Romney’s New Challenge


Romney’s New Challenge

By Bill Colley

Did the President worry during his war speech of not only a prompter failure but also a failure of the applause sign?  You’re aware our troops are under orders to give the President resounding cheers.  Overwhelmingly they don’t like the man.  Even with the efforts to water down the force and reward ideologues polls show Mr. Obama isn’t popular among the ranks.  It must be the military culture does more to shape men and women than liberals offer it credit.

Mainstream media really worked hard this week on the cult of personality assigned their master in the White House.  Someone must share with them it won’t work.  Are you aware of anyone in your own neighborhood this year thrilled by the two choices the media tells you that you’ve got?  By July the public will be en masse demanding other options.  This jumble of economic numbers is a shell game set to confuse.  As a friend explained the other day, if the recovery ever really took hold then why is the Federal Reserve assigning what amounts a zero interest rate? Europe can no longer tread water and it raises the possibility of danger and violence across the globe.  There could be far fewer members of the human race in a dozen years than we see today.  I expect trouble and soon.  Occupy demonstrators are already planning bridge detonations in the United States.  There are already a great many people complaining they aren’t getting their share.  Cut off a few “entitlements” and watch out!

Even if Mitt Romney has all the right ideas he can’t possibly get agreements from members of Congress addicted to power and the redistribution of other people’s money to maintain privileges.

Speaking of Romney, a campaign assistant resigned this week and liberals are blaming those mean-spirited conservative Christians.  First, I don’t believe the assistant’s sexual orientation mattered in discharge of his job duties.  Unlike the Clinton Administration I doubt a Romney White House would have an office of sexual procurement.  So why did the assistant suddenly quit?  If a man walked into my office and said he had an iron clad formula for keeping America and Americans safe I wouldn’t be asking him if he prefers men or prefers women.  I’d be asking if the laboratory for production of the formula was to his liking.  Most conservative Christians I know are in agreement.

Now with that said my friend, Larry Calhoun, told me tonight churches in North Carolina are being desecrated by same-sex activists.  We’ve seen homosexual terror before.  In California and much of it directed at members of Mr. Romney’s faith (and all the Mormons I know are really genuinely nice people).  With a plebiscite on same-sex marriage approaching in North Carolina the violence from the same-sex crowd is growing exponentially.  Will churches be burned next?  Will Christians be burned?  How does an attempt at intimidation serve the public relations purposes of the same-sex crowd?  Would you call the desecration of sanctuaries hate crimes?  Where is Eric Holder?  Fifty years ago when black churches were being torched the Attorney General of the United States, a liberal hero, moved to support worshipers.

Economic issues are going to decide this election.  At the moment the advantage is for Romney, however.  History sometimes moves very, very quickly.  Anyone writing off national defense and social issues is making a mistake.

Millions may not pay much attention to politics or at least not until later this year.  I also think those same millions understand straight talk.  They aren’t getting nearly enough.