Are You the Forgotten Man?


By Dr. Phil Taverna

I ran across this book in my travels. And it peaked my interest. Who was the Forgotten Man? According to Amity Shlaes, her book, The Forgotten Man  is someone that will peak your interest for sure.

When I first saw the expression, I expected to see a book written by a commie liberal and it was about the plight of the blacks and minorities who can’t seem to get a fair share no matter how much money we throw at them.

This book is mainly about FDR the biggest commie of the 40’s but it also gives you an economical look at Hoover and Coolidge. These were the folks at the helm when we were hit with the first and only big recession. Some would argue that Obama was at the helm for the second big recession, but let’s face it, today there are so many safety nets out there, that it is really difficult to call this a recession. I remember stories about my uncles going to the harbor near Staten Island snagging drift wood out of the river so they could heat their house. Today you go down to the local government office and you get wads of cash and plastic and cell phones to make sure you never go hungry. And if that doesn’t work for you, commit a crime and you get three squares plus each and every day.

But the term Forgotten Man as it was originally intended was quite simple. Basically you have people from 2 groups. One of the folks comes up with a great idea and they convince the 2nd group to vote for the great idea. And the third group the Forgotten Man gets to pay for it and he has no say in the matter. In the end the Forgotten Man gets screwed over and over again and he derives no real benefit from what he is paying for.

FDR tried to make the Forgotten Man the person receiving the goodies. Just like every liberal that came after him. There is an uncanny similarity between the stupid polices of FDR and those of Obama. One aspect I will never understand is why we keep voting in folks that rely on liberal wackos to micromanage our economy.

The only thing that saved FDR was probably social security. The people were stupid to elect FDR to a second term based on social security. Just like Obamacare it was something that the voter would not benefit from until the next term of the president.  And it was promised that SS would never go up and the most you would pay would be 3% of $3,000 annually. We have come a long way baby. And one of my beefs about SS is that if it was used solely for pensioners there would be more money there then we would ever need. But since they use it for any liberal policy under the sun, it will be bankrupted and under utilized compared to what it was actually promised to accomplish.

FDR’s opponent Wendell Willkie, the Romney of the day, stated that SS should only be used for pensioners. So you can see that it did not evolve with time as this albatross around all American businesses and workers. Right from the beginning, FDR saw this was a way to tax people without them knowing about it, and spending it on his commie liberal projects.

Most of FDR’s policies were failures. It was the war that turned it around. It was not actually the war that did it; it was the fact that the factories were being retooled to supply materials to our allies to fight the war.

This is a clear and basic principle that all presidents should have tattooed on their foreheads. You have to assume Obama looks in the mirror constantly while singing to himself about how great he is. But the bottom line is you need jobs in this country. Idiot Clinton thought he could build an economy by shipping American jobs to other countries. Clinton may have become rich in the process, but most people don’t realize or don’t want to remember but Clinton’s economy tanked in his last year in office. And under the Obama doctrine, President Bush’s fiscal year did not begin until he was in office for a full year.

Clinton and Obama have no clue how many private sector jobs are needed to make this country work. In my book I discuss the dependency of government jobs on the revenue created by the private sector. And Clinton and Obama as well as FDR went out of their way to destroy the private sector.

Couple of things that Hoover and FDR believed in, was to raise prices. This is quite amusing; they imagined that if they could get all the prices to go up, then that would fix the economy. And this is great if some how every dollar that was used to increase the price could funnel its way down to the consumer and then the economy would flourish at least imaginarily. But this policy fell short, because it was impossible for the commies to raise all the prices.

Then FDR embarked on raising salaries. Thinking like a true commie or a union man this killed the economy as well. This is econ 101. If you raise salaries and can’t raise profits, it won’t be long before the company moves to China or Mexico. Unionization may be a good idea, but economically it is a failure. Have you ever heard of a union tying in a bonus or pay raise or reduction with the amount of profit they create? Tell that to the teacher’s union. Heck they don’t want testing or vouchers. Who needs a profit? You would think the profit would be earned by the revenue created by the students that they deliver to help the economy. All you seem to hear from the group of FDR socialists are demands to give them more benefits and money no matter what they produce. The unions claim: If the parents can’t teach them at home, what do you expect us to do in the classroom? But please keep paying the teachers!

Then FDR came up with the grand winner of them all. It was called the Undistributed Profits Tax. This proves without a doubt that FDR was ignorant and a communist. This is similar to the death tax and the cap and trade tax we see coming from Commie Obama today. Back then someone whispered in FDR’s good ear and told him businesses weren’t spending their profits. How dare they! This was hurting the economy. So the idiot president taxes again the money not spent by the businesses. To make things more interesting he wanted to tax the rich. Where do we find idiot presidents like this? They are called liberal, progressive communists. And most of your Democrats swear and believe in this nonsense.

In other words if the economy isn’t good and the tax revenues are down, the best way to encourage more businesses in America is to Tax them more! Isn’t this what idiot Obama tells us each and every day? But Obama puts a new spin to the made up Forgotten Man or Woman. It is only fair that women make more money. Fair is one of those unquantifiable and unqualified terms. But if I was president, I would want more jobs out there so that people could pick and choose where they want to go. If you produce results like Obama, you deserve to lose your job. If you don’t think you are making enough money in the marketplace, then go get another job.

You see, under the Obama economy, he would rather see your job go to illegal immigrants. Think about it, if Obama can only produce 60,000 jobs a month, then when the 800,000 (1.2 mil) illegal immigrants join that market this month, who gets the job? Does the illegal immigrant on welfare, or the Forgotten Man or Woman get the job?

It is only fair that the job goes to the person who will work for less!

As you go back through the decades and look at the misguided policies of presidents like FDR, Hoover, Clinton, and Obama to name a few,  I keep asking the same question, if a person never created a job in his life like Obama, then how can you expect him to create jobs for the Forgotten Man.

But you can count on one thing, these liberals will make sure as they bombard us with their useless and costly programs like Obamacare, they won’t be paying for it, you the Forgotten Men and Women will pay for it.

If you know how to play the system, you will never be the Forgotten Person. Isn’t it time that we elect folks that keep their hands out of your pocket for the sake of someone’s imaginary needs?

If you have the time to seek out a copy of The Forgotten Man. I have heard for a long time how FDR was this great president like Clinton. After reading Amity’s book, you just might come away with the fact that it was only the liberal policies of the elected that have bought us to this new Amityville horror. It is time to send the liberals to other countries that appreciate liberal, deficit creating policies! Then they will look to others to bail out their economy. Like Obama it is always easier to blame everyone else then to (Wo)Man up and just start creating private sector jobs!

 It is time to get the liberals out of the way of our prosperity!



  1. For the past 3 years I have been looking for an excellent conservative thinker as a counter point to my liberal writings. I had almost given up when I came across Dr. Phils column. My hopes may be dashed permanently.

    This muddle of a mishmash of fractured syntax and name calling is not held together with cogent thought or an observance or event, explored objectively and summed with convincing narrative, it is merely a pretense, a poorly written editorial blather and a wholesale waste of time.

    You went to law school 4 years. Did you graduate and by "practicing law personally" does that mean you are a genuine attorney? You're also an expert in storm water management and a doctor? A doctor of what and from which University did you attain your doctorate?

    I don't really care if you make a living selling peanuts if you can think and write well. You do not think or write well if this article is representative. I won't bother to read another of your columns.