Virginia Says No to Federal Detention, Yes to Liberty


Dear Fellow Patriots,

On July 1 of next year, a new law will take effect to protect Virginians against abuses of federal power. My Anti-NDAA Detention bill, HB 1160, overwhelmingly passed both houses yesterday afternoon. Together, you and I can claim this incredible victory for Virginia against an ever-encroaching federal government.

Virginia is telling Congress “No Thanks,” to any participation in the unconstitutional “detention” of American citizens without trial, legal counsel, specific charges, or the right to face an accuser as authorized under the 2012 Defense Authorization Act signed by President Obama this past December.

This victory would not have been possible without strong grass-roots support for my bill from Virginians of all political backgrounds and persuasions.  I want to thank the many liberty-minded citizens across Virginia who took the time to write letters, send emails and make phone calls to the Governor and Assembly members.

And I am proud of the Assembly’s response.

Virginia is the first state to pass a law which places a legal bar between all state agencies and any federal effort to use Section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA to suspend habeas corpus rights which go back centuries.  I hope that Virginia’s enactment of HB 1160 will be replicated in other states.  States still have a significant role and duty to resist federal overreach. In the words of the Richmond Times Dispatch editorial in support of HB 1160, “Congress and the President should be made aware that their contempt for fundamental constitutional rights does not sit well with the American public.”

For Liberty,

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Bob Marshall


This Virginia Bill passed overwhelmingly in both the House and Senate.  The Bill language is written, we have precedent in Virginia, therefore Arizona is next.  The work is done, just push this through your legislature, state by state.   Virginia will help where we can.


  1. Finally a state with balls…….with a representative that actually has read, and supports the Constitution.
    With so many in CONgress shredding our Constitution, hopefully this will catch on in all 50 States.
    Wake UP American Sheeple…… When CONgress takes office, they take an oath to SUPPORT our CONSTITUTION, but this 2011-2012 CONgress and N'Obama has only shredded it. Impeach Dictator Obama
    and Vote OUT CONgress! If you want to save your country, do it NOW!