Colombian Prostitutes May be Underage

the Pley Club

April 16,  2012

Newsmax broke the story with Ronald Kessler.  Kessler’s best-selling book on the Secret Service, one of a series in which he has chronicled the nation’s spy and security services over the course of a decades-long career, hit the New York Times best sellers’ list in 2010. He has since written “The Secrets of the FBI.”

Kessler: Secret Service Prostitutes May Be Underage Girls
Investigators probing the Secret Service scandal are looking into whether any of the prostitutes involved were underage, Ronald Kessler, the Newsmax chief Washington correspondent who broke the story, tells Newsmax.TV exclusively.

From sodahead:

Investigators probing the Secret Service prostitute scandal are looking into whether any of the girls involved were underage, Ronald Kessler, the journalist who broke the story, tells Newsmax.TV exclusively.
Kessler warned that more scandalous details of the Colombian cavorting are still to come, including the age of the prostitutes.  More:…

The has posted photos of the Colombian strip club, the Pley Club,  where the Secret Service detail allegedly picked up prostitutes ahead of a major international summit.

the Pley Club


“The gringos got rowdy at the bar. They drank fine whiskey and slept with the prettiest ones, the ones that charge 300,000 pesos (£113),” one staff member told the El Heraldo newspaper. “Some did not want to pay. To make it worse, they almost beat up employees who wanted them to pay up.”

Prostitution is legal in Colombia and encounters between foreigners and local women often begin in the strip clubs.

“The girls dance for the audience. They put on a show,” Juan Carlos, the Pley club’s manager told the Daily News. “Then, they walk around and talk to the guys… if they like each other, they negotiate a deal.

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Really, why were they sent home if not true and why were the military men confined and sent home.  Also If they were not important personnel then why were they replaced.  Sleeping with agents is as old as prostitution itself and was going on in WWI  and WWII by women that acted as secretaries for the Germans but were really CIA agents.

See what the Secretary of State was up to while also in Colombia.  These people have absolutely NO Class.


  1. From Reggie Love, homosexuality, to underage prostitution, so what is next on the agenda to top these tricks? Hillary must have been at the Beer Summit.

  2. The meeting wasn't a success for Barry. Here's some links and the last breaking news is that there was cocaine in the SS room. Saw that coming. Didn't Barry admit to using coke in the past? hmmm…….
    Summit of the Americas in Colombia. Despite his efforts to win over Latin American leaders, nearly 30 regional heads of state refused to sign a joint declaration in protest against the continued exclusion of communist-led Cuba from the meeting. White House officials disagreed with the notion that the failure to agree on issues like Cuba signaled a new dynamic to US relations within the hemisphere.….

    President Barack Obama concluded a summit of Western Hemisphere leaders Sunday, leaving with the message that Latin America is growing increasingly perturbed over two policies that have largely defined U.S. influence to many in the region: the international drug war and the isolation of Cuba.

    On the question of drugs, Mr. Obama appeared resigned to a burgeoning debate over legalization, but his administration gave no ground on demands that Cuba be more widely included in regional affairs, saying it is up to Cuba to join the community of democracies.….

    he Secret Service sure knows how to party.

    Cocaine and several bottles of whiskey apparently fueled the elite agents’ boneheaded fling with about 20 hookers at a posh hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, a hotel staffer told The Post.

  3. Underage prostitution is almost everywhere not just in Colombia. So sad how this things is happening.. Maybe due too poverty in life..