Allen West Battles the Devil


Allen West Battles the Devil

By Bill Colley

A guy says there are 79 to 81 communists serving in the U.S. House of Representatives and the fellow travelers in mainstream media immediately have severe bladder control issues.  Considering a dozen or two members of the Democrat caucus are affiliated with the late Michael Harrington’s Democratic Socialists you could see a basis for the claim from Republican Representative Allen West of Florida.  Mainstream media types always feel a bit of envy around West and I believe it gets translated into the anger of a child with memories of being pushed into the mud on the playground.  The media is now rushing to Republican playground monitor Mitt Romney and demanding Mitt make Allen say he’s sorry.

Over at MSDNC’s Morning Joe, lead host Joe Scarborough likes to still call himself a conservative as he seeks to curry favor and snag party invitations from lefties (in other words, Joe is a convert).  Joe says it’s mean when Allen West calls Democrats communists because it’s an unfair comparison.  Gee, whillikers, Joe says commies like Stalin and Mao killed lots and lots of people.  Is he implying all commies are bloodthirsty tyrants?  Are some a little less bloodthirsty than others and some more?

I suspect a great many communists came to power believing with evangelical zeal they had the cure for the ills of mankind.  Notions of curing the sickness of the rabble and if the hoi polio would just follow the instructions there would be paradise on earth.  Human natures being somewhat of a fixed trait, when the rabble disappoints the beatings commence and the mandates for what you eat, when you exercise, where you live and how and when you travel begin.  Sounds a bit like a lengthy law designed to keep you healthy and prevent you from sinning against the empire.  Designed for the dummies by the smarties.  Questions about its constitutional muster are laughed off by the Queen of the U.S. House and her mate from the underworld living down Pennsylvania Avenue.  He warns some neighboring judges there are consequences if they don’t follow his orders.

I host a very humble radio program in a small town two hours from Pennsylvania Avenue by driving but culturally a universe away.  I often share a hypothetical with the audience.  Assume you’re operating a successful hardware store on Main Street.  One day you glance out the window and across the street see someone is moving into what was an empty storefront.  Times are tough and you get by on grit but at the same time the guy across the street has people beating a path to his door.  He isn’t selling in tough times, he’s buying.  He’s a strange fellow, what with the tail and pitchfork and the horns at the top of his forehead.  All he asks is you sign a contract and deferred payment plan and he offers something akin to a payday loan.  When you’ve got turbulence in life you just press the easy button he provided.

Sometimes he gives you a glance while opening his store for business but you really aren’t much of a bother, until.  The day you figure out he’s the devil and you rush into the street and shout his identity to everyone within earshot and then he stares darts from his shop window at you.

The next morning as you approach your store you notice something amiss.  Bricks have been tossed through your front window and your shelves have been tipped over and paint is splattered all over the floors and walls.  Then you notice them.  Joe Scarborough, Bill Keller and Jonathan Capehart hanging around a lamppost, smoking and guzzling beer and they give you a smile.  A sarcastic and ominous look and then they giggle and pat themselves on their backs.  You look across the street and see the devil gives them a smile and nod.

Representative West is right.  We need to help him install new windows, clean up the paint and wire new a security system.  We aren’t only battling communists but as well their deity.