Brandeis Occupy Week EXPOSED, Part 1: The Teach-In


Today, April 24th, is Day 2 of the 99% Spring Occupy Week at Brandeis University, and the fears I addressed to President Lawrence in a letter, featured in my article “Retaliation to Brandeis University’s Occupy Week, Get a Real Education”, were confirmed.


The speaker I heard today, surrounded by a circle of students in chairs, was Cathy Hoffman, a local nonviolence activist who served for 20 years on the “Cambridge Peace Commission”. In the SCC atrium, she rambled about the importance of being there for people, and did an exercise with students where they would yell the name of a person important to them, and then share that name with people nearby. Notwithstanding the vague descriptions of freedom and our positions as children of the Earth, I was particularly struck by how casually she said that the Cuban Revolution was a great thing. She’s talking about nonviolence, but the genocidal reign of Communists Fidel Castro and then Che Guevara is being praised?! Looking around the SCC, confusion seemed to plague students more than shock. If this were about “getting a real education”, she would’ve mentioned the millions of people who were starved, slaughtered, and tyrannized by this ideology. Instead, the subject retreated to the vague notion of “peace” and raised more questions than answers about Occupy.

There were several fliers available for pickup, and the three I took had several things in common. ~

Flier 1: May 1st–”International Workers Day”

The right to an 8-hour working day was won with the blood of the martyrs of Chicago in 1886. 126 years later we continue to fight for the rights of all workers in the U.S.”  

–Occupy demands include:

  • End police brutality!
  • Money for jobs and education, transportation not war!
  • Keep education public!
  • An end to corporate rule and a return of power to the people!
  • Stop attacks on workers!
  • Stop the detention and deportation of migrant workers and their families! (picture on the side shows kid in hoody next to “Don’t Take My Dad” sign)
  • Stop racial profiling legislations and programs!

Sponsored by Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Party, Latinos for Social Change, July 26 Coalition, Tecschange, Coalicion Mayo Iro and USWA local 8751 Boston School Bus Union


Notice how illegal immigration, labor rights, “end police brutality” and racial profiling are conveniently meshed together into an excuse for criminalizing law enforcement and legislation like Arizona’s immigration law—a move that is currently being lead by top Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, who was at Brandeis within the past few years:


Flier 2: Occupy May 1st A Day without the 99%

We will strike for a better future!”

We will strike for OUR HUMAN RIGHTS to:

Healthcare, Education, and Housing, Economic, Social and Environmental justice, Labor rights, Freedom from police brutality and profiling, Immigrant rights, Women & LGBTQ rights, racial and gender equality, clean water and healthy food to feed our families

We call for a democratic standard of living for all peoples! Peace in our communities with JUSTICE! What will you strike for?

Rally at noon, City Hall Plaza, Boston!”


More themes—illegal immigration and immigrants condoned either as “labor rights”, “immigrant rights”, or “migrant workers”. “Police brutality” and “racial profiling” are lumped together, specifically criminalizing law enforcement for border control. The note of unlimited welfare is also emphasized, despite the complete inaccuracy in the definition of a “right”–with demands for “money for jobs and education”,  and everything from food (“healthy”) to housing.

After the circle-game with Mrs. Hoffman, I felt like I was watching a Barney show, and indeed these demands to have everything provided by the government goes hand-in-hand with being a baby.


The third flier—you guessed it—was written entirely in Spanish.

Here’s the translation:    May 1st! A day without the 99%!

No work! No school! No shopping! Fiesta in the streets of the Financial Distro!

We start at 7 in the morning at the crossing of Federal and Franklin!


If you don’t see the trend between socialism, labor, illegal immigration, and the delegitimization of law, you may not be as freaked out about this “Teach-In” as I am.

You’ll have a better understanding of what this Occupy Week is about by looking at the books they proudly displayed near these fliers. Since I’m doing an extensive breakdown of these books, I’ll feature that shocking list in my next article. Stay tuned for the latest developments on the Occupy Week at Brandeis University! 

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Ms. Mary-Alice Perdichizzi is the former national administrator of Tea Party Students and the co-founder/former President of the Brandeis Tea Party Chapter, the first student Tea Party organization in Massachusetts, and an ongoing contributing author to the Tea Party Tribune. She works actively with Young America's Foundation and local, state, and national Tea Party/conservative networks to advance conservatism. She was also the former national spokesman for Youth for Israel, a title that she voluntarily accepted as her Tea Party group is pro-Israel, combating radical Islam and its attack on both America and Israel through educational films, speakers, and discussions.


    • I didn't see that one! The ones they were handing out were the ones I picked up…Thanks for letting me know!