea Party is diminished.. It begins to sound like a group of rednecks who want to shoot something, not a legitimate political party that wants to change America. I do believe there should be limits on time that elected officials can hold office.. I do believe people should keep up with the attendance of their Congressmen, if the show up only to vote for raises for themselves, or bills they have submitted on behalf of special interest, then don't elect them again. I believe that when we elect them, they should be in Congress every day, just as we have to go to our jobs every day.. there are things that can be done to change Washington, but starting a war isn't one.The President IS just that, the Leader of the Free World.. he doesn't have to be loved, but he should be respected, even if his title of "President" is all that is respected. He inherited a mess made by a man that the American voters elected twice..and things went down hill from there.. We are climbing back out of this hole but it took us twelve years to get there, did anyone HONESTLY believe that with a useless congress ANYONE could have repaired it in the first 100 days… The fact that we are free to have this debate tells me that we live in a place where we truly are free to shape our government.. Lets concentrate on doing that.

        • @Debit
          Are you serious? A story about Obama and his minions knowingly perpetrating a fraud and you go off on a tangent about the tea party wanting a war? Did you happen to see any of the coverage of the tea party? Not one violent or criminal incident. You do remember the first amendment right we have the right to peacefully assemble and voice our opinions. You need to re-evaluate your priorities because your view of this whole situation is warped beyond all belief.

          • Apparently you missed or ignored the comment by Louis Arnold. And aren't I guaranteed the same rights as you to voice an opinion? I am after all "A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN" My family can be traced to the 1700's and I am a Daughter of the American Revolution… I do so wish you had read and comprehended my entire comment..but then, anyone who condones violence or even name calling bullying as more of your members did after your comment here, well, what more could I expect? You want to question my "warped" view of a situation where many people on this site are calling for violence and war, yet I need to re-evaluate MY priorities? Oh ok…got it. Regardless of who I vote for in the upcoming election, (and I have never said I did or that I would vote for Obama)my priority will never be war or violence on this soil because an election didn't turn out the way I wanted. I wonder what percentage of the people who comment about a government overthrow and arming up and a revolution (and so on and so on) here are actual voters? I have been since it became my honor and my civic duty to do so..but mostly I have found the ones who scream out the loudest thru the years about politicians, are the ones who never vote… Instead of attacking me because my opinion varied from yours, if you are a true Tea Party Member who honestly wants change, shouldn't you be separating yourself and your party from haters who are just looking for a reason to get out their guns and go shooting up America? I never mentioned Obamas race or said you were racists, but thats been blown up all over here too.. I said he was the President, which he is.. and he is obviously an American Citizen, so this BS news story means nothing, just more YELLOW journalism..and given we impeached a president in the not so distance past for lying about an affair, don't you think that if there were ANY reason this useless congress could have found to impeach him, they would have.. especially if he were not legally able to hold the office? If you don't like him, fine.. get someone else elected..if you want your party taken seriously, then maybe you should have tried to quiet the warmongers on here instead of taking potshots at me…

        • Lol, you’re such an idiot. I can’t wait until morons like you are truly suffering when the SHTF. We’ll see if your traitorous fake president will save you. You friggin morons actually think that the line ” no one can fix a country in 100 days” is going to justify what your illigitimite king has done to us since he’s stolen the white house. Things could be fixed in one week if we had people in the white house who actually acted about America. You blind bats can’t even see that EVERY PRESIDENT SINCE JFK HAS ALL BEEN ON THE SAME TEAM OF DESTROYING AMERICA. RON PAUL COULD TURN THUS COUNTRY AROUND IN LESS TIME NEEDED, but you pussies want to stay in hell. You’ll be getting yours soon enough you slaves. FEEL THE WRATH OF YOU BELOVED KING OBAMA. STARVE TO DEATH, you deserve it.

          • @person who posts clearly over emotional rants

            You make the rest of us Paul supporters cringe when we here comments such as these. Both Debi and Louis have valid points. At the this stage we must weigh are options carefully but be willing and ready to take action. I will always advocate for peace. But the powers that be do not play fair.

          • Please explain, in an intelligent manner if possible, what about my post is 'liberal babble'. I could appreciate a response that was definitive in its conclusion that choosing to value the freedoms we are all afforded under the Constitution was 'babble' if more than name calling and simple monotone, repetitive phrases were used to express it. How can you possibly hope to change an entire nation if you cannot vocalize without trying to bully? America is my home, I am the descendant of a great many heroes who fought to win and maintain the freedoms we enjoy every day. I would not want to live anywhere else in the world. And yes, people, there are still places in the world where you or I could be shot or imprisoned for disagreeing with the politics, expressing anti-governmental views or threatening a 'revolution'. So, instead of explaining the Tea Party's core value, and maybe convincing others to join your cause, you spit out hatred, and juvenile name calling, and make ambiguous comments with catch phrases? Did you offend me? no. Did you convince me that your party is THE party? no. In fact, you are starting to make me (and probably thousands of other voters) see without a doubt that it isn't.

    • ok I am sorry, I thought I was speaking with intelligent people, not name calling bullies, who are trying to scare people with doomsday predictions.. To anyone who replied rationally to what I wrote earlier, where in there anywhere did I say I was voting for Obama? I said threats of violence diminished the Tea party, I responded to Nobody of Imports reply to this post..I said actions and threats of a few made this party less than it could be.. I said no one had to love Obama but as of this minute he is the Leader of The Free World, which he is, and that if nothing else his title should be respected.. you may not love your boss but you have to respect that he is the boss..right? I said present a legal and legitimate candidate to defeat him, but that all of Washington and all of government needed to be changed, that officials needed to be held accountable. That changing the government is more important than calling for revolution. Ok, so I coined the 100 day phrase.. and if thats all you took from what I said, well, sorry… I know that a home was bombed in my state after a certain congressman was elected because he was a democrat..members of the "tea Party" took credit.. trouble is they had the wrong address and bombed the man's brothers house..That is NOT what the Tea Party was supposed to be about, was it? Surely you who do have the right to a peaceful assembly, and aren't you all glad you can do that freely? I know I am. And I am sorry that I somehow misread the words "We are arming up. A Revolution is on the table",Phil, how could I have possibly thought that might mean violence or a war. Intelligent people know that not all people are good and not all are bad.. there are good democrats and bad ones, good republicans and bad ones, good Tea Party members and , oh wait! t I forget there cannot possibly be any bad ones..and after all, I am just a moron..a friggin moron..and an idiot.. I believe,ask the name caller who hoped I starved to death. So you can say whatever you want, and you want no opposition.. you don't want to have an intelligent debate or conversation, you're "arming up" and I am the idiot? And to those who really want to change the politics of America, good luck with that..

        • That must be why the media burried his pastor’s doctrin?
          That is why his ties to violent and anti constutional groups were ignored?
          Why we are having this discussion now? He should have given uncontestable proof before the elections began.

          • Buried? Are you joking? Holy cow, the pointless blather about what Jeremiah Wright said was ALL OVER the news for months! The Repubs brought it up constantly, the media brought it up, and voters decided it was totally irrelevant, as it is. You must have lived in an isolation cell if you actually think his pastor's sermons were "buried." There were videos of them all over creation. You're just disappointed that the smear was ineffective to achieve your goal.

            He has no ties to any violent and anti-constitutional groups. If you're talking about Bill Ayers, that's just utter nonsense. Obama was nine years old and living in Indonesia when that happened. Knowing Bill Ayers today does not make you a member of the Weather Underground, it just means you know a person who was in it a long time ago. This is why your smears were doomed to failure — there was no "there" there.

            Obama did give incontestable proof four years ago and again last year. Now, where is Romney's birth certificate? Why is Romney refusing to publicly release his birth certificate? Is it because of his Mexican father?

          • Parroting liberal propaganda is the extent of your ability to defend this fraud who is Obama??

            We expected better from someone of your superior intellect, counselor.

          • So in other words, you cannot refute the proven truth. Got it.

            We hope you continue to pursue the of so very very serious and meaningful Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers "issues" because they sure worked out so well for you in 2008. Oh and please keep demanding yet another birth certificate. President Obama thanks you for your work in helping him get reelected.

          • How do you obots explain Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Jodie Evans protesting in Egypt just before the fall of Mubarak, and the takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood, whose leaders recently visited Obama in the White House??

            And why are Bill Ayers and Malik 'New Black Panther Party' Shabazz listed on the White House visitor logs???

          • Why are you pretending any of that is relevant?

            Oh,incidentally, the Bill Ayers who visited the White House is not the Bill Ayers to whom you're referring.

          • If Apuzo wants to put forth a school record from Indonesia as proof of Obama having used the same last name as his stepfather, does he also agree that the school record is correct in listing his birthplace as Honolulu? Or does he wish to choose which aspects of the document are true or false?

            I had friends growing up who all used their stepfather's last name, even in school, despite not being legally adopted. Also, U.S. law forbids a child's parent to give up his citizenship so Soetoro could not have legally adopted him and made him an Indonesian citizen. If President Obama's mother never gave up her citizenship, why does anyone think that the mother would have done differently for her child, not counting the fact that it would have been illegal to do so. A minor is not able to relinquish their citizenship and a parent cannot do it for them according to U.S. law.

    • Actually, if fraud happened, then Cheney and Bush and their whole group are part of it. The justice department signs off on eligibility and are supposed to authenticate any document that proves citizenship. If everything here is true, then they failed to do that and are guilty of treason as well.

  3. Apparently, the Constitution means nothing to this administration, Congress, Secretaries of State, Election Officials or anyone that is now getting by with redefining the law and or its intent. This is precisely what the 9 attorneys general were making reference to by citing similar acts. Until the legal experts address this issue we will become a lawless society if we are not already. In the beginning the states set up and defined the federal government. Today the federal government dictates control over the states and people. Therefore, fault and blame of a 'do nothing' state government begins and ends with the state. It is apparent the states have gone deaf with the shouting of the people and they elect to not see. However, they do not fall short of speak no evil.

    • Birthers are the ones undermining the Constitution by rejecting the FFAC clause. Obama has upheld the Constitution by proving he meets the eligibility requirements. You all are backward. You have no evidence to support your claims, just Obama Derangement Syndrome.

      • There you go again with that same nonsensical tirade about the full faith and credit clause, while Obama hides behind the privacy laws to prevent any examination of the record at its source, making the full faith and credit clause moot.

        You can not have it both ways, fogblow obot.

        • He does no such thing, sport. nothing makes the FFAC clause "moot," it is in the Constitution and does not depend in any way on your refusal to accept reality.

    • WE HAVE ALL BEEN EXPOSED TO THE SMOKE AND MIRRORS PUT OUT BY THIS ADMINISATATION. We have all been aware of Mr. obumma's proof of citizenship his social card and number which appear to be from Conn., his lack of a selective service number, the hiding of college records and his record of a Fullbright scholarship, which is for foreign students only. I agree , where there is smoke , a lot of smoke, there surely is a fire. A question i have is "When has our good citizens contacted members of Congress? Both House and Senate. I would encourage everyone to contact your representatives via FAX, email and by phone.. Our recourse is through the Supreme Court, but we must have an action, challenge , submitted by our Representatives at the State level.

      • You should stop getting your news off of bubble gum cards.

        None of your claims is true, not the Social Security or Selective Service stuff, not the Fulbright claim… none of it. Obama didn't even have a Fulbright.

        Why are birthers so gullible?

    • Constitution/Bill Of Rights didn't mean a damned thing from 2001-2009 either. What's all all the fuss now, is it cuz Obama's black?

  4. Here's a novel question…what is Obama using in 2012 to justify his 'eligibility' to be on every ballot in all 50 states and Puerto Rico?

    • So far he is using nothing, just reapplying as an incumbent. None of the states changed the application from 2008. Arizona attempted to do so, but the Governor used veto. Virginia added to old law, but has not followed through, although asked to investigate. It was stopped in New Hampshire although they had a history of removing people not eligible. I guess we wait to see what the Democratic Party does this time with their Certification of Nomination to the states and still removed the word eligible, constitutionally eligible or meets the requirements of the constitution, or omits the constitution completely. The Party is suppose to vet the candidate prior to offering up the Certification of Nomination or the Delegate Vote at the Party Convention. It is at this point the Secretary of State can request more, but usually do not. Business as usual I guess with do nothing people.

      • Actually, most states have a requirement that he be eligible- it's just that there's nobody mandated to check; it's why there's all these lawsuits popping up over this.

        The Certfications of Nomination are acts of Fraud at this point. Unless he wants to own up to the forgery and come forward with a real birth certificate that shows two US Citizens and being born on US Soil, he's guilty of that crime at minimum because he's not eligible due to his sire not being a US Citizen.

        • There is no requirement for two citizen parents. Obama is the only candidate in the race who has released his birth certificate. The case is closed. Where is Romney's birth certificate?

          • You are quite incorrect. Not only is it not a "fake" because Hawaii has publicly authenticated it, no other presidential candidate in US history ever before released a birth certificate to prove eligibiliy. The matter is settled, whether you want to accept it or not.

          • Still telling the same old lies, counselor??

            Only liberals have the mentality to accept your ridiculous claims at face value.

            Please enlighten us all as to how this matter has been settled, if you can.

            We are also curious as to why the Doctrine of Collateral Estoppel or Res Judicata, either of which could be considered applicable, has not been mentioned, if this is a settled matter as you claim.

          • The matter has been settled because Hawaii has publicly authenticated the birth certificate. you see, that makes it a complete legal impossibility for it to be a "forgery." Obama in fact is the first and only presidential candidate in US history to release a birth certificate and prove he is a natural born citizen. This is not in dispute, and no amount of phony incredulity can ever change this proven fact.

            You're not curious over any such thing. Birthers' only purpose in life is to be useful idiots to the aims of the right.

          • Legal impossibility??

            Did you make that one up yourself, obot????

            Like you make up everything else you try to claim.

            Obama is not a natural born citizen, so put that in your fogblow pipe and smoke it, you degenerate obot.

          • Yes, legal impossibility. Hawaii proved Obama is a natural born citizen and he's the only presidential candidate in our nation's history to document his eligibility. Case is closed. This is not even remotely open to dispute.

          • I just hate it when lying righties like you get on blogs and misrepresent the issue and lie. McCain did not release that birth certificate, he refused. A copy was LEAKED. Please learn the difference. Obama willingly released his birth certificate, twice. McCain refused; someone else leaked it. Obama=Transparency. McCain=Secrecy.

          • We just hate lying pedophile obots from fogblow who threaten to rape women and children, Philip.

    • Here's a novel question… what is Romney using?

      Obama released his birth certificate four years ago, something no other presidential candidate in US history had ever done. Where's Romney's birth certificate? You're just taking his word for it.

      • Wrong! Obama released a forged, illegal copy to represent his birth data. There is a big distinction between releasing a forged document and releasing and actual legal comp of a birth certification. Only a Troll would not be able to understand the difference.

        • You're either being fooled or you're trying to fool others. Either way, your claim above is ludicrous and prima facie incorrect. Obama is the first and only presidential candidate in US history to release his birth certificate to the public. It has been proven genuine and authentic, and in fact it us a complete legal impossibility for it to be "forged." The entity that issued it, the sovereign state of Hawaii, has publicly stated its authenticity and once that happened, it was case closed on the birthers. Your claim isn't even possible to be true. That's just a fact.

          • There you go again, counselor. Using those $50 legal words, of which you have no clue to their meaning.

            A legal impossibility for it to be forged??

            We would love to hear your best legal logic behind that statement.

            That is, if you are capable??

          • Yes, sport, a legal impossibility. The entity that issued the document states it is real. I suggest you stop and think this thing through before continuing to embarrass yourself this way. Fact is, I am well studied in these issues and you really don't have much chance.

          • What document?? No one has seen any document.

            A digital image on a website is not a document.

            Why won't Obama submit this 'document' to any court under the penalties of perjury, and invoke the Doctrine of Collateral Estoppel???

            Because he can't. The document is a forgery. The entire birth certificate release event was nothing but a school play, put on by Obama and his minions. They refused to even put the claimed document on display for the media to examine and photograph.

            It is a legal impossibility for the birth certificate to be valid, as it has never been declared probative in any court.

            Try again fogblow obot.

    • He is using the fact that no state law requires him to provide his birth certificate to prove his eligibility; however, this argument is MOOT because, as a self-admitted dual citizen whose father was a Brit at the time of his birth, dual citizens cannot ever be natural born citizens, a Constitutional requirement for POTUS. Both of Obama's parents must have been citizens at the time of his birth.

      The corrupt court system has dismissed almost every case due to a "lack of standing" (as instructed by the Obama regime), but a few cases have been heard…and like this one…dismissed for outlandish interpretations of our law. It was obvious to me that this administrative judge was pandering to the Obama lawyer…an arrogant, delusional kid.

      • You are legally incorrect. The US does not recognize dual citizenship. His father's status, indeed his mother's too, is irrelevant since he was born on US soil, and that alone cinches natural born US citizenship. This is not in dispute.

        You are incapable of citing to a single source for your claim that two citizen parents are required. There is none. All law, tradition ad Supreme Court declarations on the subject make it plain that even the child of aliens is a natural born citizen if born on US soil.

        It is obvious to us that birthers are losers.

  5. All we can hope for is IF he and his crooked court rig the election that our military stands AGAINST his tyrannical attempts to take over our country and stands with the PEOPLE!

    • Are you suggesting a civil war? Have you not seen the destruction war of any type causes? We are a civilized nation full of intelligent and FREE people.. If you don't want him as President again, then work towards stopping him from being elected. To call for and condone a war certainly diminishes the Tea Party's moral standing. I agreed with the idea of working toward change, of a third political party and the new ideas the Tea Party stood for, until violence and war became the call. It happened in my home state and it has happened across the US.. it makes the Tea Party appear more like the KKK than intelligent Americans seeking a change…

      • Debi: If you really research how the violence came about, I think you will find it was caused by SOROS paid agitators. As to the suggestion of Civil War! Well, if that is to be, so be it. I am terrified that it is going to come to that, but, at the same time, I can see why. All I can do, is pray to God to keep myfamily and myself safe.

        • I am seeing the threat of violence on here again and again..That is what concerns me..and this is The Tea Party Tribune, so you can see why the violence is associated with the group..here in my state, a congressman's brothers home was set on fire, the "Tea Party" took the credit.. they simply did not have the right address..I can't say if that is to be, then so be it.. I say if you feel that strongly then work towards change, petition, write letters and most importantly, vote…but war,… well, I can not agree… I know every party has its radicals, and I do not blame all Tea Party members, but it has truly diminished the Party. I too hope you and your family are safe..I hope that intelligence overcomes ignorance and I hope change occurs after this election, no matter who wins..Freedom is a wonderful thing..we elect our leaders and we can have discussions such as this..but our freedom was won in 1776, over 250 years ago, when brave Americans fought against a true tyrant.. and won. I maintain my belief that if Americans want change, they must demand it from our elected officials, in an intelligent and peaceful manner.. just look at our Congress..men and women who have been seated there for decades. Why? Because the American people continue to vote them in, again and again and again..they simply attend sessions when they want, all the while drawing huge salaries and benefits paid for by the people..and it really must go all the way from our city and town councils, mayors, state officials to the highest office in the land.. but Americans appear to vote for names they know instead of for the platforms each candidate runs on..and I doubt very seriously if many people attend town council meetings, or check their state and the national congressmen's records and attendance.. which is simple to do now. If you can read this, and reply, then you can check your congressman's record. I hope there is no violence, no innocent lives lost, no family injured..not yours, and not mine..none. Violence is NOT the way..voting is.

          • Voting is no longer the answer, the Powers that be have stolen that from us as well. Go to YouTube or Google video's and search for Hacking Democracy, a 2 hour minute documentary by Bev Harris of Blackbox voting dot org.

          • We can start by hanging all the traitors. They are easy to identify, just look for anyone spouting lies about the authenticity of that fake Obama birth certificate.

          • That would make you first in line to be fitted for the necktie, sport! You personify treason by your advocacy of violation of the Constitution and states' rights.

          • So you're now contradicting yourself. First you proposed that those spouting lies should be hanged as traitors. Clearly, you are calling for the lynching of birthers.

          • It is a very simple process…. Walk the document down and hand it to any of the challengers. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Challenge everything. Show us the document. Silence the argument, Sport! The problem is that you and those like you are willing to allow BO to do whatever he wants. Isn't that right Sport? You will allow him to race bait and plead for the BLACK vote openly. Not the vote of the populace of the nation but a specific plead to the BLACK people. What would be the outcome of Romney pleading for the white vote Sport? The fact that you are angered by these challenges, which are clearly acceptable under our constitution, offers a view of your mindset.

          • Sorry, sport, but the "challengers" don't get to touch it, they have no authority in the matter. WHERE'S ROMNEY'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE? What is he hiding? He claims to have been born in Detroit but Canada is right across the river. How do we know he wasn't born in a hospital in Windsor? After all, they had free health care. Maybe that's where Romney got the idea for Romneycare.

            Angered? [chuckle] Look, chum, you are way out of your league. We are LAUGHING at you birthloons. The last thing we want is for you to stop parading your insanity before the voters, because the prospect of people like you or those you support ever getting to be in charge of anything again will frighten all voters. You are helping ensure Obama's landslide reelection.

      • Moral standing? Are you fucking kidding me??? You people are saying the most vile things and are lying about the President. You have no moral standing. None whatsoever.

  6. I would include the national media, ABC, NBC and CBS, as co-contributors to this national fraud. They never vetted Obama, instead they through all objectivity out the window and actively campaigned for Obama. To this day, they are continuing to cover up Obama's eligibility. Why does a supposed Constitutional Professor need to hide his grades, his papers, his briefs any writings, thesis, why? What is so damning that anything in Obama's past, his BC and his academic record need to be sealed? You would think he would want to make that information very public.

    • You'd think Kini, he would recall that transparency he said we'd have unlike the previous admin. Oh wait! He also said we're not a nation of jailers, then signed ndaa.

    • i would add all tv media including cnn,msnbc,and fox. fox is the best but they have hidden a lot of obama's secret past and they knew the b.c. was a fake but acted like we were lunatics for not believing them.

      • The BC is not fake. That is legally impossible because the issuer, the state of Hawaii, has publicly stated its authenticity.

        What is "Obama's secret past" that has you so flummoxed? Where is the secret?

        • The BC is fake. It has no probative value.

          If Hawaii genuinely wanted to authenticate the BC, it would allow an examination of the microfiche.

          We know it. You know it. Hawaii knows it. That is the only way to verify authenticity.

          Hawaii refuses to allow any examination of the microfiche, so any claims made by Hawaii are not considered worthy of belief.

          Claims made while refusing any validation of those claims, are nothing but empty statements.

          • Sorry, but it is legally impossible for the BC to be fake. Hawaii settled it.

            There is no need to examine any microfiche. Hawaii's official state action simply must be accepted and that's it. Nothing else. Case is closed.

          • Why do you even stoop to the level of these narrow-minded, misinformed, racists and bigots.
            Just remember, the ‘Birther’ movie is over, the credits are playing, house lights are coming on, the audience is leaving, time to move on…you can't make chicken salad out of chicken droppings.

    • Thank you, My point too kini. Maybe that is why he just got rid of 12 secret service, to put more loyalist around himself. Won't do any good if we don't quit calling for the truth. Tinme to act.
      Jim Johnson
      Port Charlotte, Fl.

  7. It's all rigged. Why does this surprise anyone? They will push Romney in front of us, even though it's clear he is funded by almost exactly the same entities (Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Chase/JP Morgan, and that ilk). Romney says in a debate (paraphrased), If you want to know about the constitution, ask Ron Paul.

    Yes, ask Ron Paul. Also ask him what's going to save the collapsing dollar, reduce the debt, reduce spending enough to get the debt lower than the GDP. Ask him all of these things, but whatever you do, don't vote for him because he might fix it. That would be awesome for the people, but it would sucks for the financial elite.

    There's some folks in high global places that like it just the way it is.

    • I agree. I said yesterday that we all know he shouldn't be in the office. My question is why hasn't someone stood up and done something about it. Get him out of there. Fast. Not after another election. But NOW. The problem is that we might end up with Biden… Yikes. That would be interesting. But we also know he would never win an election. It should be very interesting for the next few months.

  8. Is there anywhere we can see the official court transcript or a legal copy of this testimony especially where MS. Hill admits to the forged documents?

  9. How is this woman a lawyer? This statement should demand an immediate boot in the ass.
    "Hill went on to contort reasoning by implying that Obama needs only invoke his political popularity, not legal qualifications, in order to be a candidate."

        • She said no such thing. You did not listen to the video and you're lying. It has been conceded by birthers with a remnant of a vestigial brain that this story is a lie. You've already lost.

          Cite the time stamp in the video where you "think" she said this. You can't and you wont' because you are flatly lying. you know it and we know it.

          • Yet so far you've been completely incapable of coming up with anything I've said that's a lie. All you've done is sputter your talking points, probably not even understanding half of them. Sad. Do you know you're lying or do you actually believe these lies?

          • Correction: Everything I have said is the proven truth, of course, as I have amply proven. You, not so much!

  10. Buddaroll—the question isn't "Can we see it" the questions is; "Why can't we see it?" The answer being, because it never happened. The forgery myth has been debunked over and over. The tea party people need to get a new life and change the record…..sick of this stupid song.

    • The power to put the question to rest was in Obama's hands before he was nominated by the Democratic Convention. That he would toy with the public for four years by withholding the evidence of his eligibility is despicable. He ought to be sent packing.

      • He released his birth certificate in June 2008, well before the nominating convention, and this is something no other presidential candidate in US history had ever done.

          • You can see it online, sport. Use yer googles. Hawaii has publicly authenticated it, and that's endgame. Case closed.

        • Koolaidman, if he already released his birth certificate why in the world did he feel the need to release the forged birth certificate, I'd like an answer genius?

          • You must not be following the news, chum. In 2008, he released the official state certified short form birth certificate, which proved beyond question he is a natural born citizen. Racist birthers, egged on by Republicans who thought birthers were useful idiots, kept foaming that it was a fraud and demanded to see the long form.

            So Hawaii actually suspended its rules to allow Obama to obtain a photocopy of the original, and he released that last year.

            This bit of truth telling of course has enraged birthers even more. It's actually quite funny.

          • Hawaii did not "suspend its rules to allow Obama to obtain a photocopy". I have a certified longform copy of my Hawaii birth certificate in my possession, along with those of my children. No rules were suspended in allowing me to obtain those certified long form copies. Hawaii politics are ruled heavily by Mr Inouye, our Senator. Since he can pull any strings he likes to get his agenda accomplished (witness the rail project) what makes you think strings weren't pulled in Obama's case? It's same old, same old Democratic Hawaii politics.

          • You're wrong. Hawaii did suspend its rules. Hawaii was ruled by republicans when the short form BC was issued in 2008. Try to keep up. Several years ago, Hawaii adopted rules under which it only issues short forms as certified copies. As it announced last year, is suspended that rule in order to provide the president with his long form.

          • yeah well, this racist ,teabagging, birther wants to see th elong form……the one from the Kenyan hospital that has been shown ….that`s the real birth certificate……..so many people in Kenya have claimed to remember and to have been at the birth……..they all can`t be liars…….

          • Pfff. You're way too easy.

            McCain REFUSED to release his birth certificate to the public. He showed it to only a few favored friendlies but REFUSED all requests to make it public,

            Try again, sport. [chuckle]

    • If the Criminal involved in the forgery ADMITS IT, what are you mumbling about? Are you an American? Afraid of giving your name? Same as Obama, nothing about you is valid.

        • @Alum:

          I admire your patience AND intelligence in dealing with these pathetic/violence-prone cretins commenting on THEIR duly elected President Barack Obama political legitimacy. Their IGNORANCE is mindboggling!

          You are a better person than I. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

          • Thanks. I do this for the free amusement value. I love it when the birthers foam and rant in their abject failure.

    • Dam your DUMB!!! Did you miss the part where Oblahblah's OWN ATTORNEY ADMITTED IT WAS A FAKE!! Back to Kenya you minority Oblahblah shill!

  11. This article is completely untrue – no wonder birthers are so ill informed if this is where they get their information. I watched the whole proceedings and Hill didn't admit the image was a forgery at all. All parties, the judge and both sets of lawyers agreed the computer image was inadmissible as it is obviously not a certified document. All Apuzzo's evidence was disparaged by the judge because it was just innuendo and rumour downloaded from the internet. It got the treatment it deserved – he was more or less laughed out of court by a judge that let him present his case for over hours. If you don't believe me you can watch the video of their entire proceedings yourself here:

    • Depends on what you call ill-informed. Even if the attorney didn't admit the forgery, it stands to reason that he's STILL ineligible.

      Natural born Citizenship's defined as being born of TWO Citizen parents on US Soil. Four pieces of Supreme Court jurisprudence specify this.

      Look carefully at the forgery (It is, regardless of what you might have been told…)- his father's name is Barak Obama. Barak Obama, Sr. was never a US Citizen. Regardless of anything else…he's never going to be eligible regardless of where he was born.

      • "Natural born Citizenship's defined as being born of TWO Citizen parents on US Soil. Four pieces of Supreme Court jurisprudence specify this. "

        REcent court rulings would say no the Supreme Court did not.

      • Natural born citizenship has never in our entire history required two citizen parents, or even any. The child of two aliens, if born on US soil, is a natural born citizen. This is long settled by the US Supreme Court.

        • The Judge in this case does not agree. You obviously have not been paying attention to the video, obot. What are you homos there at fogblow doing to each other to have missed that??

          • You missed it but the judge in this case did in fact agree with me. The matter is settled and the case is closed. Obama has proven his eligibility and is the only president in history to do so. This is not in dispute.

            Now, it's interesting to note the emergence of a common trend among right wing trolls like you. Your latent homosexuality almost always appears as you sink in defeat. Is it the humiliation of losing to your stereotype of "libs" that makes your suppressed desire to perform fellatio come to the fore? Seriously, it's an almost universal truth that the losers like you resort to such expressions. It must be self-hatred.

    • The tea party harbors bigots who hate our president because of his skin color. Our president was born in the US period. The author of this article has no idea and continues to spred lies. Arpaio is getting what he deserves because he has broken the law himself. This site is nothing but trash that promotes hatefullness, bigotry, & lies!!

        • Yes, you who continue the retoric saying those who do not believe as you do are haters, bigots and racist are not very well informed. Listen to yourselves as you spread hate. I cannot believe this is happening in our country. Thank you Kea, we do not like his policies. It is that simple. Nothing more.

    • I watched the videos of the proceedings. Apuzo cited a legal definition that distinguished between a citizen and a natural citizen and the judge acknowledged that point, but then redirected the argument to the use of a forged document as valid evidence. Hmm..

      • The difference is that a natural born citizen is a subset of all citizens, consisting of those who acquired their citizenship at birth. The only other type of citizen is naturalized. The Supreme Court has said so. So of all citizens, there are two kinds: Those from birth and those naturalized later, The judge knew this, and moved on since it's not at issue.

          • Prove it. You can't and you won't because you know I am correct. You cannot point to anything I have said that is incorrect, while I have proven all your claims to be lies. That's how this works.

            Hint: Read Minor v Happersett, which proves you wrong on this point.

    • Fergal. You comrade have been taught by the great Lenin to "lie, lie, because some of thelies will stick". Obama in person has admitted the Forgery done by an unknown person(s) when he was left without proof. So he says that it doesn´t matter, because of his being "popular" and having support. If you can´t understand what your Obama says, you just have nothing inside your head. You also are afraid of giving your real name, coward.

    • But Fergal, when the judge ask Obama's attorney if the document postedon Obaba's web site could be used as proof of his birth place, Obama's attorney stated "NO" to the judge. Therefore, the document's posted on Obama's site are frauds.

      • That's a ludicrous statement and logically false. Only the actual paper document, which Obama also released but which is incapable of being pushed through the intertubes — therefore the digital image — can be used in court. the court did not request it. Please try to keep up with this.

    • It doesn't matter. Someone went to great lengths to hide Obama's past and spent millions of dollars in the process.

      Obama: "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide…"

      • His past is not hidden, nor were any millions spent hiding anything. These are figments of your imagination, Stacey. You know just as much if not more about him that any other president. But when people make up stories then demand he respond to lies, you lose.

    • Is Fergal an Intelectual name?
      and why hide all his documents and have fakes, is this responsible and Transparent?

      He is obviously not telling the truth, but his actions tell it all

  12. Also, it is amazing how the state run news media has completely overlooked Romney's qualifications for being a Natural Born Citizen. His parents were not born in the united States either. Now what do we do?

    • Gratscott. It is another part of the confusion screen. All of the GOP is with the Obama initiative, so it shouldn´t surprise you. Just go ahead and read judge Napolitano´s article that explains everything. It ends with three questions: "What if enough is enough? What do we do about it? What if it's too late?" (all true Americans should read it. I am as afraid as the judge, but I believe that there exist lots of fed jup Americans, who won´t allow a second term of the confessed impostor).

      Signed by Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, who is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel.

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/04/12/what-if

      • I have gone back to read Napolitano's "what if" remarks and it's painfully apparent to be so.
        THis is the way things are. How things are made, and corrupted. Most of the "what if" have occurred.
        Obama is just the puppet on strings. A very arrogant one.
        We need to get to the "Master" corruptionist.

        Thank you for the information Simon.

    • romney was born in detroit, his father was born in mexico but both his parents were americans. there is no question as too romney being a nbc, but obuttbangers sure not

    • @ Greatscott:
      This point you make, about Romney's parents not being US born,.. might well be at the CORE
      of the 'argument', -the 'lever' if you will, that will be made to 'keep' Obama.

      I would not be at all surprised that THIS is THE one thing the NWO big pocket bastards have been
      planning all along.

      Their hole card, their ace in the hole to CONTROL all public dissent about this entire SHAM "government"

  13. On Obama, the birth certificate is not the issue. The definition of a Natural Born Citizen required both parents to be born in the united States, which president Obama's father was born in Kenya. game, set, match.

    • The fake birth cert, the painting of everyone who questions his eligibility status through his birth status as "birthers" (regardless of what arguments…the proponents all seem to think, "it's already been disproven" because it's on "fact check" that the lines of reasoning are all false, has been a carefully orchestrated plan to get people to foolishly believe that his current status and political position is all that matters in getting him re-elected.

      The best thing is to focus not on the fact that it's a forgery (even though it is…) but rather to focus on what you and I have- which is that his claimed father never was a US Citizen (You need to change your tack there- quite simply you're almost there, but not quite. All that is required is to be born of two US Citizens (Could be naturalized or natural born…) on US Soil (Meaning the US proper, it's Territories, or on a Base, something like a Carrier or similar, or Embassy grounds…).)

      He is ineligible because he fails to meet the requirements at a much more fundamental level that render where he might have been born utterly irrelevant. Most of the people deriding me as a "birther" can't quite come up with a comeback at this point save to repeat the tripe "it's already been disproven" (to which I reply, "No, it's not. Read what I said carefully…I didn't say he was born elsewhere…"- at which point they've nothing else to respond with and typically back off in silence…)

      • back off? Are you kidding? Your claims are wrong on their face. You cannot cite any source for this phony "requirement" that both your parents must be citizens. Simply put, that is untrue. All US law and precedent is that birth on US soil even if your parents are both aliens is sufficient. Founder James Madison said so. He WROTE the Constitution.

        • Everybody knows you obots are nothing but bottom feeding pedophiles, fogblow.

          How many registered sex offenders are now in your little group??

          Been threatening to rape any more women and children, lately???

          We are all onto you now Philip.

          • Thank you for demonstrating the absolute emptiness of your claims. I think this pretty much wraps up any pretense you were trying to maintain that you had a cogent argument. My proofs against your claims would have sufficed without your meltdown.

    • Your information is incorrect. There is no requirement that either of your parents be citizens if you are born on US soil. Both parents can be aliens. This is not even remotely in dispute, as it has been the case since colonial times.

    • Wrong. A natural-born citizen is someone who is born a citizen, by the circumstances of their birth. That includes:
      1. every child born under U.S. jurisdiction in the USA (i.e., anywhere in the USA except places like foreign embassies), plus
      2. every child born of two U.S. citizen parents, plus
      3. some children born of one citizen parent and one foreign parent.

      Obama fails to qualify under #2, and fails to qualify under #3 (because of the young age of his mother), but if he was born in Hawaii then he qualifies under #1.

      Unfortunately, the question of who has the burden of proof is virgin territory, and the courts are likely (not unreasonably) to give an elected President the benefit of the doubt, meaning that, practically speaking, the burden of proof is on the challengers to his eligibility.

      I'd like to see some other Hawaiian birth certificates of similar vintage, as issued by the Hawaii Health Dept., to see whether they exhibit the same characteristics as Obama's or not. Such "layers" apparently can be produced by scanning software, and it may be that when Hawaii went paperless and scanned their files of paper birth certificates, they used such software.

        • The image of one of the Nordyke twins' birth certificates is very different from Obama's, presumably because it is a simply photo or scan of an actual paper birth certificate.

          (Also, they weren't born the same day as Obama.)

          • You're lying, the twins' BC is identical in form to Obama's.

            Why are you so willing to blatantly lie when the images are both online and fully identical?

  14. If you accept the forgery, he's STILL ineligible.

    1) His claimed father was NEVER a US Citizen, thus rendering him ineligible.
    2) He studied as an Indonesian citizen (Only way he could be allowed to study there…) in his childhood, thus forfeiting his natural born status.

    This line of argument that this lawyer used is bogus. As for Mitt Romney…if he's not born of two US Citizens on US Soil, he's not eligible either.

    • The Constitution does not define the phrase natural-born citizen, and various opinions have been offered over time regarding its precise meaning. The Congressional Research Service has stated that the weight of scholarly legal and historical opinion indicates that the term means one who is entitled under the Constitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship "at birth" or "by birth," including any child born "in" the United States, even to alien parents (other than to foreign diplomats serving their country), the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parent who has met U.S. residency requirements.

    • The Constitution does not require the president to be born on U.S. soil as long as the parents are American citizens and are only temporarily away from the U.S. Romney was born in Michigan. Also, American soil is not limited to the 50 states. There is a weird exception for P.R. which requires a P.R. citizen to have lived in the U.S. for 14 years and in this instance, living in Puerto Rico doesn't qualify even though they would be considered U.S. citizens eligible if they had lived in the U.S. for 14 years, of which 7 of the last 14 have to be on American soil.

      American soil includes U.S. military bases on foreign soil, embassies, American flagged ships and airplanes that have left American airports but have not landed on foreign soil. Exceptions include foreign embassy personnel whose children are born on U.S.

      Currently, Title 8 of the U.S. Code fills in the gaps left by the Constitution. Section 1401 defines the following as people who are "citizens of the United States at birth:"

      Anyone born inside the United States *
      Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person's status as a citizen of the tribe
      Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.
      Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national
      Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year
      Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age 21
      Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)
      A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.
      * There is an exception in the law — the person must be "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States. This would exempt the child of a diplomat, for example, from this provision.

    • Both of your claims are legally incorrect.

      There is nothing about his father being an alien that renders him ineligible, since he was born on US soil.

      Plus, it is not legally possible for Obama to have forfeited his natural born citizenship in Indonesia. US law explicitly forbids such a thing from occurring.


  15. What exact law was it HE broke? Not the Constitution! I would expect something like any person who the state ballot commissioners place on the ballot and who receives the most votes and who is sworn in by the Chief Justice but who is not a natural born citizen shall be guilty of xxxxxxx.

    All such parties HAD a Constitutional right to have Obama be a natural born and they all freely chose to forgo that right! Don't come around crying AFTER YOU screwed up.

    Currit tempus contra desides et sui juris contemptores. Time runs against the slothful and those who neglect their rights.

    • Perjury. Candidates must sign a document under penalty of perjury that they qualify for the office of the Presidency. SInce he signed and knew it was false he commited the crime of perjury.

      • The Constitution requires him to be a citizen and that requirement is not waived because he illegally became president.

        I am not a birther, but his lack of providing valid proof raises serious questions about his citizenship. He could easily prove it by providing a certified copy of his birth certificate. I am not from Hawaii, but I could get a Certificate of Live Birth because I was born shortly before President Obama and the state is pretty loose on giving them out to anyone born at that time or before. The subsequent release of an actual birth certificate also raises questions. It is not stamped by the state, which makes it not a valid copy. Every copy of my birth certificate has the state seal embossed on it, certifying it is a legal copy. Many states, hopefully all, require a certified copy of birth certificates for a wide variety of services.

        • You're confused. Obama is the first and only presidential candidate in history who actually DID provide valid proof of his natural born citizenship. This is not in dispute, Hawaii says so:

          What are you failing to understand here? Hawaii is not "loose" on this. The birth certificate was most certainly stamped and certified by the state and is a valid copy. Please study up on this topic before making such incorrect claims.

        • And you Philip, what are you eligible for??? Besides a life term in prison for what you do to young children.

          Go away Philip Cave.

          • Are you mental? Seriously, WTH are you talking about?

            So sad. With Obamacare, you might be able to get the mental health assistance you so desperately need.

    • You are a moron. There is no "right" to be President, it is a privilege. Obama lied, continues to lie, and will lie until he is booted out of office to save his azz. You are also a plant, sent here and paid for by the millions that Obama has extorted from his victims. You are a traitor to God, a traitor to Country, and a traitor to your fellow man. Other than that, you're OK by me.

          • Who is Philip Cave and why are you fixated on this person? I've noticed the emergence in your overnight responses of your latent homosexuality. Is Philip the man who introduced you to it? Let it out. We know. It will be OK.

    • he posted a forged legal document on a federal gov. public information webpage with the intetion of allowing the forged document to stand as proof of eligability for a federal government position. supplying false information to a federal agency. you know what i could give two shits at this point. obamas legacy =he is a vile individual who is incapable of telling the truth about anything. he sat in the office after passing himself off as a citizen by supplying fony documents . everything he touches turns into a shit pile . it is the legacy of lies on a total fraud by a yellow bellied lying cheat. he should be locked up not listened to.

      • If he was not born on U.S. soil, he does. His father was not a U.S. national nor a U.S. citizen. Also, his father was married to another woman at the time he married President Obama's mother, which invalidates that marriage. That doesn't necessarily affect the citizenship of the president one way or the other; it depends on a number of factors.

        So far, he hasn't produced valid proof of being born in this country. His refusal to provide proof does raise serious questions about his U.S. citizenship. If he was born in Hawaii, produce a certified copy of the birth certificate. Considering the problems with what's been presented so far, it needs to be undergo better scrutiny than what was originally given to the fake Bush military records supposedly showing he hadn't reported for duty.

        Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.
        Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national

        • You are right about if he was born somewhere else.

          According to the State of Hawaii, he was born in Honolulu. http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/News_Relea

          "In June 2008, President Obama released his Certification of Live Birth, which is sometimes referred to in the media as a “short form” birth certificate. Both documents are legally sufficient evidence of birth in the State of Hawai„i, and both provide the same fundamental information: President Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawai„i at 7:24 p.m. on August 4, 1961, to mother Stanley Ann Dunham and father Barack Hussein Obama."

        • Your reply proves Obama would be a US natural born citizen if if he were NOT born on US soil. By claiming his mother's marriage to Obama Sr. was invalid due to his bigamy, this means Stanley Ann Dunham was unmarried at the time of the birth. As such, her child would be a natural born citizen even if he were born on the moon.

          But contrary to your claim, Obama not only HAS produced valid and certified proof of his birth on US so, he is in fact the first and only US presidential candidate in history to do so.

        • Actually, if Obama's father was NOT legally married to his mother, then Obama IS a natural-born citizen regardless of where he was born, because his mother was a citizen, and that's all that is required for an illegitimate child to have natural-born citizenship.

          But if they WERE legally married, then if Obama wasn't born in the USA he's not a citizen at all, of any type, because, under U.S. law at the time, she had not resided within the USA for long enough to qualify him for citizenship if she was married to a foreigner.

          According to the law at that time, she had to have lived in the USA for 5 years after her 14th birthday. Since she was only 18yo, she could not possibly have lived in the USA for long enough after turning 14.

          (Note: the law is different, now. But that is irrelevant; what matters is the law when he was born.)

          Strange, isn't it?

          (Background legal digression: There are two kinds of U.S. citizens: natural-born citizens and naturalized citizens, with the former acquiring citizenship at birth, and the later acquiring citizenship subsequent to birth. The two kinds of citizens have identical rights, with one exception: the U.S. Constitution limits eligibility for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to natural-born citizens. The term "natural born" is undefined in the Constitution, but was defined by federal statute by the first Congress, to include both children born within U.S. borders and children born outside the U.S.A. to U.S. citizen parents. Unfortunately, the language of that law is ambiguous w/r/t children born outside the U.S.A. who have one U.S. citizen parent and one foreign national parent. That ambiguity has been resolved in various ways by subsequent federal laws, and changed several times. For a baby born abroad of married parents between 12:01 a.m. 12/23/1952 and 11:59 p.m. 11/13/1986, when one parent was a U.S. citizen and the other a foreign national, the baby is only a U.S. citizen if the U.S. citizen parent resided in the U.S. for a total of 10 years prior to the birth of the child, with 5 of those years being after the age of 14. BHO's father was not a U.S. citizen, he was Kenyan. His mother was a U.S. citizen, but she was only 18yo, so she could not possibly have resided in the U.S. for 5 years after the age of 14. Hence BHO could not have been considered a citizen by virtue of his mother's citizenship, so he is only a U.S. citizen if he was born within U.S. borders. If he was born abroad, then, by law, he is not a U.S. citizen.)

  16. I suggest you look at the Constitution.

    Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

    "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States."

    Which means that even if he is never accepted as a "natural born" citizen, so long as he is a "citizen," he is still eligible to hold the office. This is such an old topic. People need to just move on already./

    • You missed the phrase "at the time of the adoption of this Constitution". Citizen at that time is what that first sentence mean. It's no longer that time.

      Also, John McCain was forced to go through a vetting process for eligibility because he was born on a military base overseas, son of two U.S. citizens (father was SERVING in the military). If HE was forced to be vetted then why not Obama?

      • Umm, John McCain was NOT "forced" to go through a vetting process, he requested it from his Senate buddies due to the uncertainty of his claim to natural born citizenship (he was not born in the US). Obama, who WAS born in the US, needs no such vetting.

    • Having been born outside the USA and applied for US citizenship, I was provided DOCUMENTATION of same… so…. even if Mr. Obama was born outside the US, but became a "legal" US citizen, he also should be able to provide documentation of same… where is is?

      • Dems made no such argument at all, Dems in fact provided McCain with a nice neat little Senate Resolution supporting his claim. Please study your facts.

    • Obama is not old enough to predate the constitution. Read your own words "a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution". He would have had to be in this Country in the 1700s Get off the Cool Aid

    • Even if I was willing to acept his citizen stuff, ( which I'm not.) nobody should over look all his other crimes, that we already know he committed. We put others in jail for far less and that's where he should be also. Remember the President we put out of office just because of a cover-up of a crime? There is a lot of people involved in Obama's cover-up that needs to also be addressed and be held accountable. I guess laws mean nothing unless we have some kind of enforcement authority and we all know who now controls that.
      Remember when Obama make the statement, " we have the best Country on earth….help me change it."
      Well, WE SURE ARE. And he could not do it without our help. After he was ellected, his wife said it was the first time she was proud of this Country. I'm 73 years old and this is the first time I can say I'm not anymore. Maybe we need to re-think the power we give our Government. We all know unchecked power corrupts and totol power deffinitely corrupts and we gave them that. I'm too old to go to war again,( but I'm getting ready, )but this time it's over here.

      • You're imagining things. Merely saying "Obama's crimes" does not conjure any crimes out of thin air. He has not committed a crime. He saved the nation from certain Republican-caused economic depression, all the while the GOP was opposing every recovery effort. Shame on them.

    • Can you liberals even read and comprehend? "…or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution" was inserted because prior to the adoption of the Constitution there was no U.S. for one's parents to be a citizen of. Obama was born long after the time of the adoption of the Constitution, thus needed both his parents to be citizens in order for him to be a natural born citizen. Evidently, drinking the liberal kool-aid inhibits ones ability to understand simple logic or do any actual reasoning. Additionally, many liberals can't even seem to read and comprehend even the very basic information.

    • or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution
      AKA there were no natural-born citizens when this was adopted so they had to add this provision in to allow someone to hold the office in the meantime ……nice job TRYING to cherry-pick this to make it say what you want it to…..

    • Really? Just IGNORE it? It might just go away? You have now seen what your ignorance of a problem has done. If this charlatan had been booted out of office and into jail, perhaps we might still have a nation left!

  17. It was always apparent the birth certificate was a forgery. Obama could have acknowledged that early on unless he had something to hide. Now that the White House, given no other choice, has acknowledged in court that the certificate is a forgery, what do his supporters do now after their making fun out of those who had been correctly reporting the document is fake? Is it likely any of them will say, gee, I was wrong, I was duped by my hero? In a pig's eye they will. They will merely change the subject.

    • Taxpayer. How many Congressmen new it, but didn´t move a finger. There must exist a Dem/GOP deal, otherwise the Congress wouldn´t have given Obama total (Dictatorial) prower in an eventual violent situation in the US.

    • It is a legal impossibility for the birth certificate to be a forgery. Hawaii, the issuer, has publicly authenticated it. That ipso facto settles the matter.

      • Hawaii said they no longer had a paper record due to the transfer of records to a digital format. Also, who says that officials in Hawaii are infalable? Is there no wau

        • Hawaii has the records and has released them and publicly authenticated them. The case is closed. Obama in fact is the first and only presidential candidate in US history ever to publicly release his birth certificate.

          • So, Goebbels, try pointing to one thing that is a lie in my post. You can't and you won't.

            This is starting to be fun!

            Point out to us one other presidential candidate who ever released his birth certificate to the public.

          • And you are right, this is fun. And the document is counterfeit, it was not issued by the state of Hawaii as stated in the case by the counsel for the defense. OOPS!!! It was not actually issued at all but fabricated from a computer image not a paper document. It never existed prior to its fabrication by counterfeiters. All this was sted by BO's representative! So Stalin, you flavor your argument with half truths to make them seem valid yet they do ont stand up to scrutiny. And no other candidate has had to vett themselves as such. Their lineage was never contended. Sad that the even this seemingly simple challenge escapes BO. I could answer this challenge immediately if it was levied against me, could you? Then why can your Idol not do the same?

          • Hawaii stated it issued it, sport. You'll just have to be content with being wrong.

            Show us on the video where you "think" the lawyer said any such thing. We know you can't because she did not. Look, chum, even your fellow birthers are exposing this as a lie because it's probably the most blatant of all the lies birthers have spread.

            NO OTHER candidate ever proved eligibility, only Obama. You swallowed the word of all other politicians just because you're gullible; Obama supplies irrefutable proof and you're in denial!

            Yes, this is fun!

        • Yes, your persistent ludicrous claims in the face of the proof that I am correct is very comical. It's why I post on birther sites, because you all are pure comedy gold. You need to understand that when the entity that issues a document states it is real, it is by that very act, It's not even possible to be forged, Apparently, you have yet to fully grasp what "forgery" is! [chuckle]

      • This document is a fake. It was stated as such by the attorney representing BO in this case…. Read the article. If Hawaii stated that this document was real and yet BO has been forced to say it was fake then where does that leave you….. Sport?

        • The document is proven genuine and the lawyer said no such thing. You're lying, sport. Hawaii proved it's real and the case is closed.

    • Governor Neil Abercrombie stated: “Considering all of the investigations that have been done and the information that has been provided, no rational person can question the President’s citizenship. We have found a way – once again – to confirm what we already knew: the President was born here in Hawai‘i. State officials of both parties have verified that President Obama’s birth records show that he was born in Honolulu.

      “President Obama’s mother and father were dear friends of mine, and we must respect their memory. It is an insult to the President, his parents and to the Office to suggest that he was not born in Hawai‘i. The State of Hawai‘i has done everything within our legal ability to disabuse these conspiracy theorists. We granted the President’s request for certified copies of his birth certificate so we can all move on from this unfortunate distraction and focus on the real issues affecting people today.”

      Click here to view attachments to this press release.

    • Acknowledge it? He submitted it, he wanted it made public! He is the charlatan who thinks that his popularity among idiots will suffice and cover it all over and he doesn't need to worry about the 'technicalities' of the Constitution! He is NO President! He is nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing, hiding among the sheep to cover his murderous appetite to devour the innocent lambs!

  18. Before the next election I certainly hope it's REQUIRED for ALL candidates to be vetted and SHOW their ORIGINAL Birth Certificate. IF I, a common citizen, must produce one for my children to play little league sports, I would think it would be required to apply for ANY office of the US Government!!!!

    • I agree. I have to provide proof of my citizenship for a lot of things that are less lofty than the presidency of the U.S.

    • Not only show the birth certificate, but it must go through testing as Joe Arpiao's cold possee put Obamas birth certificate through. What has America stooped to that any judge would continue to let this man get away with the fraud and lies. Michelle and Obama can't even pratice law anymore. THat is a proven statement also.

      • Umm, Michelle and Barack are not going to practice law anymore because he's president, and when he retires in 2017 he will not need to hang out his shingle again and represent DUI cases. He's moved on. There's no other reason than this. Puh-lease get a grip on reality.

    • Absolutely and every state should do the same.I think that's the only way we are going to keep him out of office

      • If that were the law, then Obama would be e only candidate on the ballot since he already did release his birth certificate, twice. He would be unanimously reelected. Romney refuses to release his birth certificate so he would be barred from the ballot. You need to think before you post. Obama=birth certificate already released. Romney=no birth certificate.

  19. I seem to remember watching Fox News and Sean Hannity (who I despise) introduced Romney onto his show saying he was the son if Immigrant parents. That means if his parents were born outside of the US, Romney is not eligible either. What gives? Are we supposed to take whatever they give us? I for one will not tolerate Obama, and if this is true, Romney being crammed down our throat if Romney is not eligible as well.

    • The Constitution does not define the phrase natural-born citizen, and various opinions have been offered over time regarding its precise meaning. The Congressional Research Service has stated that the weight of scholarly legal and historical opinion indicates that the term means one who is entitled under the Constitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship "at birth" or "by birth," including any child born "in" the United States, even to alien parents (other than to foreign diplomats serving their country), the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parent who has met U.S. residency requirements.[1]

      • Robert,

        As I posted above, it is clearly spelled out who is a natural-born citizen and includes the requirement of both parents being U.S. citizens or one U.S. citizen and U.S. national.

        If he was born in Hawaii, then he is a U.S. citizen, regardless of whether or not either or both parents are U.S. citizens, except as noted about diplomats and others not under U.S. jurisdiction. That's way anchor babies are popular among illegals.

    • Romney's parents did not necessarily have to be BORN here, just needed to have become citizens when he was born.

      • Romney was born in Michigan so his parents' citizenship does not matter. His parents could have been illegals and he would still qualify.

      • False. If Romney was born on US soil (which he has yet to prove by refusing to release his birth certificate, unlike Obama) then his parents could both be Martians and he would still be a US natural born citizen.

    • Both Senator Rubio and Governor Jindal are natural born Citizens and neither of their parents were citizens at the time of their births.

      • Different, more stringent requirements for the U S president. That's how the Terminator got to be governor of California.

        • False. Rubio and Jindal are eligible to be president as, like Obama, they are natural born citizens. The matter is not even remotely open to dispute.

    • You must have missed understood.Romney was born in US he married a Mexican woman .She then became a citizen.So both were CITIZENS.OB's father NEVER BECAME A CITIZEN>>>Check this out. you will see the difference..

      • You're making that up. Romney's father was not born in the US and he did not marry a Mexican woman. Romney's father was born in Mexico to US born parents who fled to Mexico to practice polygamy.

        George Romney was born in Mexico.

        Obama's father does not need to be a citizen, nor even did his mother, since Obama was born on US soil. Case is closed.

        • George Romney was a US citizen confered by birth by his US born mom and dad. Mitt was born in Michigan to 2 US citizen Immigrant parents. That is minimum required to legally run for and be elected Pres. But Democrap party hardly ever follows US law. Example the aparteid and limited suffrage actions of the Democrap party and Andrew Jackson between 1865 Emancipation Proclamation and The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Or the internment of Japanese US citizens during WWII.

    • romney son of immigrant parents ,BORN ON US SOIL MAKING HIM A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.we here in tyhis smudge pot mostly have imigrant parents or grandparents

  20. There is not one record regarding BO that does not have some type of anomaly.

    Not one document can be supported from its source.

    Who among us has this problem of some oddity attached to each and every document and record that we are a party to.

    Is there any other person in this entire nation that has this combination of the wrong social security number prefix, two digit year postal stamp on their selective service card, different font types on their birth certificate, and funny faces along with misspelled words on their birth document certification.

    BO has moved from the ridiculous to the insanely comical, in his trifecta of document fraud.

      • If you have information that shows otherwise, provide it.

        Otherwise, return to the rock from which you crawled out from under.

        • You have no evidence to support a single one of your statements. You must be under that rock!

          Hawaii has publicly affirmed the authenticity of the birth certificate. There goes your very first claim out the window, and so it is with your remaining ones. None can be supported by any evidence. This is not in dispute.

          • Has Hawaii allowed an examination of the microfiche and original document, or did Hawaii have the state Attorney General contest in court to any examination of the official record???

            Hawaii may claim authenticity, but resists any effort to validate that claim. There's a reason for that. Examining the official records will prove Obama is a fraud.

            All of this information on Obama's forgeries is easily verifiable with an on-line search. Here's a link to help you educate yourself. https://www.google.com/

          • Hawaii does not need to do any such thing. The Constitution requires that you accept its proof of Obama's natural born citizenship. You do not have any say in "validating" the document, espcially since birthers have shown a propensity to lie about every single issue. You can complain all you like about your desire to violate the Constitution, but you will not prevail. Thanks for showing how the tea party actually despises the Constitution though.

            It is legally impossible for the birth certificate to be a forgery. Birthers can't even understand simple scanning and PDFs.

          • So now you are an attorney, well versed in applicable laws and doctrine as they pertain to the full faith and credit clause of the constitution??

            Well, please enlighten us counselor, as to why no attorney, or the Hawaii Attorney General, will invoke that clause as an affirmative defense in defending any requests to examine the official records as maintained by the state of Hawaii.

            You should be contacting those involved to educate them on the err of their legal ways.

            No Obama attorney in their right mind would dare invoke that clause as a defense, less they open a legal door they can not close. And we both know why that is, don't we Mr. constitutional law expert.

            By the way, which law school did you attend??

          • So in other words, you cannot dispute a single word I have said.

            One does not need to be an attorney — you are not one — to read the plain English of all the historical record.

            Hawaii does not need to invoke the FFAC clause in this matter because the obligation is on YOU and the other states. What Hawaii has properly invoked is its privacy statutes, which mirror those in all other states. If you knew how the laws worked you would understand that your question was nonsensical.

            Care to explain "we both know why that is?" It makes no sense.

            This matter was settled four years ago. This is not even remotely in dispute.

          • And therein lies the death of your ridiculous argument. You can not have it both ways.

            "The Constitution requires that you accept its proof of Obama's natural born citizenship"

            "What Hawaii has properly invoked is its privacy statutes"

            So which one is it counselor??

            Which defense do you wish to use??

            Do you wish to hide behind those privacy laws, and argue that no document should be produced without Obama's release??

            Or will it be the full faith and credit clause of the constitution, which will require a certified copy of the record be released, in order to invoke that doctrine??

            So which one will it be??

            Or is it that you claim to be needing the protection of both the constitution and the privacy laws, which are conflicting arguments, in order to hide this fraud that is Obama??

            A public statement and a digital image, both of which have no probative value, can not use the constitution as a shield, as no actual document has been produced to be in dispute.

            The privacy laws provide a legal avenue to prevent a document from public disclosure, which prevents any constitutional protection, or probative claims, of that which has not been produced and claimed to be an official record.

            As much as you try, you just can not have it both ways, counselor.

          • You seem very very confused. The FFAC clause does not exclude the confidentiality laws of all the states. They have coexisted for decades. You seem to have this problem of just making things up as you go along.

            Simply, the Constitution requires your acceptance of Hawaii's proof that Obama is a natural born citizen. It was Obama's option under the law to release it, and he did. Twice. There is no conflict here. Obama in fact is the first and only candidate in history ever to do such a thing.

            Your words make no sense. I might suggest that you take advantage of Obamacare and seek professional assistance for your Obama Derangement Syndrome.

          • Still drinking the red Kool-Aid, I see.

            Get back to me when you actually have something of substance to add, instead of this moronic gibberish you repeat ad naseum.

          • Translation: You repeat the same old lies over and over again.

            Take your sorry butt back to fogblow, you pedophile obot.

            This means you Philip Cave.

          • Translation: AlCum has proven all of his claims and exposed me to be the liar everyone knew I was, and so now I must implode into my latent homosexuality.

            This is becoming a big embarrassment for you. Try to stay on topic.

          • Just ignore this government SHILL hes a TROLL paid by the govt' to argue his point. He's LAUGHABLE! Anyway these people have no brains because they will follow BO to the end of the cliff and when told to jump off and commit suicide because he was only useful if he got BO's point across. And because he failed miserably he will have no choice but to jump or be pushed off!!! LMAO Just look at his handle Alcum GAWD!

          • It is obama that is stepping on the Constitution and trying to erradicate the entire document as he turns this nation into a 3rd world. He will not close the borders or stop sending money to build mosques in other countries. He is taking the second amendment and refusing to abide by it using Hillery to form alliances with the UN to weaken this government moreso.

          • You are entirely incorrect. Obama has abided faithfully by the Constitution while birthers trample on it. This is not even remotely in dispute; birthers advocate outright violation of states' rights and the FFAC clause, while Obama became the first and only presidential candidate in US history to actually release his birth certificate to the public.

            As for Third World, that is the Republicans' plan. GOP economic policies since Reagan have systematically built up the wealthy class at the expense of the middle class. It is essential to have a thriving middle class to have a healthy society. But Republican policies would destroy it. Only Democrats can build the middle class.

            Obama has not taken one single action on gun rights. That's a red herring. He has domne more border enforcement than Bush and has deported more illegals than Bush. This is simple fact. Only useful idiots for the GOP don't know the truth about is. Most GOP voters don't even realize they are voting for their own destruction.

          • publicly saying and publicly showing are two entirely different animals……..until I see th eoriginal and Barry stops blocking all of his life ling documents, I will never beieve he is a natural born citizen…………..show me the beef!!!!!

    • lol there is only one record so far and it fake lol .listen everything about him stated has been a lie .EVERYTHING .he doesnt even know his birthday. he is the manchurian candidate installed as the last us pres. he is meant to be the one who topled the country..all of his stories are false .and all of his pics of growing up are photoshopped .we have no idea who this conman is except that his father was a communist radical.and he still has his terrorist jihadist hand on the nuclear football.now all ya'll can loose sleep as i have done for 8 years.. he is a sociopath with psychotic delusional tendancies .the man is crazy .and he does not know right from wrong .he is programmed..his suicidal tendancies along with his delusions could result in a psychotic break and suicide on a grand scale such as global thermal nuclear suicide.welcome to the fundamental transformation of america ya'll

  21. WHY in this great country, The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can all of Washington allow this to happen and continue. They are a mocery of the world. Why, when they are elected to protect all the people, can't they make it right? What ever happened to IMPEACHMENT? What does the CONSTITION say? We believe in the Constituion and that is what our Country was established on. Come on Someone STAND UP for what we believe in. Do NOT allow this to continue. DO SOMETHING.

    we believe in the Constition it is what our Country was built on.

          • Wrong. Traitors are people like birthers whose clamor for violating the Constitution. You are the very definition of treason. Obama has of course proven his eligibility and is the only president in history to document it with his birth certificate. This is not in dispute, as you only ever took the white ones' word for it.

            Obama rescued the nation from Republican economic collapse. That's what's really gnawing at the right. That he succeeded.

          • Obama is a liar and admits the birth certificate is fraud Wake up . Obama is bring this country down and you and others don't even see it. He never thought anyone who do a criminal investigation on the certificate he let be posted. He can only fool some of the people; not all of them. Hats of to the judge who DIDN"T dismiss this case.

          • Nope, you're the liar. Obama did not say any such thing and the birth certificate has been proven real. Hawaii said so. The case is closed on this.

            Oh, and the judge DID dismiss the case. You need to read the story.

          • No, the case against the document was dismissed in New Jersey and relates to the his eligibility to run in that state. Now, if this is such a win for BO then why is there now a request to have the video of the proceedings removed from public domain? You believe in BO. We get it. I do not. I want to see the original document. I can produce my birth certificate when asked, can you? The fact that this falsified document made it so far and was not denounced by BO is a bit odd is it not? Would you not rectify a lie if it involved you? Stop taking the role of mindless lemming and ask questions.

          • The case was thrown out completely. It was meritless. The request to remove the video came from the law firm because of the DEATH THREATS that the habitually violent right wingers have been issuing against the young female lawyer. This is typical behavior of the thuggish brown-shirted right.

            The original document has been released. The case is closed. Stop pretending it has not been released. It is not falsified. The issuing state of Hawaii has publicly authenticated it. The matter is settled.

          • Nope, you are wrong about his qualifications.

            A "natural born citizen" is someone who was born in the US and BOTH parents were US citizens at the time of one's birth. Obama's father was a Brit…making him a dual citizen at birth.

            Then there is the adoption by Soetoro…but no adoption papers…but his US citizenship would've had to be renounced by his mother and adoptive father to be adopted in Indonesia…and his name changed.

            If he IS Barack Hussein Obama…he would then have needed to re-apply for US citizenship at some point, apply for a name change back to Obama…and register with the draft.

            We know that his Selective Service Card is a forgery, too. Oops…another felony.

            See what a web of lies and deceit this Fraud has woven???? They never stop….just keep on piling on top of each other….and growing bigger every day.

          • Nope, I am entitrely correct about his qualifications, proven so, and you are the one who is wrong. this is proven fact. Birthers have yet to record one single victory because their claims are false.

            You cannot cite any authority for your ludicrous claim that two citizen parents are required, The 14th Amendment settled it and the Supreme Court proclaimed it: Even the child of two aliens merely passing through is a natural born citizen. Birth on the soil is all that is necessary.

            The US does not recognize dual citizenship. EPIC FAIL on your part. Doesn't matter what his dad's citizenship was. Adoption by Soetoro, whether real or imagined, is irrelevant as it cannot possibly change Obama's natural born citizenship. US law makes it impossible for a minor child to lose his birthright citizenship through any mechanism whatsoever. The child cannot lose it even if he wishes to. it can only be done as an adult with affirmative renunciation. he does not have to "reapply" for a single thing.

            Nor is his Selective Service card a forgery; that is impossible. Neither he nor anyone associated with him touched it after the day in 1980 that he signed it. The record seen in public was obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request during the Bush Administration, straight from the files. That's it. You lose.

            You have not one single shred of evidence for any of your claims. all you have are assertions.

    • arrest not impeach arrest nullifies his actions the past 3 yrs, impeach lets his unlawful stuff ride. arrest not impeach. i wanna see this SOB escorted outta the white house in handcuffs like the CRIMINAL HE IS

      • Your claims are false. Nothing nullifies his actions. He cannot be arrested, as he has not committed a crime. You will not get to see your angry dream, since it is a delusion.

  22. This is legal gymnastics. Now, they are trying to push that the Long Form BC was just a ploy to make the whole birth thing seem ridiculous. Claiming that a document is true when it isn't is a felony. "Uttering a forged instrument. "The crime of passing a counterfeit or forged instrument or attempting to do so by offering it as if it were genuine." Of course, in the case before the court, they can claim that and win the case. IMO The Obama Administration is so scared that they will be declared inelligible in a couple of states, they are willing to do ANYTHING to get him reelected.

    • The Obama Administration is anything but scared. The birth certificate has been proven real and the administration is counting on birthers to continue ranting and raving in order to show voters the kind of delusional people who would wreck the economy again should they make the mistake of voting conservative again.

        • The BC simply shows his propensity to commit criminal acts such as fraud.

          Obama also punked the country and presented himself as eligible…when he is an admitted dual citizen…and dual citizens can't be "natural born citizens"…required by the Constitution. NOT ELIGIBLE.


          • We prefer to believe the sovereign state of Hawaii, which the Constitution affords the right and authority to make this call, over you America-hating birthers.

            By the way, chum, the US does not recognize "dual citizenship" so it doesn't matter who his daddy was, he's a natural born US citizen and your president through Jan. 20, 2017. You "think" your claim is in the Constitution but you cannot point to it. EPIC FAIL.

    • You racist sphincter-sucking spineless simp! Allen West, Condeleeza Rice, and Colin Powell would ALL do a million times better in office than Obagina ever has. Oh yeah, they are ALL black, and I would vote for them any day. So shut your cork holster you racist hate-mongering puke!

    • The race card. Very few people who are against President Obama care that he is half-black. He has a bigger issue with race, refusing to acknowledge his white heritage. Also, the only people who are racists are the ones who voted for him because he was half-black. The only ones who are having issues with his race are people like you.

      He has not proved where he was born and has done everything in his power to avoid proving it. That should raise questions in your mind if you weren't such a Kool-Aid drinker.

      I don't know where he was born and neither do you. If he produced a certified copy of an actual, non-forged birth certificate, then we would both know.

      • He has produced his genuine state-certified birth certificate, Hawaii has publicly authenticated it, and he is in fact the first and only presidential candidate in history to do so.

      • All patriotic Americans are Obama supporters. He rescued the economy from a certain Second Great Republican Depression.

  23. "The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens.
    Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the
    nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never
    doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens
    became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or naturalborn
    citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners." Id. 167 Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1874)

    • As posted above, the Constitution has clearly defined who is a natural born citizen. There are questions he should answer and if he was born in Hawaii, it's pretty easy for him to prove it with legit documents. His refusal to do so raises valid questions about where he was born.

      • He has proven it, the birth certificate is legit, and the Constitution does NOT define natural born citizen as the child of citizen parents. There is no historical authority for such a claim. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has ruled that the child of two aliens is a natural born citizen if born on US soil.

        • How has Obama proven anything with a digital image on a website. Only liberals are that stupid to fall for such nonsense.

          Let's see the microfiche. Stop hiding behind attorneys, and show the microfiche.

          • Try to keep up, sport. He proved it through Hawaii's legally binding certification of his birth on US soil.



          • Sorry, sport, but it's the proven truth, as your lack of any rebuttal demonstrates. Bone up on the Wong case and read your Constitution. There is NOTHING in any law, tradition or authority that requires two citizen parents — or ANY citizen parents if you're born on US soil. This matter is well settled and you're simply mistaken.

    • Read the next sentence.

      Minor does NOT define who is a natural born citizen, it merely notes one set of circumstances and then goes on to say that the child of aliens also may be, but that the Minor court was not making a decision on this.

      The Supreme Court later settled it in the Wong case.

      • That is truly the most idiotic of statements you have made to date. However, I'm sure you will not let us down, and create more of your moronic meanderings for our entertainment pleasure.

        The obots from fogblow never cease to entertain.

    • I think your the only one that understands what was meant when it was written.And that's why OB is not natural born..

      • He completely misunderstands it, as do you. One cannot be the "only one" who understands it, yet disagrees with the Constitution, the Founders, the Supreme Court and ALL constitutional authorities and traditions, all of which state clearly that birth on US soil, even to two alien parents, makes you a natural born citizen. This is not in dispute. The Minor case literally contradicts the two of you. Read it sometime.

  24. Obama has a 2nd problem with citizenship you are forgetting to factor in. It appears he had to be adopted by LoLo Soetoro in order to remain in Indonesia and go to school. Not just be a step son. We then have the divorce papers of supposed mother S. Anne Dunham/Obama?/Soetoro whereby the Hawaii court ruled: at that time she wrote her name as Soetoro, not Obama and requested to return to her maiden name of Dunham.

    3. The parties have 1 child(ren) below age 18 and 1 child (ren) above age 18 but still dependent on the parties for education.

    NO Proof of name change or what his legal name was. Family history indicates he lived in or was citizen in US, Kenya and Indonesia (dual citizenship) at the least. To establish citizenship at age of majority, no record found. He would at most be a naturalized citizen, or not a citizen of US, or dual citizen. All not allowed under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of Constitution in order to be entitled or eligible to run for or be President of the US. If any thing Obama has a complicated existence. But it does not appear he could possibly be a natural born citizen, to US parents born on US soil. The parents establish the blood line as to the country of citizenship. Frankly, there is no proof that Stanley Anne Dunham is his biological mother without an original birth certificate showing hospital and location that she gave birth. He could be adopted by multiple people. If that is the case, he is given a new birth certificate.

    The Founding Fathers agreed with intent that the President and Vice President were 'true blood' Americans of a 2nd generation of Americans. Meaning parents were US citizens at the time of birth of a child. Further intent was to be born, raised and influenced as an American to loyalty to America under the oath of allegiance to one nation under God.

    • As long as he was born on U.S. soil, it doesn't matter what nationality his parents were. If it required 2nd generation parental citizenship, anchor babies wouldn't be so popular. In many EU countries, being born in them doesn't make you automatically a citizen.

    • How would adoption be a problem? Even if he had been adopted, which he wasn't, it is a legal impossibility for Obama to lose his natural born US citizenship.

        • I get them all right,of course, and prove it so. Just as I have proven all your claims wrong.

          Perhaps if you take advantage of the Affordable Health Care Act, you might get help for your Obama Derangement Syndrome.

  25. I feel sorry for ms hill….she is ruining any chance of ever having a career that has any semblance of authenticity. Her argument makes her look like a foolish girl who does not know the law. We already know obama doesn't–or that he does and is twisting it any way he can. But this poor girl….a pity.

      • She did clearly stae that the Obama Birth Certificate was a forgery and a fake, counterfeited for political gain…. That is a win in my book!

        • She said no such thing, Ray. Get a grip. Watch the three hours of video. Try to pinpoint where you think she said this. Come back and let us know what time on the video she says this.

          We'll wait.

  26. WHY? why would they post a “representation” of the certificate with all the controversy that was already going on? I tell you why. Because they know that most of you will fall for anything and they think you are stupid. When are you going to say enough. Quit being a dupe and wake the hell up.

  27. This is outrageous! This should be on every major news channel, yet they all continue to sweep it under the rug to protect him. The media has completely failed in its job to protect the American public. Unbelieveable!

    • Shortly after he was sworn in, an article on Yahoo! raised over a dozen points where the media had jumped all over President Bush, but were silent when President Obama was doing the same thing.

  28. ADOLF O'BAMA. america, have you all lost your marbles, get rid of this jerk, and do yourselves a favour and vote "ron paul" in, at least he has a brain.

  29. Its too late to stop the dictatorship system with laws they don't give a hoot about.
    Americans laziness, dependency, and trust in the system will be held accountable like this country thought would never see, but it was inevitable when people lay down and be stupid.. We're only getting, and will get worse,what we deserve. Don't blame it on the government. Evil rulers aren't what destroys us. Its people that sit back and watch it happen, and do nothing. Paper work, murmuring, and complaining, using the courts, etc. is doing nothing.
    Americans will reap what they have sown.
    We can shout Constitution all you want, but get absolutely no where.

  30. Apparently what is going to remove Obama from the office he has usurped is an arrest by the military. At that point we would be goverened by a military junta until the legal president is determined by constitutional succession. I would rather trust our military to uphold their oaths to the Constution rather than wait until the next election is rigged and stolen again or until Obama suspends elections and places the country under martial law of his goon squads.

  31. Why do the media in this country NOT join in and finish this? Why won't the FBI? This is the result of a century long march to the tune of socialism. Man's law is very dangerous as it is always whatever it needs to be to accomplish whatever ends are desired.

  32. I really can’t fathom why all you Obama apologists simply dismiss anything that you are told about your Messiah as racism or stupidity. I am not even talking about eligibility issues I mean to begin with you voted for a guy you knew very little about because if you did any research at all you knew he was a drug user, never really had a job, never really had a voting record in dethe Senate, and his associations with terrorists and Marxists . Despite all of this information you still decided to vote for him? Maybe it is time that you drop your hatred for Bush and realize that in your blind hatred for the previous president you are bringing about the complete destruction of the country that afforded you the lifestyle that you presently enjoy.

  33. The white halo is VERY important. When you use type in photoshop or illustrator the edges of the type are clean and crisp. to get the noise effect of a typed word on paper you must use a filter. when using the filter you specify how may pixels you wand to use to get the desired effect on the text. photoshop and illustrator will blend the effect on the text with the pixels in the whitespace around the text. This produces a halo around the letters.

  34. This is funny. They make a bunch of assumptions and implications as well as driving home their opinions however, and given the title, they only have two quotes from her and neither has a damn thing to do with his birth certificate being fabricated and both quotes are from one sentence!

    “No law in New Jersey obligated him (Obama) to produce any such evidence in order to get on the primary ballot.”

    “irrelevant to his placement on the ballot”

    Birthers and Tea-Baggers are so ridiculously naive.

  35. It does not help "the cause" by misstating what happened at the hearing. Hill merely admitted to the judge that Obama had never submitted a birth certificate to the state of New Jersey, and that he could be challenged only by questioning signatures on the petitions. Hill certainly never said the online document was a forgery.

  36. Hill is correct! because BO SR. is not his real father! Think Frank Russell Davis, the guy BO calls Frank in his Books

  37. They want to get us accustom to the politician not being born americans,so when they decide to drive us into their new world order,there won't be any real Americans left to defend us and the Constitution.We already have a bunch of foreigners in the congress,who have different allegences to different countries for whatever reasons.

  38. President Obama is the best thing that has happened to you people in a very long time. But he just can’t catch a break no matter which way he turns. You want to talk about election tampering, then look back when Bush jr was trying to get in to office. It was so close that there were thousands of votes deemed ineligible in republican areas because of the idiots who look at each vote were fighting so long as to which individual vote was going to be counted or not as an actual vote. Not to mention the thousands of votes from your servicemen & women overseas that weren’t counted because they wouldn’t make it back in time to be counted. Those votes would’ve put John Kerry in office. So pull your heads uot and finally realize that it is Obama who wants to look after his country , your country to the best of of his ability. It’s a pity that your Congress & Senate who should be working with Obama to do the same. Not working against him.

    • We as a country would have been better off if Obama had done nothing. He wants four more years to take advantage of very stupid people. He has done nothing but to serve his best interests. Unions and Socialist are the only people he cares about. He also needs the divide between white and black to get bigger. He can`t even pass a budget within his own party. So tell me why he should get anymore time to screw us all?

  39. It all boils down to the fact that ANYONE can do ANYTHING until someone is willing to stand up and say "NO!, you can't do that" and stops them!

  40. He was elected in 2008. He will serve ATLEAST till January 20th, 2013. If elected in 2012, he will till January 20th, 2017. He's not being impeached. He's not leaving. He's no going anywhere. GET. THE. F***. OVER. IT. Sorry the guy you didn't like won an election, but Democracy doesn't count only when its someone you like.

    • That was checked out a long time ago; it's an admitted hoax. It was forged from an Australian birth certificate.

      Look, Hawaii has officially authenticated Obama's natural born citizenship in public and that closes the case.

      • Let's see the microfiche, instead of hiding behind attorneys to prevent an examination.

        After all, wouldn't it just be another copy exactly like the one that is shown as a digital image by Obama??

        Why would anyone want to hide a copy of what they claim is legit??????????

        • Nope, you're not going to get to see anything else, since the Constitution requires that you STFU and accept its certification. The case is closed.

  41. I am not a natural born american, but even so am a true american. The cryers and winers should think about who put obama in the white house? If all of us americans still had the guts to do SOMETHING (see Hellen) we would not be in a situation that the rest of the world laugh about us. We ourselves have made the Great American Nation the laughing stock of the world! Everybody blames Washington – blame yourself, people of the United
    states of America! Obama should have been impeached within the first year he played King. We, the People, have all right to get rid of this conman and his corruptive Politicians who support him. We have to stand up against the intrigues and we do not need his power hungry, greedy friends to do so. If anyone has the guts to be the first to call for a rebellion – I am right there.

  42. When are you friggin libs gonna get your heads out of your A$$'s and see you have been taken to the cleaners by Obummer. He is not only screwing America, he is also screwing you and you are enjoying it.
    Some patriot needs to JFK the SOB and be done with it.

    • Crap is right. Doctored video and birthers fall for it every time. You folks are sure entertaining, but treasonous as well.

  43. Obama Lawyer admits forgery —
    Yes ?
    Do you see any quote in the article that says that ?
    If you enjoy made up stories, then just make up good ole stories

  44. Just one small problem. Nowhere in the hearing did the lawyer "admit the birth certificate was a forgery". And this is nothing more then another frivilous lawsuit on an issue that has already had numerous days in court and in every case has been found to be without merit.

  45. Does anyone REALLY believe the crap posted on this site? I'm an outsider looking in. I am not a US Citizen. The rest of the world looks at your (the USA's "Tea Party") and snickers, laughs and gaffaws at what absolute idiocy is posted on this website. Honestly, I do not support anything your country does these days. The USA is coming off to the rest of the world as a bunch of whacko extremists who will believe anything they see on the WWW or in the press.

  46. I didn't read the article link, but wanted to reiterate what most of us know already:

    NOV 6, 2012 is a CRITICAL DATE in the history and well-being and survival of our country as we knew it. We can NOT survive continued "transformation" of our country that Candidate Obama promised and ran on in 2008.

    Re the Birth Certificate:
    Too late to do anything about it… should have been vetted and unravelled back in 2007/2008. He won't be un-Presidented and un-Inaugurated if this is a forgery.

    The 2008 Presidential Election MUST serve as a lesson and precedent to one and all in which EVERY CANDIDATE running for President, must be investigated fully inside and out, no stone unturned.

    As Larry Elder on KABC 790 radio in LA told a caller yesterday who brought up the BIRTH CERTIFICATE… stop talking about the Birth Certificate and Obama, but rather, POINT OUT ALL THE FAILURES of Obama (and he listed many failures).
    FAILURES are tangible and real issues that can be used to un-seat Pres Obama from a win in Nov. Forget about the Kenyan birth question.
    — Linda

  47. obumba hijacked the potus position, with the help of traitors like Biden, Rahm Emanuel, Greg Galluzzo, and
    the rest of the Chicago Demo Gang, and the American public is too sterilized to do anything about it when
    you have an inept scotus as well!!!!

  48. SICK, SICK, All you teapartiers are SICK IN THE HEAD! If Obama was a republican, you would be circling the wagons around him for protection, and praising him to the sky. BUT A BLACK MAN? You're all "SEVERELY" racist!
    And that's the sick truth!

    • The racist argument is what a lot of people fall to when they have no real argument. Most Americans are not racist. You need to surround yourself with better people that will teach you better. The most racist people I have ever met are the ones calling it out. Kinda like you just did.

      • If the most racist people you've ever met are the people calling out racism, you don't get out very much. Ever hear of the KKK?

  49. "Degenerates will vote for a degenerate while patriots will exhaust all civil means to remove him&until those civil means are exhausted. Then things get ugly for government."

    Good for you! If evidence won't back you up, I'm sure not-so-veiled threats of disobeying the law and engaging in violence against the governement (that thing you find so awful when it's done by ppl you don't support) will get the job done.

  50. Deficit tripled in three years, record unemployment, refusal to deport illegal aliens, no budget, and the list of the Obama accomplishments go on and on.

    • Record unemployment in the era after the First Republican Great Depression occurred during the Ronald Reagan=GOP Recession of 1982 when it nearly reached 11 percent and stayed above 10 percent for more months than in the Bush-GOP Recession of 2007-08.

      Obama has deported more aliens than Bush.

      The deficits caused by Bush and OP policies of wars on credit cards and tax cuts for the wealthy are being lowered by Obama. He saved the nation from a Second Great Republican Depression.

      You know this. You pretend it's not true. Why do you hate America?

  51. The only "popularity" Obama has is not only being the worst president the world has ever seen but also he is the biggest FRAUD the world has ever seen. How he thinks this so called popularity justifies him to be president is complete nonsense and clearly he is DELUSIONAL!!.. Even having an argument that he should some ow be aloud a second term is a complete insult if the intelligence of the American people. The idea that his birth certificate is so clearly a fraud should NOT be tossed aside as real proof that Obama himself is clearly as much of a fraud to hold office. Again stop insulting our intelligence.. He has committed treason at the highest levels and should be placed under arrest and tried for his crimes against the United states and against humanity.. Every bill he has signed should be vetoed and revoked.. Nothing good has come from his presidency.. Arrest him already and have him deported or let the courts decide his fate.. Or better yet let the people decide his fate and vote.. Then he can see how far his "popularity" gets him.

  52. All this needs to go to the Supreme Court for adjudication, or else it will not get any respect by almost half of our population (who don't care about legitimacy, they just worship this narcissist).

  53. Anyone who supports Obama now, after he admits the certificate is a fraud and forgery is a traitor to AMERICA.
    He has lied to America too many years

  54. The stupidity surrounding Obama’s birth never ceases to amaze me. The lawyer never admitted it was a fraud, she simply made three statements:
    1) Obama’s certificate was never given to the state of New Jersey. Of course it wasn’t. Your birth certificate is not part of the documents you have to file, and if Obama has to give his certificate, so does every other candidate.
    2) She cannot personally verify that a birth certificate was given to the Secretary of State
    key word PERSONALLY. how could she? She’s not part of the team that released it.
    3) The PDF on the internet is irrelevant to the case. She never said the PDF was “forged” or that it was “fake.” She said it was irrelevant to the case! Mostly because she was trying to show that no evidence of birth was necessary to run for President (which is true), and that a picture of a birth certificate is not a legal document! You can’t take an iPad into the DMV and expect them to give you a driver’s license because you have a picture of your birth certificate!

    Also the forensic team NEVER proved that the PDF was a forgery, Joe Arpaio (an extreme right-winger, no less) only said there was "probable cause to believe" that it was a forgery.

    Oh also let's not ignore the multiple newspaper announcements, and that the government of Hawaii has indicated that he was in fact born there.

    But keep bringing this up! It'll definitely make the Republicans look stupider than they already are!

  55. Obama's Lawyer Never Said it was Forgery, Even though It Is.

    Hi, I saw this link because someone responded to an email I created to spread the news that Obama Draft Card and Birth Certificate are both forged. Please correct me if I am wrong but did read through the court docs and never saw her admit forgery, just say the BC was not important. Please post the text and page if that is so.__We to be careful. We have the ammo to end his career just using the truth. Both the Draft Card and Birth Certificate are clearly forgeries, but if we exaggerate what happened in that court, it hurts us and helps Obama and the corruption of our court system, This is my first post, not sure if there is a size limit of not, will reply to this with another post that has the complete expose in it. But before that you have to view this new video by Mike Zullo, it is even better than press conference where Arpaio and Zullo exposed the forgery officially.__Here it is, WOW! He points out all the phonies including O'Rielly. Arpaio and Zullo are going full steam ahead, God bless them. __ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esPh4CIcy-M&fe

    • Was going to say that all you have to _ do is watch the first 12 mins or get any opened minded person to watch that, _ and they will be convinced that Obama’s Draft Card and Birth Certificate are _ both forged. But after viewing the entire video, it is so good, have to _ suggest viewing it all._This is actually better than the original press conference _ where Sheriff Arpaio said that after a 2,200 hour police investigation that _ the Obama documents are amateur forgeries and that a criminal investigation _ was starting. There is now an official high definition video of _ the original press conference here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed… I saw this link because someone responed to an emal I created to sperad the news that Obama Draft Card and Birth Certificate are both forged

  56. Can anyone produce the text (andPage) or time in videos here where Obama Lawyer says it is forged?

    It is forged, but have never see nor heard her say that.


    • She never said any such thing, it's yet one more birther lie. And no, it is not forged, that's not even a legal possibility. Hawaii has publicly affirmed the authenticity of it, which make sit impossible for your claim to be true.

        • Sorry but that's been proven legally incorrect. You seem unaware that the sovereign state of Hawaii has publicly affirmed the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. That ends the debate cold. Arpaio and his Insane Clown Posse never even contacted the state! Some investigation. Bunch of birther fools. but they do serve the purpose of helping Obama to his reelection.

  57. "Obama Lawyer Admits Forgery" Appears to be False Statement.

    I have searched the internet, especially videos, and can find it no where. This article is the source of all the claims she admited it was a forgery, BUT no Page and Line NOR No Video Minute and Second is ever given.

    This article is beginning to smell like a TeamObama hoax to discredit truth seekers. Yes it is a forgery and draft card is too. BUT WHERE DOES HIS LAWYER SAY THAT?

    Why would this be broadcast for days on internet without anyone have a court document or video of her saying that? Come on! HAS ANYONE SEEN THE TEXT OR THE VIDEO WHERE SHE SAYS THIS?

    If so please post would love to see it and broadcast it wide and far.

  58. What a bunch of liars and fools. His lawyer didn't say that. Click through to the site of the lawyer presenting your side, and you'll see she merely stipulated that the internet pic wouldn't be used as evidence. This site, and you gullible morons, should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • You may have placed this story to begin with. As a straw man. The truth is it is forged as th two below videos prove. Those that seek the truth have to be careful of these planted stories, do not pas sthem on without verifiying them.

      Here it is:
      Was going to say that all you have to
      do is watch the first 12 mins or get any opened minded person to watch that,
      and they will be convinced that Obama’s Draft Card and Birth Certificate are
      both forged. But after viewing the entire video, it is so good, have to
      suggest viewing it all.
      This is actually better than the original press conference
      where Sheriff Arpaio said that after a 2,200 hour police investigation that
      the Obama documents are amateur forgeries and that a criminal investigation
      was starting. There is now an official high definition video of
      the original press conference here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embed…!

      • It is a legal impossibility for the birth certificate to be a forgery. Hawaii, the issuer, has publicly affirmed its authenticity. Do you understand what that means? When the entity that issues a document authenticates it as real, as Hawaii did, no "Insane Clown Posse" can possibly find it to be forged, It cannot be forged, by very definition.

  59. This appears a TeamObama Planted Straw Man, It should be pulled down.

    · 2 hours ago I posted this, and no one has found any evidence she ever said this.

    "Obama Lawyer Admits Forgery" Appears to be False Statement.

    I have searched the internet, especially videos, and can find it no where. This article is the source of all the claims she admited it was a forgery, BUT no Page and Line NOR No Video Minute and Second is ever given.

    This article is beginning to smell like a TeamObama hoax to discredit truth seekers. Yes it is a forgery and draft card is too. BUT WHERE DOES HIS LAWYER SAY THAT?

    Why would this be broadcast for days on internet without anyone have a court document or video of her saying that? Come on! HAS ANYONE SEEN THE TEXT OR THE VIDEO WHERE SHE SAYS THIS?

    If so please post would love to see it and broadcast it wide and far.

  60. here we go again, rehashing old, unsubstantiated, GOP b.s… come on folks, get real, if there were any genuine evidence or witnesses or facts to say that Obama was not born of his American mother IN Hawaii, he never would have been allowed on the ballots in '08, but all they come up with is more gossip, more digitally altered "evidence," more accusations, more drama… as I understand it, his birth certificate has been provided to the authorities BY the state of Hawaii, same as any other document of anyone else born in Hawaii, yet the GOP just keeps claiming they haven't seen the REAL document… god, if they could be time warped TO Obama's actual birth they'd still argue that it's all lies, they just can't handle an intelligent, composed, competent opponent who has the backbone to ride out their incessant b.s. *sigh*

    • This "evidence" was posted on a website supporting BO and accepted by him…. Encouraged by him even. It is rank fabrication, a lie, a subterfuge. If this was meant as a political ploy as BO's counsel claims why was it not listed as such? Now it seems the onus of substaintiation falls to BO. The document has been proven false which "Substantiates" the GOP claim. False, I might add by his own legal counsel. Now, if anyone put forward a challenge to my citizenship and my right to occupy an office I would simply remove my original birth certificate from my safe, walk this document to congress and place it before any of the accusing members for examination by any means they desired. If the document was somehow misplaced I would simply call my state of birth, pay the fee and have another genuine document sent for examination (Elapsed time, 2-3 weeks). Now,**** sigh****, I realize that I am just a citizen, but if that process is good enough for me then should it not be good enough for such an intelligent, composed, compotent person as BO? The problem is political correctness. Lets challenge the person to provide the facts. Let us not act like cattle and follow mindlessly a doctrine that is, as you so aptly coined, B.S.!

  61. Bottom line, why can't he just show an actually birth cert… and college records, and all the other records any American citizen could produce? Why…. because they would prove he is "not" a true citizen. Otherwise he would just produce the documents and put the entire issue to rest!!!!!

    • He DID show an actual birth certificate. TWO of them in fact. And no other American produces their college records for the public.

      The issue was not only put to rest, it was never a real issue. He proved his natural born citizenship years ago. Case is closed.

      • So when will BO produce his real birth certificate, Philip???

        All we get is scenery, but never a document in hand.

        We all know BO has the intellect of a rock, but is BO so inept that he can not even distinguish his forgeries from his real birth certificate??

        And we are sure that you, Philip Cave, will create some outlandish explanation for the reason BO confuses his forgeries with his real birth certificate.

        • Obama already produced his real birth certificate, sport, twice. Not in dispute. It is legally impossible for them to be forgeries, as the issuing state of Hawaii has publicly affirmed their authenticity.

          The fact that you believe I am someone named "Philip Cave" is highly amusing to your betters. It is a clear illustration of the lack of any actual investigating skills on the part of birthloons.

  62. Our so called gov. has not done anythng about the fraud this man(Obummass) has committed. Why would anyone
    ecpect to see something done about it by now? Our whole gov. is rotten to the core and I myself do not believe
    we will see anything but a continuing process go on until the people have had enough and then the USA will
    look like Iraq, Afganistan, etc. I believe a revolution is coming. It is going to get nasty.

      • Sadly, it is the so called President who is drawing racial lines in the sand! He called for support form the black populace. Not THE populace but specifically the BLACK populace. What would the reaction be if Romney did this? BO is pitting us against each other for his gain. Look it up…. Good luck with that!

        • His name is Philip Cave. Philip is a certified obot from the fogbow group. There are several websites that have identified them and the screen names they use.

          I would like to post some links, but that would only subject those sites to unnecessary attacks by the pathetic fogbow clowns. Many of the lesser known sites, simply do not have the ability to withstand these constant, multiple attacks. Anyone with a website that is not Obama friendly, can attest to the tactics these idiots employ.

          With a little research, they are not that difficult to locate.

          • Are you serious? What is Fogbow and who is Philip Cave? I think you've been into the medical marijuana too much.

            Hint: I am not "Philip Cave." You're not even close.

            I visit the America-hating anti-Obama sites to expose liars like you. I proved your claims wrong. There's nothing you can do about it.

        • Debi.. You have said it well.. At the other end of the spectrum… Answer me this at any given opportunity . This man.. Not my president.. Is distorting and distroying. Our constitution …. Apologizes to folks who hate us , I am sorry this country was better when the Clinton’s and the bushes.. We’re in office. Dispite the economic failur that was inevitable no matter what scoundrel took office.. Putting the blame on one man is very irresponsible . When we know it was wall street. Who done this. They went in policed and were able to jeperdize and comprise our financial system hear and abroad.. I think we need to focus more on saving your ased from the rath that is on its way… Let’s just we have much bigger fish to fry,,, and if your one of those, who Dosnt beleave that we are cycling out of exsitance.. And I hope everyone has some type of plan.. Save the last bulett for your self…

          • Apologize for typ Os…. Smart phones and not proof reading so what…. Save your asses…don’t be the one running in the street…maybe you can’t hide from an asteroid. But I’m going to give em hell… You with me are against me?

  63. Now, my question is this; If BO and his followers feel this is just more of the same then why are they seeking legal action to have these videos suppressed from the public domain? If this was infact a victory for a righteous candidate such as the left claims then would they not want this out there for EVERYONE to see?

    • Hey sport, the reason for the request to pull the videos is because birthloons have flooded the lawyer's office with death threats. You people can't contain your rage.

  64. I'm disappointed that I killed several hours waiting to hear such a startling admission of the fraudulent document. Nice tease line, but the only admission was that no proof of citizenship was ever provided to any authority. It's a significant admission, but either I totally missed the counselor's admission of a fraudulent document or this is a piece of political spin from an organization that would like us to believe they are better than that.

  65. Can anyone save me the 3 hours worth of watching this stuff and tell me what the timecode is in the video where Hill admits that the PDF birth certificate is a forgery?

  66. I just listened to all three hours. Obama's lawyer never admitted to a forgery. If anyone heard something different, please post the exact quote and the time it was said. Come on people, if you want to make a case against the President, please make a legitimate one.

  67. It seems hardly no one under stands what the Constition really means when it was written If you would care enough go to The Hertage Foundation on you computer .THEY TEACH IT

    • If the Heritage Foundation days Obama is not a natural born citizen, then it is incorrect. Can you please cite to where the Heritage Foundation says any such thing?


  69. The ONE and ONLY proof of '|Naturla Born Citizen" status for a person born outside of the USA or its territories, is the Consular's Report of a Citizen Born abroad!
    Until this person provides one that was registered and issued prior to his 18th birthday, he cannot, legally (according to immigration laws) be considered a US citizen. Furthermore, his place in Government, as president of the USA is illegal and he should be arrested and jailed for high crimes against the state!
    The birth Certificate is a well publicized and followed rabbit trail! It leads no where and is of NO importance.

    • Grab a chill pill, Obama was not born outside the US. Now, McCain was. But he wasn't elected. But you raise an interesting point. Did McCain ever submit this Consular's Report of a citizen birth abroad? No? Go after him. But Obama remains the first and only presidential candidate in US history to document that he is a natural born citizen.

  70. This article is a COMPLETE and TOTAL LIE….and I can PROVE IT.

    Here is the ACTUAL, COMPLETE, UNEDITED video of the court proceedings. Attorney Hill says NOTHING OF THE SORT.

    It’s pathetic that the best you can do is resort to OUTRIGHT LIES. Simply, pathetic.

    Now go ahead, call me names…do your worst. I will not bother to read nor respond.

    You have been busted.

    • He wouldn't and he didn't. It has been proven beyond all question that the birth certificate is genuine. Hawaii says so, and that settles it. Case is closed.

      • Hey AlCum, your mindless repetitive nature is amusing. I understand your legal argument, however lame it may be. My issue, along with the issue of many, is why the document cannot be viewed. You say there is nothing further to review because Hawaii state officials verified it. Are you so willing to trust these people with your freedoms and not willing to challange them with a burden of proof?

        Also, I don’t understand the mentality of America. Human history and civilizations have shown countless times, evil men or groups trying to rule the world. What has changed? Why is that such an impossibility? Because technology has changed, we have the internet? This makes it different? I don’t trust republican or democrat. They were bought over 40 years ago but the global corporate banking syndicates. This stuff is not far fetched and the pyschop campaign is working to no end. Demonzing and labeling anyone who points out their actions as a looney tune conspiracy theorist. Truly amazing.

  71. so does this mean that if Barry loses the election, the next president and DOJ can go after him and certain Democrats for fraud?..and does it also mean that any laws he signed into effect are null and void?

  72. horse hockey some people will believe anything put into print. especially if it's in a paper designed to kead people to their beliefs. go print this in one of those checkout line tabloids we use for toilet paper where it belongs.

  73. F–k you for being so close minded and trusting of anyone with power. You useful idiots will be the first to starve in the labor camps while the same Global Corporate Bank owned politicians take massive shits in the middle of the night from eating too much.

    Far fetched? Perhaps before March 2012. Now you can read Obama’s National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order on WhiteHouse.gov. My favorite piece is under Part VI, Labor Requirements:

    The Secretary of Labor, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of other agencies, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Labor, shall:

    (1) collect and maintain data necessary to make a continuing appraisal of the Nation’s workforce needs for purposes of national defense.

    They posted their intent to force us into labor camps on their own website and pawn it off as something needed in case a asteroid hits or a volcano erupts. Best part of all, we eat their lies right up, because no one in the history of mankind has ever tried to rule the world right? That is way too far fetched.

  74. Please please please keep talking about the birther issue. It will make the Democrats job so much easier in November to re-elect a truly great President.

  75. Everyone talks about impeachment. Doesn't anyone remember when Clinton was impeached and congress voted to NOT REMOVE him from office? He lied to a congressional hearing and they left him in office. Congress has let the people down before. Why do we have a VP??? I thought when you was impeached you was removed from office with out a doubt. The government is so dumb to sign bills without reading them . Nancy should be removed also for pushing Obomas Medicare package and saying we will find out what is in it after it passes. I never would sign a blank check so why are they this stupld ??? The terms they are allowed to serve should be limited like the terms of a Sheriff, President . Tow terms and you are out of there and no big retirements and pay into Social Security just like us and have to pay for Medicare and Insurance. Why is Bill Clinton still having so much to say on the political roads today. His history as a Governor was covered up and he was a womanizer then also. The people who spoke out against him ended up having a bad accident . Plane crashes or suicide ,car accidents by being run over and no one ever caught. They are immune from the laws they write and ask to be inforced on WE THE PEOPLE. What has happened to AMERICA???

  76. If the "Cold Case Posse" investigation had merit, why is Sheriff Joe using volunteers at no expense to the taxpayers?

  77. For those who are denying this has any credibility, OBAMAS OWN ATTORNEY ADMITS THE DOCUMENTS POSTED ON THE WHITE HOUSE PAGE ARE FRAUDULENT. Obama supporters are the people who just cannot accept that they have been fooled, made the laughing stock out of, etc. He is the most terrible President we have ever had, has no authority to pass any laws, and may be a fraduster, if he got foreign student aid, etc. YOU ARE A SUCKER and very GULLIBLE if you still believe this man has any authority, his OWN ATTORNEY ADMITS they use FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS. WAKE UP THE COFFEE IS READY.

  78. What PLANET are these people on???

    So you mean to tell me, Obama can be on the ballot because NJ does not have a law to require a person on the ballot to be eligible by meeting federal standards, yet people can still be arrested and given federal charges for smoking marijuana in California EVEN though the laws in California no longer say that it is illegal to smoke or possess marijuana?

    Again, what PLANET are these people on???

  79. Doesnt matter where he was born, he was born to an American mother meaning he is a natural born citizen which means he is eligible to run for president. John McCain, for example, was born in south America and not in the continental USA, but since his parents are American citizens he is considered a natural born citizen and can run for office. Stop hating Obama

  80. Where in the video is the evidence of her admitting the document is fake? I'm, not going to watch around three hours only to possibly find out.

  81. BIRTH CERTIFICATE. SS#, DRAFT CARD. SCHOOL RECORDS. All fraudulent. The left tries to defend this fraud with DIVERSION, DECEIT AND FORGERY. The Charade is over. Throw the socialist democrat anti american BUMS OUT.

  82. Even if this is true, he's been the president anyways and there's nothing we can do about it except to NOT re-elect him. (which, is a good idea, considering everything he's done, or should i say, HASN'T done).

  83. Their is nothing worst than old angry over the hill white racist coward….teanut and the birthers clown are nut from the same tree…You lost and that it…..we tool this country from you and you can have it back…hay why don't you try and take it back coward…..we see you pissing in your paint

  84. The people that sit in the Legislative branch of the US gov't are quite literally nutless wonders. They hold the power in their hands and always have, to FORCE Obama to comply with federal regulations. They have not. Why? They are a bunch of big fat p**ssies. They are too "afraid" of what the response would be from the black community specifically but also the left. The left that brought you the Occupy Wall Street crowd. They are TERRIFIED where they sit of instability. Well guess what Senators and Congressmen…. News Flash….. Breaking…. WE ARE ALREADY UNSTABLE! We are nearing collapse and this man in power is in the drivers seat with his foot to the floor in a Lamborghini Countach aimed toward a brick wall! Least the COURTS are doing SOMETHING proactive. If not much.

  85. None of you understand such simple concepts as evidence or law. That judge gave the prosecution an absurd amount of leeway. Producing internet documents which are copies of uncertified documents and witnesses whose only role is rumour and innuendo , nope sorry. If you were prosecuted for a crime by the government under the same arguments the prosecution lawyer used, you'd be crying conspiracy, and rightly so.

  86. This is why Shakespeare said we should kill all lawyers.

    1.SUMMARILY, Plaintiff PATRICK FARRELL a Democrat, states defendant [SOF] STATE OF FLORIDA REPUBLICANS falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted him [case 94-2430CF] for 3 felonies, to “make money” by a fraudulent PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT, made by the Lee Co. Sheriff, who procured an Arrest Warrant, which caused the 20th Circuit STATE ATTORNEY to fabricate a criminal charge, stealing $20,000 from Plaintiff, under color of law.
    2.S.O.F. took bribes and statements from ISKCON child molesters, who had IRS 501C3 status.
    3.SECONDLY, Plaintiff filed case 07-CA-14942, a case of Mortgage Fraud into the [R] 20th Circuit, against [R] parties of the MBS; IMPAC SECURED ASSETS-2005-2, who also had bogus IRS tax exempt status, only to have the Republican judges refuse to grant Plaintiff relief of any kind, despite Federal Court Orders to do so, and allow WELLS FARGO to file case 07-CA-16767, based upon a false AFFIDAVIT, and sustain said case, based entirely on false pretenses.
    4.All [R] lawyers and judges are merely Corporate Franchise Court, Revenue Collection Agents, working for the REPUBLICAN C.E.O.’s JOHN STUMPF-WFB; THOMAS MARANO-GMACM BRIAN MOYNIHAN- B.O.A., who are agencies of the private FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.
    5.In both and all cases, [R] lawyers and judges violate the UCC, Constitution and statutes to facilitate the taking of equity, property, credit and money by bias, prejudice and phony AFFIDAVITS.

  87. The article is an outright lie. Alexandra Hill never said the President's birth certificate is a forgery. I've listened to the entire hearing video and it is simply not there.

  88. Considerably more than two years has passed since this article as posted, and Obama was re-elected and once again confirmed unanimously by the US Congress (including the votes of Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. Ron Paul) and once again sworn in several times by that RINO, the chief justice of the United States.

    And there has not even been a call for an investigation of Obama's birth certificate or his place of birth in Congress.

    That is because all the stuff about "his birth certificate was forged" is crap made up by people who hate Obama, and so is the nutty claim that Obama's lawyer "admitted" that it was forged (that was made up by a birther site, she never said any such thing). And the proof that Obama was born in Hawaii is overwhelming.

    Obama's birth on US soil has been proven by (1) his Hawaii birth certificate; (2) the repeated confirmation of their sending it to Obama and all the facts on it being the same as what they sent by the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii; (3) the public Index Data file; (4) the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961 (and ONLY the DOH could send birth notices to that section of the papers, and it only did so for births IN Hawaii); (5) the Hawaii teacher who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, after hearing of the birth of a child to a woman NAMED STANLEY from the head of obstetrics at Kapiolani Hospital; (6) the INS inspector who checked on Obama's father's residence status and wrote: "They have one child, born in HONOLULU."

    Oh, and in regards to the forgery CLAIM:

  89. More than two years have passed since this was posted, and Obama was re-elected (with nearly five million more votes than Mitt Romney) and once again confirmed by the US Congress (including the votes of Rep. Michele Bachmann an Rep. Ron Paul) and once again sworn in by that RINO, the chief justice of the USA. And there have not even been calls to investigate Obama's birth certificate in the US Congress. That is because this article is based on a LIE. Obama's lawyer never said that Obama's birth certificate was forged, and it isn't.

  90. For years, I have offered liberals $100 to go through any artifact of forgery with me to proof it is normal. They always refuse.

    They KNOW he is lying, folks.

  91. Shocker: Even Obama Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate Forged: “But Eligibility’s A Separate Matter” | Prepared for Anything

    […] Back in 2012, Dan Crosby wrote about the bizarre case being made in New Jersey over whether or not Obama qua…: […]