Trump Says He May Start Own Super PAC to Stop Obama


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Trump: I’m Mulling Own Super PAC to Defeat Obama
Billionaire businessman Donald Trump tells Newsmax he is considering launching a super PAC to produce ads showing how President Obama is letting outsiders like China “absolutely suck the blood out of this country.” In an exclusive interview, Trump weighs in on reversing the U.S. economic decline, Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy, the Keystone pipeline, the “disaster” of Obamacare, the Facebook IPO, and the euro crisis.
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  1. Donald rocks! He has not sipped the Obama Kool Aid and is not an Obama Zombie. He has seen the bogus birth certificate at the White House (only a forged PDF file), he has seen Hawaii refuse to release a hard copy certified long form birth certificate, he has seen the bogus selective service records and he has seen the fraudulent use of a social security card. Barack Obama, you're fired! GO GET HIM MR. TRUMP! Make him show his right foot and compare that footprint to that on the Kenyan birth certificate of Orly Taitz and then, GAME OVER OBAMA!

    He has said he he is Kenyan. His grandmother has said he was born in Kenya. His wife says he was born in Kenya. His own publisher published a bio with his approval that states he was born in Kenya. My only question is, how stupid are you people? WAKE UP AMERICA! HE IS NOT THE PRESIDENT!

  2. Go The Donald! Mitt is too nice a guy, he needs a cage fighter like Trump to get down and dirty and meet Mr. Chicago politics himself down in the gutter.