The United West Exposes Anti-Israel Hate Propaganda

Josh Ruebner

Josh Ruebner

By Alan Kornman

Before this film was posted I had several email conversations with Josh Ruebner regarding the validity of his statement where he says that Israeli officers were using Nazi tactics learned during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising to use on the Gaza Strip.

I researched the article by Amir Oren and saw that the Israeli Officer(s) who made these statements that they were using Nazi Warsaw Ghetto tactics were not named. Since the source was not named there is no way to verify the comments attributed to the Israeli officers.

Josh does not let fact checking get in the way of a good story to defame the Israeli military. I gave Josh the opportunity to recheck the Haaretz story and then make a new comment based on this new information regarding his source and the fact the person(s) who made the quotes he referenced can not be verified.

The last email I received from Josh was a bit snarky but here it is,

“Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director to me
show details Apr 6 (8 days ago)

Everything is my set presentation is verified and accurate. It is beyond reason for a human being to remember the most minute of details of a newspaper article from ten years ago when speaking extemporaneously about a subject which had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the presentation I gave. I’m sorry that you don’t like my perspective or that of our organization or my statement about the Ha’aretz article. Please note that I am not responding to any future messages from you.


Josh Ruebner
National Advocacy Director
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

I confront Josh with his “source issue” and an intellectually honest person would step back from the claim and respond by saying that he will not use those comments publicly until the source is verified.

Josh Ruebner does the opposite.

Josh is a complex person because according to Discover the it says,”In 1996, Ruebner, while still in college, witnessed a Palestinian suicide bomber blow up a bus in Jerusalem, killing 27 people and slightly injuring Ruebner himself. In reaction to this attack against innocent Israelis, Ruebner made a public call for “more understanding [by Israel] of the Palestinian position” — on the theory that such a course of action would help diminish the rage that spawned such acts of violence.”

Josh was the victim of a Palestinian suicide bomber and became a sympathizer of the Palestinian terrorist murderers.

In 2001, Ruebner met privately with Yasser Arafat and Dr. Hanan Ashrawi. History has proven out Arafat to be a supporter of terrorism not only against the Israelis but against their fellow Muslims. The historical record shows Arafat has much blood on his hands not to mention he also stole tens of millions of dollars right out of the Palestinians he championed.

“By Ruebner’s reading of history, Arab forces did not attack Israel in 1948 and 1967; rather, Israel was the aggressor state. Ruebner contends that Israel’s creation (in 1948) constituted a “blatant theft of Palestinian land” that was “accompanied” by a “policy of ethnic cleansing,” and that “Israel’s [subsequent] treatment of the Palestinian people” has been “a moral outrage and a blight on the soul of the Jewish people.” Ruebner writes about “the daily humiliations” and “human rights abuses to which Palestinians are subjected” while living under Israel’s “brutal occupation.” He accuses Israel of trying “to impose a permanent bantustan-like system of apartheid on the Palestinian people.”

Asserting that Arab anti-Americanism — such as that which prompted the 9/11 attacks — is fueled largely by the close alliance that exists between the U.S. and Israel, Ruebner asks: “How many more Twin Towers need to fall before we realize that there are indeed consequences of the action (or inaction) that our democratically elected government takes in our name?”

Portions of this profile are adapted, with permission, from

Source information for all facts in this description.

Josh is Jewish, lived in Israel, was the victim of a Palestinian bus bombing. Psychologists would have a field day trying to figure out what twisted hate filled planet he resides in

Part of the psychology was exposed in this video. Josh’s inability to honestly look at his facts and his vile statements not matching up was of little concern to him.

So life goes that a window into a persons character is what they do when they think nobody is watching and more importantly what one does when they get caught and exposed.

Today, Ruebner works full-time as a grassroots advocacy coordinator for the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and is caught on film spreading unverifiable anti-Israel hate speech and propaganda.

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