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For the moment, let’s ignore the fact that nearly all of America’s 13 original colonies had official state religions based upon the Christian Bible. Let’s further ignore that the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, the Hon. John Jay is accurately quoted as having written “…Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the privilege as well as the duty of our Christian Nation to select and prefer Christians as their rulers.” Finally, let’s ignore that in another article here on The Tea Party Tribune site I have thoroughly and unequivocally debunked the disingenuous and entirely concocted “Separation of Church and State” myth regarding the “Establishment Clause.”

Our Constitution lays out the limitations and responsibilities of our federal government. Among those limitations is that the federal government is forbidden from preventing people practicing the tenets of their religion of choice. While our current administration and other recent administrations have tested the boundaries of these strictures, and in many instances have run afoul of their intent, nonetheless it is the law of the land that Congress cannot pass, and the Department of Justice cannot impose or enforce any law that prohibits an individual from the free practice of the tenets of his or her religion.

Areas where our overreaching pols have ignored this dictate include attempts to prevent people from invoking religious commentary and or music on public property, laws which prevent erecting a Nativity scene in public during Christmastime, and many, many more. The specious claims that these practices should be denied because there are those who take offense to them are given weight, while those of us who take legitimate offense to asocial perversions like abortion and homosexuality are told to shut up and go home.

Notwithstanding these idiosyncrasies imposed on We The People by those who deign to circumvent and bastardize our Judeo Christian ethics and constitutional protections, it is still the law of the land that it is illegal to pass laws which prevent an individual the free practice of his or her religion of choice.

Now, to the subject of Islam. What happens when Islamic teaching instructs an individual in the ways that it is okay to have sex with a goat? What happens when a policeman is questioning a Muslim regarding an “honor killing” (a practice allowed under strictly applied Islam), and the suspect decides to lie to the policeman because the Koran tells him that it is acceptable to lie to “nonbelievers?” (justifications under “taqiyya” and “kitman” in the Koran)

These are two very brief examples of why it is that Islam and the Judeo-Christian belief structure upon which our nation and our laws have been built are completely incompatible and cannot possibly coexist with one another within the letters of each other’s laws. We would either have to allow killings of what we would justifiably consider innocent victims, or we would have to break our own laws and impinge upon the practitioners of Islam.

Clearly, as evidenced by the examples given above of how our current run amok misapplications of existing law tread heavily upon the necks of Christians, we have need to start electing representatives who will undertake the rolling back of these usurpations by our government and legislators when and where they have chosen to deny Christians our natural, God-given, inalienable rights. It is also clear, however, that Islam cannot be allowed to function given the correct application of laws constitutionally arrived at and enforced.

I don’t want to dilute this most salient point by spending too much time on my soapbox about the short shrift Christianity receives in our current depraved and deceived society, but it is interesting to note how the religion which carried our Revolutionary Army to success against the British in establishing this greatest nation on the face of the earth, and which guided through prayer our Founding Fathers in the forging of our foundational documents, we are now told must take a back seat to convenience so that no atheists are offended, even as we are told by these same mouthpieces that we must not do or say anything that might offend a Muslim.

If that, in and of it self, is not enough of a wake-up call to the Christian patriots who love this country, and who wish to honor the sacrifices given by the best and the bravest from among us over the centuries, then I don’t know what is, or what ever will be. No other country’s young men have shed so much of their own blood on foreign ground to see sweet Freedom’s seeds sown throughout the whole world.

Add in that the ultimate goal of Islam in the Koran is to establish a “Global Caliphate” of “believers in Islam” to rule the world by “Islamic Sharia,” and it quickly becomes a fait accompli. There simply can be no place in America for Islam. Anyone who says any different is either uninformed, or a traitor.

To even hint that these bravest of the brave should have to return home to be told they cannot enjoy the sight of a Nativity on their town common at Christmas time is almost as despicable as are those who believe that the genital mutilation of adolescent girls is acceptable, or that sex with farm animals is in any way “okay.”

Quite frankly, we’re better than that. And there is absolutely no place in America for a “religion” which implies or insists that we are not.

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